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1.10.0 Changes List
« on: May 06, 2020, 12:56:13 PM »
The next version is 1.10.0, which will be a database upgrade. Minor changes are listed here. More significant changes have their own post in the thread.

Changes / Additions
  • There should be greater variety in NPRs design and fleet composition, plus energy-only NPRs have been added.
  • Shipping Lines can be deleted
  • The display options 'All Windows Linked to Race' and 'Keep Tactical in Background' will retain their status after save and reload
  • 10cm Railguns will be treated as a point defence weapon by Auto-Assign Fire Controls
  • The species environmental tolerances shown on the System View window have been added to the Environment tab of the Economics window.
  • Reassign Naval will not affect naval commanders assigned to admin commands or academy commandant as they are manually assigned positions.
  • Average Class Maintenance Life and % of Deployment Time have been added to maintenance reports when a component requires repair.
  • "Hide CMC" button on the Economics window will only hide colonies that have civilian mining complexes but do not have a population > 0 and do not have any other installations except tracking stations and mass drivers.
  • In v1.9.5, the 'to hit' roll only considers integers, so if the chance to hit is 0.9%, it is effectively zero. I've changed the hit check code for v1.10 so that the hit chance is checked to two decimal places.
  • An event will be generated when a gas giant or superjovian runs out of Sorium
  • Scrap and Refit tasks will only display target classes for scrap/refit if at least one ship of that class is in orbit
  • Fixed the 'All Roads Lead to Sol bug for Random Stars. For v1.9.5 you can avoid this bug by setting Local Chance to 0 or 100.
  • Overhauls now working at deep space stations
  • Changing the target atm on the Environment tab of the Economics window and then immediately closing the window did not save the atm value. Fixed now.
  • The player is notified when ship-based fire controls are targeting ground forces or STO units that no longer exist. In 1.9.5. this situation causes a popup bug.
  • Bug fixed that allowed auto-assign FC to assign missiles to launchers that were smaller than the missile.
  • Bug fixed that caused an error popup if time was advanced while the Fleet window was open with nothing selected.
  • Join sub-fleet order now working correctly
  • Fixed crew quarters bug for very short deployment times
  • The bug caused by Copy Class followed by changing hull type is fixed.
  • Prevented the exploit where you can prototype a weapon, then use that prototype in a turret, then prototype the turret, and then research the turret without ever researching the component weapon
  • Class Window now remembers which component nodes were collapsed, not just those that were expanded.
  • Cancel Sub-fleet now working correctly
  • Cancel Select Name now working correctly
  • Fleets salvaging a wreck that is in orbit will move with the planet while salvaging
  • Shipping Lines will no longer be formed when Civilian Shipping is off
  • Negative fuel bug fixed
  • Ground Formations display field position correctly after renaming
  • Fixed occasional #3232 error in system generation for random stars
  • Sector will be generated at new location if Sector Command moved by freighter
  • Delete System button no longer visible unless SM mode is on
  • Commercial hangars will reload parasites
  • Formation Medal button now working correctly
  • Academy commandant positions will no longer be displayed where a Commandant is assigned and "Available Only" is checked.
  • Partial stations can longer refuel or transfer ordnance.
  • Jump point positions can no longer be changed to be outside the survey location coverage.
  • Survivors are listed as transported items for fleets
  • POWs are displayed in the population summary
  • The parent shipping line for captured civilian ships is removed, so you can scrap them.
  • Fractional values can be set for contract supply and demand
  • Edit Pop no longer allows negative values
  • Extreme negative pop growth will no longer result in negative population
  • Condensation will no longer take place at temperatures above 96C
  • Water Vapour will no longer disappear from the atmosphere for temperatures above 500C
  • Missile ships refitted to non-missile class will unload their ordnance
  • Life pods will not be created if crew is zero or negative
  • Autopsy projects are no longer created when you rescue 'alien' survivors that are the same species as your primary race species.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2020, 01:08:24 PM »
Queued Ground Formation Training Tasks

Training Tasks can be queued for ground formations.

Using Create Task when no GFCC is available will add the formation to the queue for the population. Items can be moved up and down the queue, deleted from the queue and renamed while in the queue.

When a GFCC becomes available, the highest queued formation will begin training and an event will be generated. The build cost is not fixed until training begin, so you can change the templates for formations that are still in the queue.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2020, 01:55:54 PM »
Automatic Research

Some Tech Systems are now flagged as 'automatic research'. When a tech system is researched, any other tech system with that tech as a pre-requisite that is also flagged as 'automatic research' will be researched immediately.

For v1.10 (so far) this will apply to the three types of Troop Transport Bay. When the standard troop transport bay is researched, the other bay sizes will become available automatically (large, small, very small). The same applies to the standard drop bay and the standard boarding bay.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2020, 10:52:33 AM »
Ancient Constructs

In v1.10, anomalies will become Ancient Constructs.

For the most part they will continue to function in the same way, adding a bonus to research projects of a specific research field that takes place on the system body. However, there are three new functions:

1) Ancient Constructs will be 'dormant' until surveyed by a Xenoarchaeological formation. This will be the same process as for ruins. Ruins and Ancient Constructs on the same system body will be surveyed simultaneously but independently. When an Ancient Construct is surveyed, its research field and bonus will be revealed. It will not add any bonus while dormant.

2) Active Ancient Constructs on system bodies where a race has a population of at least one million will add 10% of their bonus to all research projects in their field for that race, even if that project is conducted somewhere else in the empire. For example, an Ancient Construct with a propulsion bonus of 60% will add 60% to research projects on the same body and 6% to all propulsion research projects at any location (which means it will actually add 66% to projects on the same body). This is known as the racial bonus. A new tab on the economics window will summarise the benefits.

3) If Invaders are active, the total % racial bonus provided by all active Ancient Constructs in the galaxy, regardless of which race has the qualifying population, will be used as a negative modifier to the growth of Aether Rifts (see later rules post). For example, if Race A has an Ancient Construct with with 50% Defensive Systems and an Ancient Construct with with 70% Propulsion, while Race B has an Ancient Construct with with 40% Biology, the growth rate of any Aether Rifts will be reduced by 16%. If the total modifier is greater than 100%, Aether Rifts will begin to decrease in size. If two races both have a qualifying population for an Ancient Construct, the bonus for the construct will only apply once for the purposes of Aether Rifts.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2020, 12:01:40 PM »
Aether Rifts

When the invaders options is active, systems may be discovered that contain Aether Rifts. Aether Rifts may also form in existing systems, although this is rare. A rift is a passageway from dimensions beyond the Aether and appears as a black zone surrounded by an indigo border.

Aether Rifts will generally start at 10m kilometres in diameter and will grow each construction phase at the rate of: (Construction Phase Length / Year Length) * 10%. The rate of growth can be slowed down or reversed by active Ancient Constructs - see previous post.

Any system body that is inside an Aether Rift after orbital movement will suffer radiation damage equal to: (Rift Diameter / 10000) * (Construction Phase Length / Year Length). For example, a system body spending a single 5-day phase inside a rift with a 20m km diameter will suffer 27 radiation damage. A system body spending a month (six phases) inside a 200m km diameter rift will suffer 1643 radiation damage.

As time passes, raiding forces will emerge from the Rift and attack any targets they can find. The size of the raiding force will be heavily influenced by the size of the rift, while the technology of the raiding force will depend on time passed. As a Rift grows over time, raiding forces will become larger and more effective. Raiding forces will include gravitational survey ships and possibly stabilisation ships. Rare specialised stabilisation ships may be able to open additional rifts, although there will be considerable effort involved. Future raids will retain the knowledge of earlier raids.

The only way to prevent the raids is to close the rift by activating ancient constructs. Once sufficient ancient constructs are active, new rifts will be unable to form..

Here is an example of a Aether Rift in Sol which is 50m km is diameter, which would take about 18 years from initial formation.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2020, 07:55:54 AM »
Hot Keys

The following hot keys have been added.

F2 Population Summary
F3 Commanders Window
F4 Naval Organization
F5 Class Design
F6 Diplomacy and Intelligence
F7 Race Window
F8 Ground Forces
F9 System View
F10 Create Project
F11 Galactic Map
F12 Toggle Automated Turns

With control pressed:

F2 Events
F3 Medals
F4 Industry
F5 Research
F6 Mining
F7 Wealth
F8 View Technology
F9 Sectors
F10 Missile Design
F11 Turret Design
F12 SM Mode

Holding Shift will function as it does when clicking a toolbar button and create a second window. So Ctrl+Shift+F4 will create a second Economics window open at the industry tab if one is already open. The hot keys will function in the following windows.

Class Design
Commanders Window
Create Project
Diplomacy and Intelligence
Galactic Map
Ground Forces
Missile Design
Naval Organization
Race Comparison
Race Window
System View
Tactical Map
Technology View
Turret Design

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #6 on: May 08, 2020, 11:41:56 AM »
Unused Construction Capacity

When the total capacity devoted to industrial projects is less than 100%, the unused capacity will be shown as well. This will be shown separately for Construction, Ordnance and Fighters.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2020, 04:39:42 PM »
Medal Import

There is a new Medal Import button on the Medal Window that allows you to load a CSV to setup medals and associated conditions.

The format of the file is one medal per line with the fields separated by commas. The first 6 fields are fixed with the following values:
  • Medal Name
  • Description
  • Abbreviation
  • Points
  • Multiple Awards - use Y or N
  • Image File Name - needs to be in Medals sub-directory
Following those fields, you can have an unlimited number of additional numeric fields. Each number represents a condition that will apply to the medal. For example, here is a sample row from a medal import file:

Silver Star,Gallantry in Action,SSM,200,Y,Silver Star Ribbon.png,17,40,42

The IDs for the conditions can be found in the AuroraDB file in the DIM_MedalCondition table. Here is the current list. These are in ID order rather than display order.

1   Discover New Star System
2   Discover Alien Ruins
3   Survive Ship Destruction
4   Destroy Hostile Ship
5   Destroy 100,000 tons of Commercial Shipping
6   Destroy 250,000 tons of Commercial Shipping
7   Destroy 1,000,000 tons of Commercial Shipping
8   Destroy 10 Hostile Missiles
9   Destroy 10,000 tons of Military Shipping
10   Destroy 25,000 tons of Military Shipping
11   Destroy 100,000 tons of Military Shipping
12   Destroy 100 Hostile Missiles
13   Suffer Armour Damage
14   Suffer Internal Damage
15   Destroy Hostile Ground Unit
16   Destroy 1000 tons of Hostile Ground Forces
17   Destroy 10,000 tons of Hostile Ground Forces
18   Discover 100 System Bodies With Minerals
19   Discover 1000 System Bodies With Minerals
20   Discover 10 Jump Points
21   Discover 100 Jump Points
22   Discover 10 New Star Systems
23   Destroy 1000 Hostile Missiles
24   Generate 10,000 Research Points
25   Generate 100,000 Research Points
26   Completed Research Project
27   Completed Five Research Projects
28   Ten Years of Service
29   Twenty Years of Service
30   Thirty Years of Service
31   Capture Hostile Ship in Boarding Combat
32   Habitable World Discovered
33   Three Habitable Worlds Discovered
34   Participate in Combat Drop - Formation
35   Participate in Five Combat Drops - Formation
36   Participate in Combat Drop - Transport
37   Participate in Five Combat Drops - Transport
38   Recover 10 Abandoned Installations
39   Recover 100 Abandoned Installations
40   Destroy 50,000 tons of Military Shipping
41   Destroy 250,000 tons of Military Shipping
42   Destroy 500,000 tons of Commercial Shipping
43   Destroy 2,500,000 tons of Commercial Shipping
44   Destroy 2500 tons of Hostile Ground Forces
45   Destroy 5000 tons of Hostile Ground Forces
46   Destroy 25000 tons of Hostile Ground Forces
47   Stabilise 1 Jump Point or Lagrange Point
48   Stabilise 3 Jump Points or Lagrange Points
49   Stabilise 10 Jump Points or Lagrange Points
50   Salvage 25,000 tons (Commercial / 10)
51   Salvage 100,000 tons (Commercial / 10)
52   Salvage 250,000 tons (Commercial / 10)
53   Discover Three Alien Ruins
54   Generate 25,000 Research Points
55   Generate 250,000 Research Points
56   Recover 25 Abandoned Installations
57   Recover 250 Abandoned Installations
58   Discover 25 New Star Systems
59   Discover 100 New Star Systems
60   Destroy 100,000 tons of Hostile Ground Forces

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2020, 05:14:39 AM »
Land on Assigned Mothership as Sub-Fleet

A new movement order, Land on Assigned Mothership as Sub-Fleet, has been added.

This order functions exactly like Land on Assigned Mothership, except that the landed ships will form a new sub-fleet with the name of the fleet in which they were located before landing.

For example, if a fleet named 'Squadron 01' uses the Land on Assigned Mothership as Sub-Fleet order, the ships of Squadron 01 will be grouped into a new sub-fleet within the carrier fleet, which will also be named 'Squadron 01'.

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Re: 1.10.0 Changes List
« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2020, 12:26:26 PM »
Faster Save

I've made some changes to the Save code that were discussed in the Disappearing Ground Units thread from a while ago. Essentially this involves running the entire database save within a single transaction. This has shortened the save time considerably.

My current DB has my Holy Church campaign and my new Imperium of Man campaign, so still relatively early. Even so, it saved in less than five seconds, so save times in general should come down by a factor of at least 5x and probably more.