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Campaign Year 3115
« on: December 22, 2010, 03:44:15 PM »
The Celts start in the Sol system which has the following stats:

Code: [Select]
Sol-A  G2-V  Diameter: 1.39m  Mass: 1.00  Luminosity: 1.00
Gwydion:  Colony Cost: 10.04,  Temperature: 427.0,  Gravity: 0.38,  Orbit: 58m
Cernunnos:  Colony Cost: 23.75,  Temperature: 462.0,  Gravity: 0.91,  Orbit: 108m
    Nitrogen 65%, Carbon Dioxide 35%,  Pressure: 100.00
Daear:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 22.0,  Gravity: 1.00,  Orbit: 150m
    Nitrogen 79%, Oxygen (0.2) 20.0%, Argon 1.00%,  Pressure: 1.00
    Total Moons: 1
Ogma:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 4.1,  Gravity: 0.38,  Orbit: 229m
    Nitrogen 73%, Oxygen (0.2) 18.1%, Safe Greenhouse Gas 9.1%, Carbon Dioxide 0.27%,  Pressure: 1.10
    Total Moons: 2
Asteroid Belt: 180
Taranis:  Temperature: -148.0,  Gravity: 2.14,  Orbit: 780m
    Callisto:  Colony Cost: 3.66,  Temperature: -148.0,  Gravity: 0.24,  Orbit: 1.88m
    Total Moons: 14
Scathach:  Temperature: -178.0,  Gravity: 0.74,  Orbit: 1.43b
    Titan:  Colony Cost: 4.48,  Temperature: -178.0,  Gravity: 0.53,  Orbit: 1.22m
    Nitrogen 95%, Methane 5.0%,  Pressure: 1.60
    Total Moons: 13
Goibhniu:  Temperature: -216.0,  Gravity: 0.86,  Orbit: 2.88b
    Total Moons: 11
Dylan:  Temperature: -228.0,  Gravity: 1.10,  Orbit: 4.5b
    Total Moons: 8
Sucullus:  Temperature: -233.0,  Gravity: 0.08,  Orbit: 5.9b
    Total Moons: 1
Asteroid Belt: 186
Jump Points
 1) Unexplored:    Distance: 78m   Bearing: 208
 2) Unexplored:    Distance: 1.38b   Bearing: 326
 3) Unexplored:    Distance: 4.1b   Bearing: 272
 4) Unexplored:    Distance: 5.4b   Bearing: 157

1st January 3115 – The 1st and 2nd Survey Sqns, under the command of Space Marshal Buddyr and Deputy Space Marshal Astley respectively, head for JPs 1 and 2.  At 0330, Survey Sqn #1 reaches the JP and sends a jump scout, (Waneour 001, (Space Captain Ffaid David) through and discovers the Luytens 726-8 system:

Code: [Select]
Luyten 726-8-A  M5-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.21  Luminosity: 0.008
Luyten 726-8-A I:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 240.0,  Gravity: 11.7,  Orbit: 3.3m
Luyten 726-8-A II:  Colony Cost: 2.85,  Temperature: -86.2,  Gravity: 0.38,  Orbit: 19.6m
    Nitrogen 75%, Oxygen (0.01) 17.8%, Flourine 7.3%,  Pressure: 0.07
Luyten 726-8-A III:  Colony Cost: 2.85,  Temperature: -126.3,  Gravity: 2.93,  Orbit: 41m
Luyten 726-8-B  M6-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.16  Luminosity: 0.005.   Orbits Luyten 726-8-A  at 5.5 AU.
Luyten 726-8-B I:  Colony Cost: 19.25,  Temperature: 766.3,  Gravity: 0.24,  Orbit: 570k
Luyten 726-8-B II:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -61.3,  Gravity: 0.21,  Orbit: 15.8m
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 442m   Bearing: 215

At 0400 the scout lands back aboard and Survey Sqn #1 heads for JP3. 

2nd January 3115 – At 1300, 2nd Survey Sqn reaches JP2 and sends a jump scout (Waneour 003 under the command of Space Captain Iola Gwaren) through, discovering the Alpha Centauri system:

Code: [Select]
Alpha Centauri-A  G2-V  Diameter: 1.39m  Mass: 1.02  Luminosity: 0.76
Alpha Centauri-A I:  Temperature: 888.2,  Gravity: 1.94,  Orbit: 55m
    Carbon Dioxide 95%, Nitrogen Dioxide 5.0%,  Pressure: 145.00
Alpha Centauri-A II:  Temperature: 126.6,  Gravity: 1.95,  Orbit: 119m
    Nitrogen 77%, Oxygen (0.88) 23.0%,  Pressure: 3.82
Alpha Centauri-A III:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -67.0,  Gravity: 0.44,  Orbit: 193m
    Nitrogen 79%, Oxygen (0.03) 14.1%, Carbon Dioxide 6.9%,  Pressure: 0.19
    Total Moons: 1
Alpha Centauri-A IV:  Colony Cost: 3.55,  Temperature: -143.9,  Gravity: 0.28,  Orbit: 324m
    Nitrogen 82%, Oxygen (0.01) 11.9%, Flourine 6.1%,  Pressure: 0.08
Alpha Centauri-A VI:  Temperature: -249.9,  Gravity: 0.06,  Orbit: 12.0b
Alpha Centauri-A VII:  Temperature: -249.2,  Gravity: 19.6,  Orbit: 18.0b
    Alpha Centauri-A VII - Moon 1:  Colony Cost: 6.48,  Temperature: -251.6,  Gravity: 0.21,  Orbit: 132k
    Alpha Centauri-A VII - Moon 2:  Colony Cost: 6.29,  Temperature: -244.9,  Gravity: 1.02,  Orbit: 198k
    Hydrogen 81%, Helium 19.0%,  Pressure: 1.03
    Alpha Centauri-A VII - Moon 14:  Colony Cost: 6.36,  Temperature: -247.3,  Gravity: 0.27,  Orbit: 990k
    Alpha Centauri-A VII - Moon 23:  Colony Cost: 6.37,  Temperature: -247.5,  Gravity: 0.23,  Orbit: 2.84m
    Total Moons: 33
Alpha Centauri-B  K1-V  Diameter: 1.25m  Mass: 0.79  Luminosity: 0.33.   Orbits Alpha Centauri-A  at 23.0 AU.
Alpha Centauri-B I:  Colony Cost: 35.79,  Temperature: 907.6,  Gravity: 1.47,  Orbit: 28.1m
    Carbon Dioxide 98%, Sulphur Dioxide 2.00%,  Pressure: 150.68
Alpha Centauri-B II:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: 110.0,  Gravity: 0.37,  Orbit: 52m
Alpha Centauri-B III:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: 54.7,  Gravity: 0.92,  Orbit: 82m
    Nitrogen 82%, Carbon Dioxide 18.0%,  Pressure: 0.86
    Total Moons: 1
Alpha Centauri-B IV:  Colony Cost: 2.42,  Temperature: -102.1,  Gravity: 1.33,  Orbit: 171m
    Nitrogen 71%, Oxygen (0.52) 29.0%,  Pressure: 1.78
Asteroid Belt: 23
Alpha Centauri-B VI:  Colony Cost: 4.87,  Temperature: -192.3,  Gravity: 0.49,  Orbit: 656m
    Nitrogen 83%, Methane (F) 16.7%, Argon (F) 0.34%,  Pressure: 0.20
    Total Moons: 3
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 2.98b   Bearing: 149

The scout lands back aboard and Survey Sqn #2 sets off for JP #4.

5th January 3115 – A commercial mining colony is established on the moon Triton.  At 2030, Survey Sqn #1 reaches JP3 and sends a scout (Wanoeur 002 under the command of Space Captain Garnock de Lagham) through and discovers the 70 Ophuchi system:

Code: [Select]
70 Ophiuchi-A  K1-V  Diameter: 1.25m  Mass: 0.79  Luminosity: 0.31
70 Ophiuchi-A I:  Temperature: 913.7,  Gravity: 1.96,  Orbit: 33m
    Carbon Dioxide 96%, Sulphur Dioxide 4.0%,  Pressure: 115.00
70 Ophiuchi-A II:  Colony Cost: 0.29,  Temperature: 67.6,  Gravity: 0.59,  Orbit: 58m
    Nitrogen 74%, Oxygen (0.09) 26.0%,  Pressure: 0.35
70 Ophiuchi-A III:  Colony Cost: 0.29,  Temperature: -53.3,  Gravity: 3.1,  Orbit: 113m
    Total Moons: 3
70 Ophiuchi-A IV:  Temperature: -82.7,  Gravity: 17.3,  Orbit: 150m
    70 Ophiuchi-A IV - Moon 1:  Colony Cost: 2.15,  Temperature: -92.3,  Gravity: 0.98,  Orbit: 195k
    Nitrogen 88%, Oxygen (0.07) 7.8%, Sulphur Dioxide (F) 4.2%,  Pressure: 0.92
    70 Ophiuchi-A IV - Moon 4:  Colony Cost: 1.99,  Temperature: -86.4,  Gravity: 1.01,  Orbit: 715k
    Nitrogen 71%, Oxygen (0.3) 29.0%,  Pressure: 1.02
    Total Moons: 6
70 Ophiuchi-A V:  Colony Cost: 3.09,  Temperature: -126.7,  Gravity: 0.80,  Orbit: 316m
    Nitrogen 79%, Methane 21.0%,  Pressure: 0.64
70 Ophiuchi-A VI:  Colony Cost: 3.09,  Temperature: -178.3,  Gravity: 7.7,  Orbit: 615m
    70 Ophiuchi-A VI - Moon 7:  Colony Cost: 4.49,  Temperature: -178.3,  Gravity: 0.28,  Orbit: 568k
    70 Ophiuchi-A VI - Moon 24:  Colony Cost: 4.02,  Temperature: -161.3,  Gravity: 0.23,  Orbit: 11.7m
    Total Moons: 25
70 Ophiuchi-A VII:  Temperature: -187.1,  Gravity: 5.1,  Orbit: 753m
    70 Ophiuchi-A VII - Moon 6:  Colony Cost: 5.24,  Temperature: -206.1,  Gravity: 0.34,  Orbit: 1.69m
    Nitrogen 86%, Methane (F) 12.6%, Neon 1.40%,  Pressure: 0.10
    Total Moons: 9
Asteroid Belt: 260
70 Ophiuchi-B  K5-V  Diameter: 1.11m  Mass: 0.66  Luminosity: 0.17.   Orbits 70 Ophiuchi-A  at 23.0 AU.
70 Ophiuchi-B I:  Temperature: 2359.1,  Gravity: 4.4,  Orbit: 3.3m
    Carbon Dioxide 95%, Nitrogen Dioxide 5.0%,  Pressure: 109.00
70 Ophiuchi-B II:  Colony Cost: 24.52,  Temperature: 960.3,  Gravity: 1.10,  Orbit: 21.5m
    Carbon Dioxide 98%, Sulphur Dioxide 2.00%,  Pressure: 60.02
70 Ophiuchi-B III:  Colony Cost: 24.52,  Temperature: -9.5,  Gravity: 1.13,  Orbit: 58m
    70 Ophiuchi-B III - Moon 6:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: 30.1,  Gravity: 0.25,  Orbit: 2.66m
    Total Moons: 6
70 Ophiuchi-B IV:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -65.0,  Gravity: 1.48,  Orbit: 125m
    Nitrogen 82%, Ammonia (F) 17.8%, Methane 0.18%,  Pressure: 1.79
70 Ophiuchi-B V:  Colony Cost: 2.35,  Temperature: -99.4,  Gravity: 0.45,  Orbit: 178m
    Nitrogen 82%, Oxygen (0.04) 17.6%, Carbon Dioxide (F) 0.36%,  Pressure: 0.20
70 Ophiuchi-B VII:  Colony Cost: 2.35,  Temperature: -185.6,  Gravity: 8.2,  Orbit: 545m
    70 Ophiuchi-B VII - Moon 16:  Colony Cost: 4.63,  Temperature: -183.6,  Gravity: 0.55,  Orbit: 1.20m
    Nitrogen 74%, Methane (F) 26.0%,  Pressure: 0.23
    70 Ophiuchi-B VII - Moon 24:  Colony Cost: 4.68,  Temperature: -185.6,  Gravity: 0.23,  Orbit: 6.0m
    Total Moons: 29
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 3.5b   Bearing: 207

13th January 3115 – Survey Sqn #2 reaches the final unexplored JP at 1700.  Jump Scout Wanoeur 004(Space Captain Avril Jasper) enters the JP and discovers the Sirius System:

Code: [Select]
Sirius-A  A1-V  Diameter: 3.9m  Mass: 2.80  Luminosity: 62
Asteroid Belt: 128
Sirius-A III:  Temperature: -198.2,  Gravity: 0.14,  Orbit: 12.7b
Asteroid Belt: 300
Sirius-A V:  Temperature: -230.5,  Gravity: 1.22,  Orbit: 43b
    Total Moons: 22
Sirius-A VI:  Temperature: -239.4,  Gravity: 23.5,  Orbit: 68b
    Sirius-A VI - Moon 8:  Colony Cost: 6.15,  Temperature: -239.4,  Gravity: 0.26,  Orbit: 555k
    Total Moons: 29
Sirius-B  D1-VII  Diameter: 9.7k  Mass: 1.10  Luminosity: 0.017.   Orbits Sirius-A  at 20.0 AU.
Sirius-B I:  Temperature: -188.6,  Gravity: 2.73,  Orbit: 178m
    Total Moons: 19
Sirius-B II:  Temperature: -104.9,  Gravity: 0.07,  Orbit: 372m
    Total Moons: 1
Sirius-B III:  Temperature: -108.7,  Gravity: 0.05,  Orbit: 796m
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 1.76b   Bearing: 54

13th January 3115 – Now that all 4 systems have been discovered, Survey Command directs Survey Sqn #1 to the 70 Ophuchi system; Survey Sqn #2 is sent to the Alpha Centauri system.  At 1800, Survey Sqn #1 enters the 70 Ophuchi system and sends the Scout Conwy (Space Commander Mabon Resius) to explore the system.

20th January 3115Conwy declares the system uninhabited.  The survey ships of Survey Sqn #1 start their work.  Survey Sqn #2 arrives in Alpha Centauri and the Scout Harlech (Space Commander Teleri Byther) sets off to investigate the system.
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First Mission
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 03:57:01 PM »
23rd January 3115: 0500 UST
Mabon Peters felt his stomach twist as the Liberator translated into the Alpha Centauri system.  Looking around the bridge of the ship, Mabon’s eyes fell on the two other operatives in the team.  The taller one was known as Peter and had given him a very hard time form the moment he started training with them.   The first words he had uttered were ‘If you screw up I get killed; I will make you or break you.  You will only deploy once Jonas and I are happy you aren’t a liability.’  The training had lived up to the introduction.  He was here now, so it looked like he’d proven himself to the other two.
Turning to the nearest member of the Liberator’s crew, Mabon asked ‘Why is this ship called the Liberator?’
‘Unless you were from our reality it wouldn’t mean much.  The designer was keen on old entertainment shows and once he’d decided that there would be a crew of seven it just fell into place.’

‘You’re right that means absolutely nothing to me.’

A voice broke into the conversation; ‘Stop gassing, Peters, it’s time to deploy.’

‘Right you are.’

23rd January 3115: 0510 UST
Mabon looked around the interior of the Precursor ship.  In infra-red the ship looked dark and foreboding.  Mind you in ultra-violet and visible the ship didn’t look any better.

‘Operative 3 this is Operative 1, 15secs from the core, what’s your status?’
‘Defensive AI station is dormant, no active robots detected.’

Mabon scanned the room again; in infra-red a thermal bloom suddenly appeared in the far corner.

‘Operative 1, Operative 3, robot activation detected.’

‘Roger, the core has additional layers of protection, 30 secs to shut down.  Clear to engage.’

Giving a double click on his comms gear, Mabon lined his weapon up on the first robot and opened fire.

30 secs later

Mabon surveyed the remains of the 5 robots lying before him.

‘Operative 3, Operative 1, core shut down.  Standby for translation.’

As his stomach started to twist, Mabon grinned within his facemask and said ‘That was Fricking Cool!’.

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First Contact
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2010, 09:10:49 AM »
Chronometer error!! Bulk Hub

As the mind link activated, Amynedd Grunna felt the familiar, sickening sensation of falling wash over her.

{Link established: select recording}

{Select Index Item 23013115:0510}

{Item selected and loaded}

{Begin playback}

Amynedd found herself looking down on the ecliptic of Alpha Centauri system.  She saw the flash of blue as captured Precursor ship faded out.

{Skip forward to index point 23013115:0613}

The imaged blurred and the she found herself looking at the various icons showing Precursor ships and the Celt survey sqn.

{Begin report recording}
23rd January 3115 – At 0613, Harlech detects a thermal signature at 2.5 Billion km on a bearing of 359 degrees.  The ship (reporting name ADMIRALTY) has a thermal signature of 3750 and a speed of 9124 km/s.  Harlech initiates comms and heads back to Survey Sqn #2.

26th January 3115 – At 0230, Survey Sqn #2 re-entered the Sol system and transmitted a warning about the aliens detected in the Alpha Centauri system.  BB Div #1(BBJ Cymraeg, BBs Cymru and Yr Alban, FSC Rygbi, DE Mynedd Penant; Deputy Space Marshal Neued Evance –aboard Cymru) , Cruiser Sqn #1(CJ Tan, CGs Gweilch, Shane Williams and James Hook; Deputy Space Marshal Druson Nash – aboard Tan) and Carrier Group #1 (CVJ Ymosodiad, CVs Angheuol and Gorseinon, DE Gorllwyn; Deputy Space Marshal Isolde Pearce – aboard Gorseinon) leave orbit and head for the Jump Point.  DSM Pearce is the senior officer and takes command of the task force.  Gorseinon only has half her fighter complement assigned.

[b[27th January 3115[/b] – At 1400, the task force enters the Alpha Centauri system and heads towards the last known ship location.

28th January 3115 – At 0631, the ADMIRALTY and a new ship (designated IROQUOIS, thermal strength 2500 speed 9124km/s) are detected at 1.7 billion km on a bearing of 339.  The task force attempts to close, attempting to make contact on the way.  DSM Pearce decides that if there is no response by 100 km then the aliens will be considered hostile.  As the aliens are slightly slower the TF should be able to hold the range open.  At 1401, the alien ships enter active sensor range, there are 4 of them the new class (designated PROTECTEUR) has a mass of 6 850tonnes, the IROQUOIS has a mass of 13700 tonnes and the ADMIRALTY has a mass of 20550 tonnes.  The ADMIRALTY is set as the first target and the fighters from Carrier Group #1 are launched to attack.

<<View Image1>>

29th January 3115 – At 0513, an active sensor to detected on one of the alien ships.  With only static as a response to their hails, DSM Pearce launches the fighters with orders to fire at both of the large ships.
<<View Image2>>

<<View Image3>>

At 0632 the fighters fire 210 Bolt Mk1s split between all 4 targets.  The fighters then turn for home.

<<View Image4>>

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Campaign Year 3115
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2011, 01:20:04 PM »
The missiles arrive at 0635 and after the explosions clear (including secondary power explosions) only one PROTECTEUR remains.  Gweilch(Space Commodore Gavin Gwatkin) fires 5 Arrow Mk1s at it.

<<View Image5>>

The missiles are launched outside their max range and self-destruct only half way to the target.  At 0741 another 5 Arrows are launched from Gweilch.  The missiles hot at 0755 and the final ship is destroyed.  Once the last ship is destroyed, the task force heads towards the initial location that the enemy ships were located.

1st February 3115 – Civilian mining colony is established on the moon Proteus.

3rd February 3115 – At 0825, two alien ships (Designated CEYLON and LOCH classes) are detected around the Planet B-III.  The fact that the alien ships have no discernable thermal signature implies that they are probably battle stations both with a mass of 13500 tonnes.  The task force changes course to close to 40 Mkm.

4th February 3115 – At 1525, an active sensor with a range of 1.68 Mkm is detected originating from the enemy space stations.  The TF continues to close to 40 Mkm.  At 1625, a salvo of 5 size 24 missiles is detected heading towards the TF; the TF immediately reverses course and launches their fighters to attack the 2 space stations.

<<View Image6>>
The ftrs close to 24 Mkm, their effective range due to the enemy’s ECM.  The fighters launch at 1702.  The missiles arrive at 1706 and both targets are destroyed.  One of the battle stations had a strength 71 magazine explosion.  Again no lifepods are detected.  BB Div #1 and Cruiser Sqn #1 close on the planet.    At 17:51 5 Size 24 missiles are detected in orbit around the planet.  The suspicion begins to grow that they are actually captor mines.  Cruiser Sqn #1 is detailed to destroy them at maximum range with AMMs.  At 1932 Gweilch fires 5 Dart AMMs at the mines.  The 2 squadrons come to a halt.  At 1934, the AMMs destroy the mines.  At 2004, the squadrons arrived in orbit and no further threats are detected.  The task force turns for home.

13th February 3115 – News of the defeat of the aliens is arrives on Deaer following the arrival of Carrier Group #1 in the Sol system.  In the general celebrations, all of the squadron commanders are awarded Distinguished Service Crosses.

16th February 3115 – At 0104, Draig Goch 005 (Space Captain Sinnoch Cardiggan) detects a small thermal contact on the planet Alpha Centauri A-III.  Orbital scans indicate it is a small sensor post.

<<View Image 7>>
<<View Image 8>>

At 0105, an active sensor target is detected close by, travelling at 51200 km/s, it appears that Draig Goch 005 has triggered a minefield!  The crew brace for impact.  The ship is hit by 5 size four missiles that damage the armour, one missile penetrates and destroys an improved geo sensor.  The crew begins damage control and the ship continues with its mission.

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Chronometer Error. Bulk Hub

{End Playback}

{Record Analysis Entry}

The vast majority of this engagement, the first deep space engagement for the Celts of this reality, was well executed.  The use of fighters was well drilled and will improve with time.  There are two issues which the Celtic Space Navy (CSN) will have to improve on.  Firstly, launching missiles at more than double their effective range was amateurish and, given how much training they have conducted, inexcusable.  Our operatives have reported that the gunnery officer has been disciplined and posted to a non-operational post.  Secondly, allowing survey ships to explore the system without first ensuring there were no other Precursor threats was reckless.  This resulted in unnecessary damage to Draig Goch 005.  The requirement to search all asteroids in a Precursor contested system has been added to the CSN’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

{End Recording}
{Submit Report as Analysis Report CSN23013115-AG1}

Suddenly, Amynedd felt a shooting pain in her head and found herself standing in the middle of a white room with a shrieking noise sounding all around her.

‘Computer, identify the alarm.’

-Sounding Alarm is General Quarters:  Alarm triggered due to unexpected power build-up in Precursor Vessel currently docked to Charlie Quadrant-

Precursor Vessel docked to Charlie Quadrant

Mabon Peters sprinted through the corridors of the ship towards the data core.

‘Operative 3 to Engineer Team please report’

He knew it was useless, he had tried 5 times already and had only received static in reply.  As he approached the door to the data core, he checked his combat armour one final time.  Stooping just outside, he allowed his armour’s sensors to scan the room beyond.  The display showed the signatures of 5 combat drones and cooling heat signature that could only be the corpses of the engineer team.  He triggered his armour’s combat mode and leapt into the room.

The combat drones attempted to follow his movements; however, the armour’s built in ECM scrambled their fire control systems.  As he slide across the floor, Mabon fired 5 times and was rewarded with 5 explosions as the combat droids took the full force of his plasma rifle at close range.  As he stood up his comms crackled into life.

‘Operative 3, Operative 1, the ship appears to have triggered a self-destruct sequence, the engines are 10 secs from overloading, at this range they wll wreck th Hub.’
‘Operative 1, Operative 3, understood, what can I do?’

‘Kill the data core Mabon, it should allow us to remotely access the system and shut it down.’

Mabon turned his rifle on the data core and opened fire.  As the core detonated, he was thrown backwards against the bulkhead and blacked out.

‘Two to one, continuing activity suggests that the latest strategy failed.’

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Re: Campaign Year 3115
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2011, 01:56:37 PM »
17th February 3115Draig Goch 005 repairs it’s damaged sensor.
<<View Image9>>

<<View Image10>>

17th February 3115 – At 1235, Draig Goch 004 discovers a strength 10 thermal contact on Alpha Centauri A-IV.

24th February 3115 – At 0405, a new JP is discovered in the Alpha Centauri system by Survey Sqn #2.  At 1705 the gravitational survey of the 70 Ophuchi system is completed and no new JPs are discovered.

25th February 3115 – At 2305, an ancient city is discovered on Alpha Centauri B-III by Draig Goch 005 (Space Captain Sinnoch Cardigan).

26th February 3115 – A Xenoarcheologist team is assembled under the command of Space Captain Mercia Benion.  Also today, it is determined that the alien ships in the Alpha Centauri system match the design of the more advanced ship that crashed onto Deaer over 100 yrs ago.  If this is the case, then the ships are computer controlled and no communications can be made.  The press dubs them Precursors and the name sticks.

2nd March 3115 – The Benion team are dropped off and set to work.  A new JP is also discovered today in the Alpha Centauri system.

8th March 3115 – Bernards Star system discovered through the second JP in the Alpha Centauri system by 2nd Survey Sqn.

Code: [Select]
Barnards Star-A  M4-V  Diameter: 556k  Mass: 0.26  Luminosity: 0.012
Barnards Star-A I:  Temperature: 928.9,  Gravity: 3.2,  Orbit: 4.1m
    Carbon Dioxide 98%, Nitrogen Dioxide 2.00%,  Pressure: 130.00
Barnards Star-A II:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -25.0,  Gravity: 0.83,  Orbit: 23.5m
    Nitrogen 82%, Carbon Dioxide 18.0%,  Pressure: 0.21
Barnards Star-A IV:  Temperature: -179.0,  Gravity: 0.03,  Orbit: 104m
Barnards Star-A V:  Temperature: -191.6,  Gravity: 0.96,  Orbit: 161m
    Total Moons: 8
Asteroid Belt: 72
Barnards Star-A VII:  Temperature: -217.9,  Gravity: 0.40,  Orbit: 352m
    Total Moons: 15
Asteroid Belt: 44
Barnards Star-A X:  Temperature: -244.9,  Gravity: 24.6,  Orbit: 1.35b
    Barnards Star-A X - Moon 5:  Colony Cost: 6.39,  Temperature: -248.3,  Gravity: 1.19,  Orbit: 476k
    Hydrogen 100%,  Pressure: 1.42
    Total Moons: 20
Barnards Star-A XI:  Temperature: -247.4,  Gravity: 5.7,  Orbit: 1.63b
    Barnards Star-A XI - Moon 9:  Colony Cost: 6.26,  Temperature: -243.7,  Gravity: 0.65,  Orbit: 816k
    Hydrogen 82%, Helium 14.4%, Argon (F) 3.6%,  Pressure: 0.41
    Barnards Star-A XI - Moon 11:  Colony Cost: 6.50,  Temperature: -252.6,  Gravity: 0.29,  Orbit: 1.70m
    Hydrogen 87%, Helium 13.0%,  Pressure: 0.08
    Total Moons: 17
Asteroid Belt: 300
Jump Points
 1) Alpha Centauri:    Distance: 281m   Bearing: 134

16th March 3115 – Lascaille 9352 System discovered through the second JP in the Alpha Centauri system by 2nd Survey Sqn.

Code: [Select]
Lacaille 9352-A  M2-V  Diameter: 696k  Mass: 0.39  Luminosity: 0.03
Lacaille 9352-A I:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 157.4,  Gravity: 0.68,  Orbit: 9.1m
Lacaille 9352-A II:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -19.6,  Gravity: 1.76,  Orbit: 33m
    Nitrogen 77%, Ammonia 23.0%,  Pressure: 2.77
Lacaille 9352-A III:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -107.3,  Gravity: 1.25,  Orbit: 62m
Lacaille 9352-A IV:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -159.8,  Gravity: 2.02,  Orbit: 132m
    Lacaille 9352-A IV - Moon 2:  Colony Cost: 3.25,  Temperature: -132.8,  Gravity: 0.71,  Orbit: 189k
    Nitrogen 81%, Methane (F) 19.0%,  Pressure: 0.41
    Lacaille 9352-A IV - Moon 14:  Colony Cost: 4.05,  Temperature: -162.1,  Gravity: 0.20,  Orbit: 3.6m
    Total Moons: 15
Lacaille 9352-A V:  Temperature: -195.2,  Gravity: 2.37,  Orbit: 279m
    Lacaille 9352-A V - Moon 21:  Colony Cost: 4.90,  Temperature: -193.5,  Gravity: 0.23,  Orbit: 10.4m
    Nitrogen (F) 79%, Methane (F) 21.0%,  Pressure: 0.00
    Total Moons: 25
Lacaille 9352-A VI:  Temperature: -206.1,  Gravity: 1.42,  Orbit: 377m
    Total Moons: 11
Jump Points
 1) Alpha Centauri:    Distance: 3.6b   Bearing: 157

28th March 3115 – Epsilon Indi system discovered through the final JP in the Alpha Centauri system by 2nd Survey Sqn.

Code: [Select]
Epsilon Indi-A  K5-V  Diameter: 1.11m  Mass: 0.66  Luminosity: 0.19
Epsilon Indi-A I:  Colony Cost: 44.00,  Temperature: 1677.9,  Gravity: 1.15,  Orbit: 13.1m
    Carbon Dioxide 98%, Sulphur Dioxide 2.00%,  Pressure: 23.64
Epsilon Indi-A II:  Colony Cost: 14.91,  Temperature: 606.2,  Gravity: 0.74,  Orbit: 33m
    Carbon Dioxide 97%, Nitrogen Dioxide 3.0%,  Pressure: 6.60
Epsilon Indi-B  L9-VII  Diameter: 167k  Mass: 0.04  Luminosity: 1.00E-04.   Orbits Epsilon Indi-A  at 1523 AU.
Epsilon Indi-C  T3-VII  Diameter: 167k  Mass: 0.03  Luminosity: 1.00E-04.   Orbits Epsilon Indi-B  at 0.50 AU.
Jump Points
 1) Alpha Centauri:    Distance: 1.58b   Bearing: 181

12th April 3115 – A new active sensor is detected near Alpha Centauri B-III by Draig Goch 003 (Space Commodore Beda Caddock); the sensor matches that of the captor mines previously detected, with no time to run the crew brace for impact.
<<View Image 11>>

The ship’s armour is damaged but no missile damage penetrated to the hull.

14th April 3115 – At 1435, an alien destroyed outpost is discovered on 70 Ophuichi B-III Moon 6.

23rd May 3115 – A new Xeno team is formed under the leadership of Civilian Administrator Lynette Wace.  The new team is sent to the destroyed outpost that has finally been reported to Survey Command.

30th May 3115 – The Xeno team is delivered to Moon 6.

4th July 3115 – Three Precursor ships are detected in the Sirius system by Draig Goch 006 (Space Captain Morgana Carew).  The ships (reporting name ANTICOSTI) are 76 Mkm away.  The CO of Survey Sqn #2 (Deputy Space Marshal Steffan Astley) orders an immediate recall.  At 22:38 it becomes apparent that the aliens have locked onto one or more the fleeing survey ships.  The only options are to either abandon all of the survey ships or somehow slow down the alien ships.  At 23:39, the class has an estimated mass of 6850 tonnes.  With no more time available the DSM Astley decides to deploy 4 of his captor mines in the path of the alien ships.

5th July 3115 – At 0522, 6 FACs are detected closing on the survey ships (reporting name MACKENZIE).  In their headlong flight the fleeing survey ships did not pass close enough to the captor mines and the Precursors pass by undetected.  With no options left, DSM Astley orders his survey ships to disperse whilst his non-survey ships run for the JP.  At 15:44, the alert reaches Fleet Command and BB Div #1, Cruiser Sqns #1 and #2, Carrier Group #1 and Frigate Sqn #1 are sent to reinforce the Celt forces.

<<View Image 12>>
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Chronometer Error. Bulk Hub

‘Hey Amy!’

As Mabon Peters’ voice called out her name, Amynedd Grunna turned and saw him jogging down the corridor towards her.

‘Mabon. Aren’t you dead?’

‘Very funny.  That explosion damn near did kill me.  If it wasn’t for the advanced tech of my combat suit, I probably would be.’

‘So what were you doing in the wrong place at the right time then?  From what I hear if you hadn’t been there, then that Precursor ship would have gone up and taken most of the Hub with it.’

Looking a bit sheepish, Mabon replied.  ‘You remember the lovely Siobhan?  She briefed us about our new jobs.  She was on the engineer team that was working on the ship.  I was going to see if she wanted to have dinner with me.’

‘In full combat armour?’

‘I’d just got back from a mission, I hadn’t had time to change. Just as well really.  Any idea what this briefing is about?’

‘No idea. I do know that this is only the fourth mass brief since humans arrived on the Hub.’

Mabon and Amy walked the rest of the way in silence and entered the auditorium at the end of the corridor.  Looking around Amy saw that there were about 2 000 people in the auditorium, about half its capacity.  Taking a couple of seats near to the wall, they both marvelled at the number of people there.  Since arriving on the Hub, between them they had met about 40 people, the numbers were amazing.

Two minutes after they sat down the lights dimmed and the person they knew as Andy stepped onto the stage in the centre of the auditorium.

Without any preamble he started with ‘You are probably wondering why I’ve called all of you together.  As most of you already know, earlier an unexpected self-destruct sequence began on the Precursor ship outside the Hub.  As a result, we lost 4 people.  If it wasn’t for Mabon Peters we would have lost a whole lot more.’

Mabon acknowledged the looks he received as a murmur ran through the crowd.

‘All right, you can thank him later.  The initial indications are that the sequence was not programmed into the AI by the Precursors, it appears that an outside agency accessed the AI core and added a Trojan programme that would only trigger if the ship were to be translated into the extra-universe bulk.   Initially, we suspected that the ship had somehow been tampered with in anticipation of our theft of it.  However, one of our operative teams just returned from a mission to the year 3110 in a system the Celts don’t discover until 3181.  All four ships in that system had the same code.  It appears that a hostile agency has accessed the Precursor code prior to the construction of the ships.’

As Andy paused to let them take it in, another murmur ran through the crowd.

‘Currently, we are working on the premise that there is a hostile agency working against us.  The size of this agency is unknown.  We can assume they can travel through time and know about the bulk.  We can also assume that they are capable of operating without our knowledge.  What we don’t know is whether they are from the current reality or have been biding their time through multiple realities.  Our primary aim remains to ensure the survival of the Human Race; however, our primary intelligence requirement is now to find out all we can about this new enemy.  Apart from that all I can say is, be careful out there.’

As the meeting broke up Mabon’s wrist communicator burst into life.

‘Operative 3, Operative 1. Report to the briefing room we have a new mission.’

‘On my way.  See you later Amy.’

‘See you Mabon, keep your head down.’

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14th July 3115 – The TGs arrive at the Sirius JP.  BB Div #1 and Cruiser Sqn #1 make a combat assault into the system.  Due to a lack of Jump ships the BBs Cymru(Deputy Space Marshal Neued Evance) and Yr Alban(Space Commodore Eyri Iorwerth) were carried through by the BBJ Cymraeg(Space Commodore Morwen Bunyan).  The CGs Gweilch(Space Commodore Gavyn Gwatkin) and James Hook(Space Commodore Ffodor Tibbett) were carried through by the CJ Tan(Deputy Space Marshal Drushon Nash).  5 mins after the jump no alien ships are detected and the rest of the fleet jump in.  At 12:36, 6 FACs are detected heading inbound.   The CGs open fire at 15:43.  The CGs fire 5 Arrows at each FAC.  The missiles arrive at 15:53 and all 6 FACs are destroyed.  Cruiser Sqn #1 moves off the JP and heads towards the 3 remaining enemy warships.  At 17:03, another 3 enemy warships are detected (reporting name PRINCE).  The CGs continue to close.

<<View Image 13>>
<<View Image 14>>

15th July 3115 – At 0443, the aliens change formation, assuming that they might have started to fire missiles, the CGs turn back towards the JP.  At 0531, 6 size 6 missiles are detected inbound.  The CGs go weapons free for point defence and continue to open the range.  The CGs are attacked by 23 volleys of missiles in total.  The last volley is intercepted well short of the CGs at 12:32.  The PRINCE class continue to close whilst the ANTICOSTI (presumably the missile ships) run away.
<<View Image 15>>

At 12:53 the CGs fire 10 Arrows at each PRINCE class ship.  The missiles hit at 1303 and all of the PRINCE ships are destroyed.  The sqn then moves off to chase the ANTICOSTI class ships.

16th July 3115 – At 0003, the CGs are within range and open fire.  The missiles run out of endurance short of the targets.  The CGs continue to close.  At 06:16, the CGs have closed to just over 34 Mkm, so they open fire again.  The volley arrives at 0625 and destroys 2 of the enemy ships.  The remaining target has 5 further Arrows fired at it.  The final ship is destroyed at 06:32.  The CGs head back to the JP.  The rest of the Task Force returns to Deaer.  Survey Sqn #2 returns to the system and links up with the grav survey ships that had fled into deep space.  The vector of the alien ships suggest that they were based in the asteroid field that surrounds the system primary.  The SC Harlech (Space Commodore Teleri Byther) is sent to have a look around.

20th July 3115Harlech finishes scouting the asteroid belt and discovers nothing.

23rd July 3115 – The Gwendi Jone Geology team discovers fresh deposits of Sorium on Daear; the discovery is a complete fluke as the team were in training prior to deploying to one of the moons in system.  Now that it appears there may be the opportunity to discover more on the main planets, they are sent to Ogma instead.

26th July 3115 – Despite Harlech’s scouting, the Geo Survey ship Draig Goch 006 (Space Captain Morgana Carrew) detects a small Precursor listening post on Asteroid #55 in the Sirius system.  The design of the Conwy class scout is re-evaluated to see if there is anything that could be changed to make the detection of these outpost easier.  The class already has the most advanced thermal sensors possible; it appears that there is nothing else that can be done.

28th July 3115 – At 0102, a JP is discovered in the Sirius system.  This JP has a new phenomena, a previously constructed alien Jump Gate.  The Celts have yet to finish the construction of their first JG.  At 0402, another listening post is detected on asteroid #4 in the Sirius system.  At 22:32, another JP is detected in the Sirius system.

30th July 3115 – After months of argument, it is decided to land troops on each of the Precursor listening posts and see what can be learnt from capturing them.  The 1st Assault Inf Div is loaded aboard the troop ships of the 1st Troop Transport Sqn.  Once loaded they will head for the Alpha Centauri system.

1st August 3115 – Survey Sqn #2 arrives at the unknown JP with and alien JG and Waunoer 003 (Space Captain Iola Gwaren)jumps through to discover the Procyon system.  The system contains an ideally habitable world.  SC Harlech is sent to investigate.  The other end of the JP also has an alien JG.

Code: [Select]
Procyon-A  F5-IV  Diameter: 3.5m  Mass: 2.00  Luminosity: 10.7
Procyon-A I:  Colony Cost: 2.42,  Temperature: 146.3,  Gravity: 0.37,  Orbit: 240m
    Total Moons: 1
Procyon-A II:  Temperature: -25.1,  Gravity: 3.8,  Orbit: 519m
    Total Moons: 18
Procyon-A III:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 24.3,  Gravity: 1.31,  Orbit: 690m
    Nitrogen 77%, Oxygen (0.25) 14.5%, Carbon Dioxide 8.5%,  Pressure: 1.71
    Total Moons: 1
Asteroid Belt: 300
Procyon-A VI:  Temperature: -227.0,  Gravity: 1.52,  Orbit: 15.1b
    Total Moons: 23
Procyon-A VII:  Temperature: -234.6,  Gravity: 0.03,  Orbit: 28.7b
Procyon-B  D7-VII  Diameter: 19.5k  Mass: 0.45  Luminosity: 0.0007.   Orbits Procyon-A  at 15.9 AU.
Asteroid Belt: 289
Procyon-B III:  Temperature: -140.5,  Gravity: 27.8,  Orbit: 567m
    Procyon-B III - Moon 1:  Colony Cost: 3.46,  Temperature: -140.5,  Gravity: 0.26,  Orbit: 149k
    Procyon-B III - Moon 25:  Colony Cost: 4.00,  Temperature: -160.4,  Gravity: 0.32,  Orbit: 25.7m
    Total Moons: 25
Jump Points
 1) Sirius (JG):    Distance: 4.1b   Bearing: 9

3rd August 3115 – A fifth JP is discovered in the Sirius system by Survey Sqn #2.

4th August 3115 – The Harlech scans the ideal planet in the Procyon system and discovers it is uninhabited.

8th August 3115 – At 0902, Troop Transport Sqn #1 arrives over its first target of Alpha Centauri A-IV.  The 1st Assault Inf Bde starts to deploy onto the planet.

13th August 3115 – At 1932, Survey Sqn #2 arrive at the next unexplored JP in the Sirius system and Waunoer 004 is sent through and discovers the Wolf 359 system.

Code: [Select]
Wolf 359-A  M6-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.16  Luminosity: 0.005
Wolf 359-A I:  Colony Cost: 8.99,  Temperature: 388.4,  Gravity: 0.47,  Orbit: 1.35m
Wolf 359-A II:  Colony Cost: 1.90,  Temperature: -77.4,  Gravity: 0.26,  Orbit: 16.8m
Wolf 359-A III:  Colony Cost: 4.07,  Temperature: -163.1,  Gravity: 0.47,  Orbit: 38m
    Nitrogen 85%, Methane 15.0%,  Pressure: 0.11
Wolf 359-A IV:  Colony Cost: 4.07,  Temperature: -188.6,  Gravity: 3.2,  Orbit: 92m
    Total Moons: 22
Wolf 359-A V:  Temperature: -216.9,  Gravity: 2.67,  Orbit: 208m
    Total Moons: 18
Wolf 359-A VI:  Temperature: -228.3,  Gravity: 1.42,  Orbit: 327m
    Wolf 359-A VI - Moon 14:  Colony Cost: 5.87,  Temperature: -229.2,  Gravity: 0.30,  Orbit: 944k
    Hydrogen 72%, Helium 28.0%,  Pressure: 0.09
    Total Moons: 21
Wolf 359-A VIII:  Temperature: -247.3,  Gravity: 0.05,  Orbit: 769m
    Total Moons: 1
Wolf 359-A IX:  Temperature: -248.8,  Gravity: 0.07,  Orbit: 1.63b
    Total Moons: 1
Wolf 359-A XI:  Temperature: -262.7,  Gravity: 0.009,  Orbit: 6.6b
    Total Moons: 1
Asteroid Belt: 71
Wolf 359-A XIV:  Temperature: -268.7,  Gravity: 0.06,  Orbit: 42b
    Total Moons: 1
Asteroid Belt: 438
Jump Points
 1) Sirius:    Distance: 305m   Bearing: 156

14th August 3115 – At 0232, the last of the 1st Assault Division(Major General Winifred Blayney)  arrive on the surface and they commence their assault.

15th August 3115 – At 0230, Survey Sqn #2 arrives at the next explored JP and send Waunoer 003 through to discover Kapteyn’s Star.

Code: [Select]
Kapteyns Star-A  M2-V  Diameter: 696k  Mass: 0.39  Luminosity: 0.03
Jump Points
 1) Sirius:    Distance: 1.09b   Bearing: 18

17th August 3115 – At 1433, a new Precursor listening post is detected on the planet Sirius B-III.  The Precursors appear to have the equivalent of 2 battalions of combat robots on the surface of Alpha Centauri A-IV.  In 5 days of fighting they have both been reduced by roughly 50%.  In contrast, the Celtic forces have lost very few forces.  The troop transport sqn departs to pick up a Garrison Div to free up the Assault troops for further attacks. 

20th August 3115 – At 0233, Survey Sqn #2 reaches the last of the unexplored JPs in the Sirius system.  Waunoer 004 is sent through and discovers the Luyten 961-1 system.

Code: [Select]
Luyten 961-1-A  M9-V  Diameter: 153k  Mass: 0.08  Luminosity: 0.0003
Luyten 961-1-A I:  Colony Cost: 11.94,  Temperature: 496.9,  Gravity: 0.64,  Orbit: 285k
Luyten 961-1-A III:  Colony Cost: 11.94,  Temperature: -206.4,  Gravity: 3.1,  Orbit: 38m
    Total Moons: 15
Asteroid Belt: 80
Luyten 961-1-A V:  Temperature: -246.2,  Gravity: 0.05,  Orbit: 175m
    Total Moons: 1
Jump Points
 1) Sirius:    Distance: 1.21b   Bearing: 99

23rd August 3115 – At 0330, returning home from a squadron party, Space Commander Tangwen Bulkeley is killed in a ground car accident.  Prior to his death he had been the CO of Roced F1 045 part of the 5th Fighter Sqn (Fighting Hunters) assigned to the Orbital Fighter Base that was part of Daear’s defences.  Another 5 days of fighting on Alpha Centauri A-IV reduces the enemy robots by another 50%.

28th August 3115 – By the end of today the last of the Precursor robots had been destroyed.

29th August 3115 – At 0200, Another JP is discovered in the Sirius system.

4th September 3115 – The 1st Assault Division overruns the Precursor outpost and captures 1 deep space tracking station.  Also contained within the outpost are magazines full of Precursor missiles.  89 Caracyn ASMs, 3124 Dervish AMMs and 179 Spiro ASMs.  A collier is sent to collect them.

Caracyn Missile
Code: [Select]
Size: 6 MSP     Warhead: 9    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 40800 km/s    Endurance: 50 minutes   Range: 122.3m km
Dervish Missile
Code: [Select]
Size: 1 MSP     Warhead: 1    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 26
Speed: 55300 km/s    Endurance: 26 minutes   Range: 28.8m km
Spiro Missile
Code: [Select]
Size: 8 MSP     Warhead: 9    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 10
Speed: 31100 km/s    Endurance: 96 minutes   Range: 179.9m km

10th September 3115 – At 0503, yet another JP is discovered in the Sirius system by Survey Sqn #2.

11th September 3115 – At 0533, another JP is discovered in the Sirius system by Survey Sqn #2.

14th September 3115 – The gravitational survey of the Sirius system is completed, the system has a total of 8 JPs of which 3 remain to be explored.  At 1503, Waunoer 003 transits one of the remaining unexplored JPs and discovers the Giclas 99-49 system.

Code: [Select]
Giclas 99-49-A  M4-V  Diameter: 556k  Mass: 0.26  Luminosity: 0.012
Asteroid Belt: 75
Giclas 99-49-A II:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: -4.5,  Gravity: 1.08,  Orbit: 21.1m
    Nitrogen 77%, Oxygen (0.14) 15.2%, Neon 7.8%,  Pressure: 0.94
Asteroid Belt: 14
Giclas 99-49-A IV:  Temperature: -152.4,  Gravity: 3.9,  Orbit: 73m
    Giclas 99-49-A IV - Moon 4:  Colony Cost: 4.30,  Temperature: -171.3,  Gravity: 0.40,  Orbit: 396k
    Hydrogen 71%, Helium 23.2%, Nitrogen 5.8%,  Pressure: 0.16
    Total Moons: 12
Giclas 99-49-A V:  Temperature: -174.7,  Gravity: 1.16,  Orbit: 111m
    Total Moons: 19
Giclas 99-49-A VI:  Temperature: -200.4,  Gravity: 2.02,  Orbit: 203m
    Total Moons: 10
Giclas 99-49-A VII:  Temperature: -224.2,  Gravity: 0.13,  Orbit: 380m
Asteroid Belt: 37
Giclas 99-49-A X:  Temperature: -251.2,  Gravity: 0.10,  Orbit: 1.62b
Jump Points
 1) Sirius:    Distance: 1.76b   Bearing: 281

The system contains an ideal habitable world, so Harlech jumps in and heads in system to investigate.

15th September 3115 – The first Spiro and Dervish missiles are delivered to Daear.  Some are broken down and investigated.

17th September 3115Harlech investigates the planet and finds it uninhabited.

10th October 3115 – Troop Transport #1 drops the 1st Heavy Assault Div onto Alpha-Centauri A-III Moon 1.  The Division began its attack on the listening post immediately. 

15th October 3115 – After 5 days of fighting the one Precursor robot battalion is estimated to have taken losses greater than 80%. 

18th October 3115 – The robots are overwhelmed by 1st Heavy Assault Div.  The Gwendi Jone geology team discovers a deposit of 100 000 tonnes of Tritanium on Ogma.

23rd October 3115 – After occupying the listening post on Alpha-Centauri A-III Moon 1 the Celts discover another stockpile of Precursor missiles.

25th October 3115 – The JG link between Alpha Centauri and Sol is created.  A salvage ship is sent to salvage the Precursor wrecks in the system.

12th November 3115 – The first Precursor wreck to be salvaged yields some magnetic confinement fusion drives and, much more importantly, ECM-4 and ECCM-4 systems.

19th November 3115 – The next Precursor wreck yields data on ECCM-2, more engines, ECCM-4, Fire Control and a size 6 missile launcher.

22nd November 3115 – The next wreck yields a magnetic confinement reactor and another ECM-4.

31st November 3115 – The next wreck just yields a magnetic confinement reactor.

12th December 3115 – The first of the Precursor bases in the Alpha Centauri system is salvaged and yield and astonishing 16 magnetic confinement reactors.

19th December 3115 – The final wreck in the Alpha Centauri system is salvaged and 30 Size 1 missile launchers are recovered.