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v2.0.0 Changes List (also known as v1.14.0)
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:36:09 AM »
Changes List for 2.0.0

This post includes bug fixes or minor changes. Any more significant changes will have their own post.

  • The ground construction code will check to see if anything should be moved from the queue to active tasks before the 5-day construction cycle commences.
  • To improve performance, fleet histories for NPRs and civilian shipping will be retained only for the last five years.
  • To improve performance, NPRs will not generate 'Out of Fuel' events. This is only for display purposes and will not affect NPRs reacting to low fuel.
  • Added Super-Heavy Bombardment ground component.
  • Updated the rescue code so that the fleet ship that picks up a specific life pod is the first ship in a list ordered by Descending Available Cryogenic Capacity then Descending (Class Crew - Current Survivors)
  • Changed the class designation for auto-assignment so that cargo holds and ELINT are only checked very late in the process.
  • 'Assume Fleet is Jump-Capable' checkbox on Fleet window is now applied on a fleet basis, rather than as a general setting.
  • Added 10cm railguns as a point defence choice for NPR designs.
  • Bodies in Sol system will now start on a random bearing.
  • Added Race Intelligence Points to Intelligence Window.
  • Comets in Sol system will now start at a random distance.
  • There is a rare chance of encountering large or very large comets.
  • Added display of STO weapon ranges to the Tactical Map, when the weapon range display option is selected.
  • Some Spoilers and NPRs (based on Xenophobia) will not bombard populations except when targeting STO units.
  • Maintenance Modules reduced in cost from 200 to 100 BP in line with earlier reduction in cost of maintenance facilities.
  • Added a Raise/Lower Shields button for Fleets.
  • When removing water vapour via terraforming, the process will no longer be terminated due to a lack of water vapour in the atmosphere, unless the hydro extent is zero.
  • Ships in orbit of a conquered colony will only surrender if the population is at least ten million.
  • NPR ship designs may include reduced-size launchers.
  • Estimated travel time displayed for mineral packets when a mass driver destination is selected.
  • Hull abbreviation for classes and ships shown in construction options on Shipyard and Industry tabs of Economics window.
  • Spacebar can be used as a hot key for double-click when adding or removing components from a class design.
  • The research time for queued projects now includes any ancient construct bonuses.
  • Halved the transport requirements for naval headquarters and spaceports to 10 and 40 cargo holds respectively.
  • Removed the 50 starting research lab limit for NPRs.
  • Factory-built Fighters and Space Stations will use their class naming theme.
  • Ground force formations can be drag-dropped between different bodies if SM mode is active.
  • Systems with a single star will no longer use "-A" in the star or system body names.
  • Wreck sizes will no longer be rounded down to the nearest 50 tons.
  • Repair Yard build cost reduced from 2400 BP to 1200 BP. Expansion cost remains the same.
  • When disassembling a component, you are informed which tech you gain points toward and, if different, the tech from which those points originated.
  • Added SM-only Edit Wealth button to the Wealth/Trade tab of the economics window.
  • Removed the star system name for moons and planets in the second field of the mineral search window.
  • Automated Damage Control is now the default for new ships. It can be unset by players as needed for detailed control.
  • Commanders window will no longer run the commander search when the form is opened.
  • Automated design for tankers and harvester sets a minimum fuel level of 10%.
  • Added logistics units to Rakhas infantry and armour formations.
  • Shield regeneration moved to before the movement phase, instead of after movement but before combat.
  • When a shipyard task is created, any movement orders that exist for the target fleet will be removed.
  • Gauss turrets are now researched under Missiles and Kinetic, rather than Energy Weapons.
  • Damage Control and Salvage Modules can now be marked as obsolete.
  • Fixed bug that is causing random letters in the text showing the function of a class for auto-assignment purposes.
  • Removed empty checkbox that was appearing on user selection popup window.
  • Fixed obfuscation of research field names in the Ancient Constructs tab of the Economics window.
  • Fixed error if you try to use Add Queue for Research Projects without selecting a tech system.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to launch ordnance that was larger than the launcher capacity.
  • Fixed problem with commander bonus check code requiring control station on FACs or fighters.
  • Miscellaneous Components can now be researched normally and will appear in the Logistics category. The workaround for v1.13 is to use Instant in SM Mode.
  • Changed player race flag to random instead of always using a fixed file.
  • Fixed 'New Tech from Conquest' game option so that toggling off now prevents tech transfer.
  • Researched cloaking devices are now shown in the 'view tech' window.
  • Supply ships will no longer provide MSP for maintenance locations unless either the supply ship or the supplied ship has cargo shuttles.
  • Fractional capacitor values will appear when using 'Show Next Tech' in the Create Project window.
  • Fixed bug that allowed space stations to be built with alien components that were not available in the population stockpile.
  • Fixed bug that allowed space stations to be built with prototype components.
  • Fighters on ground-related missions can no longer be targeted by ship-based weapons.
  • Fixed #1552 Object Not Found error by ending Death Spiral scenario once Earth crashes into the Sun. Workaround is to manually turn this off.
  • Removed Ground Combat Command from list of commander bonuses.
  • Fixed minimum number of comets so it works in all systems, not just 50%.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unsurveyed moons appearing as potential destinations when 'Exclude Survey' was ticked and the parent planet was surveyed.
  • Deleting a population that contains the top-level admin command will result in that admin command moving to a new population. A naval HQ will be created if no pops with existing HQs are available.
  • Ancient Construct tab will only show field and bonus once xenoarchaeological survey is completed.
  • Setting the 'Select on Map' checkbox to Checked on the Naval Organization window will immediately centre the map if a fleet is currently selected.
  • Time estimate for fleet movement on Naval Organization window now correctly calculates the time for orders that include a minimum distance.
  • The 'Create Colony' from the Naval Organization window now works correctly when your Empire has multiple species.
  • Fixed the 'Fill Class' button on the Naval Organization window.
  • Fixed the 'Generate non-TN Only' flag on Game Details. For clarity this is now 'Generate Pre-Industrial Only'
  • You can no longer use SM mode to create a gas called 'None'.
  • Fixed the function of the 'Update all formations with same replacement template' checkbox.
  • Fixed problem that was slightly increasing logistics bonus for cargo handling.
  • Atmospheric pressure calculation fixed for worlds with frozen gases.
  • Fixed display error caused by extremely small, but non-zero, mining production on planets with very large deposits.
  • Refuelling hubs now count as refuelling systems for the purposes of 'Transfer Fuel' orders.
  • Fixed ECM-1 and ECM-2 so they have 6 crew, in line with other ECM components.
  • Fixed the 'Fire at Will FC' button so it only changes the selected fire control.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPRs to build a lot of Diplomatic ships.
  • You can now set civilian contract demands for installations for which you do not have the required technology.
  • Added a vertical scroll bar to the alien class summary on the Intelligence window.
  • Fixed bug in Fire at Will for Missile Fire Controls that allowed selection if targets within fire control range but outside missile range.
  • Added code to check ground formation still exists before executing a load order.
  • Standing Orders now correctly displayed for the Fleet selected when the Naval Organization window is first opened.
  • Fixed problem with very small space stations having armour width zero.
  • Save Settings on the game details window was making changes to the game but not retaining those changes on the Game window. Fixed now.
  • Fixed bug in 'Move to Gas Giant with Sorium'.
  • Selecting an existing missile now correctly displays name and second stage.
  • Fixed bug that caused 2-stage buoys without targets to self-destruct.
  • Fixed problem with viewing all contacts in all systems on tactical map sidebar.
  • Fixed bug that allowed NPRs to be created mid-game on worlds with dangerous gases.
  • Restricted max size of newly generated NPR populations to the capacity of the host system body.
  • Fixed bug in Unload All Installation movement order that prevented some installations being unloaded by larger freighters.
  • You can no longer double-click on events on the Tactical Map when the display option is off.
  • Fixed bug that caused NPRs to issue warnings when the threat level was zero. For example, a small diplomatic ship currently generates zero threat but results in a warning.
  • Removed the 'Signature vs Passive Detection' line in the missile fire control description as that should only appear for active sensors
  • Fixed a bug that prevented player STO units from using their active sensors.
  • Maintenance facilities in orbit of a population will now allow the use of resupply and overhaul orders with the population as a destination.
  • Fixed bug that prevented maintenance facilities in orbit of a population from drawing maintenance supplies from that population.
  • NPRs will now research fuel efficiency.
  • Fixed a save bug that rounded down weapon power requirements to whole integers.
  • Fixed bug that overestimated damage to formations on ship with damaged transport bays.
  • Armour no longer counted for 'Max Repair Cost'.
  • The Missile Design window will no longer accept negative values.
  • Fixed bug preventing use of neutral populations.
  • Fixed bug that allowed fire controls to ignore reduced cross-section due to cloaks.
  • Resupply status is now saved to the database.
  • Downloading technology from wrecks or disassembling components will ignore any techs flagged as automatic - for example fractional capacitor recharge.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed STO weapons to fire on fighters after they landed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused area mode PD fire to attack both missiles and the current ship target of the fire control.
  • Distance to Lost Contacts shown correctly - was using current distance of ship, not distance of last contact.
  • Fixed issues with tiny wrecks being classed as zero size.
  • Fixed mineral consumption bug caused by using stockpiled components and building two or more ships without changing shipyard.
  • Added jump shock to parasites.
  • Fixed rare bug where the Swarm would only allocate microwave weapons to very small targets and therefore continue firing forever.
  • Production information for Mining Labour Camps now appears on the Mining tab.
  • Fixed display of passive sensors with less than 1.0 strength on tactical map.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the assignment of starting build points to conventional races.
  • Fixed the 'light-speed tractored ships' bug.
  • Ships without fuel are considered as having a speed of 1 km/s for combat purposes - except Swarm who don't use fuel.
  • Fractional installations can now be added on the Civilian tab of the Economics window.
  • Fixed transfers of units between formations so you can no longer transfer more units than currently exist.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2021, 10:51:59 AM »
Retired/Dead Commanders

v1.14.0 allow you to retain or even restore dead and retired commanders.

When a commander is killed or retired, they are added to a new section on the commanders window treeview. Dead and Retired commanders retain all of their history and medals and are listed under the rank at which they left the service. They can also be awarded posthumous medals.

There is a new node entitled "Retired / Dead" which sits at the same level as the four existing top level nodes (Naval Commanders, Ground Commanders, etc.). Within that new node, is an identical hierarchy to active commanders, except that only ranks containing retired or dead officers are displayed (to avoid clutter).

Each retired or dead commander has a default status of (DNR), shown as a suffix to their name, which in this instance means "Do Not Retain". Once the game is shut down, any commander with a (DNR) tag will be removed from the game entirely. This is to avoid cluttering up the game with thousands of ex-commanders. Clicking on a retired/dead commander will reveal a Retain button, which can be used to toggle the (DNR) tag. When you save a game, any retired/dead commander without a (DNR) tag will be saved in the same way as an active commander. When the game is loaded, they will remain in the Retired/Dead section without the (DNR) tag.

If you are in SM mode and click on a retired/dead commander, you will also have a Restore button. Clicking this button will return the commander to active service and restore them to perfect health. They will appear as the least senior member of the rank they held on retirement.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2021, 06:09:26 AM »
Transfer Fleet to Alien Race

On v1.14, you can transfer a fleet to a known alien race. This is done using a button + dropdown combination on Miscellaneous tab in the Fleet view of the Naval Organization window. You select the target race and click Transfer Fleet.

The fleet and any ships contained therein, including parasites, will be transferred to the selected alien race. This can be done in a system that is unknown to the alien race, as the system will be revealed as part of the transfer. The alien race will generate any required alien class and ship records if they do not have any prior knowledge of the ships. There will be no 'overhaul factor' penalty as this is a willing transfer, rather than a surrender or capture.

It is possible, although not recommended for inexperienced players, to transfer the fleet to an NPR. The NPR will assign Ship AIs and a Fleet AI to the fleet based on the Race AIs best estimation of the fleet's role and the capabilities of individual ships. This is by no means foolproof, due to the huge variety possible in player designs, so it could potentially cause problems with the AI if the designs in the fleet are not easily classified. For example, a survey ship, a freighter fleet, terraformer, basic combatant squadron, etc. would be fine, but not a 100,000-ton Battlestar. Common sense (and database backup) is recommended for transfers to NPRs. If you do use transfers to NPRs, please note that in any subsequent bug reports. I'll add a pop-up on the Transfer Fleet button to this effect.

The NPR will determine the fleet type by going through the following list looking for the first matching module. If one is found, the fleet will be classified on that basis and the check will end.
  • Gravitational Sensors = Gravsurvey Fleet
  • Geological Sensors = Geosurvey Fleet
  • Terraforming Module = Terraformer
  • Harvester Module = Fuel Harvester
  • Salvage Module = Salvage Ship
  • Stabilisation Module = Stabilisation Ship
  • Orbital Mining Module = Orbital Miner
  • Diplomacy Module = Diplomacy Ship
  • Missile Fire Control > Beam Fire Controls
    •     No Engines = Missile Defence Base
    •     < 30,000 tons = Missile Patrol
    •     < 60,000 tons = Missile Squadron
    •     Else = Missile Fleet
  • Beam Fire Controls > 0
    •     No Engines = Beam Defence Base
    •     < 30,000 tons = Beam Patrol
    •     < 60,000 tons = Beam Squadron
    •     Else = Beam Fleet
  • Refuelling System = Tanker
  • Troop Transport Bays = Troop Transport
  • Cryogenic Module = Colony Ship
  • Cargo Hold = Freighter
  • Single Ship with Active Sensor Size 3 or higher = Scout
  • If no other type, then split into single ships and class as reinforcements (which the AI will allocate where needed)

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2021, 07:33:53 AM »
Changes to Crew Training / Fleet Training

For v1.14, Crew Training is changing from a numeric to a percentage-based bonus. With the recent demise of the ground combat command bonus, crew training was the only non-percentage-based bonus (except for admin ratings) and therefore created an exception in the rules. It also created some issues around using multiple layers of admin commands to increase the bonus for both crew training and fleet training.

Each percentage point of the new bonus will be equal to 5 points of the old bonus. So 20% = 100. The max starting bonus will be 30% (or 150 in the old bonus) and the new bonus can reach a maximum of 50%. More commanders will receive the new bonus.

As a result of the change to the bonus, the new crew training calculation is as follows:

1) A ship must have a commander or an executive officer with a crew training bonus to conduct crew training. The bonus due to each is calculated separately and then added.

2) The bonus of each officer may be boosted by the parent admin command and any other eligible admin commands in the same hierarchy (see this post for details:;topicseen#msg103849)

3) The final bonus is halved for the ship commander. The executive officer uses the full bonus.

4) Once the final bonus for each officer is calculated, the incremental crew grade points are calculated as Final Bonus * 500 per year. For example, an executive officer with a 20% crew training bonus supported by a naval admin command with a 30% bonus (of which 1/4 is applied) would add: ((1.2 * 1.075) - 1) = 29% * 500 = 145 crew grade points per year. Maximum grade is 1000 points.

The new Fleet Training calculation is as follows:

1) The base percentage for increase is based on the crew training rating of the parent admin command and any other eligible admin commands in the same hierarchy. This is the full bonus for a Training admin command and 10% of the bonus for a General admin command.

2) This above bonus is multipled by the crew grade, morale and overhaul factor of the ship.

3) Once the final bonus is calculated, the incremental fleet training points are calculated as Final Bonus * 1000 per year. Maximum training is 500 points.
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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2021, 09:11:59 AM »
Automatic Bridge

This is a minor change, but worth noting separately.

Aurora requires a bridge for any ship of 1000 tons or more. However, it can be annoying when you are experimenting with small systems and the bridge is automatically added when you go slightly over at 1000 tons.

For v1.14, the Design Errors section will note when the ship requires a bridge (at 1000+ tons), but the bridge will only be added automatically at 1100 tons.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2021, 12:48:22 PM »
Fleet Active Sensor Button

Fleets now have an active sensor button in the same way as Ships.

If a fleet has any ships with active sensors, the button will read 'Active Off' and will turn off any active sensors. If no active sensors are engaged, the button will read 'Active On' and will turn on all active sensors in the fleet.

If you want a fleet with only some sensors active to turn them all on, then press the button twice.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #6 on: May 03, 2021, 02:26:50 PM »
Engine Technology Naming

As there is scope for confusion between Internal Confinement Fusion and Inertial Confinement Fusion, I've removed the Internal Confinement Fusion entirely. Every engine and power plant tech above them has been moved down one level. For example, Magnetic Confinement Fusion is now 40,000 RP instead of 80,000 RP. A new Quantum Singularity Drive (and Quantum Singularity power plant) has been added to the end of the list to maintain the same number of engine and power plant techs.

I've also renamed the lower tech engines to be more distinctive and to avoid having the 'Improved' prefix. The updated list (thanks to nuclearslurpee for the names) is as follows:
  • Radioisotope Thermal Generator + Nuclear Radioisotope Engine
  • Pressurised Water Reactor + Nuclear Thermal Engine
  • Pebble Bed Reactor + Nuclear Pulse Engine
  • Gaseous Fission Reactor + Nuclear Gas-Core Engine
  • Magnetic Mirror Fusion Reactor + Ion Drive
  • Stellarator Fusion Reactor + Magneto-Plasma Drive
  • Tokamak Fusion Reactor + Magnetic Confinement Fusion Drive
  • Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor + Inertial Confinement Fusion Drive
  • Solid-core Anti-matter Power Plant + Solid Core Anti-matter Drive
  • Gas-core Anti-matter Power Plant + Gas Core Anti-matter Drive
  • Plasma-core Anti-matter Power Plant + Plasma Core Anti-matter Drive
  • Beam Core Anti-matter Power Plant + Beam Core Anti-matter Drive
  • Vacuum Energy Power Plant + Photonic Drive
  • Quantum Singularity Power Plant + Quantum Singularity Drive
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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2021, 06:43:14 AM »
Scrapping Installations

In v1.14.0, you can scrap installations for thirty percent of their wealth and minerals.

This is done via the Civilian Economy tab of the Economics window. Select an installation and click the new 'Scrap Installation' button. You are prompted to select the number of installations to scrap. Wealth is added to the racial balance and minerals are added to the parent population stockpile.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #8 on: May 04, 2021, 06:57:17 AM »
Scrapping Ground Unit Formations

In v1.14.0, you can scrap ground units for thirty percent of their wealth and minerals.

On the Ground Forces window, select a ground unit formation and click the new 'Scrap Formation' button. All elements within the formation will be scrapped. Wealth is added to the racial balance and minerals are added to the parent population stockpile.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #9 on: May 05, 2021, 05:55:04 AM »
Re-Establish Ship Contact

In v1.13, a New Contact event is generated when you encounter an alien ship for the first time. There are also Update Contact events when you gain further sensor information or there is a change to existing sensor information.

For v1.14, you will also receive an Update Contact event when contact with a ship is re-established, even if there is no new sensor information. 'Re-established' in this context means that the ship was not detected by sensors of any type prior to the new detection

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #10 on: May 15, 2021, 05:33:08 AM »
System AI Update

In v1.13, the system-level AI judges whether it has enough force to engage hostile ships in the system, based on what it has learned about the enemy forces in the past. If the AI judges the situation is to its own advantage, it will attack. However, it sometimes commits those available forces piecemeal, allowing the player to defeat them in detail.

I've updated the System AI logic for v1.14 so it will try to consolidate forces where necessary before committing to that attack. I'm flagging this here so players can report on any changes in AI behaviour (good or bad).

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #11 on: May 15, 2021, 06:30:12 AM »
Aether Raiders

v1.14 includes a new 'spoiler' race, known as the Aether Raiders. They are inspired by the Dark Eldar in the WH40k universe and will function as a pirate faction. High level mechanics details follow, so stop reading now if you want to avoid spoilers.

The Raiders are based in a system that has no jump points and cannot be accessed via normal travel. As a result, they developed a technology known as the Aether Gate, allowing them to create their own pathways between their home system and other systems in the galaxy. The Aether Gates are temporary energy structures, although they can exist for months or even years before they are closed down. They cannot be detected by normal surveying methods, although the sudden appearance of a raider ship within existing sensor range will be a very good guide to the potential location.

As a result of basing their technology on Aether Gate travel, the Raider ships cannot travel via jump points.

The goal of the Raiders is to accumulate slaves and raw materials. They do this by scouting out systems to find alien shipping, preferably undefended commercial shipping, or small colonies. Shipping is destroyed and colonies are captured, allowing slave transports to collect life pods or colonists and salvage ships to loot the wreckage before heading back through the gate.

The Raiders wish to preserve their forces, unless a very good opportunity is presented, so they are more likely to avoid combat with warships than NPRs or other spoiler races. Raider ships are designed with that philosophy in mind. Generally, they will operate solo or in small groups, although a larger force may be encountered occasionally.

The Raiders are not interested in capturing territory or destroying other races, so they do not pose an existential threat. However, they can prove to be very disruptive to shipping lanes and frontier colonies and their ability to open gates to any system means that they can potentially appear anywhere without warning. New Raider ships will be built over time and their technology may improve too. The individual Raider ships are tracked, so you may encounter the same ship over time in different systems. Destroying ships will reduce their forces and consequently reduce the size and/or frequency of future raids.

Raiders must exit a system via the same gate through which they entered. However, once all raiders leave a system that gate will be shut down. If Raiders return to the same system, a new gate will be opened in a different location.

Aether Raiders have been added as a option to the Game window. There is also an option to prevent them appearing in NPR-claimed systems.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #12 on: May 15, 2021, 09:26:04 AM »
Loss of Cargo

When a ship is destroyed, a list of cargo will be included in the destruction event. This includes installations, minerals, components, trade goods, colonists and ground unit formations

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #13 on: May 15, 2021, 09:27:45 AM »
Civilian Contracts

I've been reviewing the civilian contracts code to find the long-standing bug. As a result, I decided to simplify the way that supply and demand functions.

For v1.14, as soon as a freighter accepts the contract for a given installation, even if it is in a different system to the pickup point, the supply and demand amounts for the start and destination populations are adjusted accordingly. This makes it much easier to see if the contracts are being met, even though the involved ships may still be underway, and eliminates the potential for oversupply.

If a civilian freighter is lost to enemy action while carrying an installation, the amount lost will be added back to the demand of the destination population.

If a civilian freighter is lost to enemy action before loading an installation, the amount lost will be added back to the supply of the pickup population and to the demand of the destination population.

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Re: v1.14.0 Changes List
« Reply #14 on: May 15, 2021, 06:22:03 PM »
Minimum Jump Engine Size

Minimum Jump Engine Size was intended as the smallest size jump engine that could jump other ships in addition to the mounting ship. A bug allowed ship with a 'self-jump' drive to jump other ships in standard transits when it did not jump itself. After some consideration, I've decided to leave the bug functionality as is, with one minor change. The new rule is as follows:
  • The 'Minimum Jump Engine Size' tech line is now 'Minimum Squadron Jump Engine Size'.
  • Any jump drive below this size has a squadron size of 1.
  • Any jump drive below this size cannot perform a squadron transit, even for the mounting ship.
  • All jump drives, regardless of squadron jump capability, can perform a standard transit for any number of ships with the matching engine type within the normal size limit of the jump drive.
  • For the Create Project window, I've changed the 'Self-Jump' suffix on jump engine size to 'No Squadron Jump'
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