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These two mods update your Aurora 4x database so that sized components have the size in the name, and are sorted by increasing order of size. This is most useful with fuel tanks as it makes reaching a precise fuel value far easier than otherwise, but all sized components benefit. Note that this modifies all games in your save database, as they all share a common list of components.

The mods can be used independently of each other, and in combination with Zap0's Standard Component Rename (values) mod. All three have been specifically designed to be compatible with each other.


All three mods are available through AuroraLoader, or you can download them directly from my git repositories. Known to be compatible with all versions of C# Aurora before version 1.12.0, and I suspect that it will be compatible with all C# versions of Aurora far into the future. The component id numbers don't ever seem to get reassigned; new features added to the game simply get added to the end of the list.


From left to right: Size in Tons, Sorting, and both installed together.


v0.0: April 20, 2020

This all started with a post here on the Aurora forum where TMaekler asked if this was possible. My reply was a shell script that accomplished this for a handful of components.

v1.0: August 22, 2020

Published via AuroraLoader with the majority of the components renamed.

v1.1: October 24, 2020

Renamed ECM, ECCM, and Jump Point Stabilisation Modules.

v2.0: October 30, 2020

Split and rereleased as the Standard Component Sorting and Standard Component Rename (Size in Tons) mods, now compatible with all three Standard Component rename mods.

v2.1: November 6, 2020

Bumped the version number in order to ensure that it gets installed from the new release zip file.
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Does this get installed permanently? I ran the game with this turned on and then the next game without but it's still putting in the subscript?

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It's not clear from your question exactly which scenario you're asking about, but in both cases the answer is yes.

This mod affects all saves in the same database. This is because Aurora has only one table that stores the names of these components, and it's shared between saves.

The other scenario is where you launch the game with the mod checked in AuroraLoader, then don't have it checked in AuroraLoader the next time you launch it. The mod will still be present, because AuroraLoader doesn't uninstall the mod when you leave it unchecked. Instead, it actually uninstalls the mod when it _is_ checked, and then reinstalls it. This is purely to handle upgrades, rather than actually uninstalling the mod. Thankfully this happens very quickly, and so it doesn't make the game noticeably slower to start.

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Could you please spell out how to apply this without using AuroraLoader? I've downloaded the files from your git and tried running the .sh while they are in my Aurora file but that seemed to have no effect.

Thanks! Great mod :) enjoyed it when I was using Loader a lot.