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Turn 4
« on: June 24, 2011, 01:40:35 PM »
January 2064
  Rockefeller finishes survey of Saturns moons,  only Rhea contains more than trace minerals but in somewhat low quantities.  Rockefeller heads for the inner asteroid belt.
  From their HQ in Maui, the Harriette Forry Geology team discovers a 16,271 ton deposit of Gallacite previously undiscovered.   Their report states that there are no more mineiral deposits left undiscovered on earth.
March 2064
 The new civilian shipyard is complete, immediately they start expansion for the future gigantic 35+ ton civilian ships planned

[ooc]So the Shipyard completed, I deleted the 2 civliian ports I accidently made instead of the shipyard and modded in the shipyard, probably a mineral imbalance but I figured it was the best way other than restarting from scratch.   one other issue I missed the construction of the next to survey ships by several months.  I belive a orders for turn page where everyone puts their final orders in is indeed the best way to go as I am missing things here and there trying to keep up with my ministers.  I forget the name of the new shipyard, and what is the contruction orders after the shipyard is built?[/ooc]

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Re: Turn 4
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No offense to Survey, but that is quite the underwhelming discovery. The shipyard is to be named Armstrong Shipyard as per earlier discussion. The full report from the Ministry of Infrastructure is quoted below.

Report to Factory Managers

40% 1 Commercial Shipyard
25% 1 Military Academy
25% Construction Factories
10% 100 Infrastructure
0% Manned Mines
0% Idle
[ooc]Just modify the percentage for mines to 0% and add a 100 Infrastructure Project at 10% so as to avoid having .35 of a mine.[/ooc]

After Infrastructure is complete:

40% 1 Commercial Shipyard
25% 1 Military Academy
25% Construction Factories
10% Manned Mines
0% Idle

After 1 Commercial Shipyard is complete: follow previous reports.

Report to Commercial Shipyard once completed:
Add 10,000 tons to capacity then,
Add 10,000 tons to capacity then,
Add 1,000 tons to capacity then,
Add 500 tons to capacity then,
Retool for Conestoga then,
Begin Construction on Conestoga and,
Add extra Slipway

Additionally, I am still waiting for Murphy to get back to me on the Governor of Earth.
[ooc]And a movement of the Ministry of Infrastructure Thread to be moved to the Ministry board.[/ooc]
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Re: Turn 4
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Senator Payne I tend to agree, but this also means the original survey people did there job thoroughly.

It seems our solar system is fairly skimp on resources at the moment, we will need to make use of every ounce out there. Asteroids included.

[ooc]All my orders are in the Ministry page, that the only place where orders should be, if there is orders around building ships they need to be made by the minister of infrastructure in his ministry. SO I think detjen if you just review the ministry pages it should be fine.[/ooc]
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