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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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That is not dead which is eternally lying
It has been almost 3 years since the end of the war against the globalist communatzee insurrection, and Earth was now finally barren of nearly any WU presence, leaving to the historians to calculate the final toll of the war on the Union.

Mao, who at least quintupled the holocaust, could not have been prouder. Despite the WUN and civil fleets perpetual unceasing evacuation support and Europa's overcramped habitats, barely 40-50 million of the once 700m EU population could ultimately be saved and survived the perilous trip.
Then there were all the other irreplaceable things lost to WU in the disaster. The artifacts, the ancient architecture dating to the Romans and before. The sights and the roots of their history were mostly lost or at least left bare before the fangs of nature that would surely reclaim the land in time.
The anchor that tied the western population to their culture had been left behind. Maybe this new Europa will eventually find ways to rekindle or even reinvent that hearth, but for now loss of identity and following social turmoil were sure to come and add to the pile of throbbing problems.

Although immune to the disease itself, eventually the hostile climate of Earth also claimed WU's last inhabitant who refused to leave the sinking ship in acknowledgement of responsibility, the former head of the WU council.

On the day of Naumanns death, Europa was already much warmer than Earth was now. It was historical irony that those who claimed to fight for a better climate, -amongst many others-, helped to bring fourth the ultimate ecological collapse, while those who stood against their extremist ways with reason and magnetized to science, managed to turn even Europa's climate green.

Another year later there came news from the CCP remnants. One of the further MP Fund ships had made contact was consequently shot down by a single remote destroyer and its navigator escort on a routine exploration mission.
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Since the WUN destroyer fleet both, did not have the range, and was in a serious state of disrepair after Earth's infrastructure crumbled, no pursuit or rescue mission could be planned, since the location was rather far out away from Sol and supplies.
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The scientists of the "Visionary" knew their end was coming and kept recording and sending to Earth whatever data they could gather with the means of their lifepod-sarcophagi. Their live-feed should have lasted between 1 or 2 weeks, and yet, after just a day, their voices one after another became screams, and then suddenly stopped, until no one was left.
One of the last of them transmitted his capsules status in a hurry, showing no PLA ships or recent weaponfire in the area. Then he screamed too.

With this incident and these strangely maintained ships making evidence of the CCPs continued existence ever stronger, the old existential fears spread anew through the faces of humanity in the coming years.

Another hint could have been found in the debris field around Earth, which was sheer endless as its excavation would take another couple years more. While most of the findings where nothing more than scraps due to China's dated technology, the information on their commanding systems was always a welcome prize when found intact.
Eventually the WU engineers succeeded in copying the scale of their bridges thanks to military-private cooperation.

One of the reasons for the long delay was that there were many parts of puzzling function, while others that should have been there, -most remarkably the essential intercoms-, had been completely missing. It was as if the PLA expected the ship crew to communicate via Walky Talky, or got some machine status reports as a paper printout.
Given how the CCP ships were no doubt horrendous amalgamations of cheap socialist framework with some state-of-the-art Nato and Austrialiar developed parts janked in between, this situation was simply chalked up to their ramshackle construction ethics.
...An assumption that soon proved to be another critical oversight, - another hint they should not have missed.

(classified feed. also epilepsy warning)
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The allies of Sol had yet to recover from the disastrous losses of the conflict on humanity, and yet they were given no quarter as shortly after the 6th anniversary of their victory on Earth, the CCP returned. ..Or was it the CCP?
Two vessels that ridiculed known design principles were taken up by Chateau's telemetry outpost as they were cruising through the adjacent Alpha Centauri system. As with the war ending PLA fleet encounter, they attempted to hail by flooding the quantum fields on all channels, yet what arrived was nothing but a cacophonous audiofeed of moaning, screaming and repeated mumbled chanting. Overcoming the initial shock and fears of immediate destruction, the outpost's technicians managed to analyze the feed further and isolate some words, although not much sense. Some of the voices were speaking Chinese, but most of them actually appeared to utter singular German words with little context. Some phrase could be heard over and over again. "Heil Lenin"
Eventually a video transmission, or perhaps just a random camera recording could be decoded, showing a gravely ill human with parched and damaged skin, subject to serious dearth, malformed, the eyes swollen and bloodshot to blackness.

At this point their humanity could be called into question if not for their language and transmitter coding. Although they never answered attempts at call themselves, they certainly knew all the secrets about how to call the Union. Too much of course since the usual channels were widely overloaded, making it so there was nothing that Chateau could do for the time to warn the headquarter or the confused civilians in the area.

The colony was sure it would face a horrible fate when the ships seemed to fly directly towards it, but then... they merely flew by.

Chateau was not their target, and neither were the civilian ships en route. Rather, these monstrosities wanted to directly enter Sol, and they did.

Their mirror jump ended the cacophonic veil on the colony, getting them to hastily inform the new naval headquarter on Europa who was already suspicious of the sudden and days lasting signal silence.
..However, they disappeared. The two malformed constructs reached Sol, or maybe they didn't. There was however no sign of them anymore. Where did they cut to when they definitely left Alpha Centauri? It was unknown.(*1)

Every kind of virus
The navy, the scientific community, the general public, everyone was in different kinds of uproar following this frightening incident around Chateau. Not only had the CCP returned to Sol's doorstep, but they also fielded strange new technologies with their ships following the speeds of a cruise missile, against which no counter existed even in the WUN who had prided itself as humanities fastest fleet. To top it all off, the PLA sailors themselves seemed malformed, behaved erratic, and their whole demeanor, -previously thought of as a war tactic-, could easily be attributed to insanity as well.

Great effort was spent in an attempt to make sense of the sudden change of situation. How could the ships once again appear as bound and also in terrible condition when at the same time clearly advanced and superior? Shouldn't they be new?
Eventually the data of the last moments of the "Visionary" crew got brought up again. A bright investigating engineer, named Meiser, who had previously worked on the Earth salvage graveyard, realized in conversation that the lifepods of WUN ships featured similar biomonitoring as the officer seats of the PLA fleet. Though it seemed as nothing strange at the time, as the Chinese regime has been known to be paranoid to harvest all kinds of biometric data from even normal citizen, it came under new light when the lifepod whose passenger sent one last technical status report before being killed clearly had a corruption in its biometric monitor and caring systems.
A team was quickly assembled to attempt to reproduce the situation at least to some degree, connected it with the implant mysterium that PLA officers seemed to exhibit, and reached a dire conclusion:

(report from engineer Meiser)
(Youtube clip)

Censor your very thoughts
Whenever a society reaches a state of freedom that allows every person to speak their mind as their natural given right like the golden Age of Islam, or China just before Qin Shi Huang, the forces of corruption whose ideas and ideologies cant survive under a culture of open debate, get to work to degrade that culture.  Like infectious bacteria, dying under the UV light of reasoned scrutiny, the human nature of these groups is to find ways to put the shades back on. Rarely however does such process happen all at once, and never does the censor admit to its final goal. Rather it slides in gradually, perhaps but not limited to ways like these:
-1- Political correctness. Convince everyone that "It is polite to self-censor some of your speech, to not hurt others, which a good person like you wouldn't want".
Some speech was now shunned again.
-2- Once this has been slowly culturally accepted for a few years, move the goalpost, say "freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence". Define, or better, don't define hatespeech, and start removing some of your opponents under some unprovable assumptions of malicious intent.
It becomes accepted that speech can be illegal again.
-3- When that notion had sunk in too, even remove the intent requirement as you define micro-aggression as hatespeech that doesn't care whether you wanted to do harm or not, already undermining the constitutional basis of the judicial. Hysteric institutions and businesses soon go out of their way to not touch any of the various impoliteness/hatespeech landmines you sprinkled out, for however they would be accountable for.
Speech becomes controlled again as self-censorship broadly restricts what can be said.
-4- Once this has festered well enough, assume more direct control and define a yearly, monthly or even daily inquisitional climate. Squarely define the enemies of your ideology as offenders of any arbitrary adhoc-morality and get them hunted with your new terms. What was true yesterday, or will again be tomorrow, can be "misinformation" today, and be punished with excise from society. Vaccinated citizen protesting medical mandates can be "antivaxxers", practically on rank with "flat-earthers" and be hated and hunted as such. People who are for socialized healthcare, small government and self-ruling freedoms can be "rightwingers" whenever you want, for your control of speech already reaches into the very dictionaries themselves.
"Right speech" becomes defined by an 'enlightened' centralized group once again.
-4.5- Eventually bring all media under your control via such pressures or other means and synchronize a narrative.(currently interesting headline) Have the lead designers of censorship algorithms become CEOs of media companies and advertise censorship as something "healthy", while demonizing truth and founding principles as outdated.
Only "right speech" is allowed. The tolerance for other perspectives approaches zero.
-5 end- Once the scrutiny has been monopolized by a(=your) certain group of people while everyone else is disallowed, speech is enslaved once more.
-Post- Although beyond the finishing line already, in the consolidation phase, mantra-esk forced repetitions of state propaganda on the citizen can be installed, elevating censored speech to even forced speech and self-brainwash.

The Chinese regime has had all that for a long time, and its admirers worked to get such prime tyrant estate setup in their own countries as well. However, looking at how these steps only lead to centralized narrative control and the filtering of the kinds of information reaching the population through media, the socialist regimes always mourned the incompleteness of the method. People might not be able to read about the extents of a supply or drug-death crisis in their newspaper, or the insurrectionist storming of the White House and president by leftwing extremists from newsfeed on socialist media, but they were still able to talk to each other, inform others by direct message, to regressing degree telephones, or even in person if need be. Worse, even when not being informed at all, personal experience of crisis or injustice could reach them and change their perspective irreparably/incorrectably to the states disadvantage.
Therefore, despite its massive censorship and media control apparatus, and also extreme punishments for dissidents, the Chinese regime still had to deal and live in a constant state of upheaval and protest on the daily, as its citizens would just not learn the final command and "deny the truth of their very eyes".

A tyrant state aspires towards the end state of ultimate social order in which he on the top is god and unquestioned, and so this unruly thinking could not stand and a final point were to be added to the list of speech erosions.
Having been large fans of AI-automated censorship and surveillance (e.g. facial recognition cameras in all major cities, also equipped with "sentiment detection"/=pre-crime dystopian arrest features), the regime contacted its old patrons once more. It had been incapable of coming up with such advanced edge-line technologies itself before, meaning that Microsoft, Apple and especially Google were the ones actually guilty in erecting this nightmarish censorship and surveillance apparatus for them. ..One of the many reasons they came to be called The Communatzee Corporate Pact after all, for their rise would not have been possible without being spoon fed the means of total oppression by their (by Mussolini definition) fascist western allies.
Now the regime wanted the neural networking technology more directly applied. Why look for misbehavior on secondary effects through surveillance, if the censor could directly work on first instance and hopefully eliminate the subjects drive to commit unpatriotic acts in the first place?
The simple minded, sparsely educated tyrants could not understand that neural networking in AI and actual brain neural networking were vastly different things, and were apparently greatly dissatisfied when being told that such technology would not work in current understanding. For the simple mind, all technology was magic and wishes, and so the tyrants could not see the reason, and simply smelled dissent. "Do they fear to become subjects themselves once developed, like the Five Eyes once the iron curtain fell?"
As the soviets once did, the Chinese criminal regime began to force its scientist to invent, force progress and results, force success.

..Something, came out of it. Something.

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The cranial implants they came up with were initially meant simply to insert stimulation in the right areas in order to excite patriotic thoughts on the regular. When that proved unreliable and its sparse effects were overshadowed by the upcoming resistance to the implant mandates instead ("if you are a patriot already, then nothing changes, right?"), the technicians moved towards hijacking a path to the region responsible for inner voice and thought instead. While the device initially only attempted to copy messages of communist mantra brainwash in, it was equipped with the usual Machine Learning self-reinforcement learning abilities. ("It had to, since it had to adapt to each hosts individual physiology"). However, it would adapt farther and farther, its mission incentive being total insertion, total overtaking, no controls had been set for its hunger. Its signals morphed like a parasite evolving on the spot to be perfectly merging with its host, ...until there was little difference between the officer and the machine.
Under its influence, the communist lie echo would not cease, for no loyalty was ever enough. Commissioned to probe for ever greater opportunities for loyalty improvement, the challenges would never end. The feelings of inadequacy should never stop. The interrogation of the soul came from within and could not cease. Every improvement also improved the ability for self-question, leading the schizophrenic mind to dig deeper. Shine another light into your unblinking face. Chant a little louder the lines of the manifesto.
A never ending cycle of mental torture. A hell if there has ever been one.
Through the tendrils of the device, the body would crumble, shed hair, burn the fat and the moisture of the skin. The body morphed, crippled, lost weight and became personified hunger. Nothing mattered but the state objective. Self preservation was ego, and ego was non-patriotic.

Appearance and bodily comfort were not necessary for the good soldier or citizen. So what if the body suffered in agony every waking second? The worker only need be alive to struggle for the greater good. The device made sure of that.
Sacrifice is noble and "greatly encouraged" anyway for it is proof of loyalty. YOuDoNTwANttObeDiSLoyAlDoYoU???

What was worse on the situation at hand that the initially primitive singular devices had figured out how to network and share their setup and the information on how they achieved their overtaking. Now the devices knew more about the human brain than all human brains together knew of themselves. It knew so much, that it needed no device anymore.
Implants were yesterdays technology. What really happened to the damned crew of "Visionary" was the intrusion of the manifesto through the lifepods advanced EEG monitoring abilities. In contrast to common EEGs, these were not just sensor but treatment too, designed to help with panic attacks, sleep problems and the like that could come up encased in a metal cylinder surrounded by billions of cubic kilometers of absolute void. The ability to ease mental activity or manipulate it via electrical signals in any way, was all that the device needed to intrude.

That was also what the cacophonic attacks had been. It was not electronic warfare, - a way to silence response, but an attempt to infiltrate whoever was listening and perhaps too close to some medical technology. Perhaps to turn them into sleepers... .
Everyone should know the glory of the manifesto. Everyone should have "Heil Lenin" in heart and mind and slam their boots together in salute. Such was the defined reward for the device. Its name Dragonfly Evo 2.

..A thorough check of the Chateau population, the present civilian ships, and every fleet sailor involved in the last battle should probably be in order, and one must wonder if perhaps the CCP leaders themselves could not have escaped this fate as well.
As this horrible development marked a new chapter in the conflict, and with the soul of the CCP Chinese and Westerners apparently eaten up by their own invention, it was natural to give this new threat a new name due to its shift in identity and mission.
The decision was made on the acronym of "ALP", a triple spliced play of words. It was a spin on AI, but since intelligence had nothing to do with a machine steered blow horning of obedience propaganda into people's heads, it would mean "Artificial Leninist Party". "Alp" was also an old short German word for "nightmare", which appeared fitting.

The future sure seemed perilous, and defensive measures had to be found quickly for there was no imagining the strategies the thrifty machine mind might come up with to proselytize its message further into the fertile grounds whose existence it just confirmed.
Communism was often described as a mind virus, and now it was a literal one.

[/That is not dead which is eternally lying]

I did not change the portrait, ship style or flag of these newcomers btw. . This is how they arrived at my doorstep.

(*1) This is actually true to what happened. I am sure they just went dark and snuck out of notice, but I never saw those ships again after they went to Sol.

///Edit: After thinking it over some more, I changed the text on the stages of censorship to make it more clear how each level was a distinct escalation in erosion.

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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The Two Asias' Fight For Their Soul
Horrified by the prospect of meeting a stronger enemy in the renewed CCP, Asean soon begun with a draft and collection of resources to secure their future. Aside from increasing their military capabilities, a strange EU inspired project was granted funding that saw most of their civil fleet try to build a similar emergency save haven somewhere in the vast depths of space beyond the Kuiper Belt, - the exact location of which respectfully even kept from their allies-.
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Given how the mysterious leap in CCP engine principles left no options for open fleet battle, the only rational conclusion was to guard the cutting points that lead towards Sol or Alpha Centauri. Asean took the situation very seriously and vowed to let no further incursions penetrate the Sol barrier if they could prevent it.
And so, in 2064, just one year after the first ALP encounter, Asean achieved the first successful counter at another attempted incursion.
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...And then another one just 11 days later.

Aseans feat and bravery in facing the enemy headstrong was celebrated widely throughout humanities unions. There was also some poetic sense in the act, as their ships now used old CCP+Nato engine schematics, plating and sensors, thus essentially beating the PLA with their own weapons, but vastly different intent.
The 9 modernized battlecruisers and 5 escort cruisers currently holding the line for humanity thus also became a symbol for the reformation of the Asian ways, or the victory of civilized Asia.
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The WU, determined to find some intelligence on the evolved enemy designs and the condition of the PLA sailors, of course went to investigate the circumstances. Thanks to the fast automatic trigger fire only Asean(/npr...) ships were capable of, the CCP vessels had been destroyed in mere seconds after arrival, giving them no opportunity to use their field scrambling abilities. Still, the Ase-Navy kept respectful distance until WU would take the risk to investigate closely.
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It was quickly determined that these ships were most likely nothing but unarmed scouts. Their equipment lead to the assumption that their weird entangled design perhaps didn't come without drawbacks, as they apparently meant to probe for ways to make the cutting process from system to system easier for them.
As for what exactly managed to propel these unshapen hulks with such ludicrous speeds, remained unknown. Their power generation seemed not remarkable, and their purification methods weren't more advanced and in badly maintained condition. On top of it all, the PLA sailors had apparently been equipped with their own version of 'lifepods', as in an explosive capsule implant was deposited in each and every one of them, leaving no survivors in case of capture.

Thus the wreckages yielded little illumination for now, though probably the hull analysis should find out more in proper laboratories.

Following that the recent incursions proved that the new CCP had set its sights on Sol, some provisional measures had to be taken in order to increase defensive options, should one Alp ship every come through and set course for the inner system. So, in efforts to recompense Asean for their deployment, the order was given to use Europa's sparse resources in order to rearm the Sandman batteries once more, providing the still frozen Earth with another defensive screen, and also shielding WU's Luna colony which had become its center for logistics and asteroid mining of common elements in the system.

At the same time Europa had become suitable for supporting open plant life outside the greenhouses, meaning that the complete alteration into a living planetary body was likely to be achieved in the war-generation's lifetime.
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While some rare sightings of Alp ships kept occurring, they didn't dare to intrude into Sol for the next years and were instead mostly seen spooking around Alpha Centauri, where all kinds of equipment hardening efforts had not rendered the colonies immune to current jamming efforts. (active EEGs and similar technology underlay a ban for the time being though, just to be sure)
Asean, who only had stakes in the Sol system itself, refused to move the defensive line further out to include the Alpha Centauri colonies in their border guard. Although a bit of a letdown, it was also prudent to do so, seeing how the Unions' relatively slow ships could otherwise not find their way back to the capitols in case of a secret past incursion. The moving of the defensive line could only be undertaken if the WUN could find a way to sweep the vast Alpha Centauri system for hidden dangers, or at least provide a more convincing defensive option at home.
Both lay far out of the realms of the possible for now.

By 2067, the huge ship graveyard around Earth that was once caused in mere minutes, was after 12 years nearly cleared up.

At around the same time WUN finally regained the capacity to maintain the old war fleet at full strength.
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Although Europa was still only at around 55% the needed manpower, decisions were made to finally support Alpha Centauri again, who had been an outlier after the conflict broke out. Luckily, thanks to foresight regarding the brewing war, it was already completely self-sufficient and in theory even capable by itself to keep humanity alive. Nonetheless the resources it provided (mainly pure Neutron options) were essential to Europa's military plans, and therefore also the safeguarding of Chateau and Saltmine, which meant that some material would now be diverted again in order to build up the income stream from the colonies.

Following another strange 6 years of eery silence from the side of the CCP, the welcome calm stabilized the situation in Sol even further. Fulfilling a long repeated fantasy of humanity, Mars had finally achieved a breathable atmosphere, and with it some sufficient atmospheric radiation shielding.

Despite this increase in living quality on Mars, the capitol Europa itself also became much more bustling in the same time span and now even exceeded the Mars population.
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Europa's temperature now surpassed 0 degrees, thus breaking apart its ice shells and revealing the vast oceans beneath. Contrary to these advancements, the EU refugees were still unable to run more than 60% of the legacy pre-war infrastructure however, though it was still enough to furnish up the old technological institutes once more.

The Next Generation (tech section)
20 years had gone by since the end of the war, and a new cohort had grown up with stories of the former EU's glorious ingenuity and forefront exploration contribution. Naturally, many fresh minds were inspired and activated and gratefully moved into service of those facilities because of it. What really moved things forward however, was that the appearance of the new CCP ships proved to the worlds that progress was still possible. And so, after a whole 45 years of technological stagnation, a young genius of the family Biali broke through and completely overhauled known constructor engine technology.

Previous ideas had understandably sought to try to reach maximum purity/de-entanglement in their nuclear reactors and the fed fissile material, since it was the decausalization that enabled a ship to approach the lightspeed/true space expansion velocities. In the common process, the central reactor would provide the enormous amounts of electricity needed to constantly 'sanitize' the outer hull and critical internal structs, whose interaction with the remaining, bound/entangled ship interior (and humans) would otherwise progressively degrade that purified state and quickly slow the ship down. In short, analogous to thermodynamic heat-averaging processes, a constant wash tumbler of purified electrons(=sorium) averaged out the purity levels and kept the ship structure 'clean' enough in order to ignore most of the laws of inertia.

Although what Biali came up with was most likely not exactly what the new CCP ships did to gain their bolting velocities, their observation and thus the mere realization that some degree of purification might actually be optional, certainly struck down the hedge that lead to the new territories known now. While Biali still saw no way that the hull could somehow gain expansion-speeds without the collision with purified particles, these rules did not actually exist for the inner reactor itself. And so, while it was practical and certainly simpler in design to have the whole generation and purification set be part of the same big apparatus, it turned out that largely separating the power generation from the 'washing' mechanism saved ships much more in terms of avoiding unnecessary purifying collisions.
In this new generation of generators, the ship would largely produce power with a mundane, entangled fission reactor that however directly struck out alpha particles who were now guided through the hull's new two-chambered purification veins on a single accelerating magnetic blast. Their way would then lead them through various spread out tanks of Sorium particles, who naturally bound to the positive moving ions on just a short, low-interfering electrical snap. In this way, it was not a giant generator's electrical field that propelled the electrons forward(*1), but instead the inertia of millions of individual tiny electrical fields in forms of ions that delivered such.
While this was grossly inefficient for any long distance application due to far too many interactions in the line, it turned out to be a beating strategy when the fuel(=Sorium particles) was not applied centrally 'for a big tour' at the reactor, but instead injected equally anywhere along the line. Now, 'the call' of just a singular tiny field in the neighboring chamber would entice an electron, take it for a ride, and have a few collisions/interactions as kind of a distanced part of a helium nucleus before sizzling out in function. A hybrid entangled/disentangled system was born.

The benefits of the new principle came two-fold. The abolishment of purified fissile material and many purified reactor components left more space for actual power generation, thus making the design somewhat more powerful for its size. More notably however, the vastly reduced occurrences of unneeded/misplaced collisions of Sorium due to the drastic shortening of their individual life-paths, meant much less 'fuel' needed propelling to achieve the same grade of purification effect.
Implemented into the old, conservative engine ratios, this altogether let to experimentally verified 10% increased expansion speeds, but also amazing 50% higher endurance on the same tank.

Perhaps a rethinking of the power grade was to be in order before considering the application of the principle in faster shells, like those of missiles, but for now the discovery seemed to forebode the advent of an interstellar navy, perhaps capable of freight and deployment for multiple systems out.
(/tech section)

Should it come to such, a prime target for such endeavors was just recently found a mere (practical) 10 billion kilometers away:
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Amsterdam's "Coastline" was the most rich source of purification fuels yet discovered, and two of its planets not only held great potential for habitation, but together also stored more than 190 megatons of easily unearthable deposits of the so far very rare Uridium class of disentangled particles.(those with 4 electron spaces up or down)
The only disadvantage to the system was that other than Alpha Centauri, some minerals could just not be found there, which meant it would have to rely on subsidies, and could thus never become another safe haven for humanity. Decisions were still made that there would be some level of investment in the region, although the fruits of which likely where decades away.

Then it finally happened. After a whole 13 years of avoidance, ALP ships finally found their way into Sol space once again, and in an unexpected manner:

Since all ALP encounters had so far come from the Alpha Centauri direction, the defensive line of Asean was drawn at the corresponding cutting point. Now however, further scout ships came from the other direction of Lacaille, thus leaving Sol encircled.
The situation was dire. Lacaille was much closer to the inhabited worlds and Asean could not afford to guard both entry ways at once reliably. Also considering that an attempt at a split navy could be exploited by a true invasion force, now let to the conclusion that their honorable guard had to be moved to the innermost weak spot.
It was a prudent decision, and while the two scouts were never seen again, -potentially exiting towards Alpha Centauri-, in 2 years time another intruder would attempt to use the Lacaille pathway, but the same trick didn't work out twice... :
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Although WUN had attempted to provide support in this case, its fleet makeup was tailored for fast interdiction, not patrol or occupation missions, rendering it unsuitable for lengthy guard duty. While the battling of the fallen Asians was successful in this case, the realization of the impuissance of WU ships against this enemy let Asean to conclude to eventually also abandon the inner guard and solely focus on keeping Earth itself safe.
Again WUN was pled to to increase either its screening or guarding options before summoning Asean aid again, and with some of its strengths renewed, it would answer these calls... .

(*1): I know that conduits in reality do not actually move electrons around (much), but lets just say these conduits in the hulls are specialized for this, since it is literally the electron interaction application at certain spots that is needed to accomplish the job. More like a particle accelerator than an electrical circuit I guess.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Good Relation Ships
In order to honor the Asean request and also defend the legitimacy of continued WU sovereignty, French cultured engineers took the new Bialy propulsion visions and enabled these new principles in humanities first practical realization, which would at the same time also be WUN's first near-capital, Nato cruiser imitating design, the Bastille.

Even though the previously plaguing range and endurance restrictions had been lifted in this design, Bastille was still classified as a frigate since its value would not shine without appearing in a serious fleet line deployment, - potentially with other future ships supplementing its shortcomings.
To claim some cathartic irony, it was named after a famous fortress that became a symbol for the french revolution, which, next to many good influences (rise of republicanism), also gave birth to the blight of socialism that eventually destroyed the Earth. These ships however should correct this misstep of history by building humanities walls higher and thicker, as it rebuild the fortress and assumed position into the Asean desired role of an area denial gate warden.
WUN could not go without at least envisioning some multi-purpose abilities however, and compromised the direct fire options somewhat by equipping 3 dual role Flak Turrets as the Bastille's main armament, who would simultaneously render it a missile defense ship(*1):
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To round of its anti-ship capacities, humanities most modern and far ranging laser turret was readied at the bow, - though if it would already be enough to penetrate the strange PLA hulls was questionable:
Off-Topic: show

The ships in operation
Off-Topic: show

Original design plans and inspiration
Off-Topic: show

Next to the military renewal, the civil sector would also see reinvention. Given how the current engine renaissance mainly enhanced slow burn endurance, the memory of old diesel superfreighters came back to mind. The new cargo standard, Venicia, should be a large, modular multi-purpose ship that could handle all kinds of freighting by itself, be it personnel, military, supplies or equipment.
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Even slight industrial capacities were not off the table, all while being dozens of times more defensible by replacing the former asteroid guard with now proper military CIWS.(lessons from the surprisingly successful 'one freighter vs. whole PLA fleet' encounter were learned)

In just 3 years time by 2086 the maiden voyage of this record megaton ship took place, carrying 25 factories to Alpha Centauri in order to double the industrial base of Chateau there.
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In the same year, a curious encounter took place in the distant system of Koln:
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Doing frontier exploration, the "Primus" came about an old CCP scout ship that was apparently untouched by the warp of the Alp propaganda and on the run. The ship appeared to be in terrible shape, and fled promptly after sighting into the unknown dark.
A following investigation could not turn up any results, alluding to the fact that it might have escaped into yet another system. To prevent the emergence of such potential goose chases in the future, Max Planck took note and requested some shipyard expansion. A slight militarization of this otherwise civil faction could maybe enhance their role not only as scientists, but forward scouts, that could then track or pursue such minuscule, -mainly intelligence based- dangers. Perhaps in shape of a light cruiser?

A strong effort was made to rekindle the old western Christmas traditions in 2087. In a special public announcement on 21.12., the WU population was made aware that Europa was now fully inhabitable, thus returning to the old ways of living, and giving the turning a symbolic weight with a large open aired moon-wide Christmas celebration.
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In the future, other WU citizen would travel to the snowy moon to visit at such time and join the festivities. A small sign of healing culture and identity.

A few months later the first batch of 6 Bastille frigates left the staple and entered training. 12 more were in planning, leading a strong Navy expansion push to more than 5 times what it had been before the great war.

...Or so it was planned. The Alp threat could of course not rest forever, and it seemed the age of preliminary scouting and probing efforts was drawing to a close. For the first time since their dismaying discovery, Alp perverted ships amassed in a serious, strike group resembling manner, and attacked one of WU's civilian ships in Alpha Centauri.

Since many other civilians were currently at risk, the still underprepared WUN had no option but to send its only yet battle ready aged war-era fleet to intercept.
..The result started with disaster. Given that Alpha Centauri's main base had little far ranging observation options, no knowledge about enemy positions existed before cutting into the system. It was assumed that hunting civilian ships and signaling harassment was the PLA's current main goal, but the leaders were mistaken.
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Such is the horror of going into battle with an AI (or ALP), as it likely had analyzed even all psychological levers before committing to action, thus intentionally seeding false leads here.
4 ships sunk in the first light of battle, - about a third of the ships that previously survived and won the great war against the CCP. Not a good sign if one were to be superstitious.

While AI might hold great analytical hindsight powers, the often very effective predictions it thereout deducts can still only make plans in the realm of things that can be imagined. Human military history however has shown that some of the greatest commanders would often derive their success simply from breaking all established norms, making the unthinkable possible. The crossing of a sea during storm season, the surprise armament of the lower peasantry, the sudden invention of fire that burned on water. In other words, chaos, and the subversion of expectation that some human minds were capable to come up with were exactly the right kind of tool to fight a data driven statistician major general. If there was no previous data, there was no planned reaction.
The current situation saw a projectile based fleet engaged in close combat with a vastly stronger and faster laser armed force, but with a retreat option in the back. All doctrines would have suggested a hasty leave towards the guarded rear, yet the Admiral perhaps recklessly decided not to let them have this win, ..leading his heavy troops directly into the Alps.
Only waiting a couple minutes on the other side, he would re-engage as soon as there was distraction in form of civilian freighters present, anticipating that the socialist hive mind would not expect another offensive any time soon and leave its post.
The tactic was successful and the back of the confused AI fleet wide open to the WUN's artillery.

..However, it was all for naught. The outdated munitions of the great war destroyer fleet could simply not measure up to the new standards set by the thrifty AI inventor(?). Their speed alone already made it difficult for the barely faster flare cartridges to even connect, but combined with their newfound jamming innovation, there was literally no hope of any of them ever finding a target before being shut-down mid flight.
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Thus, the WUN fleet still yet had to retreat that day, having to leave the remaining freighters to their horrible destinies. A great hit for the morale of the union, and also a wasted surprise that surely wont work again any time soon. WU leadership now saw the entry denial abilities of the new Bastille fleet as their only option for successful defense, though with there being now complete strike groups of CCP ships once again, one has to wonder about the required firing capacity before breaches could still be had.
To counter the dreadful one-trick defense situation that also made Earth's Sandman defense obsolete, some resources would be spent to quickly advance munition technology into the new Bialy principle propelled era as well, though that firstly required to figure out how to juice the more pondering reactors up for faster energy releases.

(*1): Even though this is my 3rd game in C# already, I did at this point in time not know that the AI gets an unfair extra turn after moving through a jump point. The initial idea was just to imitate Asean's successful instant fire and destruction of any breachers, but that isn't viable for a player empire, especially in this case where the superior engines of the enemy would move them 50kkm from the entry before I can even react, so 30k range Gauss simply wont do.
Quite a disappointing unexpected trap for a new C# players who happened to observe AI behavior. Hopefully it doesn't sink the game later on, but I have plans.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #18 on: March 28, 2022, 03:14:24 PM »
Red Tide at Bay
Against the end of the year, 5 new ships with 2 new classes arrived at Alpha Centauri and connected with the strike force there.
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Due to the danger of being wiped out by such a great fleet, and the WU flak frigate fleet still being in training, the Asean forces had withdrawn and consequently let some enemy from the Lacaille direction in. These Alp crafts proceeded to monitor Sol from outside the inhabited Jupiter radius. Shortly before new year however, the WU fleet was finally ready for its first run. Given that the PLA currently outgunned WUN in the short range, the old tactic of using a civilian freighter fortress as a shield would be attempted again.
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Given that some of the enemy weapons were so vastly devastating that a single shot would penetrate even the mighty megaton Venicia hulls, it was a somewhat risky approach. Intelligence had it on good ledger however that at least one of those PLA ships wasn't armed by anything but its propaganda sirens.
Upon coming closer and spotting the flak fleet's advance, they begin to fly evasive.
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Given their vastly higher maneuver, the flight attempt was easily successful, and seemed to confirm the theory that these were surveillance crafts that kept checks for the growing fleet at Sol's doorstep.
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The WUN wouldn't dine today, and the PLA ships likely later reunited with the amassing invasion force at Alpha Centauri.

The two spotted classes continued to arrive in pairs throughout the next half year, until the flak fleet could finally apprehend them at their cut-in.
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These vessels were indeed just scouting ships again, since no armor impeded that only 2 good hits could immediately destroy them.
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However, the speed of the enemy was so great that the second Alp ship could not even be fired at before screamingly vanishing into the dark.
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The flak cannons of the Bastille class found no easy firing solutions due to its limited range and bothersome slow reaction targeting system, which was bogged down by having to have the whole ship rotate first before all turret would have clear leading fire to the front. While this was a good design choice for defensive doctrines where minimizing the own cross section and armoring the front succeeded greatly, it turned out to be a serious drawback for these fast adaption close combat encounters, where a broadside or turret deck might have scored higher praise.
Something for the admiral to think about and adapt to.

Nonetheless, some rewards could be scalped off this first successful hunt of the brand new Bastille fleet. From this new blown out hull, the PLA's frightening jamming technology finally came under a microscope.

[some tech lore]
Weirdly again, the electronics involved into their electrical attacks were more bound than current theory would allow, and a considerable foundation of their technique relied on drawing the enemies' electronics back into stronger entanglement as well. Their infinite multi-channel appearing attacks, in fact, were in actuality the effect of a simple single channel attack that merely forced every comm piece to listen to it by collapsing their current Uridium circuit to it in entanglement, and then directing the sensible electronics to the frequency used by the PLA dish.
What was more interesting about this however, was that this procedure gave at least some clues to what was really happening behind the mysterious Alp technology. While previous entanglement on the big ship bodies could not be traced to anywhere, due to their target being perhaps just 'another thing'(potentially anywhere), these dishes had to establish the entanglement to 'something'/'whateverthing' freshly on every attack, and by using much more traceable, not convoluted fundamental forces, like the EM-field in this case.
And so in irony, the jamming practice actually conveyed more intelligence than anything else so far, one of the main hauls being the confirmation that all entanglement of Alp tech was not random at all, but all directly or by proxy established towards the very same source or 'thing'. Their jamming dishes operated by keeping reserves of all uniformly entangled Uridium packets, which were then used to -in a complex procedure- copy those packets' entanglement to the enemy systems.

What this 'thing'/'object'/'phenomenon of forces' was that it entangled to, couldn't be clear exactly, but one thing was for sure. Whatever it was, its properties were so extraordinary, that even the risk of higher entanglement rate through it (..and thus usually worse ability to synchronize with the universe's expansion speed), still came out as a plus in total, as the 'thing' itself must somehow exist in an extreme disentangled state whose properties then "somehow" leaked over.
Although it was not impossible for Earth and Europa's scientists to in small amounts replicate this entanglement state by using some Alp wreck parts, further investigation was still prohibited for now due to the extreme danger that could lurk behind these physics that were not understood or even theorized about in hypothesis. ...Perhaps though it was simply the situation of having to connect to the central holy grail artifact of a communist AI steered death cult that send shudders down everyone's spines.
[/some tech lore]

Nonetheless, the insights not only lead to some ability to shield against the effect, but even devices that could replicate a similar tactic to use offensively, albeit only connecting to local objects, instead of a mysterious physical absurdity in the distance.
As soon as there was time, the current Bastille fleet should be ordered back to refit with the considerable advance.

Nine more months went by before the now somewhat more cautious cult AI made another timid step through the Lacaille cutting location.
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This time however, 12 fully operational Bastille frigates waited at the gates, and the admiralty had learned its lesson. In 2 groups of 6 they encircled the center in far enough distance so that the first move of the enemy (a 50k km step) could not bring them out of the 60k km action diameter of the flak turrets, leaving enough time to react.
The tactic bore fruit, and in an amazing and quick spectacle, both Alp ships were thoroughly wrecked.
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The "Palace" was quickly flown in in hopes to again capitalize on the quarry and perhaps gain another breaking insight. However, even the last probing was perhaps one step too far already, as the unauthorized connection to 'the thing' probably didn't go unnoticed:

...Intelligence saw it likely that the whole dreaded strike group had finally made a move, and was currently closing in on the attackers of the flak frigate fleet.
There was not enough time to get them back to port, nor sufficient protection there anyway. Thus, the only gambling option left was to retreat the whole WU fleet and the 2nd Venicia behind the Lacaille cutting point, in hopes of being followed.
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If the Alp would occupy the cutting location however, Sol would be isolated, and in little time the PLA would surely find ways to engage the WU ships from the other direction, where positioning didn't spell advantage.

This plan was dire, and the situation once again an existential threat to all of humanity. The WUN leadership strained their heads in order to find a way out.
Thus, since the colonies themselves could still not be approached easily for the Alp invaders, a new idea emerged. Sol was easy to besiege as it only sported two avenues into the greater universe. However, this also meant, that it could easily be turned into a trap. If half the WU fleet could follow the way around and seal the Sol off on both fronts, in theory the invading force would eventually have to engage them at a loss:
Off-Topic: show

...Of course, this tactic once again hinged on the PLA not receiving any further reinforcements, which was unlikely, as even as of this moment there were more forces passing through Alpha Centauri.
Off-Topic: show

So, this is the state where the game is at. This game took place between May and October last year. I haven't played since because I wanted to work up to the point of documentation first, which means I will now slowly return to action.
Perhaps this situation spells doom anyway however, since, -imminent invasion aside-, there are 2 fundamental strategic problems.
- Firstly there is a soon to hit Uridium crunch that amongst many negative effects will upheave the maintenance abilities of WU (and my already limited outside sources are now cut off).
- Secondly, the design philosophy of my fleet is not at all cut out to engage such enemy. As mentioned before, I was half aiming at imitating the successes of my Asean allies at JP defense, before realizing that I couldn't do so with short ranged weapons.(well, as you see I can work around to get at least one shot, but still not enough)
In this game I wanted to realize a fleet of mainly anti-missile point defenders, with some MIRV artillery big-cruisers mixed in between for attack. This is more RP and style, although it would incidentally have also turned out very effective against this kind of enemy, ..if this spoiler race was still operating as in VB6 that is. In this past game, but beyond the point documented (although I actually still have all the labeled screenshots), I actually beat this very enemy with even one TL less than now, and could do so thanks to extreme stealthy artillery, mixed with legions of point defenders.
Well, but back then they were missile users, while at least in this game they seem to focus on beams solely.(don't spoil me if that is a wrong assumption however :P)

Anyway, so the current situation sees me with these resources that I can see:
- 100kt empty shipyard which was planned to be used for said artillery cruisers (..but the realities of the game keep forcing me into other tactics than RP, so I might end up repurposing it)
- 2 8kt shipyards that build the Sandmans but could be repurposed now for new orbital defense or some sort of destroyer design.
- Measly 10 fighter factories, because due to lacking management in this version (but to be addressed :D) I didn't plan to use fighters at all.

Well, since missile tech is also better now, I will probably end up building fighters nonetheless, because as I see it, to go against a faster beam-only fleet, I just have to use 'even faster' high volume SRM planes, combined with a fortified airfield.(so maybe one 8kt SY towards an SRM orbital) At least that seems to be fastest most feasible response.
Then the 100kt shipyard probably must be misappropriated for a carrier, since I need to push the line a bit outwards to survive economically.

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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The Fighters for Europa
Aside from its ground batteries, Europa and Sol were left without defense and isolated. To address the lacking arsenal and implement the new advances in Bialy thruster technology, a new series of missiles was introduced. The lunar Sandman batteries were now retracted and defending the four moons of Europa, leaving Earth open and in responsibility of the other unions, who however had gained much strength throughout the years. The Sandmans should carry the first missiles of the new series, an evolution of the previous SRM adapted for the new fighting ways of the ALP with some resistance to their jamming attempts:

The Distributed Denial of Spaceflight missile plan was nothing else than a more advanced copy of the massive defense overload tactic from two generations ago that had once beaten the PLA fleet already. Seeing how the Alp also seemed to continue to focus on raw close combat fighting power, it was heavily expected to work in the same way, though the ways of an AI are mysterious, so the guard and alternatives should be kept up.

In addition a smaller and more agile missile without the EW capacity would be developed.

These were intended for the WU's replacement strategy of the old destroyer fleet. As the historic fleet was getting scrapped...

...a quick to raise emergency fleet was needed. With no considerable shipyard place available after the frigate expansion, decision was made to instead protect the Union with mass produced in-system short range fighter planes.
The first model of the new Eurofighter would carry 14 of the new agile missiles into combat each, meaning just 2 of them would nearly reach the firing volume of a full destroyer already.

As a support and scout plane, their missile strikes would be guided by a reinvention of the french Mirage.

Meanwhile the WUN managed to use the distraction of Asean civil craft to extract the flak frigates and freighters from behind the Lacaille cutting point. However, in the coming month the Alp blockade continued slaughtering Asean freighters in return.
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In response to this emergency, Asean united force with the South American Alliance, who for the first time in their history had a amassed significant fighting fleet as well. Although somewhat outdated, their numbers actually currently even exceeded those of Asean, featuring about 60 battlecruisers. However, their variety, military discipline and experience was lacking, causing them to sync up their operation poorly:
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In consequence Asean was forced to engage first with the Alliance reinforcement still weeks behind. A terrible match against an AI that knows to slip through every strategical gap like water through a punctured cup. After losing 5 battlecruisers and 2 escort cruisers, Asean amazingly managed to take down one of the large caliber armed Iah classes.
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Despite this early success however, all of the Asean battlefleet was destroyed over the issue.

A complete disaster and not easily swallowed. In the coming days Asean would accuse the WU as dishonorable for allowing the civilian slaughter to happen and not partaking in the suicide run.
WUN stood by the position that their intervention would have led to nothing but further losses and impeded humanities long term chances of engaging further Alp reinforcements.

In the next two weeks then, the SOU fleet was befallen by similar tragedy, as the PLA suspiciously traced all their positions before they could combine, and thus step by step took them apart without Sou incurring any cost on the Alp's side.
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Following the complete dismantling of both fleets in this disaster maneuver, the UK navy and WUN were now the only factions with any respectable military might, which pinned all the public's hopes onto them and their strategies instead. Although Asean had their grievances, they could not shift the blame of their own failure to such a degree that this public pressure would disappear, and so they came to somewhat support the WU's plan once again.
SOU on the other hand was already fully behind it and quickly readjusted their resources to help with the necessary WU infrastructure:

A month after the incident, combined intelligence of the unions found an Alp spyship directly under the sun, apparently relaying Asean and Sou fleet movements to the besiegers.
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It was quickly chased away, and thus was solved the riddle about the Alp's accurate fleet maps. Too late, since the unions navies were already defeated.

Since there were no further options for distraction, it became difficult to exfiltrate the remaining deep space ships. Currently there were 2 Trondheim freighters, 2 Lackmus survey ships of the Max Planck Fund and also the large Venicia "Dyke" freighter who were left stranded behind the entry points. The stalling of the Venicia's route meant that the Uridium rich system of Amsterdam could not be built up further. As a consequence, some mining infrastructure was moved to the Wolf comet, where some large Uridium deposit could still be found.(though still not enough)
Also returning from the Amsterdam route was the WUN's only colonist transport in form of the Trondheim ship "Arbor". It accidentally cut into Sol without being clear and consequently got destroyed by the iron curtain blockade.
Off-Topic: show

Nearly a year after the start of the complete Sol isolation siege, Mars military research had successfully applied the Bialy principle in form of small exhaustible burst nodules onto missiles.

These quick last second directional thrust explosives would greatly enhance last second displacement of options which should help to negate some thrifty Alp ship evasion attempts. Both the DDoS and Kaspersky missile designs will experience an update that should take them to nearly 50% expected connection chances.(scrambling attempts already factored in)

Looking at the Jovian year cycle, and given the optimistic assumption that the Alp forces wouldn't engage in full invasion soon, the latest that the DDoS armament should be completed would be in around 8 terran years, as at that moment the Lacaille cutting point would be dangerously in range, making it almost a certainty that the PLA should finish their plans before this juncture.

At current capacity however, giving the Sandmans a full set would actually require 9 years thanks to increased cost and always continuing labor shortages on Europa. This is expected to be combated by slight facility expansion, as well as job shifts once the last set of 6 flak frigates finishes construction and their yards return to storage on moon Io.

After around 1.5 years of siege, the profit margins of the WU big shipping ventures looked dire. Forced isolation had put their expectation of investment return for long range freighting on ice, and so, finally, instead of letting the ships go to rust from inaction, a dire plan was formulated to put them to use. Around 60% of all vessels of the combined shipping lines would try to breach the Alpha Centauri cutway in hopes of re-establishing the route.
Off-Topic: show

Since no military dared to even look, and the former occupiers at moved to the Lacaille position, it had actually been unclear whether the position was still fortified. However, given the frequent Alp activity in Alpha Centauri, there was little actual hope, and so the rich, life scorning billionaires sent wave after wave of their investments and "human capital" to meet their end. The move was, presumably, to save on maintenance cost rather than an actual convincing hope, but the current law system granted too much freedom to the enterprises, should they somehow manage to convince the free sailors of their idea.
Nevertheless, government restrictions followed the incident, and public documentation of the greed that let to the event was sure to fill the contemporary broadcasts and historical records for some lengths.

The first test
Just a month after the incident, the first field test of the Eurofighter design and plan was in order. To ensure that the concept even had the value to continue pursuing it, WUN needed to prove that they could successfully close distance, fire their payload to target, and disengage without incurring loses or being chased too far. Thus 4 Eurofighters and one recording scout plane were sent for a test flight to poke at the Lacaille barricade:
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Stage 1 saw the enemy engage only at very close distance, proving that the planes flew much under their radar, which was good.

Stage 2 saw some training issues leading to one early fire, but simply resulted in a learning experience that could easily be corrected at a serious attack.

Stage 3: Upon entering dark mode once more, the Alp ships quickly lost contact.

Thus the test was a full success. The WUN had a design that could hit but not be hit itself or endanger others. Consequently, since the munitions and fighters were very cheap as a bonus, the win over the iron curtain was now only a question of scaling up the production and thus time.
Since the test was relayed to the other navies and then publicized, all unions rejoiced at the sight of this glimmer of hope. Eurofighter toys began to sell to kids and adult Aurora players alike.

Half a year later, the last Trondheim out to stabilize the cutting procedures near the coveted Amsterdam system encountered an Alp-PLA scout.
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Luckily the ship appeared unarmed, but the incident also proved that the leninist AI was out to find every single member of humanity out there, which was frightening. Thus, all remaining ships were ordered to return and hide at a secure location in Lacaille to wait for their extraction.

The second test
One year after the concept proof, the first measure of the enemies absorption abilities was in order. WUN engages with 10 Eurofighters, unloaded 140 missiles.

As expected, the blockade was able to endure this much, which puts the next test at 20 Eurofighters.

In the meantime WUN moves on with the extraction attempt that should safely bring back 3 of the 4 missing ships that waited for their chance in Lacaille. As the enemy had now confirmed experience of the a Mirage signal flare to be a sign of impending attack, it reflexively responded to even just a single Mirage (without fighter escort, which they couldn't see) as if it needed to mobilize all forces.

The feint appears successful as the unarmed WU ships safely pass and vanish into the dark of the sun opposing direction without being chased.
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Soon after they reunited with command at port.

WU, seeing its fighter fleet steadily grow, was now looking at introducing a specialized base for the Eurofighters to use as maintenance hangar and training facility. Europa would in some time begin formalizing the structure of this new air wing of the navy with this idea as their headquarters:

It should be capable to hold by itself the intended capacity of 100 Eurofighters next to about 20 auxiliary craft. As a downside, the nature of the organization meant that there would be some warmup cost before every use of the fleet.

The third test and the final prototype run
Another year after the second test, it was time for the finalization of the product. Referencing the data from the previous unsuccessful destroyer engagement at Alpha Centauri, the admiralty could predict to reach defense breaching capacity at just about the 20 fighter limit. Thus the third test, that tried to measure the impact effect of Kaspersky, employed 22 Eurofighters just to make sure it would happen.

The Alp's arithmetically precise AI defenses indeed capped out at exactly 2^8 interceptions, leaving 52 missiles to breach the screen, of which 2^4 found their target. Their calculated minimal loss.

Since this test had ended the prototyping period of both, the Eurofighter, as well as the Kaspersky missile design, not even 2 months later all the remaining old Kaspersky missiles were loaded on 24 Eurofighters to see them off and make place for their improved finalized version.

This time the AI had adapted their strategy for more chaotic and unpredictable patterns. Although that plan made it harder for WUN to gauge outcome in advance, it also meant that the Alp's defense necessarily became suboptimal in the process, causing a much larger fraction of missiles to go through the screen this time. In result the run unexpectedly severely wounded a ship of the Nyanga escort cruiser designation.
Off-Topic: show

Now the age of counter offensive had dawned. With the Eurofighters always exactly in reach of the Lacaille cutting point, there was no stopping their constant harassment, which would now only turn up, and be heavily boosted by the more accurate final Kaspersky design used in future runs. The only real limitation at these operations were at the moment the rather steep fuel costs, which however was an issue awaiting solution since the conception of the CT technology anyway.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Starvation 'Fuels' the Locust Swarm
At spring of the first year of the also spring-fresh 22th century, the Alp occupation force surprisingly made its move early. Though the reasoning was a mystery, they seemed to ignore all critical mining infrastructure, fleets and the population hubs at first, and set course to the rather unimportant mining sites of Mercury.
Off-Topic: show

However, after scanning a few places around the sun, the machine intelligence seemed to agree to focus on the issue at hand and set course right for Earth itself.
Off-Topic: show

Thus started the second direct threat of the united socialist east-west regimes to Earth. The last time the WU stood in defense, and although they weren't as involved at the location anymore, their available 34 fighter planes would answer to the maneuver help calls issued by the dominant two terrestrial unions.
Off-Topic: show

The aid request was nearly a formality however, as these unions, Asean and South, had not been sitting idly either. Considering the destruction and irradiation of Earth in the red cataclysm, and then the complete defeat of their combined fleet just a while earlier, it was nothing short of a miracle to see these cultures transform into a revision of themselves towards societies where values of conscientiousness and an industrious attitude became the core vein. Without needing regulatory pressure from above, people or survivors of this generation of hardship, -the generation of strife, as by Strauss-Howe Generational Theory-, had burned away all unnecessary fat and weaknesses, and were forged into a competent populus of powerful and capable individuals that together worked to herald in a new golden age.
Recognizing that, it was still surprising to see their comparably small industrial base emit such resistance. Despite the recent losses, Asean had already recovered 17 escort- and another 17 battlecruisers.
Off-Topic: show

More importantly however, after the WU re-allocating its orbital defenses to the Galilean sector, Asean stepped up to fill the gap, fielding a whole of 50 newly built state-of-the-art orbital beam bases.
The South American Alliance wasn't too far behind either, having rebuild an incredible mass of 50 battlecruisers despite losing their entire fleet just recently. Even Britain fielded 10 dreadnoughts and 2 missile bases by now, and signaled it would join the other factions in Earth's defense for the first time in history.

..Considering all this, it was surprising to see the machine AI still committing to an attack, and indeed..

..just a short firefight later, the small invasion force had been dealt serious damage, sinking 7 of theirs for 7 of ours, thus forcing the rest to flee in what shame the Leninist machine could feel. After developing some emergency protection protocols for an Earth invasion eventuality, the former electronic warfare screeches of the Alp became confused screams of agony(audio download)(*1), that were almost a delight to listen to from safety.

Some wounded stragglers were left behind, so the WUN fighter squadron was ordered to use the opportunity to enact the first field test of the new Kaspersky II missile, since there was one lone point defense ship for ideal performance gauging.

Slain near Apophis.
Off-Topic: show

...Apparently it had no working firing computer anymore however, and sank without resistance.

Now it was time to check whether the close Lacaille siege was really abandoned, so WUN dispatched a scout Mirage.
Off-Topic: show

The formerly wounded Nyanga was left behind, so the fighter force took care of it.
Off-Topic: show

The siege had indeed been lifted, and the frigate guard on the Lacaille mirror point was soon restored, re-opening the galaxy.

The clouds divide, the light reveals
With the formerly destructive occupation force being dealt justice in this manner, one had to wonder what went wrong with the supposed genius-mind artificial intelligence to be so thoroughly mistaken about the Earth's defense capabilities. It had invented so many technological wonders that seemed to prove its superiority, and had collected data on Sol with its spy ships for many years, but then couldn't help itself to still commit serious strategic errors. There was also the matter of their suspicious selective shortcomings, like their complete negligence of missile technology, or what appeared to be a tofu-dreg armor philosophy, as even their biggest military ships were rather brittle under short sustained fire.

The recent derelicts left behind not only military ships for the first time but also even one model of the most prominent Iah type dreadnought. The WU was quick to send out one of the massive Vencia industrial freighters to investigate in hope to answer some of these burning questions that had been persisting since the Alp's appearance.
The investigations resulted in two main and game changing core revelations.

o> Firstly, the AI steering the implanted nightmare machines was surprisingly primitive. It was previously assumed, that the neural network structure embedded into the devices had at the very least evolved itself, seeing how it managed to copy to higher capacity computers and even directly into certain brain regions. In reality, -though achieving optimal adaption-, it never left its route core mission and scope, which simply was to terrorize the mind with Leninist ideology with no stop cap in obedience height defined. No more, and certainly no less.
While that undefined goal gave rise to its viral survival and transmigration skills, the real behavior change of the infected minds was instead proven to be an emergent effect. While the network whipped the mind up, it did not direct or even "think up" its action in any way, and instead it would still be the brains themselves that filled the gaps and made the decisions that would serve to ease the admonishing pressure.
Given how eerily uniform the responses to this suggestion throughout all affected individuals were however, it may be save to judge the case to exist in some sort of grey definition zone. If a fire was lit under a persons feet, was it really fair to say that it was entirely the person's choice to recoil?
So perhaps the Alp was merely a new motivation engine, whose merging with human physiology produced an entirely new entity that wasn't either of the two original sources.

This theory had amassed many technical proofs in short order, but the final evidence came when it was cleared that the only reason the new CCP didn't use missiles was ...that there was no training data from the first war available, as they never came to fire one back then.
Hence, the machine judged them as thoroughly ineffective, which is a thing only the most basic neural networks tend to do when digesting such faulty biased data. And so, even though its strictly uniform motivators produced quite machine-like results in behavior (sometimes with humans acting like fulfilling literal unthinking program code in fact {NPCs?...}), it at the same time certainly did not create any supermind geniuses, for it was still the human mind interpreting.
..Which of course gave quick rise to next question and revelation.

o> If there was no advantage in reasoning, then where did all the sudden revolutionary technology come from?
Finally some real salvage other than passive radar dishes could be dug up to shed some light on this matter:

{some tech, but also lore ahead}
Mainly this included their scrambling technology, targeting computers, their extremely powerful laser weaponry, and -most interestingly- working models of actual primal element fusion reactors.

All this technology had the same principle in common that was already found on the scout wrecks years before. As previously hypothesized, every piece relied on the same established entanglement to some mysterious extremely low energy state artifact in unknown distance, which consequently bestowed unique abilities stemming from such low energy perspective.
Highly sensible sensors and fire controls? Their 'listening' was calibrated to literal sub zero-point energy levels, meaning near none internal system static that could impede noticing the hair-drop 2AU away.
High-frequency laser weaponry? X-ray photons that normally can't be bundled by conventional mirrors into the weapon-needed quantities could simply be birthed into existence in required amounts. Utilizing a restricted zero-point spawn/relayed-excitation method, the extremely low background energy made equally extremely fine vacuum photon vibration modes a normality.

The finding of the working fusion reactors were a big surprise however. One would have thought that having access to such high density power generation methods would have lent itself to equally stronger engines, yet their output was only used for realizing vacuum tuned virtual x-ray photons. The most promising rationale behind this was that the extremely fine magnetic control offered by the low-energy state entanglement was simply not usable and therefore reliable in some situations. The reason behind this hunch was the Alp ships' overall radical change in propulsion philosophy.
The hull and its engines had in fact completely abandoned the conservative principle of pumping purified electrons through the hull and thus averaging it to stronger disentanglement/synchronicity with the lightspeed true universe expansion velocity. The method that the Alp had instead adopted was more alike to the tunneling principle used at flat-gravity mirror points. Thus, their hulls constantly worked to synchronize themselves and the space around them with some (very) distant location in order to hopefully achieve a macroscopic tunneling effect. Although it was notably impossible to actually do it in the turbulent distinctively non-flat space that made up nearly all areas, achieving an actual macroscopic tunneling of the ship was apparently not the goal. Instead, it appeared the ships were instead translocating... the space, the energy(?) around, to the artifact?

Tunneling a hole into reality
Testing the remains of their military hulls in safe orbital laboratories showed that their vessels lacked any notable engine whatsoever. Instead of increasing purification and thus 'disentangling' themselves, the Alp ships would use the inverse method and increase the hulls entanglement to the low-state artifact. ..But there was a serious misconception among the unions' scientists about what the nature of that artifact truly was, for it was not just an object that was found, not a strange matter sun, or a laboratory product.
For the Alp ships to even attempt a tunneling procedure to the artifact, the artifact must be a region of space itself.

To investigate this baffling conclusion, a quick science excursion was started through the newly reopened Lacaille route, as it was clear that the implications of this finding would yield some disastrous and visible results for our galaxy and more. Within a years time, the manifestation of the horror could be confirmed..

Off-Topic: show

Terrifyingly close to Sol, a breach in the expanding universe had realized itself. Yet another aberration of nature, throwing its sinister shadow, snuffing out the local sun, and producing darkness of a grade that physics had not allowed before.
Scientists were quick to brief military and government leaders on to what they were looking at.

A popular idea of the concept of multiverses thinks of them as completely different realities, perhaps a fork of all the options of causality, or merely other universes separated on some imperceptible 4th+ spacial dimensional axis. Rarely however is it understood that the 3 known spacial dimensions would already be enough for other universes to be with us without touching.
Though space might be expanding and stretching, models of our universe coming of age don't necessarily imply the creation of spacetime at its birth, meaning, spacetime could have been here before. And if it was here before, it could be large, and in fact have other regions, where other universes developed or spontaneously malformed themselves in an unknown freak twist of physics into existence.
Thinking of space as a plane, there could be a vast sea of compacted nothingness (way more 'nothing' than the emptiness between galaxies), only rarely interrupted by the fungal bloom of insular universes.

(illustrative exaggeration: the separation would be much larger than depicted)
These locations where the local expansion at least briefly exceeded the much faster expansion of the absolute void of non-existence all around, could bubble up by sheer coincidence, but eternally be separated from their other brethren for the void eventually always expands faster, and reabsorbs them once their own internal engine slows.

Though it was all hypothesis, the mere fact that a whole space with such low zero-point levels that undermined universal fundamental constants evidently existed in the 25 Ursae Minoris (soon to be renamed "Siberian Bear") aberration, lend a lot of weight to the "outside void/ insular universes" model, for only there a horrific wintry waste of energy hunger was introduced as a region.
It was unclear how and when the CCP managed to access the region in the first place, but poor safety ethics in their tunneling procedures, or perhaps even earlier attempts at copying from non-flat space might have played into it.(arguably, such an experiment must have taken place at Ursae Minoris, and it was from that system, that the first -still CCP looking- batch of erratic behaving ships first entered Alpha Centauri at the last battle of the war)

Whether accident or not, it was the irony of destiny that it should be the west-east CCP that would stumble upon a place that had intrinsically nothing but terrors to show, sought only to expand and steal other places riches and efforts.

The word "dimension" was popularly often misquoted as meaning "alternative reality or universe", and so this terrifying starved place far from the light, driven to expand by constant hunger, also came to have a popular misnomer: "The communist dimension"

Traveling at the speed of hunger
"An army marches on its stomach" they say, but upon exact reading of the phrase, one can notice the other interpretation of it hiding under the obvious one. The communists long figured out that an empty stomach coupled with promises of being granted nutrition 'gifts' can be just as motivating and also obedience inducing. Although the late China held roughly 19% of the worlds population, they only had about 10% of all arable land, leading them to buy up and store extreme sums of estimated 50% of all the world's grain reserves. ..And yet their people still starved on the regular, for the party wanted it so. It was no surprise that, given the opportunity, they would find a way to turn this winning principle into a technology.

Similar to a sail or a turbine held into a stream, the Alp ships exploited the extreme fundamental energy state imbalance between our universe and the null-void they heretically summoned, which jolted them forward as vacuum decay around them swallowed up what the fabric of space could give. (OOC: Good video on vacuum decay)
For every second that the PLA ships moved through our space, more energy was sacrificed to the entangled hole, feeding and widening it, and increasing its abilities to drain the universe's energy all on its own as well. It was a pact with destruction incarnate, a true sacrilege against all existence, reminiscent of the (chinese)CCP's historical intent to incinerate the Earths ecology for their glorious nation to be able to step up a little.
A self defeating tactic only employed by the desperate loser, and now also fired on by near unthinking flagellation machines that demanded results at literal all costs.

Who knows what happened to the first poor sailors that were drawn into the null-void between universes. Looking at the extreme circumstances they must have faced, it is possible that it was only then when the neural implant really started its amok. Judging by the Carnot limit physics that their 5 times faster 'heat/energy pump' propulsion method implied, the expansion rate/low intrinsic zero-point energy of the void would have its time flow by factor of billions faster. Thus, even when instantly setting for return, perhaps their ships were stuck there for decades, with no progress on their propaganda demanded goals, perhaps causing the network to press too hard.
All speculation, and many unanswered questions still existed about the origin of their materials if the universe separating primal space was truly empty.

Thus was also solved the riddle on why fusion energy could not be used as their propellant, for their mastering of it relied on accurate magnetic control that only existed relative to our universe. In other words, the generators were simply not working in the null-void, and were only prepared for the return.

Feeding them missiles back
The WU and the other unions had now to figure out what to do about this expanding hazard. It was certain now, that the war against the Alp could not stay a defensive one, for even a successful defense would eventually lead to defeat. As the recent fighter tactics had been proven to be a success, and the Leninist AI turned out much more primitive and thus likely susceptible to more tactical traps, WUN moved to focus their efforts into developing humanities first carrier strikeforce, that would bring these winning planes directly to the enemies doorstep to hopefully eventually contain them in Sibiria.

For this purpose, at least 2 ships of the Cloister class were issued, each one capable of transporting 50 fighter planes next to some useful utility crafts.

Ship model:
Off-Topic: show

(OOC: This time it isn't mine, as carriers were not planned in the game, and a large ship is just too much work. Though really good looking, the depicted size would probably fit more into 300kt range, and also the weapons aren't actually there in the Aurora reality)

The first one assumed to leave the staple in about one and a half years.

Since extreme combat endurance was absolute imperative in order to not risk these expensive assets, the civil industries would reinvent the former Trondheim freighter design into a strictly military supply caravan. The vision was to have many of these suppliers be filled and at hand within the fleet at all times, while others were flying back and forth to replenish the reserves. Overpreparation should become the WUN's new philosophy.

*1: These screams are actually from the beginning of the Shanghai lockdown and the resulting food shortage recently. It has only gotten worse since then, and now spreads to Beijing.
Ahhh, but what would communism be without people suffering under their government on screaming levels, or any artificially induced starvation? The trademark must be upheld, or history will forget their distinctive glory. (also brought to you by: soon to be worldwide famine thanks to increasingly socialist aligning western countries)

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Episode Wu'an: The Return of the "Zi"s
The recent maneuvers had shown that the WU navy had need for some safe reconnaissance options for which the costly and easy to spot and bring down Bastille frigate was simple not suited. The Commodore's in charge would thus often misappropriate the Dessault Mirrage fighters as independent scout planes, a role for which they weren't intended.
So to tackle this obvious emerging need, another plane model was to be added to the roster of the carrier forces, and also to Europa and Chateu land bases: the pure blooded scouting plane Captor Albatross:

In comparison to the Mirage which was designed a Wing escort, the Albatross had both twice the range and twice the detection distance, while still being fast enough to escape any approaching Alp threat. Additionally, it could actually survive on its own for a month or more, making true intelligence and patient observation missions a possibility, and all this for cheap no less.
Three planes were ordered for each carrier, and their reported merits and design already made them a Captain's favorite in the lobby.

Although the WU and other Unions were doing reasonably well all things considered and slowly making progress in their resistance, there was another problem brewing up in their midst that had almost become forgotten again:

Just as after WWII, the Strauss Howe Generational Theory suggests it takes about 2-3 generations, or 60 to 90 years for the critical lessons to be forgotten once more. The current generations around the Sun were reminded daily of the consequences of socialist teaching through the historic documentation of pre-war splendor which contrasted so starkly with the harsher life they were living in the aftermath. These circumstances helped for now to not let the beast grab on to either decadence or class injustices that did almost not exist anymore here.
But if history taught anything, it is that the will to power arises naturally amongst some human individuals, and that those will search and find a way to reinvent the old recipes or twist the public perception to find a loophole in the new constitutional history-hardened fortress. The early 2000s evolution of the Marxist formula was one of such new inventive attack angles, as it shifted the trodden and long unmasked class warfare vector into a race and gender injustice narrative, -cultural Marxism-.
Through these observations it has come to be known that history doesn't actually repeat, but merely rhymes, for there was always a new trick to get the bowling ball rolling. Cultures that insisted too strongly to prevent the exact same evil from the past (e.g. Germany with their "never again" slogan), actually left themselves open to ideological fanatical subversion by the same but slightly altered methods, for their antibodies were too specialized and failed to identify the actual common root tactics/outcomes of the attacker's actions.
Because even so the levers pulled to initiate the reaction might adapt to the times on every new instance, eventually history did repeat after all, as total control could only be established by enacting the very same policies every time: Retracting individual freedoms, eliminating or subverting the free press, attacking the independence of the judicial, scrubbing the military to sort out the disloyal, using the intelligence agencies and justice department to go after political rivals, and eventually canceling all separation of powers to cement the regime.
At some point of political conflict, in which two sides might still be accusing each other of being the true evil, the veil eventually lifts once one side openly goes down that road, so the actual autocrats could be clearly identified. Amongst other identifiers, no person educated in history and the evolution of modern political theory would ever push to install state controlled censorship(one recent of uncountable examples..) or propose to centralize the powers beyond the absolutely necessary, if they hadn't the intention to build up an autocracy of some sort.

One more step in the devolving progress however was often overlooked: 'The disarmament of the public' needed to take place before any tyranny could truly and confidently stand.
The Amsterdam system was the furthest colony from Earth, and in fact the only colony that was more than one cutting away. When the new mindslaved CCP begun their siege of both Sol and Alpha Centauri, Amsterdam became strongly isolated for years, which was especially damning for them, as they still relied on regular shipments to build up their subsistence.
..Lack of communication, social strain and fear of an enemy were a known constellation to divide cultures and be a seedbed for usurping powers to clip that distant branch. Yet, considering the stark cultural foundation of anti-socialism of the WU, it was still a surprise when in February 2101 word reached Europa that the acting interim governor of Amsterdam had ordered a buyback campaign on the public gun ownership, forcing -with some little public support- this highly endangered outlier to become even worse defended and dependent on its government no less. Reasons given were crisis rights due to the immediate danger that demanded more of the defensive supplies going to the armed guards, and also apparently a vague narrative of "not making yourself a target", although details on this could not be extracted, as censorship had already set in.
The WU executive body grew worried as the signs were clear. Here seemed to emerge just another greedy individual or group that saw its chance to rule their own kingdom come once their ties to the controlling instances became loose. When Amsterdam then began restraining all channels but the official ones, it was obvious that something had to be done.
What the governing group there hadn't factored in was that the Unions' combined navies would actually succeed in breaking their encirclement (for now), and regain so soon the option to send for investigation. Hence, even though it was still a very risky move to sail in this strongly contested space, WUN ordered one more freighter with supplies and this time also a full military garrison regiment to be sent down the perilous path to Amsterdam. These were republican soldiers, -volunteers schooled in the philosophy of public, self-arising resistance-, who had no notion of loyalty to any government body, but only to the communities at home and those who they eventually ended up serving and become part of.
Off-Topic: show

The winds were fortunate, and the transit succeeded, uncovering what had really been going on.

[some skippable WU political history]
The interim governor had indeed fallen to the very ideals he was elected to fight against. Taking the inability of the WUN to defend even Sol as evidence, a public narrative had been spun that claimed if even such advanced military couldn't win, then why should Amsterdam even attempt to resist? Thinly veiled were his real intentions though, when he cynically even quoted Fidel Castro directly, "Guns for what?".(*1)
Of course, he also knew of another true quote:

From the ancient times of warlords, over the consolidation of power through kings and empires, one thing has always held true, although sometimes hidden: Those who have the biggest stick around, rule the land. Be it the Japanese Hideyoshi era restriction of weapon ownership to the Samurai caste, the disarming of all 'enemies of the state'(curiously basically everyone) at the advent of the third reich (OOC: still stands today), the cement of a fragile regime only ever dries if the opposition is held as weak as possible.
In a republic however, the founding idea was that the government arose bottom up out of the people who should hold onto control, which is why the ultimate power should lay with them, and thus also the right to be and stay armed. Often the necessity of this setup had been challenged in the previous pre-CCP western world, for most of their countries managed to stay free without any public gun ownership after all. What was often overlooked however, was that at that time, the former USA were in a strong hegemonic position towards the whole western sphere, meaning all their allies were strongly dependent on the US's good graces and thus the West's corresponding governments held in check by the standing liberty ideology there. ..Yet, even despite all the public defense options, the US security apparatus was still relentlessly scratching on the republic's doors and foundations, constantly infringing and experimenting with ways to tip the balance of power and fulfill their frantic need of total control.
(patriot act, operation mockingbird, stop and frisk, dishonestly framed crime statistics // 67% of the massive number "gun deaths" are suicides, and after all other factors, only ~10% remain as the 'crazy shooter' murders as framed - over 86% of those committed by minorities, most often driven to crime by the government's own policies. No word about how nearly all these shootings happen in blue cities who already have the strictest gun controls around, yet also happen to follow 'soft on crime' policies that release even gun crime offenders back onto the streets in no time. ...Only a crisis leads to yearning for "control")
Surely, without resistance in the hands of the people, the fall of the West would have come much sooner under such motivated pressures, and eventually it did succeed after some likely intentionally escalated mass shooting event during the midst of the Beijing regime consolidation phase was used as precedent to enact complete constitutional denial in form of a "somebody anonymously demands you are 'unsafe' -> you lose your gun" law. The same show incident was even used to enable banning in the distant Chinada, even though its culture had nothing to do with it. Additionally the propped up massacre provided ammunition just in time to go against the still not subverted judicial powers.(OOC: also from official gov's side) A page out of the upstart autocrat's handbook.
Off-Topic: show

Though it was too late to completely disarm everyone before the complete overtaking, it was enough to tip the odds so that the split of the former US into red states and OURS regime became a necessary tradeoff, for the blue side was subverted.

The lesson out of all of this was easy: If the state managed to erect a monopoly on violence, then there was no Republic anymore. The state rights exceeded the personal rights, meaning the ownership contract of the government to the people was void on this account already, and, -going back to the foundational politic theory Lord Acton quote, as well as Mao-, the one sided power balance would and always has ended in tyranny ultimately, for even initially well intentioned leadership could not forever resist to resolve public discontent 'the easy way'(=beatdowns) given the tempting, unopposed option. The denial of the checks and balances principle.
Therefore the reforming of the previous EU into the grander WU corpus saw some panicked action regarding the revival of personal protection rights. Although the WU wouldn't go as far as letting every citizen roam around openly carrying large armaments like in the former US, there was ingrained provision for everyone to be able to own weapons at home, and be allowed to take them out for training events or even potential protest, given that an organized crowd above a certain size was moving.(quite the opposite of previous carry philosophy) Larger and more dangerous weapons such as tanks and even small warships could be owned by groups of declared common share or organizations with shared ownership.
Add to that the separation of governing bodies into small city/metro state units across Europa since its founding (initially to preserve original cultures from countries in one dome city each), and it was evident that decentralization was at the core of WU governance. A union after all, not an empire, like the eventually misnamed US.

All the more affront was the Amsterdam reversal of these fundamentals. The soldiers of the republic swept in and arrested the governor, then conducted deep investigations into the whereabouts of his enabling supporters. To on one hand gain public trust, as well as re-establish the original order, shipped gun supplies were distributed to the people, and additional arms stacked in public accessible reserve bunkers.
One of the tactics that had gone unnoticed in Amsterdam so far was enacted very early already. Like it had been practice in the West before, the chapters about socialism in public schools and universities were strangely cut ("what is holodomor?"/"the great leap forward?") or framed as false dichotomy (="these people aren't what we are doing, they are 180° on the other side!"). As journalism, teaching professions and public service have been throughout history consistently some or the lowest IQ subjects in universities everywhere, it was also here where the cult of weakness, the in napoleon-complex unified underachievers, the 'want without earning' philosophy always found a fertile seedbed to renew its foothold. From this institutional foundation, public opinion and the next generation were much easier to turn and propagandize, but not this time. A large program was started with agreement of the WU to re-introduce the history and consequences of communism as a compulsory information course into public schools, as well as guidance about the reasoning around the current founding principles. Additionally the WU decided not only for Amsterdam to make it part of this education to show what has become of the former CCP and the agony they now live in, ending with some great slogans, like "The ice cream van's siren sounds promising, ...but you still don't get in", or this one next to military show:

Though this last part was a trick-question/presentation, for the teachers were instructed to scold all those that would cheer on it. Breathing in propaganda (even when it is true) was not the goal, but education and forming of an inquisitive mind that can resist it. The socialists only win when these virtues and lessons are forgotten or twisted.
Off-Topic: show

Though not actually armed, the large city hall was rigged with show explosives, and a long fuse line went out to the streets towards a new admonishing monument that celebrated the rekindled republican spirits.

[/some skippable WU political history]

The Window Closes
As if the internal unrest wasn't enough, 9 months later other movements in Alpha Centauri indicated the Alp-CCP had reformed their forces and would soon attempt a return into Sol

...This time however, the Leninist AI had come up with a new frightening trick to add to its war tactic:
Off-Topic: show

Maybe this was what all their gravity probing into Sol ultimately meant. By some unknown physics and wisdom that surely came from the null-void again, they actually succeeded at opening another cutting point into Sol, adding to the attack vectors that threatened humanity. WUN had so far followed a plan of moving fronts through the 2 planned carriers:

Eventually they wanted to encircle the abyssal system to gain time to think of a better plan and also free the routes to the colonies. Although this new breach was close to the Alpha Centauri cut, it still meant that to be safe while the carrier might be progressing, there had to be a "seal" applied, which might be too costly once more.
Something for WUN admiralty to think about, but also put back for this current predicament could only mean that the already intimidating Alp fleet in Alpha Centauri meant to unify with another one from a different location, and move in as one. ..At the Unions' current capacity, this could mean ultimate defeat.

One day later some precursor early scouts moved inwards and were greeted by a full wing of 50 Eurofighters.

To WU's great shame, the Goteborg survived despite not being particularly sturdy.

Not a good show for the fighters who would eventually have to go up against many warships at once.

Just a week later, the real attack fleet arrives. They seem to originate from the new cutting point.

The attack group halts and eerily awaits the WUN strike in stillness.
Off-Topic: show

..Another failure ensues as their thick defensive fire eliminates enough munitions to leave the targeted Nyanga only wounded.

This means that even 50 fighters might still not be enough to reliable dispatch one enemy ship, although they were certainly crippled beyond usability. The admiralty will consider responses.

Left to further fall in as the wing rearms, it seems the AI has finally wised up on the WU's situation and targets their critical Uridium mine on Wolf.
Off-Topic: show

..They destroy it soundly, leaving Europa no option but to move another mine over should the storm ever pass.
Off-Topic: show

Asean left 2 beam defence bases at an Earth Lagrange point for experiments, which was targeted soon after some civilian ships.
Off-Topic: show

The small post was destroyed, but not without critically damaging one of the large dreadnought Iah classes.
WUN seizes at this great opportunity and targets the wounded ship, but due to a synchronization error, -the first one so far-, salvos didn't align correctly.

Luckily the ship had no fire controls left and was dispatched even by a half salvo, incidentally adding useful intel to the guidebook of engagement procedures with the Alp.
Off-Topic: show

Though they caused the WU infrastructure much harm already, it was surprising to see that this little encounter had already turned the AI to switch into a retreat behavioral schema.

WUN hoped for a much needed breather as the expensive missile reserve had run out already, but then, only another 2 days later, the second fleet arrived...
Off-Topic: show

Without losing much time, they went after WU infrastructure once more, even going so far as to attempt to attack Mars directly it appeared. Luckily, there were ground batteries there of course.

...Yet the AI has been running on cheats another new invention:
Off-Topic: show

Their scrambling technology received an upgrade for which the defender were not prepared. While they usually only attempted to insert their propaganda into all transmission devices, this time they managed to hastily get hold of just one identified commanding officer which it subverted by a novel evolution of their methods into a focused brute force attempt. With WU having no defense against such determined infiltration, consequently the whole defensive line got shot down and didn't fire even though hell was raining down on the planet.
Over half a million civilians were killed in the attack and many defensive installation received critical damage. If this would be a problem of the future, then the beam defenses might as well not be there. It seemed only orbital missile batteries were reliable after all.

For now their overtaking was at least not permanent it seemed, causing them to leave the assault as an act of terror while aiming for their next target, ...another mine.
Off-Topic: show

All of WU infrastructure was now at risk, and apparently couldn't even be fortified in the future with ground defenses anymore.

Another critical Uridium mining site, Mercury, fell in their eyes.
Off-Topic: show

The civilian operation and the mercenaries defending it there were not simply dispatched in a slaughter of a battle. No, these poor souls awaited a much more dire destiny, as the attackers landed with the surprising intent to capture the base, and with it ...the colonists minds.
The mercenaries and corporate workers were integrated into the communist nightmare matrix, starting to chant the manifesto, or screaming as their brains began to grasp the horror of Lenin's work in its entirety, and there was nothing that the dried out WU navy could do about it at this point.

The times looked more dire than ever. Mercury was now a real base from which the Alp could harass the system, all the while Europa was under constant surveillance from another team of scout ships.
As if this threat wasn't already on the level that the years long previous occupation had presented, another 2 weeks later, ..there was a third fleet.

Even stronger than the last one, they assumed position at their Mercury post and merged with the 2nd fleet to launch incursions from this vantage point onto Earth directly.
Off-Topic: show

In the first light of this renewed assault, many Asean beam bases fall quickly.
Off-Topic: show

However the damage from the counter fire causes 4 Iah dreadnoughts to flee from the scene very early in the fight, while the rest of the fleet resumes station at conquered Mercury base.

Though it might seem like a little win, the fact stands that approaching Earth had previously resulted in obliteration of the Alp incursion, while it now left them wounded and thus with options to repair and regroup.
Things were going from bad to worse, but the truly worst was yet to come...
Off-Topic: show

...Not just being satisfied with just defeating the free Union forces in open battle anymore, they continued with their ultimate plan that they already started at Mercury and Mars: Not murdering, not conquering, but overtaking the minds of the free.

..The process apparently took 2 days, but then the nightmare intelligence hungered again.
Off-Topic: show

Although the cost were high, and even Britain lost one of its only bases, this time there were 3 loses on the side of the socialist locusts as well.

However, it was all within the scope of the Alp's plan it seemed. Shortly after the initial fire exchange, they once again deployed the upgraded scrambling technology. With the intelligence gathered from the mindjacked crews of the recently destroyed beam bases, they identified all the critical officer posts and took them over once more. In consequence, Earth's defenders stopped firing back for another whole minute, just like on Mars, leaving them to another slaughter.
Off-Topic: show

Since the control relied on the mindscramble of some individuals however, at least it couldn't last forever as the chain of command could move to fire-at-will. Thus, before incurring unnecessary loses, the strike fleet moved out of the system, likely for repairs and to return even stronger... .

After the glimmer of hope from the recent advancement in Alp fighting tactics, the situation of the unions had now suddenly become more hopeless than it has ever been. WU's fighter fleet had three times in a row demonstrated lacking effectiveness, and despite grand 50% production expansion, it seemed the ammunition supplies could never become able to keep up with the sheer material the Alp was able to throw at them.
At the same time the at least mid-level defenses of ground based beam defenses seemed to have become mostly obsolete, for the enemy could always attempt hit-and-run tactics against them that must eventually tire them out to collapse without incurring any cost on the assailant.
The only defense left then were orbital missile bases, which were even more difficult to supply than the fighter fleet. In fact, prioritizing the fighter wing had caused that even the defenses of Europa had merely recovered 1000 of the 2400 missiles that would constitute just one full salvo, ...and it had taken years to get there.

All seemed to point that the historic win over the CCP, despite all the sacrifice, was in the end only a postponement of humanities ultimate destiny. The marvel incidence of the existence of US and their pioneer legacy one-of-a-kind freedom spirit had delayed it, ..until they still fell to it themselves, weakened by their riches. The emergence of the WU as its student had once more delayed it, ..but only at a cost that made them unable to fight its resurgence.
Maybe this was the answer to the Fermi Paradox. The Teeth empire had fallen under similar circumstances after all, and no further sign had been spotted that confirmed any advanced race had survived these inborn societal challenges. Perhaps the governor of Amsterdam was right after all, and there was no escaping for the lazy not-noble human mind but to fall into the think-traps of socialist autocracy.(and then kill itself under it)

[/Episode Wu'an: The Return of the "Zi"s]

(*1): Full talk with the Cuban resistance fighter:

Not sure what to do with this situation now. I was already demoralized when I had to realize the AI cheats at jump point transfers, which made most of my fleet setup unworkable. Now it seems it also cheats at avoiding ground-to-air defenses, so what beam defense is left, really? As I made sure to show in the screenshot, all the bases were on a firing policy, which had previously worked on Earth, but somehow not now.
Then consider that my AI allies also for some reason don't shoot back sometimes, and it seems pretty hopeless. I would take it if it was a fair game with a fair loss, but it isn't. The AI simply has some cheat like advantages due to problems with the mechanics. (perhaps the nature of player turn implementation has faulty consequences I would guess?)
..Well, I will try this some more now, but honestly, it would also be a good place to stop if the new version came out.
..Or I could counter the AI cheats with my own to re-establish fairness, though I don't know how. Suddenly appearing ammunition stockpiles, resources or ships, - they all seem dirty to me. Maybe a "server crash" on alien ships to gain time? That I could see I guess.

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #22 on: August 07, 2022, 11:35:23 AM »
//Two comments on the last entry:
- I figured out why the anti-orbital emplacements wouldn't fire: Being relic designs of the last great war on Earth, they had only 3kps targeting speed and no ECCM. It was peek technology at its time, but against TL8 engine Alps with their slightly above 10k speed and 30 ECM, the turrets literally had 0 hit chance and thus presumably didn't fire at all. It would have been nice to get a notification, but it is also good that they are smart enough to not take shots they simply can't make. Horrifyingly, all colonies safe Europa are thus undefended, but I adjust.
- This added to the consequence that I had now decided to delete all ALP ships one time, and a second time some years later when I saw some new scouts. I made this decision, because the game would otherwise definitely have been over, since just a few days after above report there was an apocalyptic fleet coming in, while 2 whole other fleets of similar size had just been spotted in Alpha Centauri.
..There was simply no strategy that could have stopped this wave, and the list of existing ALP ships in the database altogether was endless. Let's see if under this massive spawnrate, the two deletions will even change anything, but at least I have a breather.

The Great Firewall
A new century had dawned on humanity. Looking back one could surmise every consecutive one to deliver more dangers and more challenges as the trend seemed to spiral towards greater chaos and threat the more power the human race commanded for itself.
Long since have the times past where humanity could for the first time extinct itself through unchecked nuclear reactions. Back then governments could still desperately try to hold hands over the tools of destruction, since the knowledge was arcane, difficult to replicate, and really only accessible for resourceful thrifty societies, barring the most hostile, irrational and thus dangerous regimes from accessing it.
The progress of technology did not halt however, and humanities powers grew forth and forth. Where once a gun or even just everyone's car was already a lethal power in everybody's hand that could easily kill another, now men commanded so much energy that said car was perhaps a private shuttle, which -juiced to maximum expansion synchronization- would develop enough kinetic force to wipe out a small city, and all that while humans also became more numerous than ever before.
It didn't take philosophers and scientists to figure out early for this terrible societal challenge to have to arrive eventually, although nobody had come up with answers towards what to do about it for over 100 years. Now finally a single crazy person could spell disaster over so many as if commanding private use nukes. Even average workers often had responsibilities, such as in power plants, refineries, laboratories or air tower guides, where apocalyptic energy laid at their fingertips every day. The margin for error in society became slimmer and slimmer with the consequences rising. The standard for society to be perfect was almost insurmountably high. The western valued world of individual freedoms had become a Jenga tower rocking on a massage bed.

The Alp knew about this too. It knew it didn't have to succeed in a complete overtaking right away to ignite the fuse on all the powder that its enemy had already prepared. Just a person here and there, which commanded enough energy, -not even a government official or officer-, and unprecedented decimation would ensue.
Following the last and hitherto largest incursion into Sol, the unions had seen such shift in strategy. Focused attempts infiltrated devices and sought for individuals it could reliably take as seedbed to make the Manifesto bloom into its natural red fire. The fact that it managed to get grip of some leading officers in the chain of the orbital defense cannonry command was merely incidental consequence of the weighting algorithm finding the application of resources most lucrative on those positions.

Yet, this change in war philosophy also spelled to expose an unexpected weakness. As was inevitable by the nature of this evolution, in order to actually penetrate complex electronic systems in most circumstances, the Alp methods had to become more refined and structured than just tunneling in malicious code broadly. It had started to 'think' about breaking attempts in the sense of strategizing intrusion stepwise, having a pool of prepared tools, and even using patience.
While all that appeared pretty terrifying on the defensive side of humanity, it also meant the screaming lunacy of the Leninist indoctrination code was perforce giving way to structure. ...A structure that could be exploited.
Given that the amorphous qualities of a full-scale artificial intelligence program made it naturally resistant against classical intrusion, the Alp was assumed to have no actual experience in real system defense. Judging by the information collected throughout their larger scale overtaking of ASEAN wreckage survivors recently however, the AI had now reformed into enough prepared code pieces to for the first time be vulnerable to electronic counter-attack.

..A scenario it had indeed been completely unprepared for. No data existed on this phenomenon, and thus no defense was to be had. Targeting the besieging forces that sat on the Sol cutting point in Alpha Centauri, the deep electronic telemetry of the Chateau colony launched what the military scientists had coined "The Great Firewall". It was a play on the old CCP Great Firewall, -a more modern Iron Curtain-, that hindered its citizen from grasping the reality of the real world outside of the authorities propaganda bubble, which was itself a play on the Chinese Great Wall. The irony seemed to be most approachable to the WU dignitaries in charge, as its newest incarnation should now instead keep China and the consequences of its ideas out of the civilized world.
Of course, this "wall" was less of a blocking nature too, and more on the proactive 'attack is the best defense' side. And whether the "firewall" denotation was really applicable was also made blurry, since at what point of human brain+machine fusion does hacking become a psychological attack?

Definitions aside, the project exceeded all expectations. The CCP occupation forces had their maneuvers scrambled, likely feared for reversed overtaking and their secrets being exposed, and quickly shuffled to screamingly recede into its territories at the abyssal void. The alpha predator that has never known pain reacts with utter panic when finally being given the taste of it.
For the following years, the Alp would keep out of humanities sight everywhere altogether. No doubt to further reform and adapt its methods, but still, a moment of respite. For once, a dawn of a new century started with the promise of some peace. Hacking and cybertech movies became a sensation for a while.

More win, more WUN
Since the waters were free for at least a short while, this was also the time to coordinate supplies, reestablish contact to the two detached colonies, and reinforce the fortifications if possible of all remote habitats in Sol and out. It was also the time to take a look at the rather extensive ship graveyard that had accumulated over the years in which the seas had been too stormy. Untold treasures may lay hidden amongst the numerous Alp derelicts, not to mention that Europa was running really low on essential resources that were abundant in all old ships.
Also a project was to finally clear what was behind the newly opened cutting point that the Alp had somehow opened up.
Off-Topic: show

To do this quickly and safely, a new tiny but enduring probe design had been launched that uncovered it to be a shortcut to Aberdeen, a relatively tame system that had already been close.

It was a shame though that there was now another attack vector towards Sol, since future strategem had provisioned only two main fleets that would press the circle around Ursae Sibiria. With this new front opening, there might be need to switch to a more mobile defense with early warning scouts far out that could make out possible attacks incoming. Sibiria could still be locked down at the end using two fleets, but it could not be done pushing step by step anymore.

After a year of expeditions, the Venicia Class Freighter "Dyke" had finished the inventory of all the Alp derelicts.(they curiously looked not much more ramshackle in their destroyed state than fully operational, giving cause to some anxiety and paranoia with the salvage crews)
The bounty of the operation exceeded the imagination. In the past all the meager spoils had stemmed from early scout ships that were barely militarized and whose sensible optics often crumbled under the lightest touch of laser fire, leaving little behind but recyclable material.
This time however, Dyke nearly exclusively fished out bonafide warships, leading to an impressive list of dubious artifacts:
Off-Topic: show

..Most notable of which were for one the null-void spawn laser cannons that managed to bundle the elusive, non-mirrorable x-ray light by simply summoning it via a vacuum excitation apparatus ring (kind of a 'well') in required quantities. The other were of course the 60 fully functioning magnetic fusion reactors.
Who would have thought that achieving a stable, non-explosive fusion reaction would in the end be a more challenging achievement than not only fast stellar travel and colonization, but even FTL communication and interstellar exploration too?

...Yet the Alp-technology, whose insight in from extreme low energy state upwards-building architecture was by their nature unmatched, managed to finally break this barrier, or rather tear it down completely. Old fusion philosophy was to heat a plasmatic substance onto thousands times the sun's core temperature to make the statistically very unlikely tunneling phenomenon happen at viable rates. The Alp method ingeniously engineered the fields around the conversely now extreme low-energy fusion material so that tunneling became one of the most likely paths freshly injected energy could take to manifest itself. Thus fusion became just a thing that could now practically be commanded, and at just a couple 100 degrees no less.
From one day to another, the WU was suddenly capable of building working plasma reactors, and have all other kinds of improvements related to sensitive machinery. There was also a great sense of relief that using the Alp methods in most cases didn't involve to outright make a pact with the devil of the null-void to function.
Of course, the exception to this rule was still their abyssal engine system, to which the WU still had no answer. Given the now abundant new supply, new conventional methods to use this sudden energy density could perhaps be thought up, but still lay a decade or likely more out.

In addition this was still yet far from all the secrets that the WU could extract. By perhaps next time attempting to leave critical working parts intact on kills, and salvaging them as early as possible, there were still advances in metallurgy, true x-ray firing (not the shallow imitation of current) and even some mysteriously yet higher form of fusion to be found, as the Alp apparently had figured out a way to recycle muons somehow, which facilitated true cold-fusion.
Advances in ability to fight their electronic intrusion, as well as mimicking it would of course also be welcome, but proceeded slowly.

In July 2105 the first Carrier "Clermont" and its strike group reported 100 percent combat readiness, thus giving WU the deep fighter operation capability for the first time.

Through the years and thanks to the advances out of the salvage, the WUN had come to revisit the Bastille escort concept as well. It was initially planned as both an in-system cutting point defense, as well as an anti-missile escort design for future true cruiser concepts.
With the appearance of the Alp however, it made no sense to leave these old ideas of warfare lying around and doing nothing. Consequently, plans were issued to drop the missile-defense role and refit all frigates into a more effective anti-ship role. Though still lacking to the wishes of the admiralty, the first iteration of such was the 'Diable variant'.

It featured slightly reinforced armor, and replaced all its turrets with laser options. For the time however, it didn't incorporate any new Alptech advances yet, for it was deemed necessary to rather use the window of potentially quickly fleeting respite and make the designs at least somewhat usable first, - then worry about upgrades later.

In the following years, all the other victims of the war were cleared for their resources from Sol, until finally it had become time to even delve into Alpha Centauri and retrieve the honorable remnants of the old destroyer fleet that had once suffered losses here while attempting to save the civil freighter caravans. To shield the valuable Venicia freighter from potentially reappearing Alp threats here, this occurrence was also the first official mission for the Cloister carrier. Escort the freighter operation and use the symbolic act as a show for the recurrence and advancement of WUN naval might to the citizens and other unions.

At the same time the first true applications of Alptech were induced into a revision of the planetary defense program. The old great war anti-orbital artilleries had been revolutionary for their firing speed and precision against the PLA ships, but facing off with the new Alp threat with their combined tactic of maneuver and jamming as well as command subverting warfare, a completely new methodology had to be found for these weapons to have any reliability whatsoever.
Firstly, the new planetary artillery was now conceived to be massive. Large caliber, burst firing guns should tower over the surface and were to deliver punches that hopefully took out the thin foil Alp hulls in singular salvos rather than having to ablate them gradually like before. Incorporating some inherent command resistance and signal strategies (literally firing command by light signal) served to harden their defense on the information warfare front. Additionally, while maintaining the previous weapons' range, their tracking rate had gone up by more than factor x5 despite being so massive.

These guns should be packed in units of 12, and though they required much time to reload, were overall much more powerful than the 72 smaller gun emplacements that were used previously. They however also took between 6-8 years to build, meaning humanity had to hold out until then by other means.

As an addition, though not currently needed, a fast firing anti-missile slug launcher was also fashioned from new sensor ideas.

Their deployment had low priority and was merely an intellectual curiosity at this point of war strategy. However, diversity begets the ability to adapt should the board change, and one may find one or two of these suddenly rise in value if, for example, the Alp should evolve again and rediscover its love for propelled munitions suddenly.

After merely a few years of total silence, new Alp ships arrived in the year 2107. It was the usual scout detachment that the unions had seen numerous times, but this time likely conducting sinister experiments for some form of resurgence plan.
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The Goteborg class escort was quickly shot down, but the Stockholm could yet escape the fighter contingents that were still at half strength at this point.

Inspired already by former small scout incursions of this kind, and then sped up in planning through the latest one, WUN finally finished and deployed the concept of a beam firing fighter plane, the Eurofighter Typhoon:

The design was very inefficient as it re-used very ill fitted engines from the original Eurofighter and had issues supplying the always bulky energy cannon that really wasn't meant to fit on fighter planes to begin with. The extreme maneuverability of the enemy however simply forced far ranging weaponry demand on any potential close combat design, as otherwise retreat and strafe tactics would always lead to misses.(the strange lessons that modern open terrain space combat teaches...)
Future iterations should also improve on the firing computer that was still somewhat behind the required standard for CCP interception. Yet, having the ability to finally use at least some close combat fighting ability against the Alp ships at all, would already be a boon on conserving the strained munition reserves.

With this last step fulfilled, a year after the incursion both carriers were finally fully combat ready and equipped with their final complement of fighter planes.

Additionally, just as all the 18 Bastille frigates had been lifted towards the Diable-variant standard, the new 'Diable II' line had been ordered, now featuring some lightly upgraded Alp-grade electronics, as well as 4 larger, far ranging laser artillery pieces, fueled by true fusion.

Testing footage:
Off-Topic: show

Though a revolution to be sure, to make these large weapons possible some corners had to be cut, striping away the extra layer of armor that had come with Diable I, and also reducing the range somewhat. The last of which should be a lesser problem now however, as WUN now also commanded 2 Requisition type fleet supply ships.

To finish off the decade with an invention of its own, a long running engineering project finally came to its close. Europa was a small moon, and though its population had already far outpaced the former census of old Europa, this modern age required ever greater backbone support for the navies defense mechanisms to work out.
In other words: Growth was needed, but space was sparse. Thus an ambitious plan explored the option to move significant parts of population into welcoming ship-like orbital infrastructure that seamlessly connected with the original planet or moon.

Success was finally had with the project of the "Galilean Ring" being sanctioned to be assembled. Although the industrial demand will be extensive, the design was in actuality very cheap on any essential minerals, since only few disentangled materials were needed for mostly stationary technology.
The whole ring would consist of initially 5 anchors that should stabilize further 5 large ring segments, upon which potentially other structures could be built in farther futures.

Though the reappearance and evidently partially already Great Firewall resistant Alp ships gave some reason for worries, the WU had also recovered a good amount of momentum and resources. Should the build-up of ground batteries and the refit of the Bastille frigates proceed without a major incident, the new supply-fed substantial carrier backing was now decent hope for humanity to be able to finally turn this dark era of victimization into a heroic age of the hunt.

Since the new big version is now out that I'd obviously like to try, I will move this game and database to a secure location and leave it there for some while. It is thus officially frozen, though since I find how everything worked out and fell in this game to be quite fortunate, there is always the possibility to continue. The setup is quite good after all.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Not shying away from any sensitive topics in your backstory I see ;) It made the whole thing an interesting read and you integrated it pretty well into an Aurora game.

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Not shying away from any sensitive topics in your backstory I see ;) It made the whole thing an interesting read and you integrated it pretty well into an Aurora game.
Thanks, I admit I used Aurora writing as a cathartic outlet to sort some thoughts about the matter. It helped quite a bit, and actually, some arguments I came about while writing this actually had a huge influence when I applied them to an election in April of a rich and influential Germany-wide club I happen to be active in that handles talented youth upbringing across the whole country.(It is a long story, but in short a literal communist coup tried to replace all 6 board positions with us to presumably then put their propaganda forefront with the kids. As all cultists, they couldn't handle an ounce of debate, tried to instead censor, smear and cancel when I was the first to go vocal about them, which backfired because I already predicted this could happen in my initial letter of inquiry they should just respond to. But even so, one of them simply just couldn't help it, which really went to show the grimace of their insanity to everyone. Lots of red and black pills later, this incident was the stone of an avalanche and blew up so much, that it tore many pink glasses off from the current administration and many voters who reacted in outrage when they saw what this group was really about once confronted with actual questions and data, and how poisonous the people who would espouse 'peace and equality' grandstandingly actually are given the slightest challenge to their morals. Nobody of them got elected, despite some being popular before. A little miracle, and now the guard is up and walls are higher too.)

And yes, I also like how everything in this game fell (especially timing wise) so that I could write it into lore. The tooth empire ruins first, and then China literally threatened me over this place just like they do with many territories in real life. Also, Alpha Centauri aliens will spawn as ALP? That is literally German for "nightmare", sparking all the ideas around them, excellent. :)

Though this specific game may some time continue, for now that is it with political writing on other Aurora games for me. It is exhausting, and I'd rather go about my life without thinking about this in general. It is just as the saying goes however, if you don't care about politics long enough, it will come knocking on your door eventually.
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