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Aurora MP - Backstory Part II: The First TN War
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:33:57 AM »
By 2037, tensions were rising pretty much anywhere on Earth. A small "skirmish" which included a quite spectacular explosion that blew up Sofiya and caused the defection of Ukraine to the USSR, costed the EU a whopping 40% of its industrial capacity as peace talks got underway. However, this was a minor event when compared to what awaited mankind. As the roaring engines of spaceships turned on, a swarm of missiles engulfed the skies.

- Mexico City, October 2037

As Alejandro turned his gaze to the sky, in the aftermath of what was arguably the greatest triumph of insanity, all he could see was a thin layer of dust. The USA, the nation that now governed the very city he lived in, were at war, once again. This time, the Chinese expansionism was to target the USA, by far the largest nation on Earth. The Russian help promised never arrived, and in a superb display of skill the soviet military destroyed every single ICBM directed towards the USA. The retaliatory strike made by the USA against China was devastating. The USA policy was to concentrate on ground forces, and they managed to hit a good portion of them, severely weakening the Chinese Red Army. These were the first reports aftere the bombardment.
China and India directed the old ICBMs towards the USA, while Brazil launched an invasion with modern Mobile Infantry. On the opposing sides, were the once mortal enemies USA and Russia, with the new power Oceania.

As said before, of the 110 missiles launched by India and China, 110 were destroyed by Russian meson bases. USA and Oceania launched 130 ICBMs, which devastated the Indian Army and the Chinese army. But to win the war against the masses of Infantrymen, which while defending are very effective, more firepower was needed.

A lot of families were having dinner in the whole american continent, when a flash of TN engines lit up the sky, and mere seconds after that, a nuclear earthquake of previously unexpected dimensions shook the ground. With dawn, nuclear fireballs blewing up major urban areas and military bases exploded in India. Fast, modern missiles dubbed the "Annihilators" by the media, obliterated indian resistance. The consequences were bound to be dire. As the mind of many people raced back to 2034, when the temperature drop reached 5 degrees Celsius, a question popped into everyone's mind: what will THIS do to the atmosphere?

Unknown to most people, the warhead of the Annihilators was 4.5 times stronger than a conventional ICBM. In the barrage over 30 million died by the sheer power of nuclear bursts, shockwaves and various related causes. In the next two years over 600 million would die by related causes, mainly radiation poisoning and the complete anarchy that reigned in India for 3 years. The US Army ransacked the territory, looking for useful installation, mineral stockpiles, scientists and capable officers. Then left carrying with it an unspecified number of installations.

China proved a harder nut to crack, but a combined Soviet/Oceanian offensive ultimately prevailed.

The state of Guangxi in southern China was estabilished as an Oceanian puppet, controlling to date 300 million people. Taiwan and Hainan were annexed by Oceania.
Soviets adopted a more "direct approach". The republics of Manchuria and Jinan were estabilished and incorporated in the USSR, Inner Mongolia merged with the Mongolian Republic, and a number of regions dubbed too hard and not worth inclusion were merged, forming a puppet state.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai a free government formed, under Japanese guidance. The state soon expanded to border both Guangxi and the soviets, but given the state of the planet a number of agreement were made to keep the status quo.

As the dust settled (literally), Earth's new political scenario was completely shuffled, with 5 powers bound to rise to dominance. 10 years into the TN Age, mankind managed to kill almost a billion people with new weapons, causing background radiation that halted population growth, launch from its shipyards 100Mt of warships and developed weapons capable of rendering the whole solar system uninhabitable. On the other hand, we have more than 2 Gt of commercial ships, colonies on the Moon, Mars, Europa, Titan and a number of possible mining sites. But the old USSR, now rechristened UCR (Union of Cosmist Republics) has recently launched a survey ship. Considering the recent mastering of Jump Theories achieved by the UCR, it seems likely that in a bet with alarming odds, the UCR is trying to reach the stars. Furthermore, Japanese scientists confirmed calculations and theory. As news again shook the world, many eyes are gazed on the ship, closely escorted by the russian navy. As no sensor can reach even the inner circle of proposed survey locations, only time will tell.

Side note: all the wars were caused by players. EU player switched after resignation, current earth-based players 5. Starting players 10. Sure this was a bloody start, Russian-built mesons saved the planet twice.

Today i'll post about the rules of the game. Scheduled tomorrow, the backstory and first update for a nation. I have yet to decide the nation, but chances are that either Oceania or USA will be presented first. In a special section, called future plans, the player will discuss in role-style what are the plans in relation to his country and his enemies/allies. If you have a particular question that you want to be answered, a topic will be opened for Q&A with players.