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Age Of Exploration: Ch. 4 - The Great Discovery
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:48:47 PM »
December 30th, 1937

New Nuclear Pulse engines have entered the market, and research staff is freed to do other things.

October 2nd, 1938

The Engineer’s have recovered 89 “Epsilon class shields. These will be transported back to Earth immediately so they may be disassembled to learn their technology.

October 8th, 1938

Disassembly of the shield systems has been completed, and we made significant advances in our own shield and also fuel efficiency studies. The sensors we recovered also have been disassembled.

December 17th, 1938

The two engineer battalions have graduated the Earth Military Academy, and are being transported to Mars to aid in the recovery effort.

February 22nd, 1939

The two engineer battalions have restored a terraforming installation and 220 units of lifesupport from the abandoned colony. Also, a new research lab has been built on Earth, bringing the total up to 6.

May 27th, 1939

Sevastian Korovin, a famous military scientist has come up with a new theory after examining the components of the Bellassa Coalition’s sensors. He believes that they have some connection to a type of intersystem transport. He has shown his findings to the government, and they agreed to give him control of five research installations to prove this theory.

October 2nd, 1939

The Engineer battalions have recovered an automated mining complex, and two advanced engines. The engines were disassembled, and the mine has restarted it’s operation. Also, a very glorious day for the Russian Empire has arrived - all of their conventional industry has been upgraded to trans-Newtonian factories.

November 4th, 1939

Earth’s supply of Sorium has run out. The good news is that there is still an immense reservoir of fuel both on Earth, and Mars.

January 2nd, 1940

One of the engineer battalions managed to restore a research facility on Mars, and found their protocols for shipyard operations in the databanks. The Chief Engineers at the shipyards found this information very insightful, and say that they can make all future expansions or retooling cost 5% less and take 5% less time.  As for the research facility, it will be brought back to Earth where it can be manned.

February 7th, 1940

A civilian mining colony has been set up on Titania. This will help to alleviate mineral shortages, as well as being the first habited interstellar colony.

May 9th, 1940

The engineers on Mars while restoring a mining complex, found  a intact copy of mining protocols. They are much more advanced than our current ones, and are estimated to improve efficiency by 20%

April 12th, 1941

An amazing discovery by Sevastian Korovin today. He has discovered that there are gravity wells around every star, that may contain stable wormholes to nearby stars. The Bellassa Coalition’s sensors were used to see where the wormholes surrounding each star were located. This also confirms that the Bellassa Coalition is(or was…) an interstellar civilization, and Mars was once a major planet. President Matveyev seems extremely eager to start exploring other solar systems, and has authorized research of gravitational sensors.


Population: 423m
Maintenance Facilities: 20
Construction Factories: 165
Mines: 53
Research Labs: 8
Fuel Refineries: 10
Ordinance Factories: 10
Mass Drivers: 2
Fighter Factories: 10

Population: 0m
Construction Factories: 1
Fuel Refineries: 1
Mines: 6
Automated Mines: 6
Mass Drivers: 1
Terraforming Installations: 1

Fun fact: President Matveyev is 43 years old, and is now on his sixth term in office in a row, or, he has ruled Russia for 21 years, 4 months and 28 days. He is still in excellent health, and he is Decisive, Dispassionate, doesn't accept change easily, and is somewhat untrustworthy, probably due to him conquering four nations in a twenty year period.

OOC: I think it may speed up once we start exploring systems, perhaps because I will have to detail each of them, if evil aliums are trying to kill me, and other nice details like that.
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Re: Age Of Exploration: Ch. 4 - The Great Discovery
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You never know whats out there...  ;)