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Posted by: Zorgn
« on: June 25, 2010, 01:45:35 AM »

I'm new to the whole game write-up thing, so... Be gentle. I'm not new to the game, but would appreciate suggestions down the line, especially of the ship construction type.


For near on seven hundred years, the Terran Empire has controlled the known galaxy. For the most part, it has been a peaceful age. What few wars there have been were extremely short and violent warnings to all beings not to take the Empire lightly.

However, as the Empire grew, and countless planets joined or were colonized, the job of governing became too much for any one group. The Empire, while still nominally ruler of all known space, only directly ruled Earth, a few near colonies, and the Imperial Navy. Outside of Earth's sphere of influence, corporations took on the day-to-day ruling of the Empire's planets.

Terran Empire

For the early part of its existance, the Empire ruled its domain absolutely. As it expanded, corporations were gradually allowed the freedom to run things, on the condition that they paid tithe to the empire and followed what few orders the Empire saw fit to send across the sometimes years long distances. Despite not directly controlling vast majorities of the Empire, the countless worlds of the Imperial space were held under one banner against threats both foreign and domestic by the might of the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy

Compared to the rest of the empire, the Navy is fantastically advanced. Seven hundred years of focused research into millitary technologies has given even the smallest naval fighter a near-legendary reputation for destructive potential.


In order to control the outlying colonies, civilian technology across the Empire is greatly limited, while the Navy and colonies under direct control of Earth enjoy top drawer equipment. Research on all colonies except Earth is banned, and punished by planetary 'cleansing' by the Navy, resulting in Earth becoming a mecca of scientific advancement, and insuring that no backwater princling can hope to ever stage a successful rebellion.


Schrade is a relative newcomer to the galactic economy. Specializing in designing arcologies and other habitats for imperfect worlds, they have quickly risen to a point where large amounts of wealth and resources can disappear from the company coffers with little chance of it being noticed amid the massive amounts pouring in. They harbor dreams of someday breaking away from the Empire and dealing as equals, but are rightfully terrified of what the Empire's response would be if their plans are discovered before they can stand on equal footing with an Imperial battle fleet. Thus the Robia plan was born.


Robia is a large system, with a white, two yellow, and a red star. It has a large number of planets, and several vast asteroid fields. There are two colonies, Robia-B IV, and Robia B-III. The first is a cool world with higher than average gravity and no oceans, but otherwise perfect for human habitation. The second is an airless wasteland that serves as an automated mining colony until Schrade can secretly divert a terraforming fleet to the system.

A peculiarity of the Robia-B colonies is that it is never truly dark on their surfaces.There is nearly always at least one sun in the sky, and moons the rest of the time. Early colonists decided this was unnerving as hell, and settled into the arcologies that had been intended for the mining colony on Robia-B III, where you could at least turn the lights off for part of the day.

The Robia colony was founded for mining and illegal research intended to eventually allow the Schrade corporation to break away from the Empire. As such, its location is a highly guarded secret. Only a few vessels have the route in their autopilot, and all of those implement measures to keep the ship's crew in the dark about how exactly one gets to Robia.


Robia is my only system. For reasons which will be revealed in my next thread, Earth, and the Terran Empire are off-limits.

Robia-B IV has 542 million colonists. Its construction facilities are fair, and its research capacities are good. Unfortunately, in keeping with the background for this senario, the colony has no military production capabilities. No shipyards, missile factories, nothing. Build it, or go without is how this is going to be played. In the interest of not completely shooting myself in the foot, I have allowed two 25kt cargo ships for tooling around in-system.

Robia-B III  has 500 automated mines. Unfortunately for the mineral situation, Gallicite, Uridium, and Neutronium are in low availabilities, though only Gallicite has less than 50k tons, Vendarite does not exist on either of my worlds, and may be a bit of a hangup later.

All in all, things are rough, but resistance only makes victory sweeter.