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Posted by: Theodidactus
« on: May 29, 2014, 05:21:51 PM »

I hope we win.

Gosh, I hope so too

Also: I have as much of an idea of where Dr. French is and what he's up to as any of you. The world wonders.
Posted by: MagusXIX
« on: May 29, 2014, 04:08:38 PM »

I hope we win.
Posted by: Theodidactus
« on: May 29, 2014, 03:52:06 PM »

[ooc]There are no moves required here, I just thought I'd show you the resolution before the final episode, possibly to answer any questions. The chaos and complexity is, of course, deliberate. I may not be able to tell you everything you want to know... Anything you ask, your companions get to see too...and you might not want that. Within the next day I will ask you all for one more action, to be made publicly. There will be massive advantages to moving first (it will happen first) but there will also be massive advantages to waiting (your enemies will know what you're doing and can move in response). Fun Right?[/ooc]

At 13:19, power is restored to the Raphael, flagship of the Concordance...but things have changed very much in the intervening minutes. Chaos reigns supreme. A hundred spies and audio recorders are monitoring and rebroadcasting a million voices moving through the sovereign territory of a Monticello...but no one seems to know anything at all.

Here is what you know for sure:

- At 13:01 Lt. Co. Luciana Tourinho of the second fleet reported an enemy contact of small tonnage and high velocity approaching the command fleet from deep space. This contact was not confirmed by any other sensor or scanner in the system.

-At 13:03 or sometime immediately afterward, the Coronado, flagship and carrier of the second fleet, began launching interceptors to attack a threat identified in only the vaguest terms. These fighters were scrambled and launched under the authority of the second fleet.

- At 13:05 or thereabouts, the Concordant himself was attacked at the exit of the Concordance Council Situation Room. It's not definitive who attacked him, or whether it was a group or a lone individual.

- Seconds later reports emerged from somewhere within the ship that the concordant was executed by a rogue faction of the colonial guard. The speaker could not be identified. The ship lost all power before these reports could be confirmed, or their speaker identified. A 15 minute long communications blackout ensued.

- Seconds later Two interceptor wings from the Coronado immediately charged the carrier lanes of the Command fleet, while orders from the Coronado commanded the colonial guard laser frigates orbiting Monticello to stand down. These orders were not followed.

- At 13:10 A line of 5 colonial guard laser frigates engaged two identical interceptor wings within a few kilometers of the carrier lanes. The interceptor wings were each composed of 2 Luchador class long ranged interceptors and 2 Voodoo class heavy photon bombers. The wings were closing within 1,000 kilometers of their targets, suggesting a precision photon bombing attack pass. Quick thinking on the part of Commander Stephen Humphries lead to an order to target the photon bombers, destroying 3 of the 4 before they could deliver their payload. The fourth voodoo successfully dropped its payload on the flight decks of the light carrier Crown Imperium, disabling its fighter launch capabilities for at least 30 minutes. Its companion, the light carrier Alliance, remained undamaged.

- At 13:11 The colonial guard laser frigates were bombarded by LargoLanza missile fire from the Luchador interceptor craft as they exited firing range. The Magicienne and the Nguyet took significant damage, critically, the Nguyet has one damaged turret and an exploded fusion drive, the Magicienne has lost 2 long ranged turbolasers, the fire control for all long ranged turbolasers, and a fusion drive.

- At 13:12 Crews aboard the Nguyet began repairing her damaged laser turret, while aboard the Magicienne repairmen scrambled to bring her long ranged fire control back online.

- From 13:12 to 13:16 crossed orders were directed at virtually every ship orbiting Monticello, emanating FROM virtually every ship orbiting monticello. Stand down orders were issued, none were followed, the interceptor wings of the second fleet flew in a long loop that eventually sent them hurtling back toward the Coronado, it is unknown whether they intend to try for another pass or simply form a holding pattern and try for air superiority. They have only one working bomber and no photon bombs, but their interceptor craft are still armed with powerful Neon Rockets which can take out virtually any small spacecraft. Few ships moved, but most ships armed their weapons. The Coronado withdrew from its position near the command fleet. The Alliance scrambled Luchador interceptors of its own and appears to be ready to launch, deterred only by the fact that its starfighters will be in range of the rogue interceptor wings.

-at 13:17 A channel broadcasting with the Authority Control Codes of the Concordance Command Fleet, under Duke Taylor Thompson reports that the Concordant has been executed with two clean shots to the back of the head by a Colonial Guardsman. The order commands all colonial guard units to stand down and all command fleet captains to turn their ships over to the command of the Second Fleet

- Simultaneously: a channel broadcasting with the Authority Control Codes of the Concordance Colonial Guard under Duke Stephen Lowe reports that the Concordant has been shot twice in the chest by a renegade political attache, and that an unknown number of gunman have taken control of the forward half of the political section aboard the Raphael. This order commands all ships of the second fleet to disarm, and commands the colonial guard and command fleet to attack any ship that violates the disarm order. Rather ominiously, this report says nothing about whether the concordant is currently alive.

Communicator Reports from Inside the Raphael at 13:18: suggest that a swift and incredibly brutal coup has been enacted. Of the 75 colonial guardsman who regularly police the Political Section, only about 50 remain active, the others have been injured or killed. Their opponents are an unknown number of lightly armed resistance fighters, perhaps numbering about 24, who have gained control of critical choke-points throughout the ship. The plan appears to have been to hold the forward part of the ship, including the bridge and flag bridge, for as long as possible...but that plan is failing fast. Somehow, one Lt. Co. Renee Claude has gotten past these chokepoints and has killed at least 5 resistance fighters. Her location is unknown. The resistance is expected to fall within a half an hour, but at lot could happen in half an hour.

Status reports from the crew bulkheads of the Raphael: suggest nearly all of her 900-man crew supports the colonial guard, but they are currently sealed off from the political section and the bridge. The Raphael is drifting under a skeleton crew. The entire bridge crew and flag bridge crew appears to be loyal to the Resistance, dead, or under arrest. Whoever heads the resistance controls all critical functions of the ship. The Raphael is unlikely to move or use its powerful weapons anytime soon, but as long as the resistance controls the bridge and flag bridge, they will have the ability to cut life support, deny movement through the major bulkheads of the ship...and possibly even activate its 5-minute, unstoppable self destruct system (Only a duke or the concordant can do this, but it's unknown whose side any of those 3 are on)

Reports from Colonial Guard fighting units: suggest that Dr. Peacock and Admiral Kyle Griffiths, as well as a few mid-level officers, have sealed themselves inside the situation room, well inside resistance territory. It would take a half hour to extract them even with complete control of the Raphael. Neither Duke Lowe or Duke Thompson can be located, it's massively unclear who is in command. Guard units in every room of the political section appear to be frantically searching for Dr. French but no one seems to know where he is, and it's unknown why he is so important.

- At 13:18 an all-points communication emanates from the situation room of the Raphael. The speaker identifies himself as Admiral Kyle Griffiths of the Second Fleet. He reports that the Concordant is dead, killed by hostile elements including a rogue faction of the Colonial Guard. He reports that the Political section is in turmoil but this turmoil will quickly stabilize. He reports that with dozens of ships within torpedo range of each other have armed their weapons, and that the situation calls for his authority. He reports that "with the consent of Duke Thompson of the Command Fleet, I have assumed the title of interim supreme commander until such time as a new concordant can be determined."

Requests are then transmitted to every ship in orbit to signal in with their command codes, giving the men in the situation room command and control information necessary to direct their ships in battle. Ships call in immediately, some seem to have known about the day's events far in advance. Others say nothing, but keep their weapons armed.

Within a minute, at 13:19, the fleets orbiting monticello appear to have broken into two roughly equal halves, seperated by at most a million kilometers

The Discord of Monticello (Supreme Commander: Admiral Kyle Griffiths)
- Carrier Coronado (including a compliment of 5 unlaunched interceptors, 4 launched interceptors, and 1 bomber without bombs)
- Battlecruiser Ares (fully armed with torpedoes and captained by Fu Dai Shu, one of the most experienced captains in terran space)
- Light Cruisers Jin Linming and Kuai Liuxing
- Destroyer Escort Chapar Gata (in formation with Ares)
- Destoryer escorts  Fincastle and Medak (In formation with Coronado)
- Laser Frigates Misha, Subira and Tanya

The Command Fleet of the Concordance (Supreme commander: unknown)
- Flagship Raphael, currently without functioning weapons, active defenses, or engines
- Missile Cruiser James Madison, formerly of the second fleet
- Battlecruiser Vadim
- Destroyer Escorts Vanderberg and Windsor (in formation with James Madison)
- Destroyer Escort Kantara (In formation with Vadim)
- Destroyer Escorts Himeji, Marlbourough, Rook, and Edinburough (in formation with the command ship and light carriers)
- Light Carriers Crown Imperium (all but useless without its flight decks) and Alliance (ready to launch interceptors)
- Laser frigates Daiyu ,Li Yuan, and Xuan (Undamaged)
- Laser frigates  magicienne, and Nguyet, (moderately damaged and slowed)

[Interior schematic of the coronado, resistance fighters hold the red boxes, but probably not for long. The blue boxes are held by colonial guardsmen

[the battlefield at 1:18]

[The same battlefield, zoomed out]