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Posted by: doodle_sm
« on: April 17, 2020, 10:56:55 AM »

"In my book, experience outranks everything." - Captain Rex, Clone Wars

Humanity united under the flag of the Terran Party and the United Systems Republic. In 2025, an epidemic sparked on Black Friday. The movements of people across the world led to the most lethal virus to ever come onto Earth. After five years, leading scientist Ferdinand Beckett had discovered the cure for the virus. He was assassinated before meeting with reporters on the nature of the virus. The cure was still able to be administered. After the great plague and the third World War, Humanity's population stabilized at around 500 million. We are in crisis. Emergency power is now in effect. The chancellor and the executive office of the United Systems have full control of the state.

The doctrine of the Republic Navy is based around carrier operations. There is naval support from Cruisers, Frigates, and Destroyers while fighters and bombers are able to deliver strikes on enemy vessels. Republic Grand Army and Republic Navy operate under the Republic High Command (located on Earth.) As a result of the massive shift in population, the Republic's industrial capacity was severely hindered. Worker strikes and riots are frequent causing huge amounts of damage to the Republic. Corporate conglomerates such as the Trade Consortium and the Techno Union conspire against the heavy centralized and autocratic regime of the Republic. There was concern that whatever was out there beyond our solar system would destroy us. In the waning months of the chaos, the Chancellor commissioned the Grand Army of the Republic to research into a new breed of soldier, the Clone Trooper.

The Republic is on the brink. Will the Republic survive the Trans-Newtonian age?

Star Wars the Clone Wars and Halo inspired campaign! The Republic will attempt to be diplomatic throughout this playthrough. I want to play a game that is going to be long term. I've done a lot of testing of ship designs, I feel ready to do a full campaign. Check out the main AAR thread.