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Commonwealth of Earth
« on: June 08, 2020, 08:22:03 PM »
Background for my campaign.    I do things mainly for RP reasons so i won't be posting ship specs etc but i will be mentioning them and give general capabilities.    Hope everyone enjoys it!

2050 CE

For nearly 100 years mankind has rapidly grown both technologically, industrially and socially.    The population of mankind is now just under 10 billion.    With this huge number Mother Earth fights back and the looming question of climate change is answered in massive earthquakes, tsunami's and hurricanes across the globe.    Countless cities and population centers are affected.      thousands die and millions more are left homeless and destitute.    For all these problems, mankind has a knack for survival and coming together when needed and as one of the major tsunami's hits Africa's east coast, the resulting waves unearth new and unique elements that posses remarkable properties.    The UN send a massive relieve effort as well as numerous scientific teams to understand these new elements.   

2070 CE

After 20 years of study, scientists working out of the CERN labs in Geneva discover that they can use the newly found elements to rapidly, economically and safely produce vast amounts of antimatter.    This allows for the development of nearly unlimited power in multiple different sizes.    From cars to entire city sized power-plants, the discovery virtually makes fossil fuels obsolete over night.    These new elements are coined 'Trans-Newtonian' elements by the lead scientist, Dr Harris Bassman.    Dr Bassman is awarded the noble prize in physics for the accomplishment.   

2078 CE

The major nations of the Earth come together to use their newly found technology to help repair the damage mankind has done to the Earth.    The 6th March is proclaimed a global holiday and named 'Earth Day'.    Humanity enters a time of unprecedented peace and scientific advance, giving rise to numerous technological advances.   

2104 CE

Dr Harris Bassman dies at the age of 87.    The world mourns.     

2122 CE

The idea of individual government has become obsolete at the dawn of the Trans-Newtonian millennium.    The UN drafts the 'charter for the commonwealth of Earth' which is signed by ever member of the UN.    The charter effectively gives the UN complete authority in all matters of TN elements and non-terrestrial government.    It also makes sure that all member nations must support the UN in these endeavors to the fullest of their abilities.    Overnight the UN becomes a global power.   

2130 CE

The UN drops all pretenses and officially calls for an end to individual government and proclaims itself the only global government and officially renames itself the Commonwealth of Earth.    The nations of the world are powerless to resist and the majority accept without protest.    For the next two decades, the Commonwealth fights numerous proxy wars to bring troubled nations into the fold.    During this time the Commonwealth Army and Navy is officially formed, it becomes the largest and best equipped military in the history of mankind.   

2150 CE

The Commonwealth focuses it's efforts to exploring the solar system and starts putting together a fledgling space fleet to further this goal.    For the next 20 years numerous commercial and military naval ships are built using the knowledge of TN technology.    The world celebrates 100 years since the discovery of TN elements.    President Chloe Petti's famous speech is made and broadcast around the globe, galvanizing a fervor of global patriotism.    A copy of the speech is enclosed in this record.   

"My fellow man.    I stand before you on this day of days will a smile from cheek to cheek.    I feel such elation that we as a species have come so far and we continue to further the most noble of goals that our forefathers could only dream of.    I look into the deep crowds gathered throughout our magnificent cities and I see wonder and Joy the likes this world has never seen.      I would ask nothing of you except perhaps one thing.    Look up! Look Up! Into the stars above you! There is our destiny! Countless worlds and stars to explore! Mystery's for our great minds to solve! Challenges to overcome!

I am proud of you, Men and Women of Earth and when I look upwards to the stars my heart skips in trepidation and excitement, eager for what awaits us.    Celebrate today.    For come tomorrow each and every one you will seize the day.    You will realize your dreams! For the future is calling and we will not be left behind!

Today the world! Tomorrow the Stars!

2170 CE

Current date.     
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