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Tree of Liberty
« on: March 23, 2010, 10:08:04 AM »

~1800 BFC - The Fall. The TL1 Tuantician civilization on Kauna breaks up in a seven way battle that destroys itself as it's first major orbital station and shipyard is completed. Engineers aboard the station take one-way escape to the planet's surface after the destruction is complete, with the mission to try to preserve and recreate technology, becoming the first Questors. Majority of planet falls to stone-age barbarism, with a few enclaves of copper age technology.

~1400 BFC The first city-state to organize after the Fall, Aestra, is sacked and destroyed by a barbarian horde, killing half the known Questors and scattering the rest.

~1000 BFC Questors find 'Cave of Wonders' underneath what became Bari City. While majority of the technology there is IND2 or TL1, enough exists to bring the area - and eventually all nearby areas - into late Medieval Pre-Ind technology.

~700 BFC The Feldmanii, a family branch of Questors, found the city of Feldman, and establish trade treaties with other nearby towns.

~500 BFC The War of the League of Feldman has the Feldmanii leading an alliance to conquer their unaligned neighbors.

467 BFC The Feldman Empire is founded.

421 BFC The Feldman Empire annexes the last of their pre-Imperial allies.

367 BFC The Legionnaires of the Feldman Empire finish the majority of the roads, trade routes, ports, irrigation, and other projects that the Feldman Empire became known for.

167 BFC The Time of Troubles, a century long period of instability within the Empire, begins.

156 BFC The city of Bari declares independence from the Feldman Empire, forms a Republic, and with the defection of Legio XIII, defeats the attempt to bring them back into the fold. Other independence attempts elsewhere in the Empire fail.

68 BFC Emperor Jaiko takes the throne of the Feldman Empire, with the weary support of both the Legions and the Senate. The long process of recovering the Empire begins.

34 BFC The Saint Ghudhard spreads the Feldmanii religion to the Fallen Barbarian Tribes.

1 FC Emperor Trent institutes the new Feldman Calender, doing away with the prior system of dating based on the reign of the Emperor.

100 FC Fallen Barbarians begin to undergo a population explosion.

155 FC Fallen Barbarians begin to encroach on the fringes of the Feldman Empire.

~200 to 466 FC The Fall of the Feldmanii Empire to an explosion of Fallen Barbarians, who end up carving the Feldmanii Empire into feudal kingdoms. The City of Feldman is torched in 455 FC, with the final Emperor dying in battle in 466BC. Only two cities remain in the hands of their original owners, Jarelia and Bari. The Fallen Barbarians slowly adopt Feldmanii culture.

455 to 1003 FC The Dark Ages. Feldmanni infrastructure begins to decay, with little attempt or knowledge to repair it. Literacy, a high during the Empire, falls drastically.

684 The Proclamation of the Republic of Bari, which declared themselves to be the rightful heirs of not only the Feldman Empire, but also of the lost Ancients.

700 to 1003 FC The Lancer Wars, a period of strife between the various petty kingdoms of the former Feldman Empire, so called due to the prevalence of a light cavalry known as a lancer.

1003 FC Generally assumed start of the First (3rd) Industrial Revolution, when the Lancer charge at the Battle of Aikaan was stopped cold by Barian musket infantry.

1027 FC Famed inventor Nikolai Tesna Copurnikai, inventor of the Barian steam engine, begins a scientific study of the Cave of Wonders, puzzling out mysteries hidden to Kaunians for three thousand years.

1043 FC The Liberali Riots in Bari City begin a twenty year period of instability within the Republic.

1058 FC Levi Jamal elected to the Senate of Bari.

1066 FC Through guile, politics, bribes, and supposedly at least one assassination, Jamal gets elected to the Speaker of the Senate and manages to bring a temporary stability to the Republic.

1068 FC The Jamal Plan, named after it's proposer, begins the rapid militarization of Bari society in a successful attempt to stabilize it socially. Volunteers flood the Army.

1075 FC Alarmed at the military power of it's supposed rival state, the Imperial City of Jarelia begins weaving a network of self defense alliances among the Lancer Kingdoms. In response, Barian diplomats begin a counteroffensive, building their own network of alliances.

1088 FC After negotiating a shaky peace with Jarelia, Levi Jamal is assassinated by Barian extremists. Sal Johnson becomes Speaker of the Senate.

1096 FC Sal Johnson convinces the Senate to vote more power to the Speaker, showing that in a time of great need and tension that a single person must be able to make quick decisions. A large minority of the Senate disagrees.

1100 FC The Century Purge. Minority leadership in the Senate is rooted out and killed, supposedly by Jarelian infiltrators. Mia Szcosky survives the Purge. The Republican Civil War begins. End of the Republican Period.

1103 FC The Republican Civil War ends with the Traditionalist faction retaking the City of Bari. Mia Szcosky is elected to the temporary position of Director of Reconstruction and Reconciliation. Beginning of the Directorate Period.

1105 FC Mia Szcosky watches on in sorrow as the first Senate of Bari convened in almost a decade dissolves into chaos and fistfights, and is forced to continue her role as Director.

1107 FC Mia Szcosky assumes emergency powers to quell riots in the suburbs of Bari. As she is about to rescind the powers, border skirmishs between Bari and adjacent nations force her to continue in that role.

1109 FC An assassin manages to kill Director Szcosky. Deputy Director Nicolai Hausmann assumes the job, expands the role of the Directorate.

1110-1180 FC Under a succession of Directors, the Republic of Bari Army uses it's technological superiority to browbeat the majority of it's neighbors into being absorb by the Republic, controlled by the Directorate.

1168 FC The Coyotus Mission to Skyforge recovers advanced IND-2 and TL1 technology for the Republic of Bari. Further plans for activating Skyforge are made, but delayed due to the brush-fire wars.

1183 FC Director Jonathan Blake proclaims the Kingdom of Bari, with himself as King, and begins delinating the new nobility, based on the hierarchy of the Directorate. With the Director's high popularity, any opposition is muted. End of the Directorate Era, beginning of the Kingdom Era.

1186 FC The War of Feldmanni Succession. The new Kingdom of Bari begins it's final showdown with the Imperial City of Jarelia. While the Kingdom of Bari has better technology and trained troops, the League of Jarelia has a much higher population.

1196 FC The War of Feldmanni Succession ends when Barian troops break through Jarelian lines at the Second Battle of Jarelia, leading to the surrender of the last cohesive Jarelian force, and then the city.

1202 FC The last resisting independent nation is absorbed by the Kingdom of Lanquassia.

1214 FC King Jonathan Blake dies, his son, Norman Blake, becomes King in a peaceful transition.

1225 FC Skyforge becomes reactivated, after over three thousand years of orbiting Kauna. Kaunian civilization reaches TL1 again.

1336 FC Royal advisers see instability for the kingdom in the years to come, pen the Jamal Plan 2, building the Royal Barian Space Navy. Much like the original Jamal Plan, it draws energy from Barian society, as well as helping to integrate other cultures. The Jamal- and Legionnaire-class DDs are designed and built, as well as the Lancer-class FG and Pathfinder-class EX.

1342 FC Pathfinder 005, returning home after a survey of farther asteroids, temporarily disappears. One hour later, it reappears, heading the exact opposite direction before turning around, and reporting that they had found a wormhole, jump point, something that brought them to another star system.

1344 FC The Kingdom of Bari bursts into the galactic scene. By their fifth year in galactic space they have established themselves as a military and economic powerhouse.

1348 FC The Royal Navy undergoes a purge of disloyal officers.

1353 FC The King Micheal Incident. Selkian naval forces fire on HMS King Micheal. Demands for reparations go unheeded.

1354 FC The Great Interstellar War begins as the Empire of Magnus sides with the Selkian Navy during the Barian attempt at subjugation.

1358 FC Admiral Alexander Grant pulls off a surprise overwhelming victory at Third Zanzibar, turning the combined assault force of 3 star nations into scrap metal with hardly any casualties of his own.

1360 FC Movements for limited self rule arise on various colonies and worlds of the Kingdom of Bari. Most are shut down as detrimental to the war effort, although the 'Self Rule for Zanzibar Coalition', led by Corine Maccau, an old friend of Admiral Grant, is spared.

Early 1363 FC Operation Jarelia ends in a success, effectively destroying the combat capability of the Empire of Magnus for a generation. The Interstellar War is over. It is important to note that all known military threats to the Kingdom of Bari were destroyed in the war.

Mid 1363 FC Self rule movements arise on every major colony world and civilian outpost in the Kingdom. Each movement is heavily critical of the corruption of the Kingdom bureaucracy. In response, Royal authorities crack down on 'dissent', jailing those who protest. Authorities on Zanzibar begin to crack down on the Self Rule for Zanzibar Coalition.

August 23rd, 1363 FC Riots on Zanzibar are stopped by military police. Corine Maccau is arrested, then 'shot while attempting to escape'.

October 5th, 1363 FC Admiral Alexander Grant learns of the events on Zanzibar while at Heidleburg Station, on the frontiers of the Kingdom. End of the Kingdom Era.

To Be Continued.

--==|What is this?|==--

So, what is this? Well, the Kingdom of Bari as described up until 1344 was as played in a 3rdR Starfire Campaign in 2006/2007, using Starfire Assistant 6.80. I was new at the game,playing with veterans. *chuckle* I don't think, had we continued, I would have done all that well.

But, hell. This is my story, right?

So the setup of the Kingdom of Lanquassia is that due to a series of events, a centuries (millenia) old Republic turns into a Kingdom. There's a lot left unsaid, and I'm certain I could go into far more detail than people would want on the unification of Kuana under the Bari banner.

But this story takes place about a hundred and fifty years AFTER that. After the (fictional, alas) Interstellar War (mm, think that won't come back to bite the Kuanians in the ass?).

I think most of you can guess where the story is headed, and what it's going to be about. I don't even know if I can finish it, but I'm going to darned well try.

BTW, for technical information, the Kingdom of Bari has hit TL5. It was their deployment of the Capital Missile and Primary beams, ahead of their opponents, that won them the war. Economically speaking, the Kingdom 20 systems majorly populated systems, and 26 worlds. I'll work up a somewhat believable order of battle, but the design philosophy is that larger ships tend towards missile weapons, and smaller ships for energy. The Lancer and Jamal classes were exclusively Laser, while later CL designs were W heavy. So now to scale that up XD

Anyhow, enjoy the read.
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Re: Tree of Liberty
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2010, 04:58:11 AM »
August 23rd, 1363 Feldman Calender
Military Barracks, Stone Town
Zanzibar, Kingdom of Lanquassia.

It was cold. She was wet. Scared witless, Corine didn't know how the events of the last day had gone on.

A light pierced into the dark cell, and for a moment her hope rose, only to be dashed when it was Colonel Briggs, with a pistol. Aimed straight at her forehead.

"You've provided these riots too much of a focus, Ms. Maccau." The officer seemed to hesistate, the gun wavering, before it steadied again. "Orders from above have told me to expedite the control of these riots. Specifically with you. Goodbye, Ms. Maccau."

The last thing she saw was the flash from the muzzle of the pistol. Then, darkness.

Stone City Spaceport
A few hours later

Commander Joshua Phillips looked at the messanger. "You are certain?" The hapless young man nodded. "Yes sir, Colonel Briggs went in, there was a gunshot, and he departed. Her body was moved out not too much later. Corine Maccau was murdered." There was a muted undertone of anger within the native Zanzibarian's voice. Commander Phillips would have taken note of it, except that he, too, shared the feelings of anger.

"Well, we can't have you running around," Phillips said. "So it looks like we'll be bringing you aboard as we make our trip."

The messanger looked warily. "Aboard the ship? A trip where, sir?" The Commander looked grim.

"Admiral Grant is going to want to hear this, asap. We're heading to Heidelburg to inform him." Eventually, Phillips thought to himself. He wanted to make certain that whatever the result, the Royal Government didn't know the reason why he would eventually put in to Heidelburg station.

October 5th, 1363 FC
HMS Joseph Buckley, Flagship 3rd Fleet
Heidelburg Station, Kingdom of Lanquassia

Alexander woke up panting. He had been dreaming of the last stages of Operation Jarelia again... Eventually, he shook his head to clear it, then took note of what woke him from his unwelcome dreams, the com signal. Wearily, he reached over to activate it. "This is Grant, what is it?"

The comm officer on duty replied softly, "Sir, the HMS Luzon just made transit from the Saxony warp point. She's squawked normal codes over regular frequency, but we've received a tightbeam message for you personally from her commander.

The admiral groaned, then stretched a bit. "Well, I suppose I could take it," he said somewhat tensely. "Send it over to my computer, would you?" The tech signaled an affirmative, then signed off. His console, across the room, gave a small tone indicating it recieved a message.

Admiral Sir Alexander Grant, Order of the Kingdom of Bari, walked over to his console and activated a message. The face of a stranger appeared on the screen. "Admiral Grant, I'm Commander Joshua Phillips, CO of Luzon. I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news..."

I know who I am, what I am, when I am, where I am, and how I am. Why I am is either up to God or will give me Godlike powers.


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