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(UNIT) 2058 Jovian Riots
« on: August 04, 2016, 11:26:54 PM »
Lyndon Chadwick, like all presidents, enjoyed a round of golf. 

He was getting ready to tackle hole 15, a par 4, when he saw a aide call for his attention.

"Great, I never get to finish a round of 18." He muttered to no one as he walked over to the aide.

"What is it Wei?  Issue at the shipyards?"

"little more serious then that sir.  Full scale riots in the Jovian colonies."

Chadwick paused, for years the Jovian moons had be home to 4 small UN colonies, none of them had over 15,000 souls.  Even cold Titan had more, with the colony growing to 18,000 people.   Most of the colony work was focused on Mars and Luna.  Luna had already grown to over 25 million people, and the local leaders only opened it for immigration for three months out of the year, and still millions would leave earth to find work in the warrens of Luna City.   The government had focused on Mars development, seeking to raise the population by million to obtain the key number of 25 million, which the planners said that the colony became self-sufficient. 

"Time to get to the UN office, assume the tiger shark craft is nearby?"

"Of course sir, this way."

20 minutes later Chadwick was in New York, looking at the screens.  The news media was keeping it quiet for now, but he knew these images would leak soon enough.   

"Where did all these people come from on Ganymede ?  There supposed to be 10,000 people there and there has to be 10,000 people fighting the security forces."

Helen D'Amour cleared her throat.  She was the minister of the Jovian colonies, and she needed to explain to her boss what was going on.

"Well sir, you where aware we had about 80 units of infrastructure laying around from the mars expansion.   It was deemed to be useful to the Jovian colonization effort, so 40 units where sent to Ganymede, and another 40 units where sent to Europa."

"This still does not explain what happening."

"Well sir, since Luna city right now has immigration closed, all the private liners and Reefer-freezer ships are looking for places to ship colonists.   When they noticed that there was 10,000 spots on Ganymede , they all loaded up colonists and unloaded them on the moon."

"All of them?  the private sector must have 20 reefers and a liner. "

"Yes sir, 1.2 million people where placed in Ganymede , right now it can support a maximum of 40,000 people."

"1.2 million people where dropped overnight on one of our colonies?"

"Yes sir.   we expect another 50,000 on Europa."

"Dear god."

"Yes sir."

The president watched what was going on the screens.   He knew this couldn't be hidden.

Call a press conference in 4 hours.  Get all the colony chiefs here or on screen in a hour, also get the Navy and the CEOs of those shipping companies we gave all the subsidies to.  We need to have a plan before that press conference.  Also get me the Mayor of Luna City...


Historians note that 50,000 people died in the Jovian riots, however the UN is credited with a fast response, re-opening Luna City so there was not a joint crisis on Europa (who was overcrowded by "Only" 10,000 people.) and a massive lift of 100s of units of Maritain infrastructure to relieve the pressure.  In addition, once the settlement was stabilized, the awareness of Ganymede as the center jewel in the outer worlds was noticed.   While not the size of Mars or Luna City, it had grown overnight from a sleepy colony of 10,000 people to a outer space Metro of over a million people.  It addition, it qualifies now for a home rule elections.  In addition, Ganymede is now being viewed as the logical spot for future development in the Jovian system.   

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