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Celtic Campaign Year 3133
« on: October 30, 2010, 03:24:18 PM »
6th Semivisonna 3133 – The ArkCon ambassador informs the government that they consider the Celts as a friendly empire and will allow us to use their jump ships.

12th Semivisonna 3133 – Cynol Twrgadarn Ruddock killed in an accident whilst the 16th Eng Bde is excavating alien facilities on Deliverance.

26th Semivisonna 3133 – 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn discovers Gliese 784.

1st Eqvos 3133 – 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn discovers Gliese 615.  The system includes one terraforming target.

25th Elembiv 3133 – The Bwgan (CO Space Commander Arthes Tibbetts) encounters a new race in the YZ Canis Majoris system.  The Bwgan jumps out immediately and races for home.  Also, the Stable Wormhole in the system seems to have disappeared.

4th Aedrinios 3133 – Explosions are detected in the ArkCons home system.  It appears that they their enemy has warships in their home system.

6th Aedrinios 3133 – The message about aliens in the YZ Canis Majoris System is received at Daear.  A Task Force (CO Chief Space Marshal Torlan Carduggan) consisting of BB Div#1, Cruiser Sqns #1 and #2 and Frigate Sqns #1 and #2 is sent to investigate.

23rd Aedrinios 3133 – The Task Force arrives at the JP to YZ Canis Majoris.  After activating shields and sensors, the ships jump through at 07:42.  On the other side of the JP there are 3 ships divided into 2 classes.  The Task Force attempts to make contact.  The ships accelerate to 10000km/s.  Based upon their thermal signature this indicates either a huge amount of mass dedicated to engines or superior engine tech.  They also have enormous shield signatures of a type unknown to the science officers in the fleet.  Albanwyr is struck by some kind of plasma torpedo causing significant damage and killing 747 of her crew.  The fleet cannot return fire as their sensors are still stabilizing.  Albanwyr (CO Space Captain Una Tidder) is ordered to jump out.  The alien plasma weapon appears to have a 20sec recharge this time Almaenwyr (CO Space Captain Tristran Cantingham) is hit.  Almaenwyr’s shields have been dropped but the torpedoes fail to penetrate her armour.  At 07:43:41 the TF’s sensors come online the 3 ships have estimated tonnages of 12,800 and 32,000 tonnes respectively.  They also have an ECM strength of 6.  The TF fire everything at one of the 2 32,000 tonne contacts.  Unfortunately, the aliens are already outside of beam range.   Only 20 missiles are launched at the aliens.  At 07:44;06 some missiles hit, the alien shields somehow absorb the damage and then start radiating it.  At 07:45:21 the TF move away from the JP in pursuit of the aliens.  At 07:45:26 the TF manage to fire their first co-ordinated salvo.  At 07:46:06, the Almaenwyr is hit by 16 extremely large versions of the plasma torpedoes that have been peppering the fleet.  The Almeanwyr explodes taking her skipper with her.  Frigate Sqn #1 stops to collect survivors.  The TF heads back to the JP.  If another salvo like the last one comes their way they will jump out immediately.  Of Almaenwyr’s 2063 crew, 992 are rescued by Frigate Sqn #1.  Space Commodore Mari Bwyddr is awarded the Space Cross for her bravery.   The salvo of missiles that arrives at 07:46:46 finally penetrates the shields of the alien warship and it starts to stream atmosphere.  It appears that the aliens have 2 types of plasma torpedo, one that starts at strength 32 and another which starts at strength 4.  The lower strength torpedoes appear to be used as AMMs.  At  07:47:26 the first of the large alien ships is destroyed.  The fleet shift fire to the other one.  After peppering a FF, the aliens shift fire to the last BBJ in the TF, Rhufeinwr.  At 07:49:01, 8 more size 32 torpedoes are detected inbound.  The TF CO elects to stay, ordering just the Rhufeinwr to jump out.  If the torpedoes have no onboard guidance they should hopefully self-destruct.  The plan works and the torpedoes self-destruct while still 850k km from the fleet.  The third salvo to hit the alien warship appeared to reach deeply into the hull as a Strength-34 secondary explosion was detected at 07:49:26.  Following the impacts the ship’s active sensor and its ECM cease radiating.  This is the last full volley as the BBs run out of ASMs.  The alien ships have been slowed to 5500 km/s but they start to move towards the fleet.  The torpedoes remain targeted on the BBJ, but she breaks lock by jumping in and out of the system.  The fourth salvo destroys the remaining 32,000 tonne alien warship.  The TF shifts fire to the remaining smaller warship which is continuing to close with the fleet.  The second salvo to hit the final warship slows it to 4910 km/s.  The third salvo destroys the final alien warship.  The senior officer of each TG is awarded a DSC and the TF CO is awarded the newly created Distinguished Service Order, awarded for multiple DSC awards.  The Cruiser Sqn #1 CO (Deputy Space Marshal Amynedd Grunna) also receives a DSO.  The battle is a victory in terms of tonnage; however the loss of a BBJ and damage to 2 others will put a crimp on the operations of BB Div #1.

25th Aedrinios 3133 – Gliese 54 System discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system has one terraforming target.

8th Cantlos 3133 – TW Piscis Austrini system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 possible terraforming targets.

9th Cantlos 3133 – An initial analysis of the engagement in the YZ Canis Majoris system suggests that one method of defeating the new shield technology would be to use meson cannons to bypass both shields and armour.  The completing solution is an overwhelming missile strike that fills the target’s shields and punches through their prodigious armour belt.

3rd Samonios 3133Albanwyr pulls into spacedock.  All of her systems have been repaired by the crew on their voyage home.  What hasn’t been repaired is her armour belt.  Over 80% of her armour just wasn’t there anymore.  Thanks to improved manufacturing techniques it will only take 20 days to completely repair the armour.

8th Samonios 3133 – The Embassy on the ArkCon home world detects some explosions in the outer solar system.  It appears the ArkCons are fighting again.  The latest records show that there are 2 million Celts on the ArkCon home world mostly traders but with some tourists.

21st Samonios 3133 – A fast courier ship covertly drops an espionage team on Celebrion Prime.

24th Samonios 3133 – The wreck of the Almaenwyr is salvaged and a surprising number of intact components are recovered.

19th Dvmannios 3133 – The first of the alien ships is salvaged revealing just how advanced they are when an ECM-6 system is recovered.

1st Rivros 3133 – Ross 29 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one possible terraforming target.

7th Rivros 3133 – Gliese 153 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target.

10th Rivros 3133 – Gliese 247 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn. 

2nd Anagantios  3133 – Luyten 1534-1 System discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

15th Anagantios  3133 – Psi-5 Aurigae System discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

3rd Ogronnos 3133 – Cruiser Sqn #1 under the command of Deputy Space Marshal Amynedd Grunna is sent to the Arkangelsk (the renamed Gliese 109) System.  The trip is supposedly a goodwill visit, but the Deputy Space Marshal has been told to try and find evidence of the aliens that the ArkCon are fighting.

8th Ogronnos 3133 – Salvaged plasma weapons and other components from the new alien race arrive on Daear.  The scientific establishment start examining the components whilst they are still being off-loaded.  The components provide a bonanza of scientific data; unfortunately, the base scientific concept that allows the creation of plasma torpedoes still eludes the scientific establishment.

18th Ogronnos 3133 – Cruiser Sqn #1 rescues some life pods in the Ark home system.  The pods contain the aliens that the Arks have been fighting.  The aliens look human, but in fact have no shared heritage and have a completely different set of internal organs.  Unfortunately too few aliens are rescued for any useful intelligence to be gathered from them.

19th Ogronnos 3133 – Gliese 745 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system has 3 terraforming targets.  2 of the planets orbit the system secondary star and would take over 125 days to travel to.

22nd Ogronnos 3133 – Vega system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target.

25th Ogronnos 3133 – AD Leonis system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.
20th Cvtios 3133 – GJ 1156 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

21st Cvtios 3133 – Wolf 358 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

29th Cvtios 3133 – Groombridge 1618 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

3rd Giamonios 3133 – V547 Cassiopeiae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 3 terraforming targets including one with a HI of 0.91.  The system also contains the wrecks of 3 ships one of which is definitely Precursor in origin.  The fleet jumps out immediately.

13th Giamonios 3133 – Gliese 505 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains a system with ideal conditions.  A scout is sent to investigate.

16th Giamonios 3133 – QY Aurigae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

17th Giamonios 3133 - Luyten 164-15 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target.

19th Giamonios 3133 – Gliese 555 system  discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target with a HI of 0.61.

20th Giamonios 3133 – The gravitational survey of the Wolf 358 system is completed.  The system has an astonishing 8 JPs.

23rd Giamonios 3133 – Stein 2051 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target and one ideal world.

26th Giamonios 3133 – LHS 292 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn (CO Space Captain Traven Noke).  Five Precursor ships consisting of 2 new classes are detected in orbit around the second planet of the system.  The ships of the probe attempt to jump out immediately.  The system itself contains 2 terraforming targets.  Both of the classes have a thermal signature of 1800; based on previous data this would indicate that the ships each have a tonnage of 15 200 tonnes.  There are also 4 ArkCon shipwrecks in the system.  Each of the wrecks appears to be River class survey ship.  2 of the wrecks are in orbit of the first planet, implying that there may be more Precursors in orbit around the first planet.

29th Giamonios 3133 – Gliese 445 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.