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Shattered Sol - Chapter 3, Siege of New Tokyo
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Since the disastrous battle of Neptune, Syndicate forces in the Solar System remained stationary and except the unarmed freighters they never leaved the zone. The shame of the defeat was unbearable, Miss Reiko barely remained the CEO of the Gensei Syndicate. The battle was throughoutly examined by the military experts of the Syndicate. They pointed out various faults of the general strategy and ship design.

1.   The crew was inexperienced and therefore unable to do battle effectively.
2.   The Kasuga class carries too small amount of missiles. This can be solved in a short term by designing a dedicated ammo ship.
3.   Only one Kasuga was present on the battlefield, two more are needed at the current configuration.
4.   One fuel tank and one reactor per ship is not very efficient in terms of survivability.
5.   The KS-106 missiles with thermal sensors did not work as expected. The commission proposed a similar design with EM signature homing system instead.

The Management Board of the Gensei Syndicate decided to hear out these experts and embrace any solution they could offer.
Ships will no longer go into a battle without sufficient training. An ammo ship was designed and the retooling will start as soon as the shipyards begin the construction of two more Kasuga’s.

Code: [Select]
Dan'yaku class Collier    7,150 tons     77 Crew     438.85 BP      TCS 143  TH 150  EM 0
1048 km/s     Armour 1-33     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 2.02 Years     MSP 77    AFR 204%    IFR 2.8%    1YR 25    5YR 378    Max Repair 18.65 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 1    
Magazine 666    

Gihon SEK-50 Komasharu  (3)    Power 50    Fuel Use 6.07%    Signature 50    Exp 4%
Fuel Capacity 200,000 Litres    Range 82.9 billion km   (915 days at full power)

CIWS-80 (1x2)    Range 1000 km     TS: 8000 km/s     ROF 5       Base 50% To Hit
KS-8 Nagai Ransu (40)  Speed: 7,500 km/s   End: 128.6m    Range: 57.9m km   WH: 7    Size: 8    TH: 35/21/10
KM-1 Yari (186)  Speed: 7,500 km/s   End: 4.4m    Range: 2m km   WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 37/22/11
KS-8B Nagai Ransu (20)  Speed: 7,500 km/s   End: 128.6m    Range: 57.9m km   WH: 6    Size: 8    TH: 32/19/9

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

The replacement for the unsuccessful KS-106 was designed.
Code: [Select]
KS-101 Denji
Missile Size: 10 MSP  (0.5 HS)     Warhead: 0    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 11
Speed: 3000 km/s    Engine Endurance: 9.7 hours   Range: 104.6m km
EM Sensor Strength: 0.2421    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  242,100 km
Cost Per Missile: 3.4439
Second Stage: KS-32 Kanazaru x2
Second Stage Separation Range: 150,000 km
Overall Endurance: 10 hours   Overall Range: 105.3m km
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 33%   3k km/s 11%   5k km/s 6.6%   10k km/s 3.3%
Materials Required:    1.5x Tritanium   0.3252x Boronide   0.5421x Uridium   1.0766x Gallicite   Fuel x1693

The Syndicate will go for now with only missile armed ships until the redesigned Minekaze class will be produced.

On the morning of 30th March, during the aftermath of the battle all citizens of the Solar system were informed about the battle and its outcome. President Harrison called for the meeting of the Security council. The ISA fleet was alerted and sent in the direction of the nuclear explosions to ensure that no combat will take place in the Zone.

30th March 2111
Earth, Geneve, United Nations Security Council, Storm and Gensei representatives present.

Alex Storm, CEO of the Storm Industries.

Alex Storm stepped up to the lectern with a self-confident smile, he was about to fortify his claim on Neptune by accusing the Gensei Syndicate and pretending as a victim of an outright aggression.

„Dear representatives of the UN, it’s clear that the Gensei Syndicate wanted to conquer Naptune. As the old saying says: If you find something first, than it belongs to you. If the representatives of the Syndicate do not abide this rule, then why should the Storm Industries do so? I, for the Storm Industries can say only that we will always live by this rule. I propose that the Gensei Syndicate should be punished for this act of unprecedented agression.“

The President aggreed, that the Syndicate should be punished. At the end of the negotiations President Harrison announced that the Syndicate is obliged to pay a fine of 20,000 credits to the Storm Industries. The captured ship should be returned to the Syndicate.
Alex Storm was content with the results, the Syndicate was ashamed. And he will handle the ship that should be returned later. A ground assault on the Syndicate territory on Mars was proposed, but it was rejected because the ISA could see it as a violation of the Zone Treaty.

The importance of the ISA in the interplanetary diplomacy growed day by day. While some of the ships of the Storm Industries and the Syndicate were damaged or destroyed, the ISA was building his third Spectre class destroyer, the ISN Phantom. Alex recognized, that he could not eliminate the Syndicate without the cooperation or the consent of the ISA. He could also ally against the ISA with the Gensei, but they are treacherous as the events at Neptune showed. He only knew one thing, ISA or the Syndicate must be destroyed for the benefit of the Storm Industries, preferably the latter.

17th May 2111

The SDC fleet arrived at Mars and unloaded the prisoners. The SDC Officers were welcomed by Mr Storm. All participants were awarded the Battle of Neptune Memorial Badge and Commodore Mills recieved the For Exceptional Bravey Medal in recognition of his valiant charge against the Gensei beam frigates. More importantly a group of scientists examined the Nokaze and dismounted the ECM device. Works began on reverse engineering the device, so that it can be used by SDC ships.
Rear Admiral Leon Stephens has delivered the report from the scientists late afternoon. He wanted to consult on the topic of the captured vessel too.

„Mr Storm, when we will return the Nokaze to the Syndicate? They have sent the money to our account already.“
„We will return it not.“
„But Sir, the ISA...“
„Yes I know, but we can‘t afford to stregthen the enemy with a functional ship. I gave an order to load the original crew on the ship with a bonus surprise. Tomorrow all the media in the system will broadcast news about the prison break on the board of the ship.“

Alex began to read an article form the tomorrow’s newspaper.

„The original Syndicate crew was held on the board of the ship. Somehow they managed to escape from their cells and kill the guards. They wanted to break into the Command Room and take control of the ship. The Military Police officials who guarded the Bridge started the autodestruction sequence as a last chance...“

In the same moment Alex’s phone began to ring.

„We are ready Sir.“
„Good, let’s see some fireworks. And one more thing, did you disable the escape pods? I want no survivors!“
„Yes Sir, we did.“

The sky behind the window of the office of Alex Storm was illuminated by a nuclear explosion. Small enough to destroy the ship and leave the orbital installations and other ships unharmed.

Rear Admiral Stephens stood in shock and awe.

„Are you alright Leon? Please have a seat. My new secretary will bring us some coffe, we have a lot to do.“
Said Alex with a smile.

The Syndicate knew that the Storm Industries is not telling the thruth, but they remained silent.
Hostile relations between the two megacorporations persist, but none of the warring sides is ready for the decisive battle.

21st September 2111
The Jaguar, a Panther class light cruiser joined the ranks of the SDC. A the same time the research on longer range meson cannons was finished. A new fire control was designed and a few weaks later the research on the new Composite armour was done. The number of armour layers was raised to six. One more 105mm multipurpose turret was added. With so many changes taking place the class was renamed. No longer is the Kasuga the largest ship ever built. The original Panthers will operate further without refit.

Code: [Select]
Lion class Light Cruiser    9,950 tons     294 Crew     1235.325 BP      TCS 199  TH 168.75  EM 1440
1130 km/s     Armour 6-41     Shields 48-300     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 3     PPV 36.84
Maint Life 2.24 Years     MSP 252    AFR 243%    IFR 3.4%    1YR 68    5YR 1013    Max Repair 96 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 0    

Stormdrive NTE-15N Nuclear Thermal Engine (3)    Power 75    Fuel Use 68%    Signature 56.25    Exp 10%
Fuel Capacity 750,000 Litres    Range 19.9 billion km   (204 days at full power)
Storm Energetics Type G Shield (24)   Total Fuel Cost  384 Litres per hour  (9,216 per day)

SWD MC-90 152mm Heavy Meson Cannon (3)    Range 90,000km     TS: 3000 km/s     Power 6-3     RM 9    ROF 10        1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
Twin 105mm Multipurpose Meson Cannon Turret (3x2)    Range 30,000km     TS: 12000 km/s     Power 6-6     RM 3    ROF 5        1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Storm BC-96 Main Cannon Fire Control (1)    Max Range: 96,000 km   TS: 1500 km/s     90 79 69 58 48 38 27 17 6 0
Storm BC-42 Secondary Cannon Fire Control (1)    Max Range: 32,000 km   TS: 12000 km/s     69 37 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Storm Energetics PB-3 Pebble Bed Reactor (3)     Total Power Output 27    Armour 0    Exp 5%

Storm R-84 Small Object Sensor (1)     GPS 84     Range 5.0m km    Resolution 1
Storm R-96 Active Sensor (1)     GPS 8640     Range 54.6m km    Resolution 90

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

29th December 2111
The importance of the Battle at Neptune was even more recognized after the fuel situation of the Storm Industries worsened due to the constant trips of the cargo ships to the distant Umbriel. The ISA agreed to sell two million litres of fuel for 10,000 credits, since the fuel stock on Earth is 23 million litres. That was one of the reasons behind the ISA’s noninterference with the Neptune affairs.

On the same day the Kyoto Orbital Shipyards began the construction two new Kasuga class Armoured Cruisers, the Nisshin and the Azuma. They will join the Syndicate on 8th November 2113.

29th January 2112
The Xenology team of the Gensei Syndicate finally deciphered the scriptures on the ruins and reported 11 abandoned installations that could be excavated. The alien race that was present on the Mars a long time ago was identified as the Ruchbah Imperium.
20th February 2112
The 9th Construction Brigade of the Gensei Syndicate recovered an abandoned Mine. If the Storm Xenology team will not come up with any results in a short time, there will be no alien installations for them to recover.

29th March 2112
Two Fuel Harvesters of the Storm Industries are complete and are moving to Neptune. Two more are planned.

10th June 2112
Syndicate Construction Brigades recovered a Research Facility and three energy based beam weapons. The translation of what looked like a field manual revealed the name of those devices. They were 15cm C3 Near Ultraviolet Lasers. They were disassembled, but the military was confident in the power of the Pulse Cannon and therefore no further research was recommended.

30th September 2112
Five Maintenace Facilities were recovered on Mars. It seems like that not much is left for the Storm Xenology efforts. The Syndicate literally excavates the ruins beneath their feet.

22nd December 2112
Another research facility was recovered by Syndicate ground troops. Three more installations to go. The Storm Industries Xenology Team watches the success of their rival with disbelief.

2nd January 2113
The ISN Phantom, the third Spectre class Destroyer is launched from the Mercury Marine Shipyards. The Shipyard is now retooling for the Sprint class Escort.

15th February 2113
Significant deposits of three TN minerals were found on the Comet Swift-Tuttle by the SDC Perseus. Cargo Ships of the Storm Industries will from now finish transporting automated mines to Umbriel, and they will concentrate on this comet.

Swift-Tuttle report:
Tritanium: 4,358 x 0.7
Boronide: 5,640 x 0.9
Sorium: 3,162 x 1

26th February 2113
A very sad day for the Storm Industries. The Hero of the Battle of Neptune, Commodore Mitchell Mills has died in a heart attack at the age of 41. A strange death for a renowned warrior. His funeral was the greatest ever seen. Alex Storm himself delivered the funeral speech, in it he pointed out his unconditional bravery at the final stage of the battle. The crew of his beloved ship, the Panther was his Guard of Honor. Another Hero of the Battle took command on the Panther, Captain Jay Jackson, the former commander of the SDC Achilles.

6th April 2113
The last installation, that remained from the Martian ruins was excavated, but it was too damaged to make any use of it. The Syndicate was faster in the Xenology race, no installation was recovered by the Storm Industries. The the excavated installation will help the Gensei Syndicate in the War against the Storm Industries.

On the same day a Syndicate scientist completed his research on the fuel production efficiency. Each fuel refinery will from now produce 28,000 litres of fuel annually.

23rd June 2113

The SOO, the ISA‘s Special Operations Office with the consent of the Grand Council started Operation White Night. An SOO Espionage team will be delivered to Mars to gather data on the Storm Industries and the Gensei Syndicate. The Office is aware of the fact that the Storms want to eliminate Syndicate presence on Mars. The goal of the operation is to determine if they are willing to breach the Zone Treaty or they are friendly to the ISA.

9th July 2113
Another comet was claimed by the Storm Industries. This time the Wolf-Harrington.
Current mining operations of the Storm Industries:
Swift-Tuttle: 24 Automines
Umbriel: 20 Automines

Tritanium: 3,263 x 1
Boronide: 3,922 x 0,8
Vendarite: 19,348 x 1
Corundium: 29,351 x 0,8

14th August.
The ISS Buzz Aldrin of the ISA discovered significant deposits of various minerals on the Trans-Neptunian planetoid, Sedna. The distance is great, but it’s worth it.

Sedna mineral report:
Duranium: 61,932 x 1
Neutronium 123,904 x 0,9
Tritanium 506,944 x 0,8

28th September 2113
The Syndicate has discovered a mineral rich comet too. As if there were no war in Sol. Since the Zone Treaty has forbidden attacks on unarmed ships, the commercial designs are safe from being attacked.

Duranium: 36,362 x 1
Tritanium: 144 x 0,9
Uridium: 11, 872 x 1
Corundium: 14,305 x 0,9

29th November 2113
The Kyoto Orbital Shipyards on Mars finally delivered the long awaited Kasuga class Cruisers, the GSN Nisshin and the GSN Azuma. The shipyards began building two Dan’yaku class Colliers. The Cruisers will now leave and begin their training. The training programs on Syndicate ships are far inferior to their counterparts. Both original ISA and Storm Battlegroups are fully trained and ready for action, while on the GSN Kasuga after four years of training and one battle the preparedness of the crew for combat is miserable (46,6%). This fact  has caused, that Commodore Nosaka Taji was relieved and replaced by Captain Hishikawa Masamori.
Since the Syndicate ships are still built at Mars, the SDC quickly noticed the two new Kasuga class Cruisers. The Lion of the SDC will leave the shipyards on 12th April 2114 and also a third Ajax class FAC Tender is in production, the SDC Bellerophon.

16th January 2114
Two more SDC fuel harvesters were built, the Giant Lord and the Poseidon. They are leaving for Neptune. The first group at Neptune has it’s fuel tanks 40% full.

The ISA is the third power in Sol who discovered the Pebble Bed Reactor technology. The Storm Industries and the Syndicate has discovered it earlier.

12th April 2114
The Lion is finished. It will now depart for training. The phony war will soon end.

20th April 2114
The Curse of the inefficient engines of the Storm Industries has struck again. Another 2 million litres of fuel had to be bought from the ISA. Neptune is the Achilles‘ heel of the SDC. If the Gensei manage to take out the fuel harvesters the Storm Industries, they will need to import the fuel from Earth. But Alex Storm is calm, because he knows, that if the Syndicate will attack unarmed ships, their relation with the ISA will drop rapidly. When the real war will break out, the harvesters will be guarded by the Perseus and the Andromeda.
18th June 2114
Two new Sprint class Escorts were delivered to the ISA, the ISN Rush and the ISN Scamp. The construction of two Trident class Frigates begun, the ISN Morningstar and the ISN Longsword.
The fuel exports to the Storm Industries are helping the economy, the ISA is quickly becoming more and more powerful.

26th September 2114

The SOO team of the ISA on Mars succesfully infiltrated the ship database of the Gensei Syndicate and retrieved technical data on their Kamotsu Maru class Freighters. This information did not met the expectations, but the team will continue to spy on the Gensei.

5th October 2114
The first batch of 6 automated mines was delivered to Sedna,the cargo ships are halfway home but have only 7% of fuel remaining. No more trips will be made until longer range cargo ships are designed. The ISA Battlegroup is heading to help them out.

Two Colliers are leaving the Kyoto Orbital Shipyards, GSN Dan’yaku and GSN Dangan. The shipyard is retooling for the Minekaze Mk.II. The only difference from the previous version is that the fuel is stored in multiple compartments and there are three small Pebble Bed Reactors instead of one big Pressurized Water Reactor.

6th January 2115

The Ajax class FAC Tender, SDC Bellerophon leaves the shipyard. She will now wait for a batch of three Wolf’s to be constructed and then she will lead them on a training mission.

An ISA missile scientist has developed new ways of missile in-flight stabilisation. The new design will increase the agility of the ISA missiles. A prototype was developed and deemed successfull. No mass production will start until a more stronger engine will be developed.

15th April 2115

A huge discovery was made by the Storm Industries in the field of Propulsion. Utilizing the knowledge learnt by the discovery of the Pebble Bed Reactor Technology in 2109 a new propulsion system was designed, a Nuclear Pulse Engine. Works began on the construction and testing of prototype engines. The SDC will not wait until this technology will be available, the final battle with the Gensei Syndicate will be fought with the present ships. The time is close. When the Lion will finish it’s training.

In April 2115 the UN Presidential Elections took place. The mandate of the elected President lasts six years. President Harrison won the elections against Michael Lynch, Governor of Luna. The President will in his second term pursue a more aggressive policy.

14th October 2115
The SOO team led by Samuel Lane was able to steal the plans of a Damage Control system. The Team will form now concentrate his espionage efforts on the Storm Imdustries.

16th January 2116
A significant discovery was made by the GSS Chosa. She discovered TN minerals on the comet Faye at high concentration.

Duranium: 6,360 x 1
Neutronium: 38,724 x 1
Tritanium: 14,893 x 1
Vendarite: 36,831 x 1
Sorium: 42,462 x 0,9
Uridium: 14,691 x 0,9
Gallicite: 22,790 x 0,9

29th February 2116

A year after the Presidential elections on Earth, Alex Storm was ready to propose to the re-elected President a tighter cooperation of the UN/ISA with the Storm Industries. Given the good diplomatic relations with the Storm Industries and backed by public opinion polls the President of the UN granted trade rights to the Storms. The UN citizens were disillusioned by the aggression of the Syndicate. Alex Storm was content, in a meeting with President Harrison he informed him of future operations against the Syndicate. He declared that the ships of the Storm Defence Corps will respect the Zone Treaty and will not pursue fleeing Syndicate ships in the Zone.
But time will come, when the Treaty must be breached ... for the total liquidation of the Syndicate.

8th September 2116
The ISA finally developed a missile, that is on equal terms with the Storm and Gensei ones. It features higher speed, longer range, active radar homing and higher accuracy.
Code: [Select]
AS-44A Magic
Missile Size: 4 MSP  (0.2 HS)     Warhead: 4    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 14
Speed: 7500 km/s    Engine Endurance: 112 minutes   Range: 50.2m km
Active Sensor Strength: 0.0621   Sensitivity Modifier: 60%
Resolution: 140    Maximum Range vs 7000 ton object (or larger): 40,000 km
Cost Per Missile: 1.8103
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 105%   3k km/s 28%   5k km/s 21%   10k km/s 10.5%
Materials Required:    1x Tritanium   0.0372x Boronide   0.0621x Uridium   0.711x Gallicite   Fuel x325

24th October 2116
The Lion has finished it’s training, the crew is prepared for combat(100% FT). She will now head to the docks for overhaul and after that she will participate in Operation Iron Fist, a reconaissance mission to find out what is in the Syndicate space around Saturn. The high ranking officers of the Storm Industries are impatient. They warning Mr Storm, that more they wait, more time has the Syndicate to stregthen his fleet.and defences, but Alex Storm had another opinion, the Lion is the flagship of the fleet, she has tolead the attack.

10th November 2116
Maybe the Storm officials were right. Two Minekaze Mk.II’s were constructed, but their crew is inexperienced and could not decide the outcome of any battle until they complete their training missions and space trials.

4th December 2116
A new Naval Shipyard Complex was constructed on Earth. Its currently expanding the capacity of its one slipway. This Shipyard will produce small to medium warships.

24th May 2117
After six years of preparations the SDC fleet is ready to engage the Syndicate in offensive operations. Operation Iron Fist started. The bulk of the Syndicate fleet is probably at Saturn, since only Kamotsu Maru class freighters and the two Chosa class survey ships are at Mars. The SDC Battle Group engages its engines at 12:20 PM. This will be a search and destroy operation. The SDC Bellerophon, SDC Perseus and SDC Andromeda will take care of the defence of Mars. The disappearance of the SDC fleet from Mars will be noticed by the Syndicate, so the ships will take different course as if they were going to do training operations. When their signatures are undetectable, they will change course for Saturn.

Order of the Battle:

Storm Defence Corps Battle TG:
SDC Lion (Lion class CL) – flag, Captain Jay Jackson
SDC Panther (Panther class CL) – Captain Eve Butler
SDC Jaguar (Panther class CL) – Captain Sigge Sjöberg
SDC Achilles (Ajax class FACT) – Captain Joel Warren – 3x Wolf class Corvette in hangars.
SDC Ajax (Ajax class FACT) – Captain Daniel North – 3x Wolf class Corvette in hangars.

Syndicate Main Battle Group:
GSN Azuma (Kasuga class CA) – flag, Commodore Natsume Akihiro
GSN Kasuga (Kasuga class CA) – Captain Hishikawa Masamori
GSN Nisshin (Kasuga class CA) – Captain Miyake Seiko
GSN Ariake (Asahi class DE) – Captain Tsujimura Saniiro
GSN Asahi (Asahi class DE) – Captain Otsu Kinari
GSN Wakaba (Asahi class DE) – Commander Kyubei Kinnori

Syndicate Minelayers and Support:
GSN Tsugaru (Tsugaru class ML) – Captain Soga Mikio
GSN Okinoshima (Tsugaru class ML) – Commander Ando Omaro
GSN Dan’yaku (Dan’yaku class CO) – Captain Adachi Montaro
GSN Dangan (Dan’yaku class CO) – Commander Umeki Tamako
New Tokyo (New Tokyo class Space Station) – Commander Takara Narumi

7th June 2117 10:00AM
The SDC Battle TG is 300m Km from Saturn. Captain Jackson ordered the activation of the shields. Soon after that the DSTS on Titan detected EM emissions and discovered the presence of the SDC ships. All Syndicate ships were alerted, the Siege of New Tokyo has begun. No action will be taken until the Storm ships close to 100m Km, then the Minelayers will launch their new long range missiles, which were designed to track EM signatures.

9th June 2117
At 125m Km-s from Saturn the SDC Battle TG activates his sensors.

10th June 2117, 2:44AM
The Tsugaru class Minelayers launch their KS-101 Denji EM homing missiles. Since the estimated missile range of the Storm Industries‘ STS-34 Pulsar missiles is 52m Km, the Syndicate ships do not activate their sensors for now. The Minelayers will launch all their missiles for maximal effect.

10th June 2117 9:24AM
An alert was raised on all SDC ships. Three waves of size 10 missiles were detected. Captain Jay Jackson, who was there at Neptune ordered to maintain the course. He believed that those missiles are the same ones that were launched at the initial phases of the attack at Neptune. None of them managed to hit, but these missiles are not the same. The first wave picked up the huge EM emissions from the shields of the Storm ships and the guidance system changed the course of the missiles. Few seconds later they released their submunitions, 16 size 3 KS-32 Kanazaru missiles.

Only four KS-32s managed to penetrate the PD defences and all hit the Jaguar doing only negligible damage to her shields.

A fourth wave was detected and the second wave picked up the EM signatures too.

The second wave was more successful, seven  submunitions hit the Jaguar damaging her shields to 45%. Captain Jackson commanded to change the course in hope, that the third and the fourth wave will not pick up their signatures. The maneuver was executed without delay since the crew of the Storm Defence Corps is highly trained and disciplined. The move was successful, the remaining missiles failed to pick up the SDC ships.

Seeing this, Commodore Akihiro decided to activate the sensors and ordered to set intercept course. The active sensor emissions from the GSN Azuma were instantly detected on the Bridge of the Lion.
Commander Narumi on the New Tokyo sent message to the two new Minekaze’s to return to New Tokyo ASAP.


The active sensors on the Lion detected the incoming Syndicate ships. Captain Jackson ordered to launch the Wolfpack, but they have to move closer to lock on them. Without the help of the SDC Bellerophon and the three Wolfs she has with her it is unlikely that they manage to knock out more than one Kasuga only with missiles.


The Syndicate ships have detected the enemy on the active sensor too. The three Kasuga’s began firing their missiles on the Lion, Ajax and the Panther. The doctrine is that they will fire the KS-8B ECM equipped missiles to ensure maximal hit ratio and then the normal ones with higher yield. When they shoot themselves dry, they will return and rearm from the Colliers.

12:22 PM
The Wolfpack is in range. They target the Kasuga and launch their missiles. They will not wait until the first wave impacts, they will launch all they have without pause.
In 20 minutes they have launched 164 missiles at the Kasuga. With empty magazines the Ajax and the Achilles leave the main group and are heading for Mars. The three light cruisers have to finish the job alone.

The R-84 Small Object Sensor detects size 8 Syndicate missiles incoming. The SDC cruisers change course quickly. The main guns are serving as an area defence weapon and the turrets will engage the incoming missiles at close range. 11 missiles were destroyed and 6 hit the SDC Lion depleting her shields to 25%.

From the second wave only four missiles hit the Lion depleting her shield to 13%. The lion has some time to recharge her shields between the waves.
The third wave has divided into two separate waves, twelve missiles head for the cruisers and six for the FAC Tenders. They have no defence at all, their only chance is to get out of the range of the missiles.

Dividing the third wave was not a good idea. All the missiles that targeted the Cruisers were destroyed by the PD.  At the end all the waves were eliminated. Contact was lost with those who targeted the FACT’s, the FAC Tenders can only hope in the limited range of the KS-8’s.

The SDC Cruisers have resumed the course to Saturn. After a few minutes their active sensors have found something unusual.

„Captain! I have something huge on the sensors! The target cross section is 7454, the estimated tonnage is 372,700 tons.“
„That’s impossible! Are you sure that is a man-made object and not an asteroid or something like that?“
„It’s definitely man-made Sir. What do you think it is Sir?“
„Well, we will see when we get close enough, but it seems it’s a space station.“

The Syndicate ships began launching their AMM’s at the incoming Pulsars. This time it will be a constant stream of missiles.

The FAC Tenders were not so lucky, the Syndicate missiles managed to track them down. All 12 missiles hit the SDC Achilles inflicting medium damage to her armour and destroying one hangar deck, but nothing serious.
At the same time the AMM stores of the Syndicate ships began dwindling. They are now heading for the colliers to rearm.
When all magazines were depleted the Storm missiles began to hit the Kasuga. Not just two or three missiles, but full waves.

She survived all waves with some internal damage, losing a fuel storage, a missile lancher, a magazine and the active sensor. The Colliers Dan’yaku and Dangan have together 116 KS-8 missiles (both variants) and 388 KM-1 AMM’s. Maybe this day the SDC will not repeat the success at Neptune.


The Syndicate TG has rearmed from the Colliers at New Tokyo, new waves of KS-8 ASMs were launched. Only the Azuma and the Nisshin are capable of firing, because the Kasuga lost her magazine. The target for now will be the Panther, which is less shielded and armoured compared to the Lion.

The skillful engineers on the Kasuga have repaired the magazine. From now she can engage the Panther too. The Gensei cruisers launched all their missiles at the Panther. The missiles are equipped with EM emission seekers, so they could retarget on other SDC cruiser.

The SDC cruisers were unstoppable, their fast firing turrets shot down 65% of all missiles, the remaining ones only scratched the armour of the Panther. With no more munition, the Syndicate cruisers had to withdraw from New Tokyo with the minelayers and the colliers. The destroyer escorts, GSN Asahi ans GSN Ariake remained to defend the station with their AMM’s or die trying.

The small missiles had significantly higher hit ratio, but it was not enough to knock out the Panther. Her armor was slowly grinded away, but no AMM managed to inflict internal damage. New Tokyo is doomed. The Minekaze Mk.II’s are too far away to help.
The Asahi’s left New Tokyo at the mercy of the Storm cruisers and runned away to live and fight another day. The station was reduced to dust in a mater of minutes, Captain Jackson on the Lion ordered tu pursue the fleeing ships, their order is to destroy as many as they can before they reach the Zone.

General report about population, etc.:


Research Labs: 12
Construction Factories: 318
Fuel Refineries: 200

Venus: 40 automines
Luna: 20 automines
Schaumasse: 36 automines
Sedna: 6 automines

Storm Industries

Mars: 96m
Research Labs: 11
Construction Factories: 90
Fuel Refineries: 55

Swift-Tuttle: 24 Automines
Umbries: 20 Automines
Wolf-Harrington: 16 Automines

The Gensei Syndicate

Mars: 98m
Research Labs: 13
Construction Factories: 78
Fuel Refineries: 56

Hyperion: 24 Automines
Iapetus: 10 Automines
Faye: 18 Automines
Herschel-Rigollet: 8 Automines

That’s all for now. :)
 I will continue later. I was disillusioned by those Kasuga class cruisers, they just scratched the armour of the Panther with those big kaboom missiles, while the size 1 AMM‘s grinded her armour away.
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