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Trumpocalypse - Part 4 June 2033-March 2034
« on: July 04, 2017, 04:36:54 PM »
Because of ISIS constructing a shipyard a number of factions design new PDCs
Code: [Select]
Ashdod class Missile Base    7,550 tons     1118 Crew     850.2 BP      TCS 151  TH 0  EM 0
Armour 5-34     Sensors 1/105     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 100
Magazine 550   

PDC Size 5 Missile Launcher (20)    Missile Size 5    Rate of Fire 75
56.7Mkm Missile Fire Control FC56-R100 (2)     Range 56.7m km    Resolution 100
ASM B (110)  Speed: 30,000 km/s   End: 30m    Range: 54m km   WH: 4    Size: 5    TH: 100 / 60 / 30

52.5Mkm Active Search Sensor MR52-R100 (1)     GPS 10500     Range 52.5m km    Resolution 100

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Planetary Defence Centre and can be pre-fabricated in 4 sections
This is a PDC created by ISIS to kill any infidels approaching Mercury. It will reload its magazines from planetary stocks
Code: [Select]
King George V class Missile Defence Base    9,750 tons     690 Crew     1230.8 BP      TCS 195  TH 0  EM 0
Armour 5-40     Sensors 1/500     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 20
Troop Capacity: 1 Battalion    Magazine 470   

PDC Size 1 Missile Launcher (20)    Missile Size 1    Rate of Fire 5
2.77Mkm AMM Missile Fire Control FC25-R1 (2)     Range 25.5m km    Resolution 1
Dagger-A (470)  Speed: 48,000 km/s   End: 2.5m    Range: 7.2m km   WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 256 / 153 / 76

2.72Mkm AMM Active Search Sensor MR25-R1 (1)     GPS 500     Range 25.0m km    Resolution 1

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Planetary Defence Centre and can be pre-fabricated in 4 sections
This PDC is designed for missile defence and is broadly comparable to its EU and Empire equivalents. It was designed to combat public fears about ISIS. Production was transferred from making mines into auto mines to begin production

3rd July
Haynes Shipping launches another freighter for the Republic

29th July
Haynes Shipping launches a new colony ship. According to official press releases it can transport 10000 colonists and can travel at over 1700km/s. It will probably be used to take Republic citizens to Titan

9th August
Titan is colonised by the Republic. Press coverage is reasonably favourable and the pro colonial faction in Congress receives a polling boost

19th August
ISIS finishes research into fuel efficiency .9. They begin considering ways to make their warheads more potent. Haynes Shipping launches a second colony ship (I won’t give any further updates on new ships for Haynes Shipping)

29th November
The Empire completes construction of the Trump Jr Yards. Production is now concentrated on automating mines

29th January 2034
Pear establishes another civilian mining colony for the Republic

4th March
The construction of King George V is completed in The Commonwealth to the great relief of most people. Its scanners are immediately bought online and begin scanning for missiles

9th March
The Republic finishes their warhead research (6 per MSP). They begin research into thermal sensors. A new missile is designed
Code: [Select]
Hellfire C
Missile Size: 3 MSP  (0.15 HS)     Warhead: 3    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 35000 km/s    Endurance: 21 minutes   Range: 45.0m km
Cost Per Missile: 2.5
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 350%   3k km/s 110%   5k km/s 70%   10k km/s 35%
Materials Required:    0.75x Tritanium   1.5x Gallicite   Fuel x1875

Development Cost for Project: 250RP
This is a 2000km/s speed upgrade over the Hellfire B

19th March
ISIS completes a PDC and a FAC. They are now ready for operation Devine Wrath

19th March 2034, 1902 hours at Republic Tracking Station Bravo
Chief Petty Officer Jackson Frank was nearing the end of his shift. His task was to keep an eye on shipping in inner Sol, a boring job really since none of the other Solar powers had any shipping in inner Sol. He glanced at the clock, only 58 minutes left then he would be free to leave. Suddenly an alarm sounded, “probably another drill” said Craig, Jackson’s friend and co-worker. Jackson however wasn’t so sure on his screen an active sensor marker had appeared, 40,000,000km from Fletcher 001. “Craig look at this”, Craig bought up the picture on his monitor “that’s odd” he said “haven’t seen this type of drill before, tell you what Jack I’ll call Charlie and you call Alpha and we ask them to confirm”. Jackson pressed the button connecting him to Tracking Station Alpha “Alpha, Bravo here. Look we have an active sensor reading about 40 megaclicks out from Fletcher 1, probably a drill but please confirm”. “Alpha here, we can see it too Bravo”. “Copy that, calling Nicholson Bravo out”. Jackson cursed, with a contact detected and confirmed by Alpha he would have to inform his CO, and he would rather serve double overtime than do that. He picked up the phone and dialled praying that Nicholson was asleep. “Nicholson here” came a gruff female voice “Sir Bravo here we have a sensor contact about 40 megaclicks out from Fletcher 1” “copy that Bravo I will be right over”
19th March 2034, 1912 hours at Republic War Room Prime
Rear Admiral Harding rushed into the room, already his command staff were assembled and waiting for him. ”What have we got?” he asked, Captain Evans his intelligence chief “about 10 minutes ago tracking station bravo picked up an active sensor about 40 megaclicks from Fletcher 1. Since then they have held their position”. “Do we know who it is?” “negative sir, it is on a rough heading from Mercury but anyone wanting us not to know could have done that as well”. “Reynolds what are our options?” asked Harding. “Not good sir” said Captain Reynolds head of Fighter Ops “we are unable to get to the scene for hours and even if we could make it in time we have no active sensors so can’t achieve target lock”. “Has the freighter captain been informed?” “yes admiral”, “then all we can do, is pray”
Authors note: One hour and thirty seven minutes later Fletcher 001 exploded with all hands lost
(note: for RP purposes the identity of a ship can only be determined by active sensors therefore the Republic will not know who the contact is)

20th March 2034
A national day of morning is declared in the Republic. President Obama receives a standing ovation in Congress when he vows to track down and destroy whoever is responsible. Production of a F-37 Hawkeye is prioritised. All civilian ships are recalled to Saturn. A new law is drafted that states that all new civilian ships must have a CIWS system. The Commonwealth decides to follow suit and gives their condolences for the losses. The EU also offers their commiserations. The Empire releases a statement offering their deepest sympathies, The Emperor tweets: “The failing Republic under President Obama (who was born in Kenya) has abandoned their military and is now paying the price. SAD!” (On his assentation to emperor Twitter allowed Trump to use more than 140 characters). ISIS was as usual, silent.
The Commonwealth also creates a new AMM
Code: [Select]
Patriot A
Missile Size: 1 MSP  (0.05 HS)     Warhead: 1    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 15
Speed: 42000 km/s    Endurance: 2 minutes   Range: 5.1m km
Cost Per Missile: 1.075
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 630%   3k km/s 210%   5k km/s 126%   10k km/s 63%
Materials Required:    0.25x Tritanium   0.576x Gallicite   Fuel x70.75

Development Cost for Project: 108RP[/code}
The Republic also designs a new missile defence base
[code] Coontz class Missile Defence Base    9,800 tons     760 Crew     3632.3 BP      TCS 196  TH 0  EM 0
Armour 5-40     Sensors 1/1800     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 20
Hangar Deck Capacity 2000 tons     Magazine 500   

Fuel Capacity 350,000 Litres    Range N/A
PDC Size 1 Missile Launcher (20)    Missile Size 1    Rate of Fire 15
9.997Mkm AMM Missile Fire Control FC91-R1 (2)     Range 91.8m km    Resolution 1
Patriot A (500)  Speed: 42,000 km/s   End: 2m    Range: 5.1m km   WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 210 / 126 / 63

9.8Mkm AMM Active Search Sensor MR90-R1 (1)     GPS 1800     Range 90.0m km    Resolution 1

Strike Group
4x F-37 Hawkeye A Scout Fighter   Speed: 7200 km/s    Size: 5

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Planetary Defence Centre and can be pre-fabricated in 4 sections
It is designed to defend from missiles and provide hanger space for 8 scout craft

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Re: Trumpocalypse - Part 4 June 2033-March 2034
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Do you like the first person view? (its not Shakespare but hopefully not terrible) Post a comment below
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