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Posted by: doodle_sm
« on: August 31, 2022, 12:11:02 PM »

8 January 2160, 0122 Earth Time
Sol system, United Nations Space Command

The majority of the orbital defense platform over Io was repaired. Armor repairs would come in due time but all life support and component systems were operational once more. At approximately 0100 hours, the Io defense platforms detected another hijacked Troop Transport en route to Europa from Ganymede.

As far as Navy Intelligence knew, Europa was under firm control by the Koslovic faction. The station commander remarked on the troop transport’s movements to the BattleNet. Unsurprisingly, HIGHCOM considered the lost Troop Transport of Gunnar to be an invasion attempt made by the Frieden insurgents. Consensus from previous years note Europa as a small mining colony.

“Do not engage unless the Gunnar approaches Io. Attempt to disable and capture if the Gunnar is within range.” The commander sternly looked at the tactical officer. The officer nodded. “Understood, sir.” The commander glanced at the system display holograph. Frieden’s first offensive against the UNSC was a failure, perhaps they are expecting more operational success on Europa? There are no defenses, unlike Io.

On Earth, HIGHCOM was preparing for two separate campaigns in the Sol system. The liberation of Mars and the Jovian Moons campaign. Prior to the Gunnar’s sighting Rear Admiral Cecil Norviel began receiving orders from HIGHCOM. Admiral Norviel commanded the three Utgard class Troop Transports to load three Infantry Brigades to capture Callisto from the Frieden National Movement.

HIGHCOM predicts the loss of the Aquitaine leaves the FNM in a vulnerable position. The report of the Gunnar leaving with no escort confused operational analysts. Two Marseille class Frigates are detached to join the Marine Deployment Fleet. The fleets are estimated to arrive on Callisto in nine days.

Marine Deployment Fleet
Utgard class Troop Transport: Odin, Thor, Utgard

Escort Fleet
Marseilles class Frigate: Bordeaux, Nancy
Marseilles-S class Sensor Frigate: Lorraine

HIGHCOM fears the potential of an Insurgent counter offensive against Earth itself, but suspects the Koslovic rebels will not attempt a daring move against Earth.

1236 hours, the sensor systems detect that the Frieden rebels have landed on Europa. HIGHCOM does not have intelligence of how large a force was landed. Gunnar heads back to Ganymede shortly after.

9 January at 0300 hours the Frieden communications on Europa are intercepted by Navy Intelligence. The report from Navy Intelligence regarding the Frieden offensive states the Frieden offensive is stalled as of 04:57 hours. Supplies and soldiers are dwindling. Reinforcements far away, supposed to arrive in the afternoon.

However, at 2000 hours, all Frieden forces on Europa are reported to have been repelled by Koslovic forces.

14 January, 1451 hours
Commander Garrett Menear stands on the bridge of the UNSC Bordeaux looking out in the emptiness of space. In the distance he can see the light of Jupiter. “Sir, sensor contact, Amiens has departed from Ganymede, en route in our direction at 6,000 kilometers a second.” Menear contemplated why the Frieden forces would send a lone Frigate to strike his escort fleet and the troop transports.

The crewmember continues “the Amiens is approximately one hundred and fifty million kilometers from us. Seven hours and forty minutes to estimated arrival.” Menear nods. “Keep an eye on the Amiens, Carthage, and Valhalla.” The crewmember replies, “Understood, sir.” Menear turns back to the tactical display.

Approximately six hours later, the sensor contact reveals the Amiens reversed direction and went back to Ganymede.

16 January 1738 hours
“Sir, sensor contact headed to us.” a crewmember called out. Menear looked at the display revealing the Amiens headed towards the escort fleet once more. He raised an eyebrow. “Keep alertness ready and weapons on standby, they may be trying to trick us into something. I’m not sure what yet.”

A minute passes. Nothing. Menear coldly says “Move to engage, send a warning to them. Inform the fleet we are attacking the Amiens if they don’t surrender.”

Two minute passed after the message to the Amiens was sent. No response. “Ready weapons, intercept them.” The fleet begin to head straight for the Amiens. The Amiens heads in pursuit!

16 January 1925 hours

After two hours of travel, the engagement begins with the Escort Fleet firing into the Amiens. The insurgent ship starts to retreat but the UNSC ships are able to match their speed. They are locked in a railgun fire. The Lorraine’s engine is heavily damaged by the Amiens. One minute later the Amiens is destroyed. The two Marseille class Frigates rendezvous with the Lorraine to protect it. The Transport fleet is ordered to return home. 

The two fleets return home. The Bordeaux and the Lorraine require repair. A small victory for the UNSC and a big defeat for the fledgling Frieden Movement.
Posted by: doodle_sm
« on: August 31, 2022, 09:18:59 AM »

January 2160, 21:00 Earth Time
Sol system, United Nations Space Command

In the orbit of the Jovian moon Io, the orbital defense garrison stood in anxious stillness as the news of the rebellion reached them. The UNSC HIGHCOM set alertness readiness to the highest Earth, Luna, and Io. UNSC contact was lost a month ago on UN bases on Ganymede, Callisto, Mars, and Europa.

A sensor outpost reported “Commander, we have contacts approaching from Ganymede. The hijacked Valhalla and Aquitaine are our route to Io. Amiens and Carthage are still orbiting Ganymede.” The station commander looked in horror as the Valhalla fired its Shiva-1 payload at the station. “Activate all anti-missile platforms!” Valhalla fired its 8 Shiva-1 missiles. Immediately, the sensor contact for Valhalla on the sensor officer’s display reverts back to Ganymede.

“Sir, Valhalla is retreating. Aquitaine is en route!” The officer nervously states. “The insurgents are rearming!” The commander watches the eight missiles fly towards one of the platforms. “We should be able to counter their missiles with our Point Defense system.” Ten seconds later, eight Shiva-1 missiles are destroyed. The commander smirks “As expected.” The officer speaks once more “The Carthage is en route with the Amiens. Valhalla is approaching Ganymede.” The commander knowingly replies: “If they want to fight head on, they’ll have to enter our weapons range.” The commander remarks having read the Misrah’s 12cm Hull Mount weaponry manual. “The insurgents are using the same weapons as we are.”

Ten seconds later, the sensors officer reports “Aquitaine disengaging from weapons range. Amiens and Carthage en route.” The commander sighs. “Hold fire, wait for the other ships.” Four tense minutes pass. “Amiens and Carthage have met up with Aquitaine. Three ships en route to Io.” The commander calls out: “Fire at will! All weapons!”

Repeated penetrating hits into the insurgent frigates and the UNSC platforms. The tactical officer reports “Aquitaine has suffered significant engine damage! Do we spare it?” The commander reflects and is quickly resolved: “Destroy the Aquitaine, she’ll keep firing at us if we don’t.” The commander starkly replies. “Spare the other two.” The Carthage and the Amiens begin to fall back. Twenty-five seconds later, the Aquitaine is destroyed.

Moments later several Shiva missiles fire from the fleeing Carthage. The reloading defense weaponry was unable to destroy the missiles. The orbital defense platform suffered heavy damage from the missiles and the ship cannons.