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7 Dictators - RP Discussion
« on: March 27, 2013, 08:40:38 PM »
Discuss the world, talk to each other, give ultimatums or organise trades IN CHARACTER here
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Re: 7 Dictators - RP Discussion
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2013, 10:59:41 PM »
Appearing live and disheveled in a working utility uniform, Admiral Michael Dekker addresses humanity by way of emergency FTL broadcast across all channels and all frequencies.  Behind him is the smoking ruin of the capital city of Tauron, across which emergency teams scramble to evacuate and triage dead and wounded people.  The Sirian and Human flag hang on stands, at equal height, behind the admiral.

My fellow humans,

This is the first year of a new era for humanity.  In this new era, we are no longer just the people of Earth.  We have established colonies in far away solar systems.  We have made them our homes.  Our children play in parks and fields that are not found on Earth, but on planets in Proxima and Alpha Centauri, Barnard's Star, and Epsilon Indi.  This new era is a time of exploration and enlightenment.  The entire galaxy lies before us.  Our home.  The Milky Way.  This new era is a time of tension, as the power base of a once unified Earth is now spread thin, echoing ancient times when our ancestral home had not been fully explored and when the horizon of the sea seemed limitless.  In those days, there were monsters on the edge of the map.  Monsters lived in the deep places.  In this new era, the monsters on the edge of the map ... are real.

46 hours ago, on March <date?> of the very first year of this new age for our species, the human colony on Sirius ... the "colony" which I and many of my fellow Taurons call home, and where more and more of us are being born every day ... was attacked.  We were not attacked by the people of Harvest, nor the military of Reach, nor by any other human force.  We were attacked by an unknown and alien force.  Even now our sensors are reading thermal signatures on our nearby moon, and we have tracked the movements of one of their vessels throughout our system.

There are aliens on Sirius-A III - Moon 10.  They are hostile.  Tauron is burning.

As of today, I am requesting that the jump point to Sirius from Sol be designated a no-fly zone and that all further transmissions between Sirius and the rest of Humanity cease until we can be sure that doing so will not endanger the rest of humanity.  What these aliens know, and what the limits of their capabilities are, is unknown.  We will not lead them to Earth.  The attack against Sirius has quieted down for the time being, and we Taurons will show these alien bastards exactly what we are capable of.  We will secure our home.  We will protect our families.  We will never give up, for to give up is to die.  Even now our people are laying down the foundation for defensive bases which will utilize the bleeding edge of our space-faring technology.  Will we secure our space with a new type of spacecraft, a short-range fighter, capable of intercepting and destroying incoming hostile missiles.  We will construct citadels for our ground forces in case of invasion.  And once our home is secure, we will build an offense capable of crushing these aliens and their base on our moon.  We will push them out of our home and make them rue the day they massacred so many of our friends, our families, our very lives.

I am transmitting the designs for our defense centers to our other colonies, and all known information about the aliens with this broadcast.  Prepare, humanity, for we do not know what lurks in the eternal void beyond the stars.  I hope to see you all again, and to reunite those still living with their loved ones on the other colonies.  But first we must secure our homes.  We must protect humanity.

Sirius will prevail.  Earth will not be discovered.  Not yet.  Not on our watch.  Not through our space.

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Re: 7 Dictators - RP Discussion
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2013, 07:13:54 PM »
Very much the contrary to Admiral Dekker's appearance, Admiral Alan Kepler's speech is held in dress uniform, from his main press room. The flags both of Humanity and of Earth herself are hanging on the wall behind him, and a sizeable mob of reporters has gathered.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow humans,

with great sorrow I look towards the Sirian Wormhole, and towards Tauron. What has once been one of the five flag bearers of humanity, one of the guiding lights towards a new future - together with the other colonies - has been attacked. Even now, nearly three days after the attack, there is no measure of the lives lost, of the infrastructure destroyed. I have seen footage more terrible than I'd ever hope anyone to see. Ladies and gentlemen, Tauron burned, and is still burning.

Yet, through the smoke, we see a tomorrow. Bravery still remains. Admiral Dekker's priority was - and still is - the safety of us all. Though his planet burns, he insists on keeping the jump point closed, with no ship passing which may lead the Enemy to us. We must, and I will, honor that wish. The Sirian Wormhole, and the space a billion kilometre around it are designated a no-fly zone. But this is not all we can do, all we will do. The shipyards of Earth are building the Resolution class Jump Point Defense Corvette, which will keep our connection into Sirian space safe. But we will not leave Sirius and the people there alone.

Because, even though Tauron burns, we see a tomorrow. Hope still remains. Because the Resolution is not the only ship being built in the sky above us. I have authorized the building of freighters and personnel transport ships. Ships which will, when finished, bring supplies and relief to Tauron. Bring them the help they need.

And, through the smoke, Humanity remains. A united human race, stronger then ever. A united human race ready to support our brothers, help them, and make certain that something like that never happens again.

Because I promise you, people of Sirius, Admiral Dekker: Help is coming.

I'll see you tomorrow.