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Crisis (Episode I: Context)
« on: August 31, 2014, 11:09:57 PM »
Patel spanned countless worlds, arguably one of the the most powerful institutions in 22nd century history.
Once, more than a hundred years ago, they had been "The Patel Corporation"...but no one had called them that since the dissolution of the lasting peace accords and the rise of the Concordance. Now, they were something more: Just Patel.

Patel had millions of employees, handled trillions of dollars every second, with interests from mining to fishing to genetic modification on each of the dozen worlds protected by the concordance. On many, they were so closely intertwined with the interests of ruling governments that they were basically indistinguishable. From the shallow seas mars to the frozen wastes of Vadim, from the remote temples of the Tiamati Mage-kings to the innermost halls of the Brazilian federal government, Patel held power

And despite all that, Patel was run from a small icosahedral building in the heart of Algravia, scarcely taller than the shopping malls around it. Hardly anyone entered or left, Patel had nearly everything it needed.

The halls within were utterly silent most days, as information flew on microwaves through surgically clean office suites, where executives sat at glass tables and plotted ever-grander endeavors.

There was no sound that day except the stiletto heels of Sub-director Emilia Lapenha, clacking tastefully down the central corridor of the 19th floor. Patel had no one director. Corporate governance here was perfectly lateral: 47 vice presidents, 11 presidents.

Lapenha entered the office of Vice President of Government Contracts Tobias Silva. Silva was briefly distracted. Millions of dollars were lost in that instant, but it couldn't be avoided.

"Sub-director Lapenha, you look Ill." Vice President Silva said.
"You have to see this." She insisted, and threw a grey paper folder on Silva's desk. Paper meant something very important indeed: this was highly secret. No electronic transmission here. Silva took the documents carefully, and examined the opening page.

"what am I looking at here?" He asked.
"Initial survey reports of the Kapetyn's Star System." She replied, "From the bridge of the Jeremiah Dixon."
"But Subdirector." He said with a slight smile, "Those reports are classified for years. If released prematurely, this could start a serious diplomatic crisis. Fair's fair and all."
"Leaked in subcommittee" She replied, speaking quickly. "You're missing the point. There's more than a diplomatic incident here. Turn to the supplemental to Ds.117"

"Oh, hell." Silva said quietly.

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