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The Eye of Orion - Prologue
« on: December 16, 2012, 05:49:16 PM »
2042 A. D.

A Great Prophet has arrived in the Middle East, bringing with him a new religion which merges the faith and beliefs of previous Earth religions with modern science.   Inspired by the miraculous feats the Great Prophet is able to perform, the newly formed Celestial Covenant continues to gain new followers at an unprecedented rate of growth.   By 2040, the Pope and the Dalai Lama had both publicly converted to the Covenant.   A fledgeling new Empire has risen to support this new faith, giving political, military, and economic clout to protect the True Way.

Long envious of the western nation's influence over the Middle East through Israel, and in dire need of the region's oil, China sees this upstart Empire as a way to gain its own foothold in the area.   Military and economic backing is provided to the Celestial Empire, and relations between the two powers grow.   Meanwhile, the western world powers move in their own militaries to protect their interests in Israel, which is quickly being converted by the dogmatic Empire.   Infuriated by China's decision to back the Celestial Empire, the western powers halt all trade with the People's Republic, starving it of the natural resources it needs to support its own burgeoning population.

In response to this political and economic pressure, and in order to save its people, China launches a simultaneous invasion of its resource rich neighbors.   Within a year, the Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, North and South Korea, Mongolia, and Japan are all occupied by The People's Republic, despite heavy resistance from the West.   Meanwhile, the Celestial Empire continues to spread through the Middle East, India, Northern Africa, and Southeastern Europe.

The Great Prophet teaches that the future of mankind is in the heavens, in pursuit of God.   He shows the people of his Empire something never before seen - brand new chemical elements found deep within the Earth's crust which by their very nature seem to defy many established laws of physics.   These new materials will make possible man's ascension to space, and bring him closer to God.   Witnesses within the Empire claim that after revealing these chemical elements to the Empire's top officials, the Great Prophet then ascended to the heavens.

Regardless of the truth of this purported miracle, the Prophet has not been seen since.  Imperial researchers are hard at work developing new technologies with these precious new resources while the rest of the world squabbles over power that may soon be made obsolete . . .