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Precursor Return: The Years 2035 to 2045
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:21:07 AM »
December 27th, 2037
The improved armour is done, and all industrial capacity is directed to constructing additional mines, as the stockpile from The Archive has almost run out.  New recovery objectives is directed to recovering an improved engine.  Space travel will not be for a very long time, as Earth must be built up enough to support such a goal.  For now, the engine will be used to create a new missile for the base.

March 29th, 2040
We have made a breakthrough with our recovery software! Our facility is now 25% more efficient at recovering data from the archive.  In addition, our material shortage ahs been solved, we are building missiles, and the rest of our conventional factories are being upgraded into construction factories.

January 8th, 2040
All conventional industry has been upgraded, and twenty new mines are under construction.  Another missile base has been built, and has half a magazine of missiles.  The first one has a full magazine.

April 16th, 2044
Recovery of data of nuclear thermal technology is finished.   Nuclear thermal engines are twenty five times more powerful than conventional engine technology.  A engine has been designed, and is ready for manufacturing.  Recovery facilities are now focusing on a smaller version of this engine, to be used in missiles.  On the topic of missiles, all bases are armed with two reloads of nuclear missiles, though these will be soon outdated.  A new data recovery facility has become operational, and is now contributing to the recovery efforts.

June 20th, 2044
The drones are uneasy.  They say that  a single leader is not the way to go, and demand that MY-51-USM; the head of The Restoration, hand the power down to a more equal form of government.  This causes an emergency meeting at their capital building, with MY-51-USM and his advisors.  He wants The Restoration to succeed, but is sure that it can be done with him as the leader.  His advisors complain that if they are fractured, that they won’t be able to form a coherent defence against the Invaders, and the other hostile life forms in the galaxy.  After much pressuring, MY-51-USM agrees to step down once the new system is in place.  He then changes the subject to what form of government they should be, and a week later, they have their results.  A massive 70% of the drones voted for a “hive-mind” system; meaning that all information is shared, and everyone gets to decide every aspect.  The political leadership, knowing how logistically impossible that would be, turns to the scientists for an answer.  One of the newer scientists,  RF-43-QPA, who is currently on a geology project, comes up with a brilliant plan.  A net of transmitters and receivers would be added to all the drones, allowing them to connect to the archive, and since the archive is basically a massive computer, could handle all their communication needs.  After further investigation, a message intra-planetary would take nanoseconds to arrive, intra-solar system would take several weeks, but inter system communication would take decades.  However, as more of the archive is restored, things may change.  The plan is rapidly accepted, and design is started immediately.  In other news, a five man geology team on the surface of Earth have discovered massive deposits of Duranium and Boronide, and at current mining rates, would take thousands of years to exhaust.  A truly momentous discovery , as most of the trans-Newtonian materials are found on Earth, and the continual depletion of some of the more important elements, Tritanium, Mercassium and Corundium will be depleted within a year, gallacite and sorium is already depleted.

November 29th, 2044
The “CommNet” as it is being called, is becoming more and more of a reality.  The Archive has been adapted to work with the chips, and almost one million of them have been produced.  Right now, these chips can only transmit audio, but again, with further upgrades, that may change.  Implantation of the chips will only begin when there is enough for the entire population.  That is assumed to be sometime close to 2046.

January 1st, 2025
Twenty years have passed.  Although nothing massive has happened, The Restoration has made massive leaps towards space travel.  They have made their first Trans-Newtonian engine, found a seemingly infinite amount of two Trans-Newtonian materials, and are in the process of enacting a astronomically large social change, that one could say, is truly unique.  Industrial capacity has essentially doubled, and the ancient spaceport has undergone a 4000 ton expansion, and during that time, they have discovered the name of the spaceport; Bath Iron Works.  In honour of the previous inhabitants, the name is kept.

New Stats:
Population: 42. 41 million
Construction Factories: 12
Recovery Facilities: 2
Ordinance Factories: 1
Mines: 13
Manufacturing Sector:
Shipyard workers: 1. 5m
Construction Workers: 0. 6m
Mine Workers: 0. 65m
Ordinance Workers: 0. 05m
Researchers: 2m
Available Workers: 16. 24m
2x Missile Base