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Introduction 3: Timeline of the consolidation
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Organism: Consolidation Timeline

1957 The Organism locate what appears to be an oversize Jump Gate. Supreme Directors congregate at the site.

1958 Supreme Director Symyr begins to deduce the functions of the Artifact.

1960 The Organism are locally badly pressed by the Federation. In order to prevent the Artifact falling into their hands, Supreme Directors Symyr and Yashina lead a force of Organism warships and scoutships through the activated gate and then destroy it behind them with explosive devices.
1968 The Organism becomes convinced there are no usable jump points in the Sol system. They resolve to capture the system by stealth, building the infrastructure required to produce more Organism Units. Advanced Organism technology will make the task a certainty, if adequate preparations are made. It is estimated that one hundred years will guarantee success.

1990 The Organism are able to revise the timetable downwards, as they note that decreasing Human interest in space exploitation renders their task easier.

2012 Conquest of Terra begins when the Humans become aware of the aliens in their midst. Despite a far earlier commencement than the Organism would have liked, the Humans are swiftly overwhelmed. Disruption of human infrastructure and the suborning of human leadership at all levels, ensures that Human resistance is valiant but too unfocussed to be effective.

2013 All meaningful Human resistance ceases.

2063 The last of Free Humanity is believed to be slain or absorbed by the Organism.

2080 Terraforming of Mars, which has copious minerals begins.

2187 Terraforming of Mars completed.

2202 Terraforming of Titan begins.

2378 Terraforming of Titan ends as it is judged that habitability can no longer be meaningfully improved. It is however, substantially warmer and the atmosphere is breathable although still far to cold even for Organism units.

2401 The Organism begins the terraforming of Mercury, providing an atmosphere heavy in anti-greenhouse gases.

2441 Human DNA is no longer to be found in the Organism gene pool and the last human-derived Organism units euthanise. Humanity is extinct and survives only as a few names of incept lines.

2466 Terraforming of Mercury concluded. Shielded by a solar shade, Mercury is now eminently habitable if still somewhat bleak.

2480 Terraforming of Venus begins, a long term project and a breathtaking act of planetary engineering.

3024 A badly maintained, unmanned probe from an unknown starfaring nation enters the Sol system through a previously closed Jump point and is recovered by the Organism. Although actual survey records are corrupted beyond use, the existence of a jump point releases the Organism from the system. Construction of assets to allow this to be exploited begins in earnest.

3025 The Organism probes the new jump point.
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