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Posted by: doodle_sm
« on: April 22, 2020, 10:43:01 AM »

4000 AD

When the Star Knights left the Imperium, a majority of the Imperial Navy ships left to join the Star Knights. New independent ship designs were created by the Order. The Trade Guilds have no power over the Star Knights. Unfortunately for the Imperium, this means that the Knights have considerably more power they can project across the Sol System. The Imperial Council deemed it necessary to rapidly develop the Imperial Navy. The first order of business is research and surveying the Sol System. Colonies will be setup on Mars and Luna.

Over the course of 4000 AD, several new Jump Points were discovered. The Imperial Navy have begun to design Jump Tenders known as the Type-3. This Type-3 will ferry around the Scry survey ships across the galaxy. However, Command predicts that there will be a need for more tankers to refuel the short range survey ships.

March of 4000 AD
March began with some incidents. Scry #4 had lost all its fuel on its way to Earth. Luckily, it was close enough for a tanker to refuel it. Scry #4 then traveled to Mars to discover that the Mars colony has significant Duranium reserves that are easily accessible. The first colony was set up on Mars. The Martian Trade Guild has contracted several penal mining camps to mine the Trans-Newtonian minerals. In the meanwhile, a troop transport will be designed to transport troops across the Imperium. It is imperative to expand before the Star Knights decide they no longer want the Imperium to exist.

     Duranium 10,071,072   Acc 0.7
     Neutronium 4,624   Acc 0.1
     Corbomite 5,992,704   Acc 0.2

April of 4000 AD
Another Imperial battalion was trained on Earth. The 2nd Battalion is awaiting deployment to the Mars colony. Designs for the first Hammerhead class Troop Transport are complete. A commercial has been waiting for retooling to accommodate for the new class. Imperial Army High Command has commissioned the formation of the 1st Regiment. The 1st Regiment will consist of three Battalions and a Regimental Headquarters.

Hammerhead class Troop Transport      15,000 tons       77 Crew       405.6 BP       TCS 300    TH 469    EM 0
1562 km/s      Armour 1-54       Shields 0-0       HTK 45      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 0
MSP 416    Max Repair 80 MSP
Troop Capacity 10,000 tons     
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months   

Commercial Ion Drive  EP156.25 (3)    Power 468.8    Fuel Use 7.83%    Signature 156.25    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 533,000 Litres    Range 81.7 billion km (605 days at full power)

4001 AD
Two new Dragon-class Cruisers were commissioned by the Imperial Council and the 1st Imperial Regiment has been trained. A fourth battalion will be trained to be deployed on Mars instead of 2nd Battalion. The Star Knights have been surveying the Sol System. The Imperial Council watches the Order with envious eyes. The Survey ships have finished geo and grav scans of the Sol System.

June 4001 AD
The first Hammerhead class Troop Transport is complete. A battalion has been sent to Mars to watch over the penal colonists. The mines of Mars have been established and are fully operational. The Imperium is requesting several Mass Drivers to be shipped to Mars in order to send packets of minerals back to Earth.