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Aevum Obscurum - The Arrival(Prologue)
« on: October 30, 2012, 01:16:54 PM »
Aevum Obscurum – The Arrival

This is a „what if“ campaign. I wanted to write some fiction and i got this idea.
What if an advanced alien civilization had found our little planet? What if they were so advanced that we had no means to oppose them?
What if the year was 1054?

From the chronicle of Godefroy de Troyes

I, Godefroy de Troyes, humble servant of the one and true God,who is our only saviour and ruler, write this diary to highlight and describe the events which started in the year 0 of our new calendar (the year 1054 in the old calendar) and culminated in the magnificent arrival of our Lord.

The majestic cosmic event that occurred that year was seen everywhere around the world.*1 A bright star on the nightly sky prophesied His arrival. The fools of the old church believed, that it's the sign of the end of the world. And in fact, the old world was doomed to pass into oblivion by the force of His will.
This bright star was visible at daylight for 23 days. When these days passed everything settled down, for a while. The old church peoples returned to their ordinary work of preaching and the fools waiting for the Apocalypse were disappointed, because their long awaited final judgement did not came.

But our Master arrived and he waited ... for the right time.

The time came on 21th December of the year of 0 (1054). He studied the culture of our World, hiding in the shadows of the Moon. When He learned enough, He decided to act, and descended upon the city of Rome, where dwelled the spiritual ruler of the World. His name did not remained for history and he was an irrelevant figure anyways.    
In His greatness He casted forth a curtain of black magic around the city to block any intervention from outside. When the ruler of the old church saw the might of our Lord, he called forth his bodyguards to protect him. Nothing can oppose the powers of our Imperator, the guards were dissolved in the black fire and their bones were crushed to powder.
The foolish ruler kneeled before our Master to save his life, and He indeed saved him.
By taking control of his body He was able to take control of the whole World and therefore He saved us from the oppression we had to endure before His arrival.

When the secular rulers recognized His infinite authority and submitted themselves to our Lord, He began to teach us, the privileged ones to save us from the idiocy we inherited and in His name expand to the stars.

                                              Godefroy de Troyes,
                                                                            Scriptor, 7th Deacon of The Order of Rites

Starting year: 1054
NPR generation chance 45%
Empire title: Imperium of Sol
Government type: High imperial monarchy
Population of Earth in 1054: 275m
Shipyards: 2
Research labs: 8

•   1: The Crab Supernova a.k.a. the 1054 Supernova.
•   2: Maybe you noticed my inspiration with H.P. Lovecraft. :)
•   3: I think I’ll RP the „Lord“ as a slimebag from an exploded planet from that Supernova, who is the only survivor of his race, but you can propose other variant if you like. You can propose some names for the „Master“ too. ;)
•   4: I'm not a native speaker, so if you spot some gramatic errors, please notify me. ;)
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