Author Topic: Probably awful dreadnought design  (Read 1361 times)

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Re: Probably awful dreadnought design
« Reply #15 on: November 18, 2023, 02:23:43 PM »
The biggest issue I think with toying around with max technology designs is that systems effect in game will actually change quite litterally during a campaig and also varry quite differently depending on what technologies you develop and in what order. Then the environment in which you find yourself in will also make some system and configuration more or less effective etc...

So, you probably will not actually learn much from designing these ship and instead learn some bad behaviours as a result.

I would suggest just play the game and learn by your actual mistakes instead, this will teach you allot more of both the game and ship design and combat efficiencies. One single ship also don't exist in a vacume, you will have fleets of ships with many different configurations and sizes. This is where the sum of the parts are bigger than the individual pieces.
Agreed. Plus a huge aspect that I don't see being talked about is the actual resources involved. A ship like this will take a long time to research up, a even longer time to build. It'll take huge amount of minerals that you may or may not have, and it's one big behemoth of a ship so you send it out and well that's all you really got. A ship this size would probably come in after you already have a couple of combat fleets and it would be a spearhead for one of those fleets.

It's fun to theory craft of course but like others have said, few people make it to end game techs. Usually, the game is won/lost or abandoned far before that.

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Re: Probably awful dreadnought design
« Reply #16 on: December 03, 2023, 08:58:24 PM »
Code: [Select]
Beagle class Dreadnought      227,875 tons       7,373 Crew       440,561.5 BP       TCS 4,557    TH 800    EM 452,790
17553 km/s      Armour 32-332       Shields 15093-670       HTK 1617      Sensors 750/750/0/0      DCR 600      PPV 2,155
Maint Life 0.00 Years     MSP 15,000    AFR 45575%    IFR 633.0%    1YR 8,343,520    5YR 125,152,802    Max Repair 80000.00 MSP
Hangar Deck Capacity 8,000 tons     Magazine 1,437   
Captain    Control Rating 6   BRG   AUX   ENG   CIC   FLG   PFC   
Intended Deployment Time: 36 months    Flight Crew Berths 160    Morale Check Required   

Quantum Singularity Drive  EP40000.00 (2)    Power 80000.0    Fuel Use 1.58%    Signature 400.0000    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 833,000 Litres    Range 41.6 billion km (27 days at full power)
Omega S1677 / R670 Shields (9)     Recharge Time 670 seconds (22.5 per second)

120.0cm C25 Far Gamma Ray Laser (1)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25,000 km/s     Power 377-25     RM 120,000 km    ROF 80       
Quad 80cm C25 Far Gamma Ray Laser Turret (3x4)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25000 km/s     Power 672-100     RM 120,000 km    ROF 35       
Particle Lance-100 (8)    Range 1,200,000km     TS: 25,000 km/s     Power 312-25    ROF 65       
Twin 40cm C25 Far Gamma Ray Laser Turret (4x2)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25000 km/s     Power 84-50     RM 120,000 km    ROF 10       
Quad 40cm C25 Far Gamma Ray Laser Turret (2x4)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25000 km/s     Power 168-100     RM 120,000 km    ROF 10       
Quad 15.0cm C6.25 T100000 Laser Turret (4x4)    Range 720,000km     TS: 100000 km/s     Power 24-25     RM 120,000 km    ROF 5       
R10080/C25 Meson Cannon (2)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25,000 km/s     Power 168-25     RM 10,080,000 km    ROF 35       
Quad Gauss Cannon R600-100 Turret (12x32)    Range 60,000km     TS: 100000 km/s     Power 0-0     RM 60,000 km    ROF 5       
Quad R10080/C25 Meson Cannon Turret (2x4)    Range 1,400,000km     TS: 25000 km/s     Power 672-100     RM 10,080,000 km    ROF 35       
Beam Fire Control R1400-TS25000 (5%) (1)     Max Range: 1,400,000 km   TS: 25,000 km/s     99 99 98 97 96 96 95 94 94 93
Beam Fire Control R350-TS100000 (5%) (1)     Max Range: 350,000 km   TS: 100,000 km/s     97 94 91 89 86 83 80 77 74 71
Quantum Singularity Power Plant R320 (3)     Total Power Output 960    Exp 5%

Size 3.0 Missile Launcher (132)     Missile Size: 3    Rate of Fire 5
Size 1 Missile Launcher (80)     Missile Size: 1    Rate of Fire 5
Missile Fire Control FC1924-R100 (5%) (1)     Range 1,924.4m km    Resolution 100
Point Defense MFC Size 5 (5%) (1)     Range 293.2m km    Resolution 1
Class 1 AMM-II (ECCM) (381)    Speed: 60,000 km/s    End: 2m     Range: 7.3m km    WH: 1    Size: 1    TH: 4440/2664/1332
Class 3 ASM-II (352)    Speed: 20,000 km/s    End: 15.2m     Range: 18.3m km    WH: 60    Size: 3.0    TH: 333/200/100

Active Search Sensor AS304-R100 (5%) (1)     GPS 18000     Range 304.3m km    Resolution 100
Active Search Sensor AS146-R1 (5%) (1)     GPS 900     Range 146.6m km    MCR 13.2m km    Resolution 1
Thermal Sensor TH10-750 (5%) (1)     Sensitivity 750     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  216.5m km
EM Sensor EM10-750 (5%) (1)     Sensitivity 750     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  216.5m km

ECCM-10 (4)         ECM 100

Strike Group
16x Agamemnon Fighter   Speed: 18029 km/s    Size: 9.98

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a Warship for auto-assignment purposes
...Well that escalated quickly...

I play at max tech a lot and am going to echo what others have said. You really do want to spend time with lower level techs. Playing around at this level will not actually teach you much and you are quickly going to learn the wrong lessons by building ships like this that, while likely able to destroy anything you run across, aren't actually good ships at that tech level.