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Ardem's Fiction
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:40:06 PM »
I have moved Brightstar AAR into the BrightStar folder, for anyone with concerns I am about to stop this AAR, do not be troubled I will continue to provide detail around the plot of BrighStar and Earth. For anyone wishing me to stop it, because I am subjecting the English language to torture, you can email me directly where I will take on-board your complaint and file it in the appropriate place.

The reason I have included a new fiction, I want to enhance my creative writing ability. The current AAR does to a degree help, but I am limited by the constrains of an AAR, rather then a story which means mapping out the progress of the civilization.

The new story will allow me to be more creative rather then an AAR, fixed on a number of characters, in this case a family or I should say generation of families. Time moves rapidly in Aurora , so I need to focus on a couple of characters, otherwise they would die before anything great happened. Also you will only get slight perspective of the surrounding events and only events that involve them.

I want to get better about my creative telling I would happy to receive advise or criticism to improve.