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Posted by: Panopticon
« on: May 06, 2013, 04:11:35 PM »

The Centauran government remains silent for months, before releasing a brief statement stating that they are unprepared to release any assets from defense of the Alpha Centauri system at this time. The statement also comes with a somewhat terse message of condolences for the lives lost. It was text only and not attributed to any named government official, despite being released through official channels.
Posted by: Gidoran
« on: May 06, 2013, 03:23:07 PM »

A Broadcast from His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Heinrich Fuchs of Wüste.

The Emperor stands in full regalia in the central garden of Landung Dome, addressing a crowd.

My Subjects, and honored guests from the other worlds of Humanity,

After significant time deliberating upon the news from Lalande's Administration, We have come to a decision as to the appropriate response. The Star Empire will be mobilizing one of the Taverne-class mobile hangars that is currently being assembled over Our world, and sending a full flight of Kf 100 starfighters along with it. Would that We had the capability to send more, but as much as Our heart grieves for those lost lives in Lalande, the defense of Wüste must take priority.

We will, of course, be preparing vigorously to begin major industrialization of Our system to ensure that the Kriegsflotte is prepared to deal with any threat that make leak through and enter the Sirius system.

The address carries on for several hours afterwards, going from topic to topic, all the way down to an impromptu resolution of a water dispute.
Posted by: sublight
« on: May 05, 2013, 06:29:25 PM »

The Dictatorship of Barnard wishes to congratulate the government of Lalande for their prompt diligence in scouting for alien life forms. In the following year Barnard promises to investigate all oxygen and methane based atmospheres in systems adjacent to our sector to continue the search for threats to humanity. We urge all other sectors that have not already done so to do the same. The only threat greater than an alien menace is an unknown alien menace.
Posted by: coco146
« on: May 05, 2013, 04:25:33 PM »

Message from Andrej Cernik of Lalande.

In response to the alien threat the Lalande government has Created the new "Stal' Printsa" class of Destroyers, as none have been completed no details shall be made publicly available, but they shall contribute significantly to the military power of Lalande.  To compliment this move the number of Mountain class Planetary Missile Silos shall be doubled.

This hostile alien race is a dire threat to us all, I would suggest that we call a conference of all leaders of the human nations in order to formulate a response.

I also feel that it is necessary for us to maintain that the wreck of the ship destroyed is the property of the Lalande Cosmological Authority,
Posted by: 3_14159
« on: May 04, 2013, 12:30:01 PM »

A small stage with the Athena Administration's flag hung behind it.
Admiral Alan Kepler, currently the Spokesman for Military, steps on the podium, and addresses the cameras and with them, the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

grave news reach us from Lalande. As Lead Administrator Kerensky has informed all of us, they made contact with an alien species.
All of our enthusiasm at the possibility of non-human life has however been cut short by the unprovoked destruction of the Kepler and their obvious hostility. It is therefore all of our duty to defend humanity and our space.
I have authorized Wolf Squadron III, a corvette squadron, to transit to Lalande and provide a jump point defence until better defences are available. Also, our jump points will be picketed, and I have raised the alert level to DefCon 3.

He looks around, images of a spaceships appearing behind him.

I also have authorized the building of two of our Sword-Class cruisers. Armed with two quad-mounted 12cm lasers and capable of a speed of 3600km per second, those ten kiloton vessels represent the first step towards proper Space Forces, able to defeat enemies in battle outside of jump point defences. The Sword and the Rapier will be finished in about one and a half year, and will soon afterwards be ready to join a joint expedition inside the Stein system.

Lalande, you will not fall. We stand beside you.
Posted by: icecoldblood
« on: May 04, 2013, 09:22:05 AM »


Lead Administrator Kerensky steps onto the screen

People of the former Terran Federation,

Today the Lalande Administration has decided to inform all of humanity of a grave issue. In October of 2027, the LAS Johannes Kepler, on a geological survey mission to the recently discovered Stein system, detected several heat signatures. It has been confirmed that these heat emissions were generated by Trans-Newtonian engines. Immediately after, its weak electromagnetic sensors picked up several electronic pulses, which were consistent with those emitted by Trans-Newtonian active sensors. After 15 seconds, the Johannes Kepler was hit by several energy or kinetic weapons, and was immediately destroyed. No life pods were transmitting.

We have discovered an alien race. It is sentient and capable of spaceflight, and has discovered Trans-Newtonian technology. It is extremely hostile, as seen in how they opened fire before even making any attempt at communication. This race is extremely close, only one jump away from Lalande. This means it is also 3 jumps away from any of you. As Lalande as yet does not have any space-faring military capability, the Lalande Administration calls for support in placing a picket force on the Stein Jump-Point.

This is not just an issue for Lalande. This is an issue for all of the six remaining Human colonies. We will not lie. If we fall, you will be next.

Posted by: icecoldblood
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:12:51 PM »

except from The Catalyst and Cataclysm, the evacuation from Earth
The Lalande evacuation
After what is now known as Cataclysm, with all of the Central Terran Government dead, the colonies, immediately began offering evacuation for anyone who was alive. But even before the first rescue ships crossed the warpgates, a second event, now known as the Catalyst occurred. Every ship in Sol, and also every Terran ship in existence, immediately suffered a massive power surge, overloading their already unstable engines. After that, all communication through Sol and its warpgates was jammed, scrambled by massive amounts of radiation. Now, years after the twin Cataclysm and Catalyst events, communication was finally restored with the other 5 extrasolar colonies of the Terran.

What were the twin events? Other than that they blasted Sol with massive amounts of energy, noone knows. Some say Sol was caught in a pulsar beam originating thousands of light-years away, others believe an alien super-weapon was the cause.

excerpt from a statement by the Lalande Administration to the other Five Stars
During the twin events, the head of government in Lalande was Oleg Kirovsky, a retired Admiral. His governing style of mixing civilian and military interest as well as technocratic, utilitarian decisions is still being followed by the Lalande administration of today. The government of Lalande is a meritocratic democracy, where most decisions are open for discussion. The people of Lalande have grown somewhat isolationist over the years, and are in no hurry to embrace their long lost brothers and sisters. While trade is always welcome, they do not see the need for a united human government.

The Lalande Administration is comprised of intellectuals and specialist in their respective fields. The Administration does not see "civilian" or "Military" developments. Instead it sees all developments as having both Civilian and Military aspects. This allows fine balancing of technology and production priorities.

We are happy to know that the other five colonies survived the harsh years following Sol's demise. We graciously accept any trade but be warned, any military presence will not be tolerated. Regarding Sol, we propose the creation of a free trade zone within it, where no one of the 6 colonies can claim sovereignty.
Posted by: Gidoran
« on: April 19, 2013, 04:02:51 AM »

Excerpt from the transcript of the last State of the Empire Address
Original broadcast in German, translation provided by the Imperial Academy of Landung

Members of the Grand Council, the Lords Council, And the Knighthood,

We no longer know how long it has been since my ancestor, Admiral Heike Fuchs, brought us to this world. This terrible, sandblasted, dry rock, hurtling through the sky, only habitable through a combination of ingenuity and sheer willpower. Though the events which lead us here were terrible, I often wondered as a child; Was she right? Are we better off here than we would have been had we stayed?

Today, I can say without a doubt that we are. Though Wüste does its very best to kill us all each day, we have grown from so few, to a billion souls strong. No one goes thirsty or hungry. Our soldiers are strong, and loyal. Our industry produces increasingly efficient hardware. And today, I announce that the time has come. We have been preparing for generations, rebuilding on this harsh world, only leaving its arms to send small probes to pull ice asteroids in to bring in fresh water, though our recycling technologies have been steadily improving thanks to the University of Landing.

As of this morning, I have put forth orders for grand ships to be constructed. We will take back the stars, that so many generations ago were stolen from us due to war. Opportunities to provide service to Wüste will come, as each of your domes will find itself offered the chance to participate in the multiple construction projects begun.

Excerpt from The Political Structure of the Empire, written by Albrecht Frei
Translation provided by the Imperial Academy of Landung

The structure of the ruling class of the Empire may seem strange at first, but the intricate levels of it have a simplicity to them that makes the chain of command hold all of us tight.

To begin with, the Knighthood serves as most of the bureaucrats, officers, and business owners that keep our domes running. Most of these individuals have Life Titles, which will expire when they do, but occasionally they perform so exceptionally that they are granted a Lordship, and their family takes on increased duties. Those who become Lords serve on their local Council, which runs each dome and ensures that there are no problems. Above them, they report directly to the Reichsgraff who is directly in charge of the dome. In older times, he would have reported to a Landgraff who would be responsible for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of multiple domes, yet now many Landgraff find themselves serving as the sole rulers of specific domes which have great significance, such as the site of the Nordwerke.

All domes are part of the Seven Duchies, old families descending from the trusted captains who accompanied Admiral Fuchs during her evacuation efforts. These are effectively the rulers of the planet, alongside the Kaiser, operating on the Grand Council. Although the Grand Council seats 8, the Kaiser does not vote unless a Duke is absent due to illness or weather conditions preventing communication. Instead, he holds exclusive veto power on any decision, and maintains the right to claim complete power, if he feels it necessary to defend the Empire. In all of our history, this has yet to happen, due to continuing close relations between the families of the Grand Council.
Posted by: 3_14159
« on: April 18, 2013, 03:16:29 PM »

Excerpt from a historical lexicon, circa. 2030.

History of the Athena System.
One of the latest colonized systems before the Fall, the Athena System (previously designated Wolf-359) was primarily a science outpost. Named after gods of wisdom, the science stations were scattered through systems. Stationed on the planet designated Pallas, the outpost was to use the relatively worthless system to test dangerous theories and prototypes. The system developed the first practical applications of Shield technology, and one of the best EM systems.
After the Fall, the once tiny outpost had to cope with an influx of refugees, and severe social unrest. A new political system (see Political System of the Athena System) was devised after a devastating solar flare wiped out most of the records and infrastructure.

Pallas itself is the second planet from the sun. Far nearer to the sun than Sol's Mercury, it is only due to the far smaller and less active sun that the small, tidally locked planet is even habitable. Even so, it is a planet of extremes. On the sun side, the temperature nearly never falls under twenty degrees, while the maximum temperature on the other side is barely five. Therefore, most people are either living under ground or in orbital stations.

Political System of the Athena System
The system's quite a unique political structure. Using the highly connected citizens, everyone eligible votes on the basic, underlying principles the government should act after, with the politicians (actually, administrators) implementing those. Eligibility is achieved by helping the society, with the classical paths being either scientific achievements, military service, or simply work.
Promotion usually is done by merit, with demotion possible, though quite seldom.
Posted by: Nightstar
« on: April 18, 2013, 02:31:17 PM »

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