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Posted by: UnLimiTeD
« on: November 09, 2010, 05:25:49 PM »

Just letting you know it's not dead, for those few interested. It's just not much happening. As expected.

The last enemy went down in a blinding flash of light, ripped apart by a strength 16 internal explosion.
The Fleet continued to the Wreck of Fake to pick up Survivors. 244 had made it to the life pods, and Officer Amber was also reasonably well.

They then flew past them remnants of the old Fleet HQ to scout out the fourth planet that had so many wrecks of the unknown aggressors floating around it.
But again, it proved to be a mistake.
Next to the planet, they found the Valles Marineris that evaded them in the first fight, accompanied by two new, unknown ship classes, codenamed Vedra Valles and Archeron Catena.
Both new ships were above 15000 tons. The fleet immediately turned around, as they had only 3 half salvos of missiles left.
If the Aliens would pursue, the only reasonable defense they had were a total 20 Bastard ASMs, and while a single salvo of 4 had proven to be enough for an enemy ship, no one was quite willing to rely on the unknown technology, and there would be at best 2 reloads at home before the supply ran out for good.

But the aliens didn't pursue. For the first time, the Outreaches massive Sensor did bring it's worth back in.

The entire group transited savely back into Outworld with standard transit protocols; It turned out the Fleet HQ couldn't use the Squadron Transit Protocols despite being composed entirely of Jump Ships.

Meanwhile, on Relic, unrest was rising because the populace demanded more military protection.
The Garision Battalion silenced the protests, showing there was quite a lot of Military available.

December 33

The First fleet was greeted back at homeworld with systemwide celebrations, despite the over hundred casualties of the Fake Crew. It took a good week before the ships arrived, as the formation became staggered.
The Federation had won their first interstellar battle, if a small one. Invaluable knowledge on the enemy and the navies own capabilities had been gained.

Slightly distracting was the combat on Relic, were the 18th had discovered another vault with Robotic Defenders.

March 34

A Team led by Wambui Marlin, the Federations Power&Propulsion Specialist, has developed Stellarator Fusion Generators.
They will immediately be redirected to work on the next level of Engine Technology. Nine Research Labs are diverted to get the new tech ready within three years.
In other news, the robotic threat on Relic has yet again been put to rest.

May 34

Again, a Robot Batalion emerged from a Vault, only to lose 62% of it'S strenght in the first slugout with the Federation troops.
By now, the Geologists leading the Engineer Brigades are more experienced in combat than most dedicated Frontline Officers.

August 34

On Relic, the 19th has recovered another Genetic Modification Centre, including details of how to increase the base Oxygen requirement of a race by 10%.
The Administration is baffled about the uselessness of such a tech.

October 34

Dr. Wilken has finished Work on EM Sensivity 11. This will drastically increase the capability of future Sensors.
As it'll take nearly three years until the new engines are ready, he will now spend his time improving ECCM systems.

The First Mines and a Mass Driver are unloaded on Outworld AI's first Moon. As the resources on Homeworld are running thin, with only Corbomite and Boronide available, excluding the nearly inexaustible supply of Duranium, it was decided that the Federation needed fresh Resources from other Bodies of the system.
Given that Outworld is a very profitable System, this is luckily possible, not endangering valueable transport ships.

October 34

The commercial yard is retooled for a new design. The Heavy Cruiser Base is meant as a Training ship to get the Crews used to fighting in such large ships.

Heavy Cruiser Base class Sham Cruiser    30,000 tons     493 Crew     1649.4 BP      TCS 600  TH 1050  EM 0
1750 km/s     Armour 10-86     Shields 0-0     Sensors 8/11/0/0     Damage Control Rating 20     PPV 0
Maint Capacity 687 MSP    Max Repair 39 MSP
Cargo 15000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 5   

Comercial Ion Engine 150 (7)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 280,000 Litres    Range 240.0 billion km   (1587 days at full power)

CIWS-120 (2x8)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12000 km/s     ROF 5       Base 50% To Hit
Base ASS R12/18m (1)     GPS 2520     Range 18.4m km    Resolution 120
Thermal Sensor TH1-8 (1)     Sensitivity 8     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  8m km
EMDS EM1-11 (1)     Sensitivity 11     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  11m km

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

They will train for two years once build and then be refitted to a Frontline design, carrying what ever may be necessary in their enormous hulls.

Given it'll be half a decade before they are ready, it is likely by then weapon technology will be quite more advanced than what the federation has right now.

Soon, the Federation will also need a Salvage Ship and a Jump Gate Construction Vessel.

February 35

The 17th has discovered another Genetic Modification Center, giving details of how to induce a higher gravity resistance.
On Relic, theres Combat again. The public barely cares anymore, showing the Garrison division is doing a good job in shielding installations from harm.

May 35

It is decided to reassign the Federations Officers to improve the efficiency of the Navy.
Only the Teams and the First Xeno Division are exempted.

June 35

The Scientific Team of Maik Brinz has developed stronger Missile Warheads, increasing the Missile Strength by 25%.

August 35

Engineers of the 19th have discovered technical details of advanced Deep Mining Equipment in an abandoned Mine on Relic. This is the second discovery in this direction already, so the Engagement on Relic has already resulted in a 25% output boost.
On homeworld, the development of higher missile Reload rate is ordered.

September 35

Eda Kita, a reknown Missile Specialist, has joined the ranks of funded Federation Scientists. At the moment, theres no free labs available, but one will eventually be built.

October 35

Another Sensor Specialist has joined the Scientific Establishment.
At the same time, Engineers recover an empty Research Facility on Relic. It will quickly be refit to allow new projects to start.

November 35

The 16th Engineer Brigade has opened yet another vault with robotic soldiers.
Despite the danger this is met mainly with a strong feeling of annoyance among the troops.

December 35

On Relic, the 17th digs up 25 Nuclear Pulse Engines E8.
Compared to current Federation tech, they are completely outdated, and will immediately be scrapped.
On the 25th, the combat is finally over. Again.
Another fiftythousand colonists died due to destroyed Infrastructure, and questions are raised if the engagement in the digsites is really justified.
But the Ruins on Relic are still the Federations most Important source of technology, and irreplaceable in the race to beat back the Proxima Aliens.

Captain Rüdiger Spee is forced to retire after a serious Illness.
He's the second officer within a half year to retreat from the Jonas Brandenburg Geology Team.
The Federation is running out of capable men to count stones.

June 36

The first three Cruiser Bases are laid down. They will take over  18 Months to build and take up a decent part of the economical Output of the Federation.
Due to the increasing cost of running research Projects, Industrial Production on Homeworld is down to under 50%.

December 36

The 18th disturbed another underground Vault on Relic.
By now, the Officers leading the excavation are the most combat experienced Staff the Federation has to offer.

February 37

The Federation is running out of Uridium.
While there are plenty of veins on Outworld B-III, accessibility couldn't be worse, and stockpiles are dwindling.
New resources will have to be exploited or ship maintenance will not be possible to keep up.
On the homeworld, only Boronide, Corbomite, and the huge Deposit of Duranium are still mineable.

It turns out the forward Mining Operation near the A component was erected on the wrong Moon.
It'll be a few months for the Freighters to move there and bring everything to it's correct place.

July 37

Four fresh Engineer Divisions have finished their training on Homeworld and will shortly be transferred to Relic to assist the excavation effort. Sadly, due to a lack of Officers, only three of them will be able to participate in the digging, which results in a moral drop among the fresh 29th.
Meanwhile, another Robot Battalion emerged from it's grave only to be decimated by the waiting Federation soldiers and Engineers.
Colonel Jana Fichthorn, by now as skilled as the legendary Sophie before her lethal Accident, is promoted to Brigadier General.
With this, nearly all Ground Forces Generals are essentially Military Archeologists, or work with the troops protecting the former.

Furthermore, it is calculated that the new Cruisers, whenever they leave the Yards, will not be able to be maintained for the foreseeable future.
All maintenance Facilities combined, the Federation can't even keep Ships of 20000 tons alive.
However, it'll be years before the new generation of Cruisers is actually trained and converted to combat equipment, so it'll be a long while to get rid of that Problem.

September 37

Just in time for the newbies to see how things are going on Relic, yet again a Vault is opened.
Also, with Colonel Takagi, another Archeaologist is promoted to brigadier General.
The Armies only Major General is now supervising the whole Operation from the newly founded Xeno High command, overwatching two full Divisions of Engineers busily recovering alien Infrastructure.

November 37

Finally, after two years, the Federations most talented Scientist, Wambuin Marlin, has finished research into the new Magneto-Plasma Drives.
This will allow for a new series of Ships to be created to allow the Federation a drastically higher Flexibility.

Marlin is immediately ordered to continue research on the topic, to make the same drive available for Missiles. It will likely take him another two years.

To be continued.