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Posted by: OAM47
« on: December 31, 2011, 04:08:02 PM »

Here's a flowchart of the government.  This is my first time making a flowchart, so.... not the best, heh...
Posted by: OAM47
« on: October 31, 2011, 07:29:34 AM »

The basic premise of this campaign will be the formation of a global Terran Empire following WW3 in the early 21st century and will focus heavily on political RP within the Empire.   The facts of that will be left somewhat ambiguous, but the "need to know" is that the latter stage of the war was more of a global collapse rather then an actual war, during which time there was much rebuilding, but the Earth was split between several warring ideological factions, warlords, etc.   Technology, infrastructure, and like also recovered during this time as it wasn't all out war.

Finally a charismatic young man by the name of Patrick Holmes convinces several factions to unite in order to end the fighting.   As global contact is restored more join this movement.   The war-weary population are eager to flock to a strong leader who can end the infighting.

By the start of 2034 the world is mostly stable again with a population of around 2 billion.   However, tensions threaten to boil over in many regions.   Almost reluctantly, Holmes agrees to form a global government.   Many supporters insist that he retain as much power as possible, thus entrusting him with an Imperial government.

A new constitution is drawn up, set to go into effect in 2036, with Holmes being crowned Emperor Patrick I on Jan 1st, 2035.   The document calls for a legislature to check Patrick, made up of two houses.   The lower house is the Senate and is made up of one Senator for every million people with elections on January 5th of each year.   The upper house is more informal, made up of "nobles" appointed by the Emperor (I will be granting titles to notable officers, etc).  The main powers of the Emperor are control of the military and the power to veto the legislature, as well as a strong power of executive order.

The young Empire inherited some space based assets following the unification.   Patrick I realizes the people will grow discontent soon enough, and that Earth cannot be allowed to grow stagnant.   Thus, his first public act is to call for expansion to the stars, to give the people a dream to follow and hope following the great darkness. . .


A/N:  After classes and such today I'll post Part 1.