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The Terran-Numerian War: The Protagonists
« on: May 05, 2009, 08:16:43 PM »
The Terran Numerian war began as a misunderstanding that boiled out of control and threatened the total destruction of three space-faring races in this section of the Galaxy. It is a tale of aroused passions, fear, and downright arrogance amongst the players of this sad tragedy that threatened the entire galaxy if the conflict should spiral out of control.

In this thread we will look at the two main protagonists, the United States of Terra, and The Roman Republic. First up will be the United States of Terra. Set back and enjoy the ride.

Cheers,  Þórgrímr
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Re: The Terran-Numerian War: The Protagonists
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This timeline begins with the Point of divergence up through the beginning of the Unification War.  

Feb 1944 President Roosevelt finally accepts a report by 'Vinegar Joe' Stillwell and writes an order for the OSS to give a little known Vietnamese partisan named Ho Chi Minh all the support he has requested in their fight against the Japanese. he assigns 'Vinegar Joe' as the American contact with the Viet Minh.

July 12th 1945- A firebombing raid on Tokyo misses it's aim point and drops the load of incendiaries on the Imperial Palace, and the Emperor along with his entire family are burned to death.

July 15th 1945- Prime Minister Hideki Tojo proclaims that the assassination of the Emperor proves that the American are barbarians and that Japan will fight on to the end.

1945 - In the first general election for more than 10 years, Winston Churchill found himself and his Conservative Party flattening the Labour party's attempt to win a majority.
Leading the UK through much of the Second World War, the charismatic prime minister was resoundingly re-elected by the voters as their choice for peacetime leader.
Clement Atlee's socialist programme of radical social reform and the nationalisation of key industries was rejected so heavily by the voters it gave the conservative party a commanding 146-seat lead over the other parties - while the Labour Party took just 12 seats.

Part of Churchill's reason for re-election was his promise to integrate the rest of the colonies into the commonwealth along with his famous 'Iron Curtain' speech during the election campaign, and he also highlighted Soviet atrocities in the occupied territores. Then he pointed out that Atlee and Labour were homegrown socialist parties. And this certainly roused the British citizenry's awareness of the Socialist menace.

Aug 1945 With American aide, the Viet Minh finally clear Vietnam of all Japanese forces, and proclaim the Republic of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is elected President pro tem, till open elections can be implemented. The capitol is moved to Hue, the ancient capitol. Ho invites the Americans to set up air and naval bases in Vietnam. Truman hints to the French that if they try to oust the Vietnamese they will recieve no help what so ever from America and her allies.

October 19th 1945- Operation Olympic proceeds with the invasion of the Japanese Home Island of Kyushu.  The Japanese activate Operation Ten-Go and the resistance is suicidal, as even women and children attack the Allied forces.

November 8th 1945- Kyushu is secured at the cost of 150,000 Alliled casualties and 98% of the Japanese civilian and military population. Very few surrender.

December 5th- 1945 Operation Coronet, the Invasion of the Japanese Home Island of Honshu begins. The resistance is, if possible even more so, fanatical than on Kyushu.

December 25th 1945-  A Christmas eve attack led by the army, but mainly consisting of civilians, including vast numbers of women and children, succeed in destroying the US Army's 16th Infantry division. Using false surrenders of the civilians that then proceeded to, when the army attacked, attack from behind. This attack convinced the Allies that they could no longer accept ANY surrender by the Japanese.
It had become a war of extermination that would bring about the fullfilment of Admiral Halsey's prediction that Japanese would only be spoken in hell.

March 10th 1946- Operation Coronet ends in success for the Allies when the last resistance on the Island of Hokkaido is finally overwhelmed.

Final casualties for the Japanese Home Islands campaign were more staggering than even the most cynical had believed possible. Allied casualties were 1.5 million, and out of those 568,000 dead.

Japanese casualties were even more staggering, out of a pre-war population of 45 million, only 214,000 Japanese survive, fullfilling Admiral Halsey's prediction. The Japanese Home Islands are divided between The UK and the US, with the UK getting Kyushu and Shokaku, while the rest went to the US.

1948 Stalin has accepted a report by Marshal Zhukov that states the best plan to fight the imperialism of the west is to wait till the Soviets are strong enough, and not antogonise the west. It also points out that without an outside threat democracies tend to fall apart. Stalin wisely chooses to not antogonise the US over Berlin like he had been contemplating. He also withdraws support from the Greek communists.

Jan 1950 "wild Bill" Donovan head of the US O.S.S. receives information from his agents in Korea that Mao-Tse-Tung is egging Kim-Il-Sung into attacking South Korea.

Feb-1950 Donovan passes on the information to President Truman who dismisses the information as anti-communist propaganda. Truman continues to have support as the democrats still have control of the Senate. Truman orders further cuts in US defense spending, based on Stalin's and Mao's assurances that communist forces are not trying to spread communism.

April-1950 in response to the presidents and congresses cutbacks the War Department cuts US overseas troop deployment to the bone.

June-1950 The communist forces of North Korean leader Kim-Il-Sung attack the democratic forces of Syngman Rhee in South Korea. By the middle of the month, with no US forces to aid the South, North Korea Overruns all of South Korea. The People's Republic of Korea is proclaimed. Stalin is as surprised by the attack as Truman is.

July-1950 "Wild Bill" Donovan is disgusted by what he sees as a failure to prevent the spread of communism by the president and congress, if only they had acted on his warnings. Donovan contacts a little known republican senator from Wisconsin, named Joseph Mcarthy. For the next year Donovan secretly gathers background material on suspected communist spies for Mcarthy.

August-1951 Mcarthy starts his communist hunt by calling for an impeachment of the president and members of Congress who had voted for US military cutbacks, which led to the loss of Korea. He then starts to reveal how well infiltrated American society has become with communist sympathizers and spies. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, along with their contacts are arrested. The American public goes wild with the revealing of this information.

September-1951 The impeachment trial of Harry S Truman and several prominent democratic leaders begin.

October-1951 In a swift and merciless trial Truman and the congressional leaders are convicted of treason, and in an unprecedented show of unity, congress votes for their execution.

November-1951 Truman and 25 former members of congress are executed by firing squad. The "Red hunt" begins in earnest. The elections are held, and not one representative who had advocated military budget cuts is reelected. the House of representatives swings wildly to the right. In the Senate for the first time the Senate is controlled by the Republicans.

For the next 4 years Mcarthy and the conservatives, both democrat and republican continue to "cleanse" America of traitors and spies. The Cold War becomes decidedly colder.

November-1955 in a landslide election Joseph Mcarthy "the savior of America", is elected President of the United States, with 85% of the popular vote. Considering his election a mandate president Mcarthy proposes an UnAmerican actions bill which would lay out what is considered American and what is not. Mcarthy uses Donovan to help convince the Supreme Court justices to "retire" early, his replacement nominees are swiftly confirmed by the senate.

27th October 1956, the Israeli Army, led by General Moshe Dayan, invaded Egypt in a lightning campaign to gain the east bank of the Suez canal. Two days later British aircraft bombed Egyptian airfields in an attempt to ground the Egyptian air force. British troops then landed at Port Said at the northern end of the Suez Canal on 5th November to secure the Med terminus of the canal.

By this time the Israelis had already captured the Sinai peninsula and the Red Sea terminus of the canal. On 30th October president Mcarthy decided to announce his full support for Great Britian in their decision to aid Israel in its invasion of Egypt. 2 weeks later Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser was forced to give up power and King Farouk I was restored to his throne, who invited the British to set up bases in Egypt.

January-1957 after the swearing in of the newest group of congressmen and senators the UnAmerican Actions bill is passed without 1 single dissenting vote. The bill states as of January 1958 anything that is considered UnAmerican will be prosecuted as a treasonous act. The automobile industry is "requested" to keep everything looking like 1957 model automobiles. All changes are to be under the hood and no cosmetic changes, as that would be considered UnAmerican.
The nascent electronics industry is given a severe blow when the leading researcher, William Shockley, on transistors was drafted into the nuclear arms programs, then proceeded to quietly protest the governmental policies and is killed in a automoblie "accident." All his research into nuclear physics and transistors is classified most secret, and anyone divulging that information will be prosecuted and executed as a traitor. So no Shockley labs and the transistor is given a 30 year setback.

In 1957, the Treaty of Rome was signed by six European countries (France , the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) and this established the European Economic Alliance or the Common Market, which sought to abolish tariffs and trade restrictions between member countries.

The dilemma for Britain lay in the fact that it retained considerable extra-European trading links and a strong relationship with the United States,which the French greatly resented. That was the reason France gave for not asking the United Kingdom to join the EEA, as President DeGaulle feared that the Anglo-American relationship would try to establish military bases in Europe and expand their hegemony to the continent. The rift between Britain and Europe began to grow once more, along with a growing closeness between the mother country and the former colony.

1958- Fidel Castro and his rebel forces, known as the 26th of July movement, are steadily increasing control of the nation of Cuba.

January 1 1959- Batista flees from the country, and Fidel Castro assumed power.

February 16 1959- Fidel Castro takes the role of Premier, and proclaims the People's Republic of Cuba. The President arranges meetings with the heads of the Senate and House to discuss the Cuban problem. The consensus is that if allowed to exist it will draw more communist revolutions in the Americas.

February 23 1959- In a secret codocil the US government decides that Cuba must be taken from the godless communists to keep anymore dominoes in the new world from falling. Planning for the invasion of Cuba begins in earnest.

April 10 1959- the invasion and annexation of Cuba is swift and brutal. The US government immediately issues a warning to the Soviets to keep their noses out of the region. At the time the Soviets know they can't win an atomic war with the US yet, so issue a statement that although the repression and overthrow of the legitimate Cuban government is reprehensible, the Soviet Union has no interest in the Americas. The total purge of all communist and anti-American forces begins.

July 4th 1959 - Hawaii and Alaska are admitted to the Union as the 49th and 50th states respectively. The population of the Territory of Japan has rebounded to 6 million due to American immigration to the newest territory. The surviving Japanese population has been completely assimilated by now, with only the old speaking Japanese.

June 12 1960 President Mcarthy in a move hailed by Congress and the citizens, withdraws the US from the United Nations and kicks all UN ambassadors out of the country. In his famous 'Good Riddance' speech he states that the UN has become a communist mouthpiece, and could no longer stand that 'nest of vipers' on sacred American soil. Without American financial support the UN eventually fades into just another version of the League of Nations, and then is relegated to the dustbin of history.

November 1960 Mcarthy in a landlside victory defeats his Democratic rival, an unknown, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

June 1961- The Mexican Secession war begins. The Northern Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Sonora, and Baja California begin their revolt against the Distrito Federal, Federal District of Mexico, in a bid to seperate themselves from the economic morass that is Mexico. Eventually the revolt would spread to Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Baja California Sur, Durango and Sinaloa.

April 1962- Mcarthy in a Speech delivered in Austin, hints that if the Mexican rebels win their bid to seperate from the rest of Mexico, Texas' border would expand.

October 20 1962 - Border skirmishes had not prepared India for October 20, 1962, when the first group of 200,000 People's Liberation Army troops began a well-planned assault across the Thagla Ridge, near the northernmost and best-defended point of the Chinese border with India’s province of Assam. Almost simultaneously, China attacked at the southern end of the Tibetan border with the Ladakh region of Kashmir. The next day China opened a third front near the triple border of China, India and Burma. PLA maneuvers through the mountain terrain repeatedly flanked Indian formations that moved only on the limited roads in both regions. On the fourth day of fighting, China had inflicted over 8,000 casualties and completely cut off an additional Indian brigade in the east from communications and supply.

The PLA controlled several Indian cities, and had cleared a path to the capital of both provinces. Most observers felt that the two Indian provinces would be overrun, consolidating the Chinese fronts into a single army advancing south. To appease angry public sentiment, Indian Prime Minister Nehru on October 29, called on the rest of the Commonwealth to come to it's aid, and requested emergency military aid from the United States. The United States, Great Britain and Canada developed a joint plan that began to provide emergency military supplies to India on November 3. By this time, the PLA controlled a portion of India equal in area to Great Britain.
On November 16, The United States activated it's strategic Air Forces and went to Defcon 3. The same day the British 1st Airborne Division had been flown into India thanks to the new bases they had in Egypt. The US and the UK gave China an ultimatum to accept the offered cease-fire plan in which each side would withdraw their troops twelve-and-one-half miles behind the positions held on 20 October, 1959, thereby creating a buffer zone between the countries. If not, then the United States Air Force would commence Nuclear Bombardment of Mainland China.

On November 21, to the surprise of everyone, the People's Republic of China announced it would accept the unilateral cease-fire and indicated it would begin withdrawing troops on December 1 to establish a buffer zone identical with the November 8 proposal. By December 10 PLA forces had retreated to a point behind their starting locations. The Intense rivalry between China and the US had just begun.

This episode in world affairs came to be known as the Indian Crisis, or also known as "The Bombardment Threat of October. The prestige of President Mcarthy and the United States was never higher than it was at the resolution of this crisis.

December 15th 1962- Prime Minister Nehru, in the wake of the recent Sino-Indian conflict realises that neutrality in the increasingly hostile world is not a viable political option. So he calls for a gathering of British Commonwealth Nations to discuss furthering closer economic and political ties in the Commonwealth.

November 22nd 1963-  The assassination of Joseph Mcarthy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, took place on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, USA at 12:30 PM Central Standard Time. Mcarthy was fatally wounded by gunshots while riding in a presidential motorcade within Dealey Plaza.

Two official investigations have concluded that Jose Rafael Alvarez, an employee of the Texas School Book Depository in Dealey Plaza, was the assassin, with one government investigation concluding that Alvarez acted as an agent of the Mexican Government and another suggesting that he acted alone. The assassination is still the subject of widespread speculation, and has spawned a number of theories 'proving' Alvarez acted alone and his actions were used as an excuse to annex the revolting Mexican States.

Mcarthy had chosen to visit Dallas on 22 November for three main reasons: to help raise more Republican Party presidential campaign fund contributions in advance of the November 1964 presidential election; to begin his quest for re-election; and as the Mcarthy-Nixon ticket had barely won Texas (and had lost Dallas) in 1960, he sought to mend political fences among several leading Texas Republican Party members who appeared to be fighting politically amongst themselves.

The Anderson Commission later concluded that one of the five shots likely missed the motorcade, that the first to hit anyone went through the front windshield and likely caused one of Connally's injuries, one hit the president in the throat, the second to hit Governor Connally caused his chest wound and the last to hit anyone opened a fatal wound in President Mcarthy's head. Nearly all agree that Mcarthy was hit with at least two bullets, and was killed when shot in the head.

Richard M. Nixon (who had been riding two cars behind Mcarthy in the motorcade through Dallas and was not injured, even after Secret Service agents pushed him to the floor of his limousine) was first in line of succession to become President of the United States upon Mcarthy's death. Nixon took the oath of office on board Air Force One before it departed Love Field.

February 10th 1964- What has become to be called the Nehru accords, was signed into law and ratified by the participating nations. What it did was reorganise the British Commonwealth of Nations into a seperate council, like the Nascent European Alliance. The Accords allowed the integration of the economic, political, and Military of the member nations. It reorganized the individual nations militaries into one structure, which would allow for a more standardized military.

Some have referred to it as the of United States of the British Empire. The individual Commonwealth Nations will keep their individual nation's parliament seperate as a ruling body and then send a new set of MPs to a seperate Commonwealth Super Parliment ruled and overseen by the English Monarch. Not since the signing of the Magna Carta did the Monarchy have so much power and influence over the daily lives and politics of their subjects. The Seat of Government for the new British Commonwealth of Nations is located in Vancouver British Columbia. It could be said that once again the sun never sets on the 'British Empire'.

The nations that ratified the Nehru accords are as follows: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Cyprus, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sri-Lanka, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The two major holdouts were Pakistan, who said that India being included would not be best for their security. And the Republic of South Africa. Who had rejected the British insistence on them giving up their aparteid laws.

New Commonwealth Flag

March 1964- As a result of increased US aid to the rebels, the revolting states finally declare themselves independent of Mexico City, and request entry in to the United States as member states. Mexico immediately issues a warning to the US to remain out of Mexico's internal affairs.

April 1964- As a result of the Mexican threat and the newly published Anderson Commission's findings that Alvarez was operating as an agent of the Mexican Government, The United States Congress declares war on Mexico. Immediately the US Army crosses the border in strength.

June 1964- The US army having secured the revolting states, surges ahead into the heart of Mexico in conjunction with the landing of the 2nd Marine Division at Vera Cruz and the 1st Marine Division at Acapulco.

July 1964- the Ratification of the Second Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo has Mexico ceding the revolting States to the US.

August 1964- After re-basing Marine and Army assets in the new territores, the US Congress has the former Mexican States of Baja California and Baja Sur rearranged as counties in California. the State of Sonora is divided between Arizona and New Mexico. The states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas have their borders adjusted 50 miles south and cede the land to the State of Texas. Then form the new Territory of Neuvo Leon. Durango and Sinaloa are reorganized as the Territory of Durango. Both new territores are assigned a territorial Governor, in hopes that in the near future they can be welcomed into the United States as member States.

September 1964- Due to the shooting of President Mcarthy and the Indian Crisis, President Nixon begins talks with the Prime Minister Nehru of the British Commonwealth of Nations for the purpose of coming up with a mutually agreeable defense pact.

November 14th 1964- To a standing ovation in both Washington and London, President Nixon of the United States of America, and Prime Minister Nehru of the British Commonwealth of Nations Sign the Treaty of London, which has come to be known as the Anglo-American Defense Pact. Both the US Senate and the Commonwealth Parliments promise swift ratification when brought before those august bodies.

As Prime Minister Nehru said in the signing ceremony," This world has become increasingly hostile to freedom loving peoples around the world. It has come time for those peoples to join together to ensure that democracy is not wiped out by the communist tide sweeping this world. It is that reason the the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America have joined forces, arm in arm, to help stop that reprehensible red tide, and to eventually wipe it's scourge from face of the planet." He was given a 10 minute standing ovation in Washington and London, stony silence in Moscow, Paris and Beijing.

November 24th 1964- in a record speed for democracies, both the US Senate and the BCN Parliment ratified the London accords. The Anglo-American Defense Pact takes shape.

1965 Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Sweden & Norway join the EEA in an attempt to counterweight the Treaty of London & take advantage of the slowly blooming EEA. Months later, the European Military Alliance (EMA) is formed due to the increasing unrest throughout the world. The EEA countries will from now on work closely with each other regarding national security. Almost all EEA members join the EMA, all except Portugal and Finland. The previously slow & bad communication between countries is now fast & centralisied. Future weapons purchases will now have to comply with european standards to more easily support other countries in need once a conflict breaks out. While everything looks good on paper, the actual setting up of the communication centers & the standard will take years due to countries fighting over the emplacements & which standard should be addopted.

July 4th 1966 President Richard M Nixon signs into law Bill Number A23856B, also known as the G.I. Jane Bill. The Branches of the military had recognized the vital role women played during the Mexican War, when many service women took up combat roles against the Mexican rebels. The GI Jane Bill is passed in the house of Representives on March 15 of this year, and was sent to and ratified by the Senate July 1st. The Bill now allows women deemed fit for combat service to serve in the combat arms. This bill was passed with ease as it reaffirm the late President Mcarthy's directive that all Americans must be on board to thwart the Red Menace. Meryl Gains is the first woman to graduate Navy SEALS training and at the age of twenty two.

1974 The Turkish invasion of Cyprus is repulsed by Greece with the help of the BCN, Turkey is isolated from the EA and AADP. They begin to look for allies among the muslim nations.

1975 General Franco dies. His successor, 'Prince' Juan Carlos is murdered by a communist activist. Soon the country decends into the anarchy of civil war. Some say the assasination was ordered by the USSR & China. Several voices within the EEA & EMA call for an intervention, but this is delayed by endless arguments & red tape.
Startled by the increasing violence, Portugal joins the EMA.

1976 As the communists seem to be winning, the civil war crosses over into the French Basque regions & Portugal. The EMA quickly reacts to the threat, conquers the lost regions & moves on into Spain. Several years of guerillia warfare ensue.

July 4th 1976 - In a celebration of America's 200th birthday the Territories of Japan, Neuvo Leon, Durango and the Phillipines are admitted to the Union as the 51st, 52nd, 53rd and 54th states respectively. The state of Japan has rebounded to a population of 12 Million.

1979: Fall of the Shah of Iran. The EA and AADP put in place embargos against Iran. Turkey and Iran begin secret talks to form an alliance.

1979 With the communist forces nearly fully surpressed, the EMA calls a democratic election in Spain. The result is a weak puppet government. A week later, Spain joins the EEA & EMA.

Jan 1980 - The Soviet Union invades and annexes Afghanistan. Warns Iran to keep its nose out of Soviet affairs.

Feb 1980 - Iraq under Saddam Hussien invades Iran, not knowing of the talks going on between Turkey and Iran.

July 1980 - Turkey, Iran and to the surprise of the rest of the world, Syria, announce the formation of the Islamic League and under it's conditions Syria and Turkey declare war on Iraq.

November 1980 - By the winter of 1980, the embargos against Iraq had weakened it to the point that it could not resist the three-pronged invasion. Iraq was conquered by the Islamic League and absorbed as follows, Northern Iraq by Turkey, South and Central Iraq by Iran, and western Iraq by Syria. The Islamic league then announced its intention to cleanse its territory of infidels. The genocide of the Kurds was just the beginning. The EA, Warsaw Pact and AADP close ranks to put full embargos in place against the nascent Islamic League. This drives the Islamic League to establish ties and hopefully from their point of view, an eventual alliance with the People's Republic of China.

June 12th 1991- The drive for deeper integration has continued and the Maastricht Treaty, which promoted economic and military union through the establishment of a European currency and central bank, and harmonisation of defence, foreign and social policies - has resulted in the transformation of the EEA to the European Alliance (EA). One nation in all but name.

October 10th 2060 - In a surprise move the People's Republic of China invades The Republic of Vietnam, which draws in the only available US forces in the region, from the states of Phillipines and Japan.

2060 - The European Alliance (EA) begins making covert contact with the independence movement of Quebec, making it known that they would fully support and Independent French Speaking Quebec as well as providing funds for 'peaceful' demonstrations and 'educational' advertising etc. By 2061 protest marches were becoming a weekly occurrence and usually led to a violent confrontation with the police and protesters against separation. EA intelligence operatives had infiltrated the customs and security services at several airports in Quebec and the mass transport of troops, in civilian clothing, and cargo transports of armoured vehicles began.

The European Alliance's plan was simple, using the cover of the protest movement they positioned several hundred of these troops disguised and armed soldiers into the city centres of Quebec City and Montreal.

November 15th 2061 - In a move that completely takes the United States by surprise the Chinese Jump across the Straits of Tsushima and invade the American state of Japan. They complete the conquest in record time, then jump across the North Pacific and invade Alaska. In the retreat from Anchorage they catch the 2nd Marine division in a trap and encircle them. They eventually destroy the Marines, but the Marines delay the Chinese long enough for 50,000 AADP troops to escape south.

10.45 AM August 4th 2061 - The disguised EA troops began an armed assault against the EA Embassy and Consulates in Quebec City and Montreal and carefully placed operatives began sparking riots between the various protest groups and the Canadian authorities. Fifteen minutes later a low yield portable (in the back of a transport truck) atom bomb was detonated outside the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, killing hundreds of thousands including the Canadian Prime Minister and the rest of the government.

In response to a distress call from their Ambassador and the atomic blast, the European Alliance ordered their nearest carrier group (that just happened to be carrying out manoeuvres in the North Atlantic near Greenland) to make for Canada and ensure the safety of their citizens. The Carrier group began airlifting troops into Quebec, who were quickly reinforced by the soldiers and armour already waiting at the airports. After a day of fighting the riot was quelled and the EA military commander had declared martial law with EA troops patrolling the streets. At noon the following day the Chinese moved from their Alaskan beachheads and crossed the Alaskan/Canadian border. Since their 'allies' the Canadians were in a state of disarray due to the destruction of their government, the EA troops began moving to 'prevent unrest' in the rest of Quebec and by the end of the week the surrounding provinces.

The British Commonwealth of Nations (BCN) Parliament in Vancouver, began mobilising troops in response to this dual invasion, but since they were already involved with conflicts in India and Africa they had to ask the United States (US) to enter Canada to help defend it. To more effectively and legally deal with the EA actions as well as public unrest the US government in agreement with the BCN, temporarily annexed Canada in 2062.

Once the Annexation was complete, the United States gave the EA an Ultimatium, either get out of Canada or the US will delcare war on the EA. 5 complete  carrier task forces began shadowing and launching mock air strikes on the EA task force off of Newfoundland.

At first the EA rehtoric was to call the US bluff, in the belief that the US would not declare war on another democracy. Then the US began to mobilize all it's naval Atlantic naval strength in conjunction with the BCN naval forces. This finally showed the EA that the US and the BCN was DEADLY serious. Since the EA was already involved in a war with the Soviet Union, they could not afford to enter into a war with the AADP at this time so withdrew their forces under tight scrutiny of the AADP.

January 2063 - The first set of twelve of EVE infilitrators are discovered on American soil. Gunnery Sergeant DeShane and Captain Walther Essex were two major factors in containing this new threat. Data tapes would surface pointing the multi-ethnic EVE operatives to the Soviets as well as the Chinese. A project that raised various peoples of diffrent groups and bred them to live and adapt in the various enviroments. The EVEs were a new form of infilitrator, one that could blend into society with ease.

2064 - In a ceremony that only made the AADP that much stronger, the United States returned Canada to the rightfull Government of The British Commonwealth of Nations.

November 24th 2077 - In a desperate attempt to halt the advancing AADP and EA, the People's Republic of China and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Launch, what they hope it will be, A surprise nuclear bombardment of their respective enemies. They were wrong, and all it did was to nearly cause the extermination of Mankind. Within six months 95% of the world's 10 Billion people are dead from the exchange, disease and famine.


With the Great Rain of Fire, the survivors began to use ARF, After Rain of Fire to describe the year. To them AD died with the old world in that hell-spawned rain.

Feburary 27th 2318 to May 18th 2322 ARF - War of the Six Cities begins. The six Cities being Reno, Redding, Barter Town, Stxy, Black Oasis and Barter's Rest. The war began when the new taxation laws on trade routes stirred the Water Merchants. In retaliation, the Water Merchants went on strike, and a few of the RNC provinces went without water for months. The standoff turned bloody when the RNC military arrived and attempted to force a settlement. The negotiations grew heated and someone must have said the wrong thing - the next moment two RNC marshalls are dead and Angus McFearson Chief of the Water Merchants is lying on his desk, dead. War errupted and the Water Merchants along with conscripted mercenaries and Walther Essex's backing began a war with the RNC. The assassination of Angus McFearson, the head Water Merchant crossed the line for a lot of bad blood and mercenary companies and even the Templars became readily involved in this conflict. But the war wasn't just about Water Trade routes, it was about gaining new lands.

For years Lakshmi had been bulled by the Senate into absorbing Reno and other choice territories. Though the Benedetti cartel was more than willing to join the RNC, and the other families more or less neutral, Lakshmi had foreseen the corruption that Reno would bring to the order she was now fighting to maintain. With the RNC weakened from the war with the Foundation, absorbing Reno would be fruitful but disasterous at the same time.

In the end the RNC ended up annexing a few new territories, but Reno was left out, as Lakshmi had remained steadfast, and with the discovery of an attempted assassination on Senator Westover, all negotiations with Reno closed. The war had finally ended thanks to help of Harry Stryfe and numerous others. Also the shadowy assistance of Walther Essex had brought the war to a screeching halt.

It was said the death  toll at the end of the three year war was in the tens of thousands. It took Lakshmi Darkholder, the adaged mother to strike a bargin with Walther Essex to negotiate the peace. With the remnants of the Foundation and mutant army in his care, Walther became a force to be recokened with and an unforeseen threat in the RNC frame of mind. Of course, everything has a price, and Essex aided the RNC in taking back what was theirs and cowing the Water Merchants.

November 2322 ARF - In the same breath, Harry and the Templars discovered the genetic experimentation and Walther was building an army under the RNC's nose. This had quickly turned the RNC from a friend to an aggressor and now Walther once again stood on the door of war. But there was still time for treaties and notions of peace and though Walther would not honor all the statutes, he would keep a civilized face and thus Gregory Westover came up with the Westover Pact. This would bring an end to any aggressive moves the RNC posed against Walther, and Essex in turn would discontinue any genetic experimentation or ever launch a force against the RNC and it's friendly neighbors.

Walther agreed and hands were shaken, but nothing was taken for granted. Walther made no waves and the RNC doesn't bother him. But Lakshmi had stated firmly, she would have rather gone to war with Essex then sign a piece of paper.

Walther had granted the wastes a temporary peace and allowed them to coddle false notions of a better world. But no one knew and history was never to document the unleashing of the Red Death in the Boneyard... Essex after all was never connected to the incident.

Fall of 2338 ARF Mercenary Wars
Howard of the Empire consolidates power within central Idaho, fully establishing his powerful grip throughout the northwest. In a bold plan of testing out the GOW Project, Howard sets a kings ransom in rewards for mercenaries who can secure the site deep in the wastelands.

Records show that over a hundred mercenaries had participated in this venture. The venture quickly turned into bloodshed as the mercs had been duped by The Empire and were prey to the beasts and mutants that crawled the base as well as the paranoia and fear of their peers. This war would be called the Mercenary Wars.

June- 2340 The Confederation of Eastern Vaults begins it's expansion. By the winter of 2341/42 All of the former eastern United States and Canada have fallen to their advances. All excpet for the city state holdouts of the Naw Yak, Minpolis, and Naw Lens.
Sic vis pacem, para bellum
If you want peace, prepare for war

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Re: The Terran-Numerian War: The Protagonists
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History of the United States of Terra

The United States of Terra has a long and distinguished history in space, including the landing on Luna, the colonization of Mars, and the first probes to the new solar systems around Sol, among others. The latest example, the United States was the first nation without a colonial interest in the Roman Republic to battle the Denevans.

World War Three

On October 10th 2060, in a surprise move the People's Republic of China invaded The Republic of Vietnam, which drew in the only available US forces in the region, from the states of Phillipines and Japan. Although the US had slowed the Chinese advance into SE Asia, they did not know the full extent of the Chinese plans. Which became painfully obvious within a month.

On November 15th 2060, in a move that completely takes the United States by surprise the Chinese Jump across the Straits of Tsushima and invade the American state of Japan. They complete the conquest in record time, then jump across the North Pacific and invade Alaska. In the retreat from Anchorage they catch the 2nd Marine division in a trap and encircle them. They eventually destroy the Marines, but the Marines delay the Chinese long enough for 50,000 AADP troops to escape south.

The war was long and bloody, but eventually the AADP technology began to turn the red tide of communist advance. On November 24th 2077 in a desperate attempt to halt the advancing AADP and EA forces, the People's Republic of China and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics launch, what they hope it will be, a surprise nuclear bombardment of their respective enemies. They were wrong, and all it did was to nearly cause the extermination of Mankind. Within 6 months 95% of the world's 10 Billion people were dead from the exchange, disease, and famine.

What forced the hands of these two Communist superpowers was that they were both involved in wars with the Democratic superpowers. The Soviet war with the European Alliance began as a proxy war with the EA supporting the anti-Communist rebels of Poland. The revolt in Poland had begun on January 10th after the Communist government, in conjunction with the Soviets, had opened fire on a peaceful Christmas Mass being held by the Cardinal of the Diocese of Warsaw. The government forces had tried to break it up with water hoses and dogs, but the faithful refused to move till the cardinal gave the word, which he refused to do till the mass was over.

After about twenty minutes of this pushing and shoving a shot rang out, and a soldier fell dead. That was the spark that broke the Polish governments refusal to fire on fellow Poles. Later it was proven that the soldier had been shot from behind, from his own troops. Nobody knew who had fired that fatal shot, but when the Polish forces had finished over 8,000 Poles had been killed by their own troops.

The revolt devolved into an extremely nasty and bitter struggle as reprisal followed reprisal. Eventually the EA decided to step in and support the anti-Communist rebels. Once EA training and weapons began to arrive in number, the Polish troops had no choice but begin to cede the countryside to the rebels as their losses mounted. Once this began the EA started to supply special forces and advisors to help the rebels overthrow the Communist government.

This kept up for about a year, and then the city of Krakow fell to the rebels. This had two major and long lasting effects.
1.) it caused a rash of rebellions against the Communists to spring up in all the members of the Warsaw Pact.
2.), in reaction to this event the Soviet Union, which had tried to remain out and let its proxy finish off the rebels, began to intervene and sent troops out to combat and squash the rebellions.

This caused the EA to begin to send in 'volunteer' units to help the rebels who were closest to the member nation's borders. Since most of the EA forces sent in were elite units trained to combat the Soviets, the Soviet troop losses began to skyrocket. As the Soviet losses began to mount ever higher, the reprisals against civilians began to escalate, which only drove more rebels into the countryside. The Soviets first realized that the EA was helping the rebels when they had lost the entire 347th Motorized Rifle Regiment to a well executed ambush in the mountains of Czechoslovakia.

In reaction to this revelation, the Soviets attempted to seal their proxy's borders with the West. They found out just how utterly impossible that was when they lost another MRR in the mountains of northern Yugoslavia. This continued till the Soviet losses had been so great that the people back home began to get restless at the endless list of the dead that were supposed to be only putting down 'worker's strikes.'

They eventually had to start pulling troops back to Belarus, the Ukraine and the Baltic states, as revolts began to spring up there. And of course these were supported by the EA. Then it happened, Prague was liberated by the anti-Communist rebels, and proclaimed itself the Republic of Bohemia, and then immediately applied to the EA for admission in the Alliance.

The long march towards the Soviet frontier had begun. When the Soviets and Chinese launched their nukes, Latvia had just proclaimed itself independent from Moscow.


The China-US war had been going badly for the Chinese ever since the Americans had introduced their Power Armored Gauss rifle wielding troopers to the conflict. The Marine Raiders and Army Green Berets landed at will along the entirety of the Chinese coastline, and that of occupied Southeast Asia. These troopers were armored and unstoppable, along with having made living along the coastlines deadly for Chinese forces.

The American equipping of their Vietnamese and Cambodian rebel allies had turned SE Asia into a meatgrinder for the Chinese. Yet what worried the Chinese the most was the sporadic outbreaks of rebellion in their own nation. The last one in Sezchuan province had only been put down with the cost of 5000 troops and 30,000 civilians.

The Chinese had watched for years as the Soviets lost control of their proxy nations, and worried that the same thing would happen to them. When they had finally been pushed out of Alaska and Japan, with the Korean rebels pushing for the Americans to invade and recruits by the ten's of thousands fleeing to Japan, they were horrified and finally saw the handwriting on the wall. They then came up with that desperate plan and proposed a first strike on their respective enemies to the Soviets. In the hope that they would catch their enemies by surprise; they were wrong.

The nuclear phase of World War three began on Thursday, November 24th, 2077. In a coordinated assault on their respective enemies, China and the Rump Soviet Union launched a full-scale nuclear barrage on the Anglo-American Defense Pact by the Chinese, and the European Alliance by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

As the superpowers were exchanging nuclear gifts, the rest of the world joined in the exchange, using the war as an excuse to end ages-old disputes with other countries.

When the rest of the world joined in the nuclear madness, The Chinese missiles had begun to impact on the US. The first targets in America were the bomber and missile launching points, so that any remaining military strength could be destroyed with ease. As these missiles fell, others began to target on population and manufacturing centers with devastating results. As the rockets fell, it was found that a number of them targeting civilian areas were carrying biological warheads containing virulent man-made diseases designed to decimate the population, and leave the buildings along with the war materials intact.

As the days rolled on, the lingering radiation and disease took their toll. When the bodies began to pile up, civilization collapsed. Due to the destruction of the transport systems and the spread of nuclear induced fires, food became scarce and famine began to stalk the land, slaying at will.

The survivors found that the medical centers were either swamped or destroyed, so the death toll from disease began to climb. Within six months 95% of the world's population was dead. Out of a population of 12 Billion, only a few million were left alive, scattered around the globe in small groups. Those who remained were characterized by being self-centered, selfish, and were guided by man's baser instincts as civilization's thin veneer was stripped away.

Then in 2343 an event happened that changed the fate of mankind, Gunnery Sergeant Deshane awakened from his stasis sleep and the unification wars began. (See the Gunny Saga for details on this time period)

By the middle of the 25th century Earth had been united and recovery was complete. Now mankind turned their eyes towards their last frontier, The stars of the milky way.

By the turn of the 26th century a strong Space-faring power the United States of Terra had become. But, they realized Terra was on its own and would be forced to develop its own interstellar drive system or be forever confined to the Sol System. By 2534 the Atheri had come calling and offered to help the young star nation develop its own star drive, for certain trade concessions, of course. Eventually the Atheri became a close ally of Terra, and both star nations jointly developed a successful Warp Gate drive system powered by Terran Tri-Admantanium.
The successful establishment of Terran colonies led to a modest expansion of Terra’s space forces, which were renamed the United Terran Star Navy in 2575.
The formation of the United Terran Star Navy was an act of Congress in 2575 at the urging of the President. Upon formation the UTSN drew its personnel largely from the Wet Navy, but it requested and received significant transfers from the Air Force, and Army. For most of the 26th Century the UTSN was largely a colonial defense force equipped with frigates and a few destroyers.  However, Terra found its forces increasingly outclassed by other star nations, and with its considerable tri-admantanium resources from Lalande 21185, began a crash build program to regain parity.
For most of the UTSN’s history it consisted of a few anti-piracy vessels, Star Fighters, and escort ships, but that all changed in 2684 when the Terra First Party rode a wave of patriotism during the Bi-Centennial celebration of United Terra’s birth and was elected the majority party in the Senate and House of Representatives, one of their primary platforms was the rebuilding of Terra's military and the formation of a Star Navy second to none.

2703: The Denevans attack the Republic of Rome and begins the Denevan War. (See A Test of Wills Saga for details on this time period.)

2732. The current year. The Terran Numerian War has been raging for four long years.


The United States does not have direct relations with Media, but their allies and rivals strain the relations between the two nations. Median relations are strained over Terran relations with the Atheri, a hated rival of Media. Further strain has been added by the fact that Terra is a major arms supplier to the Roman Republic. The UTSN monitors Median shipping towards the Rim from Roman space, and shares intelligence with the Atheri and Romans about Median military activity.
Atheri Empire:
The Atheri Empire is Terra’s closest ally in space, and the Atheri and her colonies are Terra’s second largest trading partner. Both star nations have actively cooperated in space since the late 25th Century, and have jointly explored and opened the galactic rim for colonization. Terran-Atheri economic and military links are very close, and both nations’ forces frequently use each other’s facilities in Terran space, while the UTSN consults and coordinates its defense planning with the RASN.
Roman Republic:
Terran relations with the Romans are friendly, and both star nations cooperate with each other whenever possible. Trade and communications links with the Roman colonies is well developed, and Terran mining corporations have a large presence in Rome’s mining sector, while trade is growing. Terran mega-corporations are major investors in the Roman national and colonial economies, and Terra is a major arms exporter to the Republic. The UTSN shares intelligence about Median military activity with its Roman counterpart.

Terran relations with Rome have been close since the 26th Century. Today relations remain close, only the Atheri are a closer ally than Rome. Both countries are major investors in each other’s national and colonial economies, and Rome is Terra’s largest trading partner. Terran forces frequently use Roman facilities in their space, and have begun planning possible operations with the powerful RAC in defending against the Medians. The RAC shares intelligence about Media and Numeria with the UTSN and guards the approaches to Terran space; while Rome is the only star nation that America is willing to help to establish a colony on New Idaho in the Lalande 21185 system.
Terran relations with the Ch’thpch are cordial, although neither star nation has quite forgotten how their rivalry led to the Ch’thpch War at the end of the 26th Century. Terra views Ch’thpch intentions in space with some suspicion since the Ch’thpch have developed a sophisticated defense capability and is expanding its star forces with alarming speed. The Ch’thpch are also developing close links with the Denevans, and have reincorporated the breakaway Ch’thpch Republics into their political sphere once again.  Ch’thpch interference in the Atheri Empire has also begun to concern Terra and others star nations about Ch’thpch motives.
Wegman-Yamashiro Corporation:
The giant Wegman-Yamashiro Corporation is a significant player in space in its own right. W-Y has a major presence in the Terran and Roman colonies, while in the other star nations it is the most visible symbol of Terra. Wegman-Yamashiro is heavily involved in Terra's tri-admantanium mining industry, which has given it the financial resources to build the largest non-governmental merchant fleet in space.

As far as Terra knows, nobody has any relations with the Numerians. They keep to themselves and warn the other races to mind their own affairs. That is until the Numerians finally agreed to trade talks with the UST. And the Terran-Numerian relations went downhill from there.

 Organization and Bases

Units are organized by Flights and Squadrons for Fighters, and Divisions, Squadrons, Task Group, Task Force, and Fleet Commands for ships. Flights are 4 Fighters while 1 Squadron consists of 3 Flights. Divisions usually consist of 2 or more combat vessels, Squadrons are larger formations consisting of several divisions. A Task Group is only organized when a mission is needed.

A Squadron is organized from the requisite Divisions it is felt that are needed for the mission to succeed.

Task Forces on the other hand are the administrative headquarters that parcels out the Divisions to any Squadrons that have been formed.

A Fleet Command is every US Starship and Spacecraft operating in that region of space. Currently the Fleet Commands are the Earth/Core Command (ECC) based at Offutt SFB, Nebraska, Earth, the Atheri Border Command (ABC) based at Mahan SFB, New Idaho, the Roman Border Command (RBC) based at Sullivan SFB, New Iowa, and the Ch’thpch Border Command (CBC) based at Nimitz SFB, New Alaska. The UTSN is also constructing a major base on New California and it will be the logistics hub and repair base on the Numerian Border and is seeing a massive influx of Terrans and their equipment. Most Fleet Commands have several Divisions, Squadrons, and Task Forces assigned.
The UTSN is headquartered at Offutt SFB in orbit above Omaha Nebraska on Earth. The UTSN also shares many facilities with the USAF, USMC, and NASA, including Minot Star Force Base on New Dakota, Vandenberg SFB on New California, McCarthy SFB on New Florida, and Kaneohe Bay MCAS/SFB on New Hawaii. The UTSN has many offworld facilities; Nimitz SFB New Alaska, Sullivan Station at New Iowa, and Mahan SFB at New Idaho.
Offutt SFB is located in orbit above Earth. Offutt SFB is a massive spherical construction with 120,250 UTSN, 20,000 USAF, 5,000 USMC, and 2,500 Star Guard personnel. It has extensive docking, logistics, and repair facilities. This base is the current homeport for the Earth/Core Command (ECC), and as such it is the homeport for the bulk of the UTSN ships in the core. This base coordinates all U.S. activity with its allies. The United States also has a considerable ship construction industry, which despite the recent expansion of the UTSN is larger than it needs.

Terra’s excess star yard capacity is used to build ships, largely commercial freighters, for other star nations, which helps Terra to keep up with modern ship construction without having to build large numbers of ships of its own.

Adjacent to Offutt SFB is the large Aldrin construction yard, owned by the UTSN, but operated by Mid-Lothian and New Bath Ironworks; this is where many UTSN capital ships are built. Wegman-Yamashiro owns and operates a large star yard at the L-5 LaGrange point in Earth Orbit. It is used for commercial and military construction. In the orbit of New Boston, New Bath Ironworks operates a huge complex of construction facilities used for both commercial and military ship construction. At New Iowa, W-Y is constructing a huge new multi-slip starship construction yard.
Numerous facilities are under the command of Offutt SFB. Adjacent to Tranquility, the Terran colony on Luna is Armstrong SFB. Armstrong has a USMC training facility and a survival school for all the services crews and pilots, the base also stores US Army, USMC, and UTSN ordinance and vehicles for deployment to locations outside of the solar system. Major UTSN Earth solar system facilities include the Lovett Star Fighter Training School on Titan (used by all the services and to train other star nation’s pilots), the Conrad Hostile Environment Training School on Titan used by the UTSN, USMC, and the US Army. The UTSN along with her allies the Atheri and the Roman Republic operates a series of early warning bases and minefields to guard and warn against Median and Ch'thpch incursions.

On New Idaho’s moon of New Boise is the huge Mahan SFB, which guards the approaches to the Atheri border and the tri-admantanium mines of New Idaho. Because of the importance of New Idaho to America’s economy and national security, the defenses in the Lalande 21185 system are formidable. Mahan SFB is the largest Terran military facility outside of the Core and hosts 200,000 UTSN, USAF, and USMC personnel. Mahan SFB is also the Fleet command center for dozens of defense installations stretching across the Atheri border, including early warning stations, logistic bases, armed sensor drones, and orbital repair yards.

The UTSN also has small orbital defense stations at New Iowa, New Tennessee, New Kansas, and New Wyoming, while there are UTSN bases on large asteroids in the New Maine and New Louisiana systems. The UTSN and USAF operate the Chaffee Fleet Training Facility in New Durango orbit, with a smaller training facility at New Boise, and at New Laramie in the New Wyoming system. The USMC also has a training facility at Zephyr Hill, a satellite moon of New Tampa in the Rigel Kentaurus system, while there are also USMC bases at New Roanoke, New Bakersfield, and New Earth. The UTSN and NASA operate the Deep Exploration station and they are building a refueling station in the Sigma Draconis system to aid the exploration of the New Europe sector.
The UTSN is responsible for the defense of all UST territory and assets outside of geosynchronous orbit, this includes all US flagged vessels and any vessel operating in Terran space. The USAF is responsible for state and colonial planetary aerospace defense out to geosynchronous orbit. This sometimes leads to USAF and UTSN craft working together, such as in OQC duty. The UTSN has large resources that it can draw upon in time of war. The assets of the USAF, USMC, NASA, and ARMY can all be conscripted in time of war, the US government also pays a stipend to civilian merchants in peacetime, and in time of war these vessels can be drawn into the UTSN for the duration of the war. Independent merchant vessels as well as Wegman-Yamashiro and many other large Mega-Corporate entities receive this stipend. The UTSN has access to large numbers of all manner of vessels in time of war.

Most nations rely on their star force crews for ship maintenance at the core, colonies, and space stations, but the UTSN uses a combination of the ship’s crews, UTSN Reservists and civilian technicians. This practice is a holdover from the NASA and Naval roots. The UTSN also has two sets of ship’s crews, Blue and Gold for each ship, missions are often many months and sometimes years in length and when a crew returns to their home base their vessel undergoes repairs by both crews and then the rested crew takes the vessel back out on a new mission, the resting crew has an extended leave and then maintains their edge by using simulators.
This two-crew system is a holdover from the US Navy submarine personnel that were transferred to the UTSN at its formation. The UTSN is also unique in its use of reservists; over half of the UTSN is made up national guardsmen and reservists. Most ships have a small crew of full time personnel that maintain the ship’s readiness with the rotation of the reservist and guard members. Oddly enough it is the capital ships that have the largest number of part-timers; the fighters and patrol craft are almost entirely reservist operated: the Close Escorts have the smallest number as they embark on long anti-raider patrols.

The 820th Reconnaissance Regiment, a Marine Special Forces and security Regiment was transferred to the fledgling UTSN and was re-designated the 820th Stellar Security Force. Since the formation of the UTSN the 820th Stellar Security Force have been greatly expanded and can be found at every UTSN space station. The 820th forms the Navy’s Shore Patrol security forces of the UTSN and is known as Eight-Two-O’s. The Eight-Two-O’s have had a great deal of practice in spaceship boarding tactics in the anti-piracy sweeps of the UTSN and are some of the best in Terran space. On the other hand, because of the spread out nature of the Eight-Two-O’s, orbital drops have not been conducted in over a century. The Marines are very good at planetary assaults and boarding actions and these roles bring them in frequent contact with the Eight-Two-O’s.

The Eight-Two-O’s and USMC train extensively together in boarding and drop operations. The Eight-Two-O’s are the ones who provide the Marines with forward observers to direct orbital ground support.

Tri-Admantanium & Technology

Terra is a tri-admantanium rich nation, producing a tri-admantanium surplus that is largely directed towards the expansion of the UTSN and the construction of civilian freighters.  Most American tri-admantanium comes from New Boise in the Lalande 21185 system, which has the largest known tri-admantanium resources in Terran space. Smaller quantities of tri-admantanium are also mined elsewhere along the Eastern Roman Corridor, and at New Bakersfield, Mars, and from beneath the Pacific on Earth. Terra is a major industrial power with a large shipbuilding industry, and has the technological capability to produce a full range of warships and equipment.  Practically all UTSN ships and weaponry are Terran designed and built.

The United Terran Star Navy has gone though a remarkable transformation in the last thirty years, from a thrid rate colonial defense force to a first rate star force as well-trained and equipped as any in any alien empire. The UTSN has seven large ship-manufacturing slipways and five large ship repair bays at the Collins Construction Yard. Of the construction slips, two are devoted to very large ships such as the America’s and New York’s, three are devoted to the construction of Revolution, Indianapolis, and McCarthy class Cruisers, and two are committed to the construction of Fletcher class Destroyers and Perry class Frigates. Currently the Idaho occupies one of the largest two slipways, the San Diego is under construction in the other; the Cowpens, New Madrid and the Reagan are in the Cruiser slips, and the Ainsworth and McClusky are under construction in the Destroyer slips.

Attritional vs. Maneuver Warfare

There are two main theories that govern space warfare; attrition and maneuver. Attrition warfare stresses the use of shields and armor and of always being the more durable force. The Median MSF is a typical example of one designed with attritional warfare in mind. The opposite view stresses the use of speed to achieve what is called in UTSN Doctrinal Speak; ‘Dominant Maneuver’. This allows ships to concentrate strength against isolated enemy pockets, driving in attacks quickly, so as to minimize the damage taken. It was this path the Terrans took in their ship design.

The UTSN initially used a very extreme form of maneuver doctrine, influenced by their experience in operations against pirates. The ultimate aim of the design is for speed and sensor superiority, anything else is secondary to this. Thus the McCarthy class has no armor, no shields and for most of the time her point defense weapons are powered down. The McCarthy’s operate by locating isolated enemy vessels, driving at high speed and releasing missiles at the opportune moment. Timed correctly, the missiles will strike before the enemy sensors have activated to paint it for the point defense.

In this manner, US tactics are similar to Atheri tactics. However because of its light armor, the McCarthy’s can find themselves in great difficulty if the attack goes wrong. Screening fighters and missiles can rake the ships with fire and a poor commander can misjudge his run, especially if facing an unknown adversary. It was just this that caused the loss of the USS Clinton with all hands in the 36 Ophiuchi System to raiders.
If executed successfully this tactic has proven very effective. McCarthy’s cannot stand in the battleline as a conventional Cruiser can, as much as US politicians would like them to, but they often act as ‘cavalry’ for Terran Squadrons; scouting, screening and providing vanguards and rearguards. Future designs will stress more armor and better survivability but for now the McCarthy’s excellent skippers make the most of the strengths of the design while doing their best to avoid potentially catastrophic close combat.


The new America class starships are designated as BB(S) and will be the flag of most Task Forces and above. The New York class starships were originally designated as CA(S), but have since been re-designated as BC(S) and until the America class enters service they are the largest vessels in the UTSN and are usually the flag of a squadron or Task Force. The Essex class is the first CV(S) to enter UTSN service and uses many New York parts. The Revolution, Indianapolis, and McCarthy classes are all missile cruisers, CG(S) for the Revolution, CCG(S) for the Indianapolis’ and CGL(S) for the McCarthy’s. The Des Moines class ships are UTSN-Reserve starships and have recently been down rated from CA(S) to CL(S).

The Fletcher class is designated as a DDE(S) and is designed to escort heavier ships. The Perry class ships are designated as FF(S) and are also designed to escort heavier ships. The Knox class is designated as a DDE(S) and with the Des Moines class, was the combat backbone of the UTSN till the introduction of the Revolution Class. All three ship classes, the Fletchers, Perry’s, and Knox’s are escorts for larger ships such as Revolutions, New York’s, and America’s.
Sic vis pacem, para bellum
If you want peace, prepare for war