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Which feature(s) would you most look forward to?

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Hey Kyle, could you include a Readme with your releases, including some basic information such as a project synopsis, where the saves are kept, and perhaps the licensing information? Have you decided on a license to distribute quasar under, actually? Recent patch notes in releases might be handy too, as well as a link back to the itch.io and forum directory.

Do you have any plans to implement the Naval Organisation used in C# Aurora - which I find a really useful addition and would love to see in this game also. It would probably be too much to also change to the functionality with the officers and bonuses (and too much of a deviation from the game functionality - but having it as a real organizing tool for your fleets, sub fleets etc. would be really great and a useful addition.

Talking about A, what could be done is to include features he said would included at next vbs version, but that were then included at C# (and not vbs) because he stopped working with vbs.

The idea is that those ideas WOULD BE vbs, not only that they got included at C# (only those included at C# would be included at quasar4x) and the fact they got included there shows he wouldn't change his mind during development of next vbs version and not include them at next vbs version.


--- Quote from: Kyle link=topic=12015. msg142234#msg142234 date=1603598763 ---Cross posting this from Discord:

Now that I've more or less met my original goal of a VB6 replica, I'm in the mood to start adding stuff that isn't in VB6.   At this point I welcome input from people on what would be most likely to draw you to the game.   Currently I have a shortage of playtesters and no bugs to work on.   Here are the possible directions I'd be interested in going.   (So far, interest seems to be evenly distributed between A, B, and C. )

A.  Cherry picking features from C# Aurora that do not change any of the VB6 gameplay paradigms or balance.   My first two picks would be the prototyping system and the ability to change a scientist's specialty at a cost.

B.  Multiplayer experiments

C.  External scripted player-automation that can double as AI

D.  Tutorials and resources on the forum on how to design mods for the game

E.  Invaders and Swarm

F.  Or. .  "Keep VB6 purity.  I'll report some bugs for you to fix"

So yeah I'm open to discussion on what would be most interesting to you.   Currently I'm just playing through a campaign pretty casually and fixing whatever issues I run into if any.

--- End quote ---

Not in the set of options but:
Tooltips tooltips and more tooltips.
Heck tooltips within tooltips if its within the realm of possibilities.
I want to be able to read anything about everything from within the game.
Instead of right now when I hover over missile silo the tooltip just says "missile silo" again.

Its not just helpfull for new players (like me) but also usefull for returning players who need a refresher or even for veterans who maybe unknowingly have a gap in their knowledge of the game (like the exact rulings on some obscure mechanic)


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