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Age of Exploration: Russian Military Reports
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:19:26 PM »
This is basically just some mini-stories that give you a more detailed view as to what was happening on the more important (or unimportant) battles that the Russians will no doubt be fighting during the course of this scenario. If you want me to make more, just comment, for now, I wrote one about how bad-ass one of the unit commanders was, from this fancy report that "she" wrote...

Podpolkovnik Petrinko’s Report on the Reichstag raid on May 6th- May 10th , 1922

At three in the morning May 6th, we were ordered to assemble outside the Reichstag’s perimeter by  five AM. On our way from the camp, we were ambushed by some resistance members, and had to clear out an apartment building. By the time we had gotten to the Reichstag, the attack had already begun. I ordered my men to find cover and wait for me, and went over to ask General-Mayor  Yerogav for orders. He seemed to not notice that we were late, and told me to take my division and help the soldiers attacking the East side. As soon as we got there, we saw members of the Russian Militia attempting to scale the walls. Most of them did not make it, but the ones that did only were armed with bolt-action rifles and were quickly gunned down. We tried our best to try and kill as many on the walls as we could, but we were called back to camp at around 7:00 PM. We headed back, and slept for the night.

I woke up at around 11:00 PM to the sound of explosions and gunfire. I grabbed the pistol I always kept under my pillow, and sprinted to the edge of the camp. We were being attacked from three sides, there were machine gunners and snipers on the roof of the building outside our camp, and riflemen moving up to the perimeter on the other two sides. Running to the nearest piece of cover I could find, I was interrupted by a German soldier who jumped out of cover and tried shooting me. He missed, and I jumped over the car he was hiding behind, slammed him into the car and then stabbed him with his own knife. I grabbed his rifle and slowly moved between cover to a window of the building. Jumping in, I shot  the machine gunners, and headed up the staircase to the roof, ignoring the Germans on the other floors. I stepped onto the roof, and got behind a sniper that didn’t notice me. Stabbing him in the back of the neck, I took his rifle and started shooting at the riflemen on the streets. Soon after, I was pinned down by fire, and could hear footsteps coming up the staircase. I abandoned the rifle, and jumped off the roof, grabbing onto a pipe and swinging my way onto a nearby balcony. The building looked empty, so I went down another staircase, and into the street. Meeting up with a couple soldiers - Private Petronav and Radioman Borislav, who sadly told me that General-Leytenent Romanov had been killed, and that we were to abandon the base. Running as fast as we could, we ducked into a fortified recreation centre, and set up the radio. We started broadcasting using the standard Russian Encryption, asking for extraction. A few hours later, one of our tanks shown up, and we were brought to the 1st Armoured Temp-Headquarters. I said goodbye to the two soldiers, and then went over to the barracks to sleep.

The next morning, I was glad not to wake up to gunfire, but instead the Commanding Officer barking orders. I got dressed in my uniform, and headed to the armoury to get a rifle. They had just gotten a shipment of weapons and armour, and I got a Visari Model 1921 sub-machinegun and duranium plate body armour - a heavy vest reinforced with Duranium - a Trans-Newtonian material that could withstand piercing and blunt damage extremely well. Heading over to the mess, I found some of my friends from 1st Infantry. It turns out that around thirty of us managed to get out of the camp. We were then ordered to go back to the Reichstag with the 1st Armoured, and attempt to breach the perimeter. I jumped into a tank’s machinegun, and the driver sped away. Well, not really, since tanks can only go around 20mph.

When we arrived, the Germans were already waiting for us.  Machinegun fire plinked off the tanks, while rockets pierced them. I kept firing though as we kept moving closer to the walls. Then, there was a lucky shot that didn’t glance off of the armour, and hit the driver in the leg. I went into the tank to help him, quickly bandaged his wound and then took the controls. I had only driven tanks before, so it was pretty simple for me, but they had changed so much since last time I was in one. But, no time for thoughts as one of the tanks smashed through the wall, and then exploded. Only one person came out, and the explosion had completely broke the wall - there was now a gaping hole straight into the Reichstag. Taking one last shot at the top of the wall, I grabbed the driver, put him behind some cover and then went over to start clearing the walls. I went through the breach in the wall, and started to climb the staircase. That armoured jacket was a literal lifesaver- I got shot three times in the chest without the bullets piercing it before I could get to cover. My machinegun had a 50 round drum magazine attached to it, and some upgraded iron sights. I don’t get why they even put them on, because the rifle is so inaccurate that aiming wouldn’t really make a difference. I continued up the staircase, and shot two people on the way up. Shooting at a group of Germans, I accidentally hit a pile of rockets. They exploded in a giant fire, and took out about half the wall. Heading back down, we set up a perimeter around the Reichstag itself. Half of us slept, while the other half defended the perimeter.

I slept for a few hours, and was woken up at 10:00 PM ready for the night raid. Me, Borislav, Petronav and the remaining survivors of 1st Infantry got together near the door. Petronav threw a grenade at the door, and it blasted open, as we ran in and machinegunned about 10 Germans down before they could run. We then split up into groups of five and started clearing rooms. We went up to the 2nd floor, on the balcony,  and cleared it. From there we supported our comrades assaulting the main chamber, and then headed on. The hallways were empty, as well as most of the rooms. We kicked the door at the end of the hallway, and that rat William II was in there with his men. We quickly gunned them down, and when he tried pulling a pistol, I shot him in the leg. Petronav and another soldier grabbed him, and we dragged him out of the Reichstag him crying in pain and begging for his life. We radio’d in command, and General-Mayor Yerogav answered. We told him the good news, and he said that he was sending a truck, and for us to go with them. We did, much to my displeasure, since we had to stay in the back with HIM the entire trip. Anyways, we arrived at St. Peters 5 days later, and we were greeted like hero’s.  I was awarded a medal, promoted me, and then invited me to a victory celebration. After we ate, I got to meet the president for a while, then I decided to go see our little friend William, and ask him how he likes his new accommodations.