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Terran Federation - Part Nine
« on: January 26, 2012, 07:47:43 PM »
The First Interstellar War
14th April 2046
Without warning the Commonwealth of Bigdish revokes the Federations trade rights. Moments later the Beta-II class freighter in Gliese 109 is struck 24 times by an unknown energy weapon. The freighter explodes, killing its captain and 295 members of its crew.

The Terran Federation is shocked by this sudden and unprovoked attack. The Admiralty immediately dispatches the 1st Frigate Group and the CVL Audacity, carrying FAC Group Gamma, to Alpha Centauri. The cruiser group is currently deployed on a training exercise and must return to Earth for refuelling and resupply before it to can be deployed to Alpha Centauri. Meanwhile the 2nd Frigate Group is dispatched to the outer reaches of Sol to track down any remaining Commonwealth survey vessels.

Fleet Command is determined to win the war swiftly and decisively. EM readings showed that the Bigdish homeworld is close to Earth in terms of industry and they had previously shown the capacity to produce large quantities of 12900ton warships when fighting the Centauri forces on Alpha Centauri. Fleet's plan is simple - to gather near the 107 Piscium jump point in Alpha, preventing any hostiles threatening the colonies or Earth, and then move in force through 107 Piscium and approach the Gliese 109 jump point.

Given the numbers of Commonwealth forces known to be stationed at the 107 Piscium-Gliese 109 jump point however Fleet Command hoped to be able to engage significant enemy forces in clear space before attempting to force the jump point. In the event that they would be forced to assault the jump point without reducing enemy forces this could lead to significant casualties. Ideally the attack would be undertaken by the newer shielded cruisers and heavy cruisers, but despite the designs having existed for several years and shipyards having been retooled to construct them no new construction had been laid down. Even the additional cruiser squadron planned after the fighting in Alpha Centauri had been delayed due to monetary concerns - while Earth's financial situation are relatively stable wealth reserves were still only up to around 12'000 credits.

While there were 5 known jump points in Gliese 109 none had yet been explored, but the possibility remained that swift exploration through the sole jump point in the neighbouring system of EQ Pegasi could lead to another way into the Commonwealths home system. Both survey groups are currently undergoing much needed overhauls but as soon as they finished they would be dispatched to make the attempt.

20th April 2046
A Commonwealth Houjian-class scout is detected in Barnards Star by the DSTS stationed on Mercia. Though it poses no threat FAC Group Gamma is dispatched from Sol to deal with the intruder.

23rd April 2046
FAC Group Beta closes to within 10mkm, locks onto the Houjian in Barnards Star and launches 10 ASM-N5-Supernovas. The missiles have a top speed of 35200kps versus the targets 2300kps and all 10 missiles hit their targets 6 minutes and 55 seconds later. The Houjian is completely destroyed and the FAC Group moves in to collect 41 survivors before returning to Sol. A salvage ship is dispatched to clear the debris field.

24th April 2046
Before FAC Group Gamma can depart a second Houjian is detected in Barnards Star and the FAC Group again closes and launches 5 ASM’s at the target. 6 minutes later a strength 5 secondary power system explosion is detected and the vessel disintegrates. The FAC’s rescue a 2nd set of 70 survivors and heads back to Sol.

28th April 2046
A third Houjian is detected in Barnards Star. FAC Group Gamma, having refuelled and reloaded at Earth, is again dispatched and destroys the target 2 days later. A further 74 survivors are captured. For the time being the FAC Group will remain in orbit of Mercia.

8th May 2046
Cruiser Group 1 takes up position 50mkm from the 107 Piscium jump point. As far as is known this is the only route Commonwealth forces can take into human space. Meanwhile freighters and troop transports are delivering PDC components and Engineering brigades to both fledgling colonies in Alpha Centauri.

9th May 2046
Salvage ships in Barnards Star find components for efficiency 4 jump drives on a Houjian wreck. The Federation currently uses efficiency 6 jump drives.

12th July 2046
The Lion-Class Dropship is developed, capable of carrying a full battalion and combat dropping them into enemy territory.

Code: [Select]
Lion class Dropship    5,000 tons     177 Crew     456 BP      TCS 100  TH 400  EM 0
4000 km/s     Armour 3-26     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 1.99 Years     MSP 114    AFR 100%    IFR 1.4%    1YR 38    5YR 574    Max Repair 60 MSP
Troop Capacity: 1 Battalion    Drop Capacity: 1 Battalion   

MilSpec MPD E7 (5)    Power 80    Fuel Use 70%    Signature 80    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 160,000 Litres    Range 82.3 billion km   (238 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

2 new Nelson-Class Cruisers are laid down at NavYard Gamma while NavYards Alpha and Beta retool for the King-Class Heavy Cruiser and Lion-Class Dropship respectively.

11th August 2046
Retooling for the Lion-Class Dropship completes and three hulls are laid down. Work also begins on adding a fourth slipyard to the 12500ton capacity shipyard.

29th August 2046
Retooling for the King-Class Heavy Cruiser is completed and 2 ships are laid down. Construction will take 15 months.

11th September 2046
The Vanguard J FAC joins the 1st Cruiser Group at the 107 Piscium jump point and transits. Detecting no ships on the other side on its passive sensors it sets a course for the jump point to Gliese 109. The Alpha Centauri – 107 Piscium jump points mark the end of the jump gate network built before the start of the war which means the fleet will have to rely upon jump tenders to transit into Commonwealth territory. Given the known defences in Gliese 109 and the lack of a jump tender capable of transiting the 15000ton King-Class Heavy Cruiser the decision is made the dispatch the construction ship from Sol and build a jump gate into Gliese 109. This will allow a simultaneous transit of all Terran forces assembled, including the FAC’s carried by Audacious. As the King-Class Heavy Cruiser are still some months from completion there planned offensive into Gliese 109 is postponed, allowing time for further ground forces and drop ships to be built up. The Cruiser Group will hold position 50mkm from the Gliese 109 jump point for as long as its maintenance supplies hold out, then be replaced by the Frigate groups before returning to Sol for resupply prior to the offensive.

11th January 2047
The 1st Survey Group completes overhaul in Sol and, escorted by a frigate heads out to survey the system beyond EQ Pegasi. Fleet Command hopes to find another route into Gliese 109, thereby bypassing the Commonwealths jump point defences.

23rd January 2047
The first 3 Lion-Class Dropships are completed. 2 more are laid down immediately. Once complete this will give the Fleet the capability to transport up to 3 full brigades simultaneously and combat drop them one at a time into hostile territory. Additional Heavy Assault and Assault Infantry battalions are forming on Earth in the hopes of seizing any Commonwealth worlds in Gliese 109. Survey information from before the way identified at least 2 populated worlds, one of which is believed to the the Homeworld of the Bigdish, and there may be additional remote mining sites in operation.

25th February 2047
1st Survey Group transits through the unexplored jump point in WQ Pegasi and discovers a Class-II Black Hole. This is the first time that any human has directly encountered a black hole. Thankfully the relatively small size of the black hold and the science vessels high speed of 5333kps means that they are able to resist the gravitational pull and carry out their survey duties.

25th August 2047
Frigate Group 2 replaces the Cruiser Group on station at the jump point into Gliese 109. The Cruiser Group will return to Earth to refuel and resupply. There has been no contact with the Commonwealth since the destruction of 3 survey vessels in Barnards Star in April 2046, and Fleet Command is considering sending a Vanguard J-Class FAC into Gliese 109 to scout the jump point. All expectations are that the FAC would be lost so 2 further jump capable FAC’s are laid down.

30th August 2047
The 5th and 6th Nelson II-Class Cruisers are built on Earth. They will rendezvous with the Cruiser Group and, once resupply has completed, engage in training exercises before departing for the Gliese 109 picket.

25th September 2047
Cruiser Group reaches Sol and refuels before departing on training exercises with the newly built Courage and Liberty.

15th October 2047
Due to the stockpiling of DSTS on Earth for later deployment on GJ 1156 and nearby colonies by happenstance a Commonwealth Houjian-class scout, with a thermal emission of 120, could now be detected at a range of over 80 billion kilometres.

26th November 2047
The gravitational survey of the Class-II Black Hole found on the other side of EQ Pegasi has found a single jump point leading out of the system. The 2nd Survey Task Group will now take over survey duties and transit through to the new system.

4th December 2047
The first 2 King-Class Heavy Cruisers King Richard and Alfred the Great are deployed in Sol and join the Cruiser Group for training. Once a minimum level of interoperability has been achieved with the fleet they will proceed back to the Gliese 109 jump point and relieve the frigate squadron currently on picket. The decision has been made to dispatch 2 Vanguard J FAC’s through the jump point to scout the other side once the Cruiser Group is in position. 2 more King-Class Heavy Cruisers and 2 more Nelson-Class Cruisers are laid down.

Upgrades are also made to the Nelson- and Tribal-Class cruisers, incorporating the latest in shield and sensor arrays. Refits will be made as operational requirements allow and NavYard Beta begins retooling for the Tribal III

9th December 2047
Exploration of the jump point around the Class-II Black Hole reveals the system DX Cancri and not Gliese 109 as had been hoped. A gravitational survey will be conducted by both Survey Groups in the hopes of discovering a new route into Commonwealth territories.

20th January 2047
Research is completed into Internal Confinement Fusion drive technology. Works is begun upon applicable engine designs.

Meanwhile the gravitational survey of DX Cancri is completed. A further 2 survey points have been discovered.

29th January 2047
Exploration of the 2 jump points in DX Cancri reveals the new systems of Lalande 21185 and Luyten 674-15.

10th May 2047
The gravitational surveys of Lalande 21185 and Luyten 674-15 and finds no new jump points. Defeated the survey task groups head back to Sol for refuelling and overhauls.

10th December 2048
The Cruiser Group, having completed training exercise and pre-op overhauls, departs Sol for the Gliese 109 jump point. New construction, namely 2 more King-, 2 more Nelson II- and 2 Tribal III-Class cruisers, is still underway but Fleet Command is unwilling to wait any longer. The Cruiser Group is accompanied by a Fleet Collier, a Tanker and all 3 jump-capable FAC’s – to maximise the chance of retrieving data from Gliese 109 it has been decided to transit all 3 FAC’s simultaneously. It has now been over 2 years since the last contact with the Commonwealth but humanity is unwilling to forgive the treacherous attack which cost the lives of over 500 freighter crewmembers.

In the intervening period humanity has continued to expand. PDC’s have now been established on both colonies in Alpha Centauri and Mercia in Barnards Star. Enough infrastructure has been deployed in Alpha Centauri for over 30 million colonists while Mercia’s temperature has reached 5OC and is increasing. Federal freighters are now busy transporting infrastructure, DTST’s, maintenance facilities and PDC components to the new colony in GJ 1156. In addition to being the primary fleet base for the southern galactic sector the GJ 1156 colony will also be acting as a supply depot for future colonisation efforts in the region.

20th January 2049
The 1st Cruiser Group reaches position in 107 Piscum. The 2nd Frigate Group is sent back to Sol for resupply and overhaul.

29th March 2049
The Fleets troop transports and drop ships have decided to use the 3rd planet of 107 Piscum as a staging ground for ground forces to shorten travel time between Sol and Gliese 109. However as soon as they reach orbit the transports detect a strength 55 thermal contact on the surface which is soon identified as Commonwealth forces. Somehow they have managed to setup an outpost despite the jump point having been picketed for 2 years. The transports begin loading an assault brigade into the dropships and commence an assault. A Commonwealth garrison battalion is found protecting the installation and suffers 29% casulaties in the first attack. Meanwhile the troop transports begin landing to unload further units. A second garrison unit soons begins a counterattack and takes 8% casulties, while the first enemy battalion suffers a further 45% casulties. 3 brigades are now in operation on the surface comprising 5 heavy assault battalions, 5 assault infantry battalions and 2 mobile infantry battalions. The troop transports depart for Sol to collect a further 2 brigades.

9th May 2049
By the 9th of May one enemy unit has been reduced to only 1% strength, while the 2nd is down to 90%. So far no terran casulties have been taken. However the fleet can no longer wait for the combat to be finished as maintenance faults are beginning to take their toll and the deciscion is made to sortie the jump FAC’s. 5 seconds later all 3 FAC’s transit it into Gliese 109 for what will hopefully be a mission of a few moments.

An hour passes and the fleet comes to the inevitable conclusion. With the failure of the scout FAC's to return Fleet Command is left with a regrettable dilemma. Clearly there is a Commonwealth picket on the far side, though its strength is unknown, but the Admiralty has received clear orders from the Federal Council - delays in dealing with the Commonwealth could no longer be excused. Even worse was the fact that this made sense on many levels. The long years of preparation on the part of the Federation had also given the Commonwealth as long to research new technology and build new units, while at the same time the wealth spent on building up the fleet has severely impacted proposed exploration and expansion of new colonies. Certainly the civilian sector would not support the war effort much longer unless some clear progress was made. Finally, although new construction is underway totalling 6 new cruisers (including 2 updated type III Tribal-Class Area Defence Cruisers) Fleet Command is loathe to dispatch its entire cruiser force to Gliese 109. The forces currently stationed at the jump point to Gliese 109 are all that can be committed.

Therefore it was resolved that the cruiser group would undertake the assault with its current strength totalling 2 King-Class Heavy Cruisers, 6 Nelson II-Class Cruisers, 2 Tribal II-Class Area Defence Cruisers, 2 Hood II-Class Light Cruisers, 2 Churchill II-Class Jump Cruisers and 1 Audacity-Class Escort Carrier with 5 Vanguard II-Class FAC's and 1 Vanguard II S-Class FAC. In support is a Fleet Collier, carrying an additional 200 ASM-N5-Supernovas and 500 AMM-N1-Shield missiles, a Fleet Tanker carrying 3,000,000 litres of reaction mass and the Troop Transport Group, currently transporting a further 3 Brigades to 107 Piscium A-III in preparation for an assault on any Commonwealth settlements. This was by far the most potent force ever assembled by the Terran Federation in its 30 year history and despite the dangers the crews of all the ships involved were optimistic and eager.

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Re: Terran Federation - Part Nine
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Ooh, can't wait to see what happens in part 10.  :)

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Re: Terran Federation - Part Nine
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Ooh, can't wait to see what happens in part 10.  :)