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Concordance (Episode IV: Birnam Wood)
« on: March 01, 2014, 08:02:06 PM »
Council FLASH 118

Concordance Council:

Be advised that Expeditionary Fleet ALBION has made contact with the source of the electromagnetic anomalies detected in REDACTED BY ORDER OF DUKE TIKHOMEROV. Confirm source is of the same wavelength and intensity as those observed in the AZ Aquarii system. Transmitter capabilities far exceed known Ophiuchi designs, and match the profile of the LSLs the Commune of Achird have previously warned us about. Have assumed hostile intent and assumed command over Admiral Nkosi.

Third Fleet presence accompanying Dunsinane includes two main-line battlecruisers and a carrier, accompanied by 4 escort destroyers. Commandeer science corps craft include a standard ranger, two spaceforce cruisers, and a modified long-ranged missile cruiser. Will assume holding pattern over jump point to REDACTED BY ORDER OF DUKE TIKHOMEROV, Nicodemus patrols already underway.

Suggest First Fleet be made ready to assume primary spaceforce control of jump point with all speed. Withdrawing ALBION unwise, as contact is one jump away from populated system and closing fast. Science Corps standing by to perform necessary confirmation of Achird LSL when target closes to 500 million kilometers.

Upon confirmation, will assume combat stance and enact fleet protocol Dunsinane

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