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Celtic Campaign Year 3134
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4th Semivisonna 3134 – Giclas 148-13 discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 terraforming targets.

5th Semivisonna 3134 – The High King decides that the Aliens in the Capella system might constitute a long term threat and plans are quietly drawn up to conquer them.  The Celebrion Dynasty are already considered a threat and are seen as an easier target and they will be targeted first.  The plan is to conduct an offensive in Jan 3136.

7th Semivisonna 3134 – Giclas 99-49 discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  

1st Eqvos 3133 – The message about the Precursors in the LHS292 system arrives at Fleet HQ.  BB Div#1, Carrier Group #1, Cruiser Sqns #3 and #4, Destroyer Sqn #2 and Frigate Sqns #3 and #5 are sent under the overall command of Chief Space Marshal Tolan Carduggan.

6th Elembiv 3134 – The task force jumps into the LHS292 system at 05:05.  BB Div #1 leads the way.  The Task Force sits on the JP until all of its sensors are online.  15secs after transit the Precursor’s active sensors are detected.  2 mins later the Precursors are detected moving towards the fleet at 5920 km/s.  10sec later the Task Force’s active sensors come on line and the aliens ships are scanned and determined to each have a mass of 15 200 tonnes.  The active scans also detect a 2 further ships that have no thermal signature in orbit around the planet the 5 previous Precursor ships have departed.  At 05:15, the first 2 salvos are fired targeting one of the 4 Nakor ships, the other is targeted on the only Ryaugh class ship.  At 05:26, the first salvo arrives and hits its target.  Not one of the missiles is intercepted.  Although the ship was not destroyed it was slowed to 3200km/s by the damage it received.  The second salvo arrives at 05:29, again there is no defensive fire and the targeted ship is slowed by the damage.


At 05:41:21 the first NAKOR class target is destroyed.  At 05:44:21, a second NAKOR class is destroyed.  At 05:53:06, a third NAKOR class is destroyed.  At 06:56:56, the solitary RYAUGH class is destroyed.  At 06:06:26, the final NAKOR class ship is destroyed.  With the mobile units destroyed the task force closes to 45 Mkm of the suspected precursor orbital bases.  


At 07:20:56, the BAS-TYRA class base is destroyed.  All that remains is the CON-DOIN class base; a salvo is fired at it by the CGs at 07:21:06.  This class is tougher and it withstands the full salvo.  At 07:33 the CGs fire again.  At 07:46 the CON-DOIN succumbs to the missile fire.  At 09:51, the system is declared clear of the Precursor threat.


23rd Elembiv 3134 – Whilst returning home from engaging the Precursors, the task force detects 2 Invader ships in the YZ Canis Majoris system.  The task groups are strung out over the system.  The task groups head for a JP to RV.  The Invaders turn towards the fleet and approach at a speed of 8000 km/s.  Carrier Group #1 (CO Space Commodore Gwenifer Masson) will launch a fighter strike at 100M km.  The new class of Invaders has a thermal signature of 960.   Based upon previous encounters this would suggest that the new class has a mass of approximately 5000 tonnes.  At 06:33 the Invaders enter active sensor range and are determined to have a mass of 6000 tonnes.

At 07:33 Carrier Group #1 launches their fighters in a massed fighter strike.  The strike is under the overall command of Space Commodore Drysi Howell; the strike is launched at a range of 150M km.  The Invaders appear to be heading for Cruiser Sqn #3.
At 08:49 the fighters launch their missiles and turn for home.  At 08:50, the missiles strike home and obliterate the ships.  It appears that only 13-15 fighters are required to kill each of this class.  The locations of the wrecks are marked and the Task Force turns for home.

4th Aedrinios 3134 – A ruined settlement is discovered on LHS 292 A-II by 2nd I(Geo) Survey Sqn.  The Mabli Jennons Xeno team is created and assigned to research this site.

10th Aedrinios 3134 – Cruiser Sqn #1 (CO Deputy Space Marshal Amynedd Grunna) arrives in the Eta Cassieopae system and comes under fire from an unknown source.  The sqn had entered the system with their shields down and their active sensors off.  The Gweilch (CO Deputy Space Marshal Winnifred  Griffin) is hit by several missiles but her armour and shields absorb all the damage.  The rest of the incoming salvo is destroyed by AMMs.  No further missiles are detected, it is assessed that some kind of mine had just been triggered.  The whole engagement was over in 10secs.

11th Aedrinios 3134 – At the other end of known space in the Giclas 148-13 system, another minefield is set off by the Geo Survey ship Yr Aran 003 (CO Space Commodore Ysbail Loughor).  Most of the first salvo misses and the ship is only hit by 2 missiles.  Fortunately, the ship’s armour belt stops the damage from penetrating the ship.  No more mines appear to be present, so the Yr Aran 003 turns back to investigate the planet they were defending.

14th Aedrinios 3134 – It appears the mines were protecting a ruined settlement on Giclas 148-13 A-III.  The newly created Olwen Ajax Xeno team is sent to investigate it.
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Celtic Campaign Year 3134 PART 2
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16th Aedrinios 3134 – Groombridge 1830 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

20th Aedrinios 3134 – The structure of survey sqns is changed to include 3 FF to provide some combat power.  Also, in future, sqns will be commanded by officers with combat experience.  The first group to be changed is 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn; their new commander is Deputy Space Marshal Amynedd Grunna.

23rd Aedrinios 3134 – More explosions are detected in Arkangelsk.  It appears that the hostile aliens are attacking again.  It is later discovered that a single 20 700 tonne alien warship attempted to breach the ArkCon defences.

26th Cantlos 3134 – Struve 1280 discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The SZ Ursae Majoris system is also discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn today.

28th Cantlos 3134 – Chi Draconis system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

4th Samonios 3134 – Pollux system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

20th Samonios 3134 – Wolf 437 System discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

25th Samonios 3134 – Gliese 408 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

27th Samonios 3134 – Beta Virginis system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 potential colony sites including one with a HI of 0.

28th Samonios 3134 – Giclas 111-47 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

29th Samonios 3134 – Precursor listening posts on Gliese 526 A-III and Comet #2 are captured by marine ground forces.  Both the sites have a huge number of Precursor anti-ship missiles stored on them.

25th Dvmannios 3134 – Luyten 961-1 System discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

28th Dvmannios 3134 – An espionage team on the ArkCon home world steal the plans of the Vaedry class 6400 tonne jump destroyer.

8th Rivros 3134 – Denebola system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

27th Rivros 3134 – More explosions are detected emanating from deep space by the embassy on the ArkCon home world.  It appears that the hostile aliens are attacking again.

5th Anagantios  3134 – More explosions are detected in the ArkCon home system.

10th Anagantios  3134 – A Freighter from the Rothero Freight Company detects a new alien race in the ArkCon home system.  The embassy on the ArkCon home world tries attempt contact with them.  A mostly Army diplomatic team is formed under the command of Brigadier Briallen Dudde.  The Gliese 687 is discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains a HI 0 planet with a surface temperature of -14 degrees.  The scout Waneour 001 is sent to investigate.  At 18:14:51 the Rothero freighter in the ArkCon home system is hit by missiles from the new aliens . Such much for Army dip[lomacy!  The missiles are all strength 1 which implies that the alien ship is an escort design.  The alien launchers appear to have a 10s reload rate as the next missiles arrive 10s later.  Unfortunately, the next salvo destroys the ship, 336 survivors from the crew of 646 make it to the life pods.  10sec later a second Rothero freighter is attacked by the aliens.  It takes 4 salvos to kill the ship and this time 352 survivors make it to the lifepods.

13th Anagantios  3134 – HD 158633 System discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains a Hi 0 planet with a surface temperature of -15.5 degrees.  Another Rothero freighter rescues the survivors from the lifepods today.

14th Anagantios  3134 – Another Rothero freighter detects the thermal signature of the alien warship in the ArkCon system.  11 Leonis Minoris system is discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn, the system contains 2 possible colony sites.  At 10:46 the Rothero freighter is attacked by the alien warship.  This time it takes 3 salvos to destroy the ship.  337 survivors make it to the life pods; however, there are no longer any ships in the system to rescue them.

23rd Anagantios  3134 – News of the unprovoked cowardly attack on the Rothero freighters reaches the home world.  The public demand that SOMETHING BE DONE!. It will take a few days to put together a force, in the meantime the quick reaction force of Battle Cruiser Sqn #1 and Destroyer Sqn #2 will race to the ArkCon home system.  All other offensive plans are put on hold and the Celtic Navy turns its attention towards first stopping, then finding and finally conquering this aggressive alien race.

28th Anagantios  3134 – 3rd Fleet is formed under command of Chief Space Marshal Treven Kendrick.  3rd Fleet is charged with defeating the new alien threat.  Initially assigned to 3rd Fleet are Battle Cruiser Sqn #1, Destroyer Sqn #2, Frigate Sqn #5 and 2 newly created formations; BB Div #3 and Carrier Group #3.

30th Anagantios  3134 – LHS 471 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 possible colony sites and, more importantly, a stable wormhole.  The colony sites are one HI 2.27 planet and a HI 1.67 planet with only a trace atmosphere.   3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn jumps out immediately and marks the system as off limits for the time being.

2nd Ogronnos 3134 – Gliese 671 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one possible colony site.  The terrestrial planet (A-III) only has a trace atmosphere.  At 21:33 another Rothero freighter (Aran Fawddwy Batch 3) is attacked by the alien commerce raider in the ArkCon system.  After 5 salvos it is destroyed.  506 of the freighter’s 1043 crew make it to the life pods. 

3rd Ogronnos 3134 – The quick reaction force arrives in the ArkCon home system and race off after the commerce raider.

4th Ogronnos 3134 – At 0919, the thermal signature of the alien commerce raider is detected chasing some ArkCon freighters towards the JP that the BC Sqn#1 has just used.  At 1404, the alien search and FC sensors are detected.  It appears that the alien ship is some kind of escort design as its FC has a resolution of 1.  20 secs later the target explodes.  It appears that the ArkCon forces have finally caught up with it.  DD Sqn #2 head for the alien life pods and BC Sqn #1 head for the Rothero lifepods.

5th Ogronnos 3134 – At 0334, DD Sqn#2 capture 533 alien prisoners.   At 2104, BC Sqn #1 rescues the Rothero survivors.  Both sqns then head for a WP that should put them on a direct line to the unknown JP that the aliens must have entered the system through.

12th Ogronnos 3134 – Mu Herculis system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The B Component had a possible colony site; however it could only be reached by hyper capable ships in any reasonable amount of time.

16th Ogronnos 3134 – Because of the loss of several of their ships in the ArkCon home system; the share price of the Rothero Shipping Company falls.  In turn this encourages a new shipping company to start up as investors look for a less adventurous company to invest in.  Fihagel Shipping start their company with a vow to carry cargo cheaply and safely.  The Gliese 694 system is discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains a HI 1.70 planet that could be a potential colony site.  The first Driegiau F3 fighters enter service aboard the carrier Grym.

28th Ogronnos 3134 – The espionage team on Calebirion Prime steals information about the Kuiper 75 system.

30th Ogronnos 3134 – Zeta Herculis system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

11th Cvtios 3134 – 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn arrives in the ArkCon home system and begins to survey for the JP that the hostile aliens have been using.

15th Cvtios 3134 – A JP is discovered in the Arkangelsk system; unfortunately, it is nowhere near the expected threat axis.  1st (Grav) Survey Sqn set out to investigate it.

17th Cvtios 3134 – Gliese 105 system is discovered by 1st (Grav) survey Sqn.  The system has 2 possible terraforming sites with HIs of 1.70 and 1.94 orbiting the B-component.  There are also the wrecks of 2 Precursor FACs in the system.

21st Cvtios 3134 – V1285 Aquilae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn,  The system contains 3 planets including on terrestrial planet with a HI of 1.70.  Unfortunately, the planet has no atmosphere to speak of an a surface temperature of -93 degrees.  Also, the system contains 3 wrecks, one of which is definitely a Precursor, the origin of the other 2 is unknown.  3rd (Grav) survey jumps out and head for the other unknown JP in the Gliese 745 system.  A little over 8 hours later the fleet discovers the Gliese 673 system.  The system contains 6 planets; one of which is a terrestrial world with a Hi of 1.70 due the sulphur dioxide present in its atmosphere.

22nd Cvtios 3134 – Another JP is discovered in the Arkhangelsk system.  Again, the JP is not on the threat axis, so 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn’s support ships go to take a look.

25th Cvtios 3134 – 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn enter the Arkhangelsk JP and reappear in the Mu Cassiopeiae system.  The system has a stable wormhole and is a binary star system without any planets.  The fleet logs its results and jumps back out.

28th Cvtios 3134 – A JP is discovered in the Arkhangelsk system on the threat axis.  Battle Cruiser Sqn #1 is sent to investigate it.


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Celtic Campaign Year 3134 PART 3
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2nd Giamonios 3134 – Battle Cruiser Sqn #1 discovers the 107 Piscium system.  The system contains 4 planets on of which is terrestrial, but with a temperature of -90 and a methane atmosphere, it is unlikely to the alien’s home world.  The one of the JPs in this system must lead further towards the alien system.  Frigate Sqn #5 is set to reinforce them.

12th Giamonios 3134 – The Grav survey of the Archangelsk system is completed; the system has a total of 4 jump points.  Survey work is now refocused in the 107 Piscium system.

20th Giamonios 3134 – A thermal contact is detected in the 107 Piscum system.  The contact appears to be from the hostile aliens.  Battle Cruiser Sqn moves away from the JP to engage.  The contact has a thermal strength of 1200 at a range of 656.4M kms and a bearing of 336 from the JP.  The target is assigned the reporting name NISHANK.     The CO of BC Sqn #1, Space Marshal Winifred Thomas, decides to close to just inside the maximum range of the Arrow Mk3 missile and launch at a range of 70M km.  The detection occurred at 04:42.  It will take up to 19hrs to close to firing range.  The target appears to be moving at 4347 km/s revising the launch time to 14hrs.  At 10:57, the aliens make a strange manoeuvre possibly in an attempt to triangulate the sensor of the Cedar Close an Improved Penyrheol fleet scout with BC Sqn #1.  At 11:32, a further 2 alien ships are detected at 656.4 M KM again on a bearing of 336.  These ships have a thermal signature of 1200 and are designated as the MYSORE class.  Space Marshal Thomas decides that she should be able to defeat the aliens in detail before they can rendezvous.  The MYSORE Class also has a speed of 4347 km/s.  At 13:17 the NISHANK is determined to have a mass of 13800 tonnes.  At 16:37 the 2 missile armed BCs (Ymosodiad Class) open fire and 20 Arrow Mk3’s streak towards their target.  At 16:51, the salvo intercepts the target and after 3 missiles are destroyed by point blank PD, the next 12 are sufficient to kill the target.  Secondary power and magazine explosions are detected.  BC Sqn #1 head to collect the lifepods that escaped the destruction of the enemy ship.  The squadron will the head towards the remaining 2 alien ships and engage them.  The Cedar Close fires an active drone that will head towards a WP that intersects with the course of the alien ships.  10secs after the destruction of the alien ship the thermal contacts from the other alien ships disappear.  The squadron heads towards their last known location.  Interesting that the active drone dose not detect them. At 2009, 477 survivors are rescued and interrogated.  A second drone arrives at the WP but no ships are detected with 14M km.  At 23:34, a new alien class with a thermal signature of 600 is detected at a range of 329.6M km.  The new class is designated the GOMATI class.

21st Giamonios 3134 – At 02:34, the alien ship turns away and starts to run.  The TG has obviously been detected; unfortunately for the aliens BC Sqn#1 is twice as fast as them.  At 04:54 the GPOMATI class is determined to have a mass of 6 900 tonnes.  At 13:59, the GOMATI is within range and 10 Arrow Mk3s are launched at it at a range of 70.52 M kms.  The alien ship outruns the missiles as they were fired too far out from a receding target.  As a result the TG closes to 50M kms.  At 15:15 a second salvo of 10 Arrows is launched.  At 15:26 the salvo hits the target and the GOMATI is destroyed.  It appears that only 5 missiles are required to kill this class.  Also 2 large magazine explosions are detected implying that this was some kind of missile ship.  The TG heads to recover the life pods and then it will turn back to the JP.  Another 147 survivors are recovered.  Following the interrogations, the only information that can be determined is that this aggressive race calls itself the Duchy of Garn Singh.  Realising that some of the survey ships are heading towards the threat axis that then alien ships have appeared on, BC Sqn#1 changes course and heads towards the outer system to support the survey ships.

24th Giamonios 3134 – A new JP is detected in the 107 Piscium system.  The JP is the opposite direction to that the aliens ships that had been detected heading from.  This JP will be left alone until the entire system has been explored.

27th Giamonios 3134 – A third JP is discovered in the 107 Piscium system on exactly the same bearing as the destroyed alien ships had been following.  As BB Div#3 and Carrier Group #3 have now arrived in the system, BC Sqn #1 is ordered to go and take a look.

28th Giamonios 3134 – At 10:32, BC Sqn#1 enters the JP and appears in the Gliese 87 system emerging through an alien built JP.  The system is unremarkable and contains an M-class star and 4 gas giants.  This system is not inhabitable either, so BC Sqn #1 send back a report and stands sentry on the JP.

30th Giamonios 3134 – A fourth JP is discovered in the 107 Piscium system.  The non-survey elements of 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn are called forward from the Arkhangelsk system to explore the 2 remaining JPs.