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Chapter One
« on: March 14, 2012, 10:33:12 AM »
January 1st 2004  A survey ship, Viking, is laid down on Unity´s space dock, estimated time to build is 9 months.
At the same time Earths conventional industry is being converted in to 2nd Law industry, this will take time, a long time, converting 600 mines is estimated to take in excess of 10 years. Using 2/3 of earths industrial might, 1/3 is devoted to convert 600 2nd Law construction units (factories) and that will take almost 20 years.
Scientist Reece Whitehouse speculates in the possibility to make better arms and armour for the armed forces of Earth, but due to the limited research abilities of the Empire, we only has 5 research centres spread out over the globe, it will be placed on a hold.
As it stands those five centres are in the process to get better mining techniques, better production, a new type of nuclear reactor and better research techniques. But this will take years to accomplish.  
While using the scanner from Earth on Mars it was found that also Mars had deposit of minerals, not as good as Earth but still good, a bit inaccessible, but they also started to transfer the 4 factories of Mars, 2.
On Mars there is an anomaly detected when the scanners were used, in a large hill there are some weird data about minerals, almost as they are refined, this will be checked as soon as there are personal available.
It is also problem with the transformation of Mars Industrial park, it is taking forever to get enough minerals out of the ground, we might be forced to transfer a small amount from Earth, when it is possible.

January 11th 2004 The first 2nd Law mine is operating, it is working within the parameters.

January 12th 2004 The first 2nd Law Construction unit is started, it also works as predicted.

January 31st 2004 We are having problems with digging up enough minerals to keep up the optimal pace of changing our industry.

September 26th, 2004 The survey ship Viking is finished, The Emperor has Christened it and it will soon be on its shakedown cruise to the Moon and test it new generation scanner, this scanner will be able to scan a planet from orbit, instead of sending down search parties. Commander Patrick Lloyd is given the command of the ship.

28th September 2004, On Luna no mineral are found, well some traces are found but nothing we want to even try to dig out of the ground.

7th October 2004, on Venus there are some substantial amounts of minerals, only 5 are present.
Duranium 23.80000 tons, Acc. 1.0
Neotronium 9.526000 tons, Acc. 0.1
Tritanium 3.300000 tons, Acc. 0.4
Corundium 11.486000 tons Acc. 0.1
Galitice 180000 tons Acc. 0.1

1st July 2005 No moon seemed to have more than traces of minerals, Viking will continue to check Jupiter’s moons, but if nothing is found we will concentrate on the planets and on the asteroid belt.

8th July 2005 On Calisto it is found a pocket of Galcite, some 4.800000 tons acc. 0.4 Oh well it seems that some moons have it, still trying on the more distant planets and moon, then the Asteroid belt.
8th January 2006, A team under Commander Callum Cunningham arrives at Mars , investigating the hill were some strange reading were found.

8th February 2006, On Ganymede 1.000000 tons of Tritanium is found, but its deep down Acc. 0.1

9th April 2006, a space Cargo company is formed as it build its first Tribal freighter, the name of the company is Patel Container Lines.
The Emperor is pleased that private enterprises are in the forefront of space entrepreneurism.

10th April 2006. The Imperial court is announcing the engagement of Emperor Carl Philip with Ms Andrea Consaglia, the couple has been seen before but due to an imperial decree nothing could be  told to the people. Well as we all know a secret is not always a secret.
But the announcement was greeted with jubilation both on Earth and Mars

8th June 2006, On Mars a startling discovery is revealed, the hill is in reality a small colony, partly intact, during the early hours of 1st of April the young explorer Billy Waters managed to crawl throe a crack into and large opening, there were a lot of machines in that open area, after expanding the crack so the rest of the team could get thru, in a total some 163 strange machines and crates are found.  How to open them we don’t know yet but the investigation is continuing, but Waters who always been good with  language soon managed to crack the letterings on some of the books in a library. It seems they are alien, even to Mars, it seems they are coming from an Empire called Zlatousi Star Empire. They are way ahead of us in technology, so if we can find a way to salvage these installations we will be much enriched.  But this colony seems to have been abounded several thousand years ago, they are akin to the human race, abit thinner and longer arms and legs, but could certainly be mistaken for a human at a distains.

8th November 2006, sins it is taking “forever” to scan the solar system for minerals a second Viking is being built, should be ready in July 2007.

1st May 2007, after almost 8 months in deep space Viking reaches the Saturn moon of Enceladus and starts to survey it.

8th April 2008 on Rhea good sized pockets of all mineral are found from several hundred thousand tons up to over five million tons, all above Acc. 0.6, will probably be our first mining colony outside the inner system

7th August 2008, a bit late the second Viking is commissioned and sent to the asteroid field to search for minerals, captain of the ship is Commander Taylor Wright.

8th August 2008, small amounts of different minerals found on Sinope, all less than 200 tons.

13th August 2008, on asteroid 107 we find small amounts of minerals, most noteworthy Mercasium 428 tons.

31st December 2008, the Emperor weds his Andrea, she becomes Princess of Mars

13th May 2009 Patel launches a second tribal freighter, thereby having as many freighters as the Imperium.

14 May 2009 Princess Andrea is told that she is pregnant, with twins.

15 July 2009 to help Mars grow one construction units is transferred, with the help of Patrel Lines, it takes five trips back and forth to get the construction unit working.

13th September 2009 the first research project is finished, mining is increased by 20% to 12 tons a day. The two research centres are given to on-going research, better construction technics and a better reactor.

3rd 2009 October, Princess Andrea gives birth 2 boys, given the names of Carl and Juan, Carl is the heir to the Imperial throne.

23rd October 2009,Minerals Discovered on Sol-A Asteroid #62: Duranium 10,716 (1)  Neutronium 4,199 (0.9)  Tritanium 3,894 (1)  Vendarite 13,549 (1)  Corundium 1,568 (1)
23rd October 2009 ,Minerals Discovered on Uranus: Sorium 25,556,000 (0.5)

13th December 2009, Akira Kawasaki has completed research into an increase of construction rate, the increase is 20%

15th December 2010, Minerals Discovered on Sol-A Asteroid #29: Duranium 7,057 (1)  Boronide 3,318 (1)  Vendarite 1,971 (1)  Uridium 2,540 (1)  
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