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Introduction 4: Release
« on: June 09, 2010, 10:47:44 AM »
In the depths of Terra, Symyr strode to what would certainly be the most momentous meeting of the Council of Terra ever to have been held, though it was likely to be brief. If possible, he would have felt ecstatic.
The occasions veering towards confliction that he had experienced over the past one thousand years were ended now. His decisions, though of course unchallenged, were vindicated if to no one else but himself. Two in particular had caused him most conflict.

 Firstly, he was over one and a half thousand years of age. Organism units were expected to auto-euthanize when past their peak of performance, despite a potential infinite life span. Supreme directors often remained in service for hundreds of years, but it was true that both he and Yashina, had remained functional for an unprecedented period. In part it was the link they represented to Sylythos perhaps? Normally the Organism needed no such symbols or reminders, but the circumstance was exceptional. There was also their established experience of interstellar operations. Still, other Organism Directors were also providing peak service for longer. Perhaps they had established a precedent? No matter, he felt sure that when it was time for him to euthanize, he would know it.

 Perhaps more pressing had been his conflict over mounting operations to the closer stars. It had been possible for many hundreds of years to mount such expeditions. Less than half a million tonnes of ship could transport a hundred thousand units and some basic support equipment to the nearest systems. The journey would only take a century or so. But the question that always caused him to decline to order such a mission was still cogent. What would such an expedition achieve? Had one been mounted two hundred years ago and if it had survived, and if suitable resources were available to it, such a colony would still only be at subsistence level. The Organism knew that some systems could be almost worthless so nothing might be achieved at all. No, better by far to continue to attempt better hyperdrives or a means of replicating the Artifact or detecting closed jump points. Only as a final resort should resources be so spent. Now he had verification that his decisions had been correct! True, this was chance, but chance played a part even for the perfection of the Organism.

 Symyr reached the chamber, that a human might have described as some kind of organic-gothic nightmare, and silently took his station on one of the nine platforms overhanging a large, deep pit that swirled with a faint blue mist. The mist in the pit shimmered and an image of the system beyond the jump point formed. A gentle exhalation echoed around the chamber.

 Yashina, now Supreme Director of Command, spoke in perhaps a loader voice then usual. "The results are conclusive. The jump point is stable and suitable for transit. The Organism can and will mount expeditions to exploit the new system! Do the Supreme Directors concur?"
One by one, the Supreme Directors recorded their agreement.

   “Oralan records concurrence for Infrastructure.”
   “Sharyna records concurrence for Biomedical.”
   “Thalytha records concurrence for Conflict.”
   “Kopok records concurrence for Construction.”
   “Lylyn records concurrence for Bioresearch.”
   “Taavyt records concurrence for Transport.”
   “Rendor records concurrence for Security.”
   “Symyr records concurrence for Science.”

 “Such is the resolution of the Council of Terra! The policy is to be promulgated!” Symyr thought to detect a note of triumph, or even passion, in Yashina’s voice. No matter he thought, all had reason to have supreme contentment in function this day and it was a vindication of the policies that she had helped formulate.

 As Symyr left the Chamber, Yashina strode into view and approached. He felt a burst of imperative pheromones. He fell into step beside her as they walked to the transit capsule to her workstation and contemplated the preparedness of the Organism whilst there was time.

 Research had mostly been directed towards the gathering and exploitation of resources. Planets had been terraformed, asteroids mined to exhaustion, production rates had been ramped up. Shipping was devoted to transportation of Units and resources. This would have to change. The strikefighters and strikeships would have to be urgently supplemented by warships. Transit capable vessels were required and construction of Jump Gates was needed. There would need to be a complete change in emphasis for both development and construction. The Organism would expand and survive!
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Re: Introduction 4: Release
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2010, 04:40:43 AM »
May I ask why you started in Sol in the first place?
It gives nice fluff, but any other random system might have worked as well, and it would allow you to describe the system, resulting in equally nice fluff.

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Re: Introduction 4: Release
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2010, 09:27:22 AM »
Excellent stuff, Symon!  Very interesting story!

Intriquing alien race, well-thought-out, with a lot of attention to detail.  Very nicely written, with great emphasis on the drama and 'story' inside the game, instead of just a year-by-year "just the facts" type of AAR.  To me, this adds tremendous impact and greatly improves the level of immersion.  Excellent work!

Also, it was sad to read of the absorption of the humans into the Organism, but I think it makes it a very unique spin on the familiar "Terran" start.  While I might still have a glimmer of hope for some possible, eventual human overthrow of the Organism, after 1300 years of dominance it is probably misplaced hope.  

At any rate, I look forward to seeing how the Organism deals with expansion outside the Sol system.  And will they eventually reconnect with their original homeworld?  Lots of potential for great conflict and engrosing story-telling!
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Re: Introduction 4: Release
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2010, 03:09:13 PM »
Thanks UnLimiTeD and StratPlayer.

To answer the 'why on Earth' question first, at first I thought to redo my old Starfire Campaign with the Naerans, Federation, Organism and Medusans. The current difficulty in rolling up habitable worlds to order made me rethink this after over 500 'rolls' didn't get me anything close to the Naeran homeworld. So I decided to go with either just the Naerans or the Organism. I was still having difficulty getting starting systems that suited, so decided to go with the Organism, use the Sol system, but file all the serial numbers off and rename all the planets.

Then is struck me, why not use Sol and do something different. Conquer the Humans! We have a lot of 'Terran Empire' starts. Steve has notably done many excellent ones, so I decided to do it different.

Of course it's a trope of bad Hollywood movies that aliens show up with superior technology, conquer everything in sight, but are then defeated by the young male hero (who gets the girl) with a few allies using only pluck and determination.

This is of course silly, if appealing to the 'ideal of the common man'. Courage and determination are great force multipliers, but you have to have force to multiply. Despite valiant efforts from decapitated armed forces, Humanity just didn't have enough of a chance.

Sadly, Humanity is gone for good, a few Incept names is about the only remaining sign as a few useful gene sequences were 'pilfered'. Now if we'd continued to expand into space with the same rapidity as we had done in the sixties ... but we didn't. Wanted to spend money on other things instead, mobile phones or something.

I do intend to try to intersperse an account of events with 'dramatic interludes' by the Organism protagonists. Hope the 'odd' way they speak, such as no pronouns or the way they don't think they are being passionate, even when they are; manages to convey an alien feel.
"You fertility deities are worse than Marxists," he said. "You think that's all that goes on between people."

Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light. 1971.