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I am just reading a 4 or 5th time through the C# chances etc and was wandering if it wouldn't make sense to copy/paste Steve's notes of C# to the wiki in some kind of order ...

especially as it would allow to add his answers in the other topics to the same points...

I don't know anything about wiki's so I am asking here as I don't think I would be able to create the basic-order from scratch but I would be willing to help copy/paste the answers and learn how to do it..

maybe some others might think the same and we could get some order into all the new C# chances (might even be helpful after C# release as the "new" pages might just replace obsolete old pages...

just an idea as it is difficult to go through the chances atm as they are without order, many times added, chanced or clarified by comments in other topics etc...

Unless there are eager beavers willing to maintain two sets of Wiki pages, it should probably wait until C# is out and changes are thus "finalized" for that version. Especially since there are many aspects of the game that Steve hasn't play-tested yet.

you are right, but there are way over 400 pages of discussion in the C# section - and lot's and lot's of information's Steve has given over the time which are not included in the "C# chances list"...

nobody is able to keep track on all the information's and Steve has to answer some questions again and again because not everyone is finding the answers...

I would guess it is much easier to start now, go through the 100s of pages now and add/chance what is added/chanced in the future as to go through all the paces later to bring the wiki up-to-date

but I have no idea about working a wiki, so I may be wrong...

I just know for me, a collection of all the changes - sorted and brought in order - is missing ... also for thinking the chances trough and finding loopholes which might get overseen otherwise... and no 1-man tester can find all possible complications some chances might include

Erik L:
I can make a C# namespace. That should help things stay organized. But it will have to wait until tomorrow or later.


--- Quote from: Erik Luken on December 29, 2018, 02:14:45 PM ---I can make a C# namespace. That should help things stay organized. But it will have to wait until tomorrow or later.

--- End quote ---

no idea what this meens in detail aber thanks :)

also, in the iki is noted to ask you for a wiki-account? Would it be possible to get one somewhere into the new year? Can't ask for a C# section and not try to fill it myself ("try" as in bold capital TRY letter  ;D )

thanks :)


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