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  1. MOVED: Re-introduce the ability to change Government type in Aurora 4x C#
  2. Transfer Cargo/Liners/Colony ships to private companies.
  3. Choose the destinations of new jump points in SM?
  4. Should empires be able to merge?
  5. Time Travel
  6. Designing ship hulls instead of ships
  7. Component Research
  8. Ground Units Tech Design
  9. Adding Colonists to PDC's
  10. Fighter Initiative
  11. Semi-Official 7.x Suggestion Thread
  12. External Hangars/Docking Ports
  13. "Shields are on" Warning
  14. No Beam Fire Control Price Scaling for more advanced techs
  15. Simplifying turn calculations: orbital elements
  16. PLEASE redo WP creations
  17. buoy missile targeting
  18. Different missiles from one fire control. How should this work?
  19. catapult ship component - launching ships over great distances
  20. Orders delay with inexperienced fleets
  21. Smaller units of troops?
  22. Bringing Back Mothballing
  23. Starlifting
  24. ECM/ECCM Missile Tracking Deactivation
  25. new research topic - Medicine & Robotics
  26. Decoy System and Drone Control
  27. Civilian contracts for racial tech
  28. Potential Spoilers: Aurora C# Enemy AI Ship Design and Tactics Thread.
  29. Him Vs Her
  30. Commanders' Initial Ages ... and a somewhat related suggestion
  31. Regarding terraforming
  32. More secondary commander naming themes?
  33. Request for Feature
  34. Complete list of Suggestions
  35. couple things, might be useful to others too?
  36. new crew quarter options
  37. Bigger bureaucracy
  38. Realistic promotions, Political Reliability and Ground Forces Officers
  39. Considering Changes to Terraforming
  40. Geo teams doing first surveys
  41. Hull sice and jumpdrive
  42. Commander Location
  43. Beam Weapons
  44. What's the deal with water vapour?
  45. Having a PP scientist at start breaks the game
  46. More Deeply Customizable Beam Weapons
  47. warhammer 40k related tech and units
  48. Fighters defaulting to lowest rank
  49. Why can't player races use their ships to ram?
  50. Civilian missile transport, and hangars