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Tensions are rising, which is always good!
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Eikh Appearance

Eikh Histories: Volume I - Chapter III
August 4022 through November 4027

If the Humans were eradicated what happened to their Empire? Why were the last pieces of Humanity AI created by them? Where were the Human colonies throughout the galaxy or in this solar system? The Geological Survey Drone’s data discovered anomalous and strange readings on the surface of Mars. A small settlement of Human origin was discovered near a vast crater. The Planetary Geology Department petitions to the Imperial Senate to send expeditions to explore the ruined settlement.

In March 4022 the first two Ambrex class Colony Ships were put into construction in orbital shipyards. The Martian landscape is dotted with Eikh infrastructure laid down by automated crews deployed from Shivva class Supply Barges. Senator and the would-be Martian Governor Ieqroptlas is contacted by the Assembly Consortium. Ieqroptlas can either support the Capital party and keep his position or be removed.

Construction of two Moonlight class ships were underway in late 4024 with their production ending in November 4025. The Moonlight and the Lanthanum were launched and immediately deployed on their maiden voyage. The Moonlight class is equipped with two onboard Geo Sensors and four Micro-Payload Box Launcher Pods for the newly developed TH-8 Arkadon Sensor Drones (with EM and Thermal detection capabilities.) The design of the Moonlight was made by the same designer as the Twilight class with the same corporate and imperial backing. The immediate feedback from crews manning the Moonlight and the Lanthanum are very positive as they would not need to return to Earth for a resupply.

Code: [Select]
Moonlight class Survey Cruiser      3,700 tons       69 Crew       432.7 BP       TCS 74    TH 224    EM 0
3027 km/s      Armour 1-21       Shields 0-0       HTK 25      Sensors 0/0/0/2      DCR 3      PPV 2.4
Maint Life 5.21 Years     MSP 219    AFR 36%    IFR 0.5%    1YR 13    5YR 202    Max Repair 100 MSP
Magazine 16   
Captain-Lieutenant    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 60 months    Morale Check Required   

Pherae Assembly Forge Nuclear Pulse Sublight Engine  EP112.00 (2)    Power 224    Fuel Use 23.19%    Signature 112    Explosion 7%
Fuel Capacity 313,000 Litres    Range 65.7 billion km (251 days at full power)

Nyx Assembly Forge Micro-Payload Box Launcher Pod (4)     Missile Size: 4    Hangar Reload 100 minutes    MF Reload 16 hours
Argolis Electronic Assembly Forge MK1 S-Payload Targeting Control (1)     Range 26.2m km    Resolution 100
Tsathorita Assembly Forge TH-8 Arkadon Passive Sensor Drone (4)    Speed: 3,500 km/s    End: 13d     Range: 3,946.3m km    WH: 0    Size: 4    TH: 11/7/3

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

The financial coffers of the Eikh Empire are running low with many industrial, research and military projects being funded. As well as frequent siphoning of funds from embezzling politicians to corporations or their own pockets. The financial report of mid 4026 estimates the Imperial Government will be taking loans from the Banking Guilds in a matter of weeks. The new Governor of Earth, Vriaprinzhtlas, promises to work with the Mars and Luna colonies to promote trade and financial growth. Senator Arae’s original deal to maintain Mars as a Corporate free zone is voided as plans to create a Corporate Trade Zone on the surface of Mars are drafted.

Mantashag is happy with the progress the Mare Solaris plan is taking. A new shipyard over former Oceania is completed for military use. A new corvette for system defense is being designed by famous astrogation expert Iuncius (who designed the Empire’s Sublight Engines.) A recent development worries him. His office on Earth discovered recent large sums of funding has moved away from projects like the Moonlight or the Arkadon Drone towards an unknown recipient for the past twelve years. Mantashag sent private investigators instead of informing the Internal Affairs department. In late 4026, the investigators sent Mantashag holographic data and imagery of a Legion military base in former Iceland. Many barracks and armories of Eikh architecture and not Human structural husks were in these images alongside powered armored infantry. It was clear the Legion in secret had been building up forces and their own arsenal. The investigators were even able to find files on the organization of the new Legion.

Infantry Cohort
Transport Size: 5,000 tons
Build Cost: 152.3 BP
307x Legionary (4018)
80x Legionary - Railshot Launcher (4021)
180x Legionary - Rotary Coilcannon (4021)
1x Cohort Leader (4023)

Transport Size: 4,998 tons
Build Cost: 207.9 BP
1x Warband Leader (4018)
79x Supply Hauler (4018)

The Ambrex and the Bisaria Colony Ships launched from drydocks in September of 4027. The Bisaria is low on fuel due to a bureaucratic error of fuel not being refined in many years due to the economic problems in the mid 4010s. Due to these fuel problems, the Lanthanum is unable to return back to Earth in November. Meanwhile, the Mars and Luna colonies become inhabited by Eikh colonists. The Martian colony uses the remnant structures from the Humans to create habitats and financial centers. The colonists see black ghost shadows on the concrete floors of the ancient Human colony. Human belongings, clothes, toys, computers, jewelry, and other personal affections were all left behind. In the atrium of the Martian colony a single dead tree sits in a derelict garden. There are blast marks on the walls, a sign of a battle but no sign of Zikh bodies. The Humans here were incinerated to ash and their memories haunt the corridors of Mars.