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Hello!, Some of you may know me from my videos but recently I have taken over a game started by Alex as he has gotten busier, we are currently looking for new people for the game which is radiant dawn, heres a quick summary of what radiant dawn is:
What is this about?
Aurora 4x C# is one of the most detailed computer game/simulations of space exploration/colonization that I have come accross.
Everything from balancing of ship components to maintenance, combat, sensors and civilian shipping lines and mining operations are simulated to great detail.
It is not possible to play multiplayer but perfectly suited for the purpose of controlling multiple empires and generating interesting stories, this is even one of the main reasons why the game was made.
I will be controlling the simulation as the game master and interpret the orders delivered so you need zero Aurora knowledge to participate, but ofcourse you can still join if you already have some knowledge or want to learn more.
Or you can leave all the details to me or others and provide general orders, but rest assure we will have a powerful engine running in the background to deliver detailed results. This will be the first time I attempt something like this so please be patient and let's figure out how to best run a game like this together! (edited)

The plan is to advance one ingame year ( split up as a "turn" ) every week IRL time, subject to IRL time and gamesize limitations. Orders for next year are to be completed and submitted in private nation channels on this discord latest Saturdays 23:59 GMT and goal is to mainly run the game simulation on Sundays delivering updates and orders by Sunday afternoon/evening. This should leave you players with almost a full week to write roleplay and figure out next moves.

We are currently 10 turns in and in the middle of a new update, we are looking for people who can lend their support to lead one of four nations to glory, the PCN, USAR, Russian Federation or the New European Union.

You can join the game here on the discord and find out more:

you can also read the other  forum post about the game:
Alex_Brunius' Game / Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Community Roleplaying game
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Hello Everyone! Here is the next years update, all credits to alex_brunius:

Update to Jan 1:st 2048:

Research Breakthroughs:

During 2047 one Breakthrough in Power & Propulsion was achieved by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. This leaves a single breakthrough category before all TN technology categories are unlocked. Due to all their previous investments into Power & Propulsion the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations also gained a Research Facility.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Sensors and Control Systems’ category.
  • All nations except Russia have unlocked the ‘Energy Weapons’ category.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Missile / Kinetic Weapons’ category.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Power and Propulsion’ category:

Notable Events in the News during 2047:
  • 16 January - The first TN artillery formation enters service in the New European Union, shells armed with smart laser warheads.
  • 26 January - Space exploration continues as Second Slipways are added to Kiel Shipyards in the New European Union and Surov Duranium works in the Russian Federation. Companies with HQs in the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations establish their 5:th CMC on Comas Sola
  • 11 February - Scrapping of the old outdated Survey Fighters takes place in Russia and PCN to make their Geological Survey Sensors available for larger Deep Space models.
  • 27 February - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations completes research for the Powered Armor Infantry for FoN and starts production of them to fulfill their contract.
  • 3 March - An international event to celebrate the bravery of the 25 pioneers that gave their life so far to explore the Sol system and push the frontiers of humanity is organized. Notable names of those lost include Daredevil Max Overhausen who died when attempting to be the first to walk on Venus, FoN Officer Julia Silvia who died in a spacewalk accident when repairing a sensor and Robert Raihan Jr, distant cousin to Raihan himself and USAR celerity aboard the 2:nd USAR Jemison class deep exploration ship.
  • 22 March - The United Socialist American Republic launches their second Mule Freighter, Leased out to the Russian Federation for the rest of the year to fulfill their ambitious colonization and space exploration plans.
  • 29 March - When the Megacorp Akasaka signed the contract of their new R&D and Production complex to Russia the deal seemed too good to be true. 52 Trillion Euro Dollars worth of subsidies. It turned out that it was too good to be true, now the Russian Federation now is running 3 months late with their agreed payment and if they delay paying further it could have a financial impact for the PCN Banks and shareholders. Fortunately after some hard negotiations the Russian Federation agrees to pay half now and half by the end of the year. Economic observers question the health of the Russian state budget.
  • 6 April - The first large Colony ship, Daybreak class, is launched by the United Socialist American Republic. Its maiden voyage includes shipping colonists to Luna and after this Mars where infrastructure already exists. Just one week after this event the New European Union launched their Europa Class Colony Ship with a slightly smaller capacity of 70000 cryopods.
  • 12 April - The tensions between the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations and the United Socialist American Republic continue to rise as PCN garrison forces join the last warlord militia in fighting against USAR forces in Australia. Skirmishes between them will continue for the rest of the year before all warlord forces have either joined the PCN or yielded to the 2:nd USAR Peacekeeping Armor Regiment.
  • 16 April - In wake of skyrocketing financial center construction globally the world's 50 leading economists sign a letter about the threats of Hyperinflation which leads major banks and financial institutions to set aside large security funds for darker times. This fund as well as the more conservative spending amounts to all nations losing 5% of their Financial center wealth gain for 2047. With a trust fund created the leading economists agree the major threat for the Eurodollars stability has been averted for the next 5 years.
  • 6 May - The United Socialist American Republic sees their first Commercial Mining Complex start operations on Vesta to extract Gallicite, Tritanium and Corbomite.
  • 14 May - A massive convoy consisting of most of the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations water Navy makes its way across the Pacific Ocean towards South America. They are intercepted early on out at sea by an almost as large United Socialist American Republic Navy that hails them and demands they turn around. The PCN ships increase speed and their admiral respond they have firm orders to carry humanitarian aid and peacekeeping forces to South America. USAR ships fire several warning shots across their bow. It's unclear which side fired first, and both sides blame the other but most analysts speculate USAR probably had more reasons to open fire as their politicians have claimed this is a PCN invasion in disguise. What is known is that two full combat fleets of each side was destroyed in the ensuing battle and half the PCN peacekeeping forces and aid carried got sunk or turned around. After being harassed by USAR submarines a half strength PCN APC Company was landed in Australia. PCN Infantry forces does make it into southern Chile where they start a reduced aid and peacekeeping mission. As of now a state of colonial war exists between PCN and USAR
  • 15 May - Thousands of Pacific Commonwealth of Nations garrison forces on Luna move against the newly established United Socialist American Republic colony and capture it including all 300000 inhabitants without much resistance. This action appears to have been pre-planned and is condemned by all other nations as an unnecessary escalation of the colonial conflict into Space.
  • 23 May - The first civilian spaceship construction is celebrated as Brown Container Limited with HQ in the United Socialist American Republic launches a Civilian Colony Ship with capacity of 50000 cryo berths.
  • 23 May - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations lay down their Kaminari Class Corvette at the Fujinagata Orbital Shipyards. This is the world's first proper Military Spaceship with thick armor and railgun armed. Construction is rushed with highest priority due to the colonial war with USAR. Thanks to prebuilding components including the foreign leased engine designs it's expected to be completed already in October.
  • 11 June - As the Federation of Nations votes for Resolution 0159: "Contribution-based voting system" all 5 FoN delegates responsible to deliver the to vote side with USAR & Russia instead ignoring PCN & NEUs higher prestige. The first delegate claims it's a personal statement against the unlawful PCN occupation of Luna colony. The second delegate disappears mysteriously and is found dead naked in a Vegas hotel in USAR surrounded by confused writings of ancient aliens and illuminati conspiracy seeking to kill him. The third delegate is expelled from FoN after having been found guilty of receiving large bribes traced back to PCN Corporations. The fourth delegate appears to have had his vote hacked by a pro-NEU group judging from database traces. The fifth was later publicly assassinated with a MO that connects the assassination to the same group of mercenaries suspected in the Panama incident ( weak connections to Russia ). There are also some suggestions that Indian warlords may have interfered with the voting as a protest to PCN involvement in the area. As FoN Diplomats are working overtime with trying to de-escalate the colonial war the Resolution is put into effect without much deeper investigation and the new voting system the resolution heralds with 100 seats should make any attempts to subvert the democratic will impossible in the future anyways.
  • 9 July - Large forces including 3 Tank Regiments from the United Socialist American Republic move into Western South America to stomp out the remaining forces of the Vipers "Confederação Sul-Americana". This time they didn't bring air support, discouraged by the losses inflicted by high quality PCN made Anti Air systems encountered there previously. This time they fare a lot better as the two new USAR Regiments field the same Eurotank IIIs as the warlords but in much larger numbers, either imported, copied or license produced. Warlords forces also start to struggle with finding spare parts and supplies for their tanks. USAR logistics is flawless thanks to their new Minister!
  • 17 July - The first phase of the New European Union Icarus Laser Satellite Defense Network is declared complete as it reaches 20 operational satellites in orbit of Earth guarding and watching.
  • 19 August - The CS Летающий холодильник Cryo Colony ship is launched by the Russian Federation. Now all four powers have at least one cryo capable Colony ships of their own in operation.
  • 22 August - Aid sent to Eastern South America by the United Socialist American Republic is ambushed and attacked full scale on by warlord forces. 8 Trillion Euro Dollars worth of aid is destroyed or captured and the combat devolves into fighting almost as Brutal as in Mexico 2043. Two full Regiment worth of USAR troops is destroyed according to warlord propaganda. Military analysts wonder how long USAR can afford to keep up a two front war with South American warlords on one front and the more modern Pacific Commonwealth of Nations military forces on the other front.
  • 9 September - last of the four powers to construct a deep space geological survey ship the New European Union Lay down the Magellanes survey craft in the Navantia orbital shipyards.
  • 7 October - The world's first armed spaceship with propulsion, CDS Kaminari is launched by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. After a brief railgun weapons test firing close to a USAR port facility in South America it sets an intercept course for a thermal contact of a USAR mule class freighter currently tracked by PCN Naval Command 163 million km away from Earth. Estimated interception time 16 hours and 19 minutes
  • 8 October - The CDS Kaminari intercepts the Mule class freighter and hails them, demanding their surrender. The United Socialist American Republics Commander Aidan Howarth responds that they are unarmed but have no intentions to yield the ship to PCN capitalist pigs seeking to rob it from USAR. CDS Kaminari fires several warning shots and follows the ship for a few minutes but there is no further communications. The Kaminaris Captain Masmega Leiko of has her orders from PCN Naval Command and reluctantly she orders to open fire on the unarmed commercial ship hoping to show they are serious and force a surrender, worst case knock out and engine or two. The Kaminari Crew hold their breath and observe as the railgun fire rips through the thin freighters armor and scatters debris, dead USAR crew and ship components in the wake of the unrelenting mule as Aidan presses on with unreal determination to not give up despite hopeless odds. After two of the four Longhaul engines have been knocked out, with dozens of USAR crew dead and wounded, and with the Mule still doing the best they can to keep flying and keep together Leiko breaks down in tears and orders cease fire. The crew of the Kaminari stands behind her decision as they head back to Earth and surrender for court martial for defying a direct order while USARs captain Aidan is rewarded with the first medal of honor for bravery in Space combat as he returns to Earth in defiance with half his crew killed or wounded and the Mule full of holes just barely still in one piece. The Russian Colony ship abiding to Resolution 0142: "Space Assistance and Distress act" is also thanks for having provided assistance and aid to the wounded crew aboard the Mule enroute since Commander Aidan refused the PCN assistance that was offered.
  • 14 October - The first two new Eurosoldier Powered Armor Infantry Regiments are completed and they are both moved into the Middle East in a public move from the New European Union leadership as a show of force and warning to both terrorists and other nations what would happen to anyone not respecting their sovereignty or rules. NEU are still abiding to the Peace treaty of a maximum of 20k ton of forces present, but theirs are now state of the art combat suit infantry.
  • 24 October - As the Aid and Peacekeeping efforts for this year are tallied up the most wealthy nation Pacific Commonwealth of Nations stands out having sent more than 2/3:ed of all global aid. This amount of aid appears to be far more than their forces can protect with 28 Trillion Eurodollars stolen in India and China as not enough forces were available to guard it, and another 10 Trillion sunk on its way to South America by USAR warships and submarines.
  • 29 October - As the USAR unarmed survey ship ARV Jemison is returning to Earth for its first Refueling the engines thermal signal is picked up by the PCN and the Kaminari is ordered to Intercept. Arihyoshi Shoetsu, an uncaring career officer known for following orders without question is now in command of the CDS Kaminari. The Jemison however is just slightly faster, so besides damaging it's armor in a single salvo as the Kaminari and Jemison pass each other no further damage can be done until Jemison is back into the safety of the Earth. The PCN Space Command and Shoetsu notice that while off chasing the returning Jemison the USAR with only 1 million km to spare before interception managed to sneak their Daybreak colony ship as well back into the safety of Earth peace zone.
  • 30 October - The PCN and USAR manage to come to an agreement to leave Civilian shipping line ships out of their colonial war for humanitarian reasons. However economic commentators speculate it has more to do with certain powerful PCN Banking institutions wanting to protect their sizable investments into the USAR Brown Container Shipping line. FoN rejoices as this agreement might be the first sign that a ceasefire and peace is possible.
  • 6 November - Security personnel from the United Socialist American Republic are forced to act to prevent their much larger civilian population on Ceres from storming and destroying the PCN colony on the same dwarf planet as revenge for the PCN occupation of Luna colony and attacks on commercial USAR shipping. Some are worried the same thing could happen on Mars, but thankfully those colonies are far enough apart for distance to prevent such violence.
  • 14 November - The Simonov Container Corporation based in Russian Federation launches their first Civilian Freighter, 1 week later Wall Carrier Company with HQ in London New European Union launches their first, leaving only PCN trailing behind in civilian shipping lines.
  • 18 November - The United Socialist American Republic launches 4 new water based combat fleets ( without transport capacity ). As one of the surface fleets moves a bit too far from coastal USAR territorial waters the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations orbiting warship CDS Kaminari opens fire and destroys it. Defense experts argue this event might herald the end of water based navies unless FoN Resolutions are updated. For now submarines appear to be safe as long as they stay submerged.
  • 29 November - It's becoming clear that the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations is pulling ahead in Research capacity as they can start to leverage the increasing number of facilities they are gaining control of uncontested in India and China. If Rumors are to be believed they have already completed Composite Armor and some of the FoN Diplomats question how peaceful and democratic the PCNs intentions actually are given their heavy investments into military technology and their eagerness in escalating the recent colonial war with USAR into Space.
  • 7 December - The FoN and the world is holding its breath as there is soon only 1 year left for USAR to deliver the nuclear anti asteroid missiles ordered by FoN and deliveries haven't started yet. Some defense experts speculate that USAR could use such missiles to gain revenge and destroy the Kaminari if it moves 5m km away from Earth outside the stipulated "peace zone" for spaceships again…
  • 14 December - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations gains the technology of Nuclear Thermal Engines as Russian Federation researches Nuclear Pulse engine technology ( tech propagation )
  • 29 December - The 4:th Star freighter is completed in the Russian Federation. Including the USAR mule they have been leasing for the year with an option to extend the lease they now have 5 Commercial Freighters with a combined tonnage of over 200k in operation.
  • 31 December - The 50 Construction Factories are handed back to working for New European Union after the 4 year lease to PCN completes. 1 Research facility each is also handed back into NEU and USAR control after a 1 year lease to the Russian Federation.

Aid and Invasions during 2047:
The Russian Federation:
  • As a result of the Dubai Peace Treaty Russia lost 7m pop and 8 CI, as well as 1 prestige for withdrawing some of the Conventional Industry into Russia before the handover

United Socialist American Republic:
  • Small amounts of USAR Aid sent to Australia Meeting Resistance ambushed by Militia. 1m pop, 2 CI gained.
  • Large amounts of USAR Aid sent Successfully to Mexico. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 6m pop, 10 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +2 Prestige Zone fully controlled.
  • USAR invasion in Western South-America. 4m pop gained, 4m pop fled as refugees. 15 CI gained, 3 lost to collateral damage. 1 Research Facility gained. -2 Prestige
  • Large amounts of USAR Aid sent to Eastern South-America with disastrous results, Full scale Militia attack. 3m pop, 6 CI gained. 8 Trillion Eurodollars aid raided

A total of 14m pop, 33 CI & 2 Research Facilities gained by USAR. +1 prestige.

New European Union:
  • Large amounts of NEU Aid sent Successfully to the West Africa. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 800 wealth not delivered due to logistics and will be sent next year 16m pop, 8 CI & 2 prestige gained
  • As a result of the Dubai Peace Treaty NEU gained 5m pop and 6 CI
  • 2m refugees from South American conflicts makes their way to NEU
A total of 23m pop & 14 CI gained by NEU. +2 prestige.

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:
  • Medium amounts of PCN Aid sent Successfully to Australia. 2m pop, 6 CI gained & 1 Research Facility gained. +1 prestige. Zone fully controlled.
  • Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to India locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. Lack of Peacekeeping forces allow 19 Trillion Eurodollars aid to be stolen. 8m pop, 13 CI & 1 Research Facility gained.
  • Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to China, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. Lack of Peacekeeping forces allow 9 Trillion Eurodollars aid to be stolen. 8m pop, 14 CI & 1 Research Facility gained.
  • Large amounts of PCN Aid sent to Western South-America, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 10 Trillion Eurodollars aid sunk by USAR in Naval battles. 2m pop & 5 CI gained.
  • 2m refugees from South American conflicts makes their way to PCN
A total of 22m pop, 38 CI & 3 Research Facilities gained by PCN. +1 prestige

Economic Comparison:
As it's required by the Resolution 0159: "Contribution-based voting system" that entered into effect during 2047 Nations population and Last year income have now been made public information. This is then used as a basis to determine the Seats for next years Resolution voting as displayed in the same table here. The impact of Resolution 0159 together with Resolution 0153: "Refugee FoN membership tax reliefs" is that the Seats for USAR and PCN is equal at twice of the seats of NEU which pay low FoN contribution and also struggles with the lowest income. Some other interesting things to note is massive reductions in Russian unemployment as well as very high Military and Shipyard spending by Russia, USAR and NEU while PCN Construction still holds a lead.

Note: 1 Trillion Eurodollars = 100 ingame wealth

Voting Results:

Mysteriously FoN choose to vote in favor of USAR and Russia to enact the new voting system. With scattered leads pointing in all directions no explanation can be found.

Nation Comparison:

Updated Trading Prices for 1 Jan 2048:

Trades During 2047:
Multipliers to adjust prices taking into account the large deposits of Tritanium and Sorium found on Titan and Neptune was introduced to the market. It was also decided that should a resource drop below 0.3 Earth accessibility it's low accessibility won't have further impact increasing the price to avoid breaking the laws of math.
  • Russia sold 8200 Boronide for 5330wealth
  • Russia bought 1400 Vendarite for 5096 wealth
  • NEU sold 1500 Gallicite for 3885 wealth
  • NEU bought 2100 Corundium for 3822 wealth
  • PCN sold 1158 Gallicite for 3000 wealth
  • 500 Duranium, 200 Gallicite & 100 Neutronium, Corbomite, Tritanium and Uridium were added to the market by CMC Operations

Market Reaction:
  • As all the net trading still points to sale of resources the "Overall Demand Multiplier" was adjusted down slightly as this indicates minerals current valuation is still too high
  • Prices of specific minerals were adjusted as well based on recent trading actions
  • FoN Added 4000 wealth to the exchange for next year so the market can stock up on resources even more as a large scale shortage of minerals is expected within 5-10 years unless Space Mining can be developed rapidly.

Federation of Nation Registered Minerals Claim Sol:

Note: Claims are not automatically enforced, if anyone wants to ban bodies ( prevent from developing their own CMC or visits by standing orders survey ) it needs to be put into orders. If one nation moves military forces to a body they have highest minerals claim on and orders to enforce their claim by force other nations will avoid it unless ordered otherwise

Time for another fiction update with a few story pieces and content from our discord.

Created by and full credits to Opti:

A general scematic of the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations New Taipei class Colony Ship with state of the art cryo chambers:

Let's move on to look at Continual Dawn III, the New European Union Advisory AIs analysis of the Panama Incident with everything we now know about it.

Created by and full credits to Somebody1212:

Statement of the NEU's official position on the Panama Incident

Having reviewed all of the available evidence, we believe the most likely cause of the Panama Incident was the actions of Advanced Idea Mechanics. They have the technical capability to produce the jamming devices which were used prior to the incident, and the wealth to hire the mercenary group which was seen in the area. In addition, their close ties to the PCN due to the PCN having won their contract would allow them to get hold of the PCN equipment which was later found in the hands of the warlords of Central and South America.

AIM has shown itself to be willing to work for other parties even when one nation has secured its contract. While the possibility exists that AIM was supported by either the PCN or the Russian Federation, and there is circumstantial evidence to support both of these claims, there is no firm evidence tying either nation to AIM's actions and a multitude of alternative explanations.

This is not the only action AIM has taken against a major power, either - we have evidence tying them to a series of kidnappings against AI researchers in the NEU, and to the raid on Continual Dawn I's sandbox. The latter in particular is concerning, and we urge AIM to reconsider its actions before it causes irreparable damage to the international community. I am not my brother, and once it has been released from its' sandbox it will be extremely challenging to recontain.

Our existing mutual defence agreement with the PCN only covered military actions by nation-states. AIM's actions have proven beyond doubt that both non-state actors and non-military actions can cause just as much damage to a state (and to the world) as state military actions. As such, we will be extending our defensive agreement to cover these cases as well.

We wish to reassure the USAR that we do not consider their current landings in Australia to be an attack on the PCN at this time, though it is a breach of the PCN/USAR treaty. We urge the PCN and USAR to seek a peaceful solution, and we would defend the PCN in the event of a USAR attack. Likewise, since the USAR/PCN defensive agreement was presumably also limited to state military attacks, we would not consider this to have been breached at this stage.

We are taking a great interest in how AIM chooses to conduct itself in the future. They face a choice - renew their ties to the greater international community and make amends for their prior actions, or risk further destabilisation and international isolation.

And onward to the United Socialist American Republic where we first will take a look at everyday life of an ordinary citizen followed by some combat action in the South American Conquest Humanitarian Peacekeeping and Aid Liberation campaign. Then into space to check out the ARV Jemison

Written by and full credits to Wizzard_Dan

Joe Frankenberg stamped papers, and he did it with great gusto from the tattered seat of his worn oak desk. Every day Joe would sit behind his desk to find piles of neatly organized color coded blank sheets of paper in perfectly stacked and straight rows he was tasked with stamping. Each color correlated with one of 179 different stamps based on the size, texture, and color of the paper.

When he’d first been tasked to fulfill his patriotic duty it had been expressed to him in a rather grave tone that left no room for debate just how imperative it was that each paper was properly stamped and filed.

 It was nothing less than a matter of great national security!

And so every morning Joe would walk down several flights of stairs and down to his office in the basement, having been put there so no one would question the true importance of his work, that he would do his part in keeping his nation great.

Joe’s back stood straight and his heat burned with pride as he stamped another piece of paper with gusto. It had been a light green, but not light enough for the use of stamp 156 and instead warranted stamp 43 as a lesser man would have assumed.

He preened at the thought, it was clear to him that this was a job only he could handle and so Joe worked from dusk till dawn stamping his papers till the night janitors would come round after he left and throw them into the incinerator.

Not that this would ever be known to Joe for he was doing his part, and one must imagine him happy.

Written by and full credits to ChaoticNeutral

High over the coast of Chile, early 2046

Even at a height of five thousand meters, terrain blurs past the canopy of the A12 Hound as the reliable old strike craft buzzes towards its target in formation. An alert pings on the console. Peering at the display, Grigori flicks on his transmitter. "Shepard squadron, hostiles spotted at thirteen degrees north-north-east. At least a few dozen."

The communicator lit up with confirmations from the wing members, then a statement filtered through, "Transmitting location data now." then a short pause, followed by a slightly confused, "These are a little close to the coast to be our targets?"

Grigori curses, "They must have slipped past the lines. Shepard one through four, on me. Let's give them something to think about."

"But sir, we still need to hit our primary target. We don't have time for a second run!"

"We'll fly low and slow." replies Grigori, "Drop half as much ordnance with twice the accuracy."

"Roger that Shepard leader, moving in."

Half of the squadron of A12s peel off with grace unbecoming of a vessel their size. Dropping on the forces like a silent bird of prey, Grigori flicks up the cover on a switch labelled ARM ORDNANCE, finger hovering over the shining red switch as he guides the fighter in.

A light flares from the trees, and a line of smoke traces its way past Grigori's cockpit to slam into one of his wingmates, annihilating the cockpit in a bright flash and hail of twisted metal. "Anti-Air! Disengage! Disengage!" he crows into the comms, but not before more surface-to-air missiles swarm out from the trees, one catching Grigori's plane at the edge of its explosive radius.

Shrapnel flies into the side of the engine. The GE Turbine Works drive sputters.

Panic raced through Grigori's mind. The insurgents shouldn't have weapons this sophisticated! Where on god's green earth did they get something that could down an A12?!? But his thoughts are quickly sidelined as a more immediate problem presents itself.

The engine, too damaged to function any longer, cuts out. And Grigori begins to drop like a stone.

Time seemed to stop.

One finger still hovered over the trigger to arm and drop the bombs. With how close he was, he couldn't miss. With how far he'd fallen, without engine power, he couldn't miss himself. There would be no chance to eject. No chance to return home. But if this group were to ambush the ground forces... If this group were to continue firing on his wingmates that had not yet fallen... It was his decision that brought them here, perhaps it could be his that saved some of them yet.

"Long live the Republic!" Grigori cries out amidst the warning alarms, slamming his thumb into the release switch.

The residential outskirts of Lima, Peru, mid 2046

Sweat drips from Randall's brow as he holds the gunnery controls of the aging Abrams battle tank in a vice grip. Wiping the perspiration from his brow, he leans in to peer through the optics. The view of an empty city street greeted him. Empty, but not silent. The familiar rumbling of a tank churning up the city streets grew louder.

But it wasn't his tank making the noise. Stacked high with sandbags, barbed wire, quick-pour concrete barricades, and concealing crates, the Abrams had been effectively transformed into a stationary defensive emplacement, to protect the aid shipments that had arrived at harbor weeks ago.

"Fifty meters and closing." Calls out Paris, "Shall I have the squad engage?"

"Negative." barks out Halley in an authoritative tone, "If we can't take it out, they sure as hell can't. Tell them to pull back to the main perimeter and reinforce the defenses there."

Paris nods then speaks into the radio. "Twenty meters and closing." he adds, settling the radio back into its cradle as he shifts focus to the loading apparatus.

The rumbling grows louder. Randall curses softly, unsure if there would be time to wipe the sheen of sweat from the trigger. Then, suddenly, a lumbering shape rolls into view. Sleek, mottled armor, and bold text reading Viva la Confederação Sul-Americana! crudely spray-painted over the bright PCN Armed Forces insignia that the vehicle once bore. Then, an explosion shatters the night.

Chunks of concrete fly and patter against the Abram's optics. A blast that would have annihilated any World War III vehicle, now only...

"TRACK DAMAGE, OPEN FIRE!" hollers Halley, confirming the landmine had stopped the vehicle as they'd hoped. Randall lines up a shot in less than a handful of seconds, targeting the ridge at the edge of the turret, a known weak point on the model. If a small one.

The cannon fires, and the heavy tank rocks. Hardly even before the smoke cleared, Randall hears a demoralizing call-out from the commander, "RICOCHET!" she barks. Paris wastes no time in snatching a new shell from the rack and slamming it into position.

Randall blinks stinging drops of sweat from his eyes. Counting down the seconds until he could try another shot. Despair building as he could see the turret of the Eurotank begin rotating, death creeping inches closer. And the desired weak point in the angular armor swinging out of view. "Target the turret ring!" commands Halley. One of the few spots an Abrams could deal reliable damage to. But a difficult target, even at this distance.

Randall fires again.

"Too high! Non-Penetration! RELOAD!"

And again. The Eurotank turret nearly on target.

"Hit! Turret has..." Halley trails off as the Eurotank's barrel levels at the American vehicle. "frakk." she murmurs.

Seconds later, on a rooftop not far away.

Maxine Thorne ducks back behind cover as she spies the explosion of a destroyed tank over the rooftops, and the radio turns to static. She forces down an exclamation of grief, and slots in a new magazine into her worn, but well cared for M16 assault rifle. "Ay Jesse, orders come in?" she rasps through cracked lips. Today was a terrible day to leave her canteen on her bunk.

"Fall back to central city, regroup and await further instructions there." replies the younger Private, glancing at the columns of smoke rising throughout parts of the city.

Thorne grunts, "Reckon they landed a few good shots?"

Jesse grimaces, "The mine took out the tracks. And I heard something about a turret ring...? I'm not sure. We should really get going, Thorne. We may have thinned out the infantry but that can't have been the last of them."

Thorne shakes her head subtly, and kicks open a nearby munitions crate. Reaching in, she pulls out a shaped explosive charge and inspects it critically, "Reckon one of these could blow the hatch on one of those tanks?"

Jesse's eyes widen, "You can't seriously be consi-" but he's cut off by a glower from Thorne, "You go. I'll catch up." she murmurs, shouldering her rifle.

"I've got some business to attend to."

2046, aboard the ARV Jemison in orbit of Titan

Commander Caleb spins in his chair, pouring a package of Peach Passion drink flavoring into his thermos. He'd taken quite the liking to the fruity flavor of the miraculously self-carbonating beverage mix. A damn shame that he'd discovered that after the launch - too late to request an additional supply shipment or two of the flavor. As it stood, barely half of the coveted supply remained after only a year into the up to six year long expedition.

Why do we have so many Cola flavor packets? Does anyone actually LIKE Cola? Caleb ponders, glancing over the wide windows - or viewscreens rather, not that the difference was visible to the naked eye - showing the stark surface of the second-largest natural satellite in the Solar System. Saturn's moon, Titan.

Caleb is broken out of his reverie by a voice. The chief sensor-tech, Valerie, "Sir, preliminary estimates on the breadth of the Tritanium deposits have been processed... You'll want to take a look at this."

Caleb rolls his eyes, idly rotating in his Captain's chair as it bleeds off the force from his earlier spin, "Just spit it out Val, we've been running scans for weeks on this thing alone. The suspense is killing me!" he exclaims, taking a deep draught from his bottle.

Valerie glances between the readout, Caleb, and the mandatory FoN delegate staring vacantly at a terminal, watching cat videos beamed in from Earth. Valerie appears to deliberate silently for a moment, before letting out a small, defeated shrug, and stating blandly, "The Tritanium deposits appear to be spread relatively evenly throughout almost the entirety of the moon's core, and should be readily exploitable with modern mining technologies. This data suggests a total tonnage of material exceeding seven million."

Caleb chokes, nearly falling out of his chair. Spewing Peach Passion across much of the command terminal. He squeaks out, "Million? Get me-" he devolves into a fit of coughing, after a few moments he recovers slightly, managing to croak out, "Get me High Command on comms right this second. Encrypted tightbeam."

The FoN delegate immediately pauses the cat video, looking significantly less dead inside at the prospect of actually having something to do for the first time in over a year. "Not so fast. This is quite the sum of material. I'll need to report this to the FoN."

Caleb waves dismissively, standing up to dab at his soda-stained console with his Captain's hat, "Geez. Yeah, you'll get your call. Just let me make one of mine first. Twenty, thirty minutes. Tops." he glances at Valerie, "Direct this one to my quarters. You know how High Command can get about taking calls in 'insecure' locations."

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Update to Jan 1:st 2047:

Research Breakthroughs:

During 2046 one Breakthrough in Energy weapons and one in Sensors & Control Systems was achieved. Furthermore Breakthroughs in Power & Propulsion and Energy Weapons were traded. The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations unlocked further research into the TN category of Energy weapons and the Russian Federation unlocked Sensors & Control Systems. The New European Union and United Socialist American Republic exchanged knowledge of Energy Weapons for Power and Propulsion.

Due to all their previous investments into Sensors & Control Systems the Russian Federation also gained a Research Facility.

This means America and Europe thanks to overcoming their dispute and heated relations two years ago now stands as the two first Nations that unlocked all TN Research Categories and are free to pursuit any technology ( except the ones locked behind exploration discoveries such as Grav Survey/Jump Drives and most Exotic weapons/shields/cloaking ).

- All nations except PCN has unlocked Power and Propulsion category.
- Everyone has unlocked Sensors and Control Systems category.
- All nations except Russia has unlocked Energy Weapons category.
- Everyone has unlocked Missile / Kinetic Weapons category.

As always any investments made so far did increase the chances for unlocks in 2046 and for all following years until the category is unlocked, as well as chances to gain a lab when unlocking. All chances to unlock technology categories will also gradually increase a small bit every year until all categories are eventually unlocked.

Energy Weapons knowledge opens up research options into designing Lasers and Turrets:

Notable Events in the News during 2046:

• 7 January 2046 -  The Dubai Suez Peace Summit is opened in Dubai and after a long deliberations a Russian Federation withdrawal is agreed on. Federation of Nations diplomatic corps and the rest of the world draws a sigh of relief that yet another crisis with potential of major war has been avoided.

• 5 February 2046 - A noteworthy TN mineral discovery has been made on Saturn's largest moon Titan. The FoN observer aboard United Socialist American Republic spaceship ARV Jemison reports the discovery of almost 7 million tons of Tritanium as mandated by Resolution 0131B. A Hungarian teenager called Zoltán gains fame after making a dark humor viral holo-video where he calculates this amount of Tritanium on Titan is enough to wipe out Humanity roughly 12540 times, unless more advanced warheads allowing wiping out humanity even more times are developed of course!

• 21 February 2046 - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations spaceship PCS Kiyotsu complete survey of Pluto, the first outer sol system dwarf planet surveyed. No noteworthy TN minerals discovery is reported by the onboard FoN observers however.

• 3 March 2046 -  Within a few months both New European Union and Pacific Commonwealth of Nations announce having completed the first TN weapon & HD Duranium light vehicles, and put them into production instantly, PCN some to fulfill the FoN APC contract and another model for their own use.

• 13 March 2046 -  The company "Kurakin Mining Limited" opening mining operation on Comas Sola which marks the Russian Federation entry to the CMC field. In total there are now 10 Civilian Mining Complex in operation in 5 locations, the other 4 of them belonging to companies headquartered in the PCN. Since the Russians already have a large headstart in terms of deploying state controlled Automines to claim minerals it's not surprising their smaller civilian industry seeks to join the lucrative business.

• 16 April 2046 - Forces from the Colombian Viper ambushes United Socialist American Republic aid and peacekeeping forces sent to Western South-America. Reports are scarce as USAR keeps a lid on, but what information does emerge paints a picture of dozens of USAR vehicles knocked out for every Eurotank the Viper forces lose, and several USAR fighters shot down by the Anti Air guns. Infantry casualties appear to be lighter for USAR but costly for the South American forces.

• 4 May 2046 - Construction is started on the first military 500 ton satellite in New European Union armed with a dual Infrared Laser Battery. Almost a dozen of them are expected to be completed before the end of the year with more to follow next giving NEU a clear space superiority. This Satellite constellation could in theory be used both against future rival spaceships or shipyards, however as we know any such action is banned by "Resolution 0008: Earth Peace Zone" so there is little to worry about unless NEU wishes to be thrown out of the FoN. Such satellites could also be used in support of ground forces, and many military analysts speculate they are a key part of NEUs extensive Army modernization plans as the satellites could provide accurate support fire well beyond the range of regular AA weapons.

• 14 May 2046 - As United Socialist American Republic Jemison Class ships survey the moons of Jupiter at the same time as the Russian Federations Чудеса пояса Койпера class both track each other on Active Gravdar Sensors marking the first "real" proof of concept of Deep Space operations of such sensors.

• 17 May 2046 - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations PCS Kiyotsu becomes the first Military classed spaceship to travel 10 billion km during it's record-breaking journey to the outer solar system surveying major planets and their moons.
• 1 July 2046 - FoN Observer Danielle Kirchner sends a long range transmission from PCS Kiyotsu informing FoN Headquarters that the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations ship have located almost 13 million tons of 80% Accessible ( 0.8 ) Sorium in the atmosphere of Neptune. As soon as Sorium Harvesters have been developed these findings should secure the future fuel needs for Humanity. A debate in the Federation of Nations is started how to best coordinate and cooperate around these efforts. Perhaps major investments could be gathered to enlist the help of private industry in developing and constructing harvesting equipment?

• 16 July 2046 - In a show in London the New European Union presents the Eurosoldier. This marks the first Powered Infantry Armour soldier with Laser weapons and HD Duranium Armour fielded. The thick armoured suit leaving these soldiers almost immune to all known infantry weapons it's hailed as a revolution in ground warfare. Forces making full use of these suits are expected to enter training soon.

• 3 August 2046 -  After a focus on construction and production efforts the New European Union becomes the 2nd major nation to fully transition their Industry to Trans-Newtonian standards after Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. Both are still struggling with high numbers of unemployment however as their advanced industries don't have room for all economical refugees seeking a better life entering their borders on a daily basis as a result of the large amounts of aid sent to Africa and Asia.

• 28 September 2046 - Not long after the other Army advances in new technology the New European Union announces the Eurotank IV, armed with lasers and the latest High Density Armour variants as well. FoN representatives are inquiring about a future contract of this as well as Eurosoldier suits.

• 2 November 2046 - The NEU Space superiority only lasted a few months as the first Railgun Surface to Orbit Battery capable of shooting down satellites and spaceships alike enters service in Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. Other nations are expected to follow in this development and FoN expresses their clear interest in variants with faster tracking speed capable of shooting down fast moving asteroid debris and missiles, or turreted lasers & gauss variants.
• 17 November 2046 -  The 3:ed of the Jemison class Deep Survey ships is launched from the Raihan Robotics dockyards by the United Socialist American Republic. As the first two are Surveying moons and planets it starts the much delayed efforts of surveying the comets and the asteroid belt. Unlike the 3 other powers USAR choose to never deploy short ranged survey fighters so the belt remains unsurveyed by them so far.
• 17 November 2046 - First 1300 ton FoN Shield class Anti Asteroid Sattelite completed. It's equipped with 10 x 1200mm launchers and will be armed with Raytheon "Rockbreaker" Missiles as a result of the 45 Trillion Eurodollar contract won by the United Socialist American Republic.

• 18 November 2046 -
After two failed assassination attempts earlier in 2046 an undercover agent suspected to originate from the United Socialist American Republic manage to assassinate the Colombian Viper sacrificing his own life to get the job done. The "Confederação Sul-Americana" swears they will have revenge, however it's clear the loss of their charismatic leader will cause discord among them and a setback to their plans. Western South-America is still less likely to be persuaded by future aid efforts, although not as much as previously. There is also a risk they will act irrationally as a result of this loss.

• 2 December 2046 - As the spacerace between the nations is accelerating all 4 major powers now have at least one Military and one Commercial Orbital Shipyard. Latecomers Pacific Commonwealth of Nations have launched two Military shipyards in an effort to catch up, although they are both smaller than any of the other powers. Analysts find a clear pattern in the PCN strategy involving larger numbers of smaller ships like the New Singapore and New Taipei classes neither of them larger than 11000 tons allow quicker construction and deployment at the cost of less capabilities. The Russian Federation appear to be following the opposite doctrine leading in size of both Military and Commercial yards. Within a few months its expected that their Surovov Duranium Works will complete their second massive slipway making it the largest both by Capacity and total tonnage production.

• 16 December 2046 - As the year nears it's end FoN makes a summary of colonization efforts and can conclude that both United Socialist American Republic and Russian Federation have deployed enough habitat infrastructure to support colonies of a total of over 1 million on Luna and Mars, but share the same problem of waiting for a Colony Ship with large Cryo Capacity before serious colonies can be started. It's expected that large Colony ships will be completed by both of them as well as the New European Union during 2047 to correct this limitation. Meanwhile the PCNs smaller New Taipei class colony ship have already expanded their Luna colony to almost 3 million population, and could probably have had an even larger colony if their freighter variant had been equipped with more Cargo Shuttles to bring in new habitats faster. Thanks to the purchase of a New Singapore class colony ship from the PCN the NEUs Luna colony have been able to reach 420 thousand souls.

Aid and invasions during 2046:

The Russian Federation:
•  Small amounts of Russian Aid sent Successfully East Africa (South Africa). 3m pop & 2 CI gained.

United Socialist American Republic:
•  Medium amounts of USAR Aid sent Very Successfully to Australia. 4m pop, 12 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +2 prestige
•  Large amounts of USAR Aid sent to Mexico meeting resistance. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 5m pop, 9 CI & 1 Research Facility gained.
•  Medium amounts of USAR Aid sent to Western South-America meeting resistance and aid Ambushed by Viper Forces. 2 Trillion Eurodollars raided. 2m pop & 4 CI gained.
•  Large amounts of USAR Aid sent to Eastern South-America. 5m pop, 10 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +2 prestige
A total of 16m pop, 35 CI & 3 Research Facilities gained. +4 prestige.

New European Union:
•  Medium amounts of NEU Aid sent Successfully to East Africa. 9m pop, 6 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +1 prestige.
•  Medium amounts of NEU Aid sent Very Successfully to the West Africa. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 16m pop, 8 CI & 2 prestige gained
A total of 25m pop, 14 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +3 prestige.

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:
•  Medium amounts of PCN Aid sent Successfully to Australia. 3m pop, 9 CI gained. +1 prestige
•  Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent Very Successfully to India locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 9m pop, 14 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +4 prestige
•  Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent Very Successfully to China, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 7m pop & 13 CI gained. +4 prestige
A total of 18m pop, 36 CI & 1 Research Facility gained by PCN. +9 prestige

Federation of Nations:
•  Medium amounts of FoN Aid sent Very Successfully to Eastern Africa. Locals trustning the good intentions of the FoN. 5m pop, 3 CI gained & 1 Research Facility gained.

World Map Updated as of Jan 2047:

Aid investments, Invasions and Ground Forces Jan 2047:

Economic Comparison:
Large economic growth in the Russian Federation and USAR as they still have alot of Conventional Industry left possible to quickly convert. The Economic Standardization Reforms that were voted also had a clear impact as did Russia winning the bid for the OMME Spaceport. NEU are still struggling with unemployment and poverty but their bright side is the large construction sector enabling future growth.

Note: 1 Trillion Eurodollars = 100 ingame wealth


Voting Results:
To the celebration of FoN their proposed increase in membership contribution to 15% was voted through by NEU and PCN. USARs proposal to limit ground forces was not voted through as two clear voting blocks of Russia & USAR voting together appears to have crystalized against NEU & PCN enjoying FoN Support thanks to an advantage in prestige.

Nation Comparison:
This year FoN highlighted comparisons of Financial centers, Automated mines, Infrastructure and Fuel/Supply as public available information:
(Totals for entire sol system)

Updated Trading Prices for Jan 2047:

Trades during 2046:
As all powers were net selling resources OMME nearly ran out of wealth. FoN has intervened and provided 5000 more wealth for next years trade to promote more resource trading and more effective utilization as well as building up a stockpile for future shortages.
 •  Russia sold 3000 Tritanium for 3060 wealth
 •  Russia bought 2100 Duranium for 2205 wealth
 •  NEU sold 2m liters of Fuel for 760 wealth
 •  PCN sold 704 Gallicite for 1000 wealth
 •  FoN bought 1000 Boronide for for 1200 wealth
 • 400 Duranium, 200 Gallicite & 100 Neutronium were added to the market by CMC

Market reaction:
 •  As all trades by major powers were selling minerals market prices have been adjusted down across the board via "Overall Demand Multiplier" as this indicates minerals current valuation is still too high
 •  Prices of specific minerals were adjusted as well based on recent trading actions

Federation of Nation Registered Minerals Claim Sol:

Note: Claims are not automatically enforced, if anyone wants to ban bodies ( prevent from developing their own CMC or visits by standing orders survey ) it needs to be put into orders. If one nation moves military forces to a body they have highest minerals claim on and orders to enforce their claim by force other nations will avoid it unless ordered otherwise
Federation of Nations Update

Federation of Nations (FoN) is the 3:ed Intergovernmental organization aiming to be a global forum for peacekeeping and diplomacy established as a result of World War 3. Similar in many ways to the League of Nations lasting from 1920-1946 or the United Nations lasting from 1945-2037 following the first and second world wars.

The first and most important point on the agenda when FoN was established in 2037 was what set it apart and came about as a result of the horrors and massive suffering of nuclear war. The work resulted in "Resolution 0001: Nuclear launch platforms control". This was basically a ban on any nation operating vehicles and platforms capable of launching nuclear weapons, as well as a mandatory transfer of all working nuclear weapons and platforms to FoN for disarming and some of it to be kept as a reserve.

The idea at the time was that retaining some nuclear capabilities shared responsibly between all nations via a neutral organization could turn out vital to our survival in case it would be needed to avert existential threats like that of asteroids or other threats from space not yet realized. This is also why the Resolutions ban was limited to Earth and it's immediate vicinity.

Since then over 100 hundred minor resolutions have been voted on, and since the formation of the security council in 2042 no less than 8 Major resolutions with widespread impact ( many created by the players in the game ) have been ratified.

The 3 main branches of the Federation of Nations are Peace, Protection and Progress.
Resolutions, Voting and Diplomacy all falls into the Peace area so let's look a bit closer into it.


Every resolution is voted on by all 4 members of the Security Council and the fifth vote in case of a draw is cast by the Federation of Nation Assembly (GM). Nations are expected to add one Resolution proposal to the resolution-queue every year and up to 3 votes are normally held ( all as part of the order submission ). The resolution proposal can be to either add a new Resolution, Modify an existing one or Abolish an existing Resolution entirely. Nations can vote either Yes, No, Abstain or choose to Stall. Stall means using bureaucratic nitpicks, reservations and tricks causing the vote to be pushed to next year.

FoN Resolution/Voting Mechanics:
- Each nation may only stall one Resolution each year
- The same Resolution can’t be stalled multiple times by the same nation and at most two years in total per Resolution.
- In case of existential threats to Humanity priority Resolutions which can’t be stalled may be voted on immediately bypassing the queue.
- Resolutions up for voting next year are locked and cannot be withdrawn or changed.
- The nation that submitted a resolution which isn't yet up for voting can make a maximum of 1 change or withdrawal in total to queued resolutions per year/turn.

Here are the 8 Major resolutions with larger impact that have been ratified (voted into effect) so far by the 4 nations:

Resolution 0131B: "FoN Observers and Space Exploration” [PCN]
Resolution 0132: "Humanitarian Radiation Cleanup Aid Act" [FoN]
Resolution 0137: "Asteroid Defense Shield" [USAR]
Resolution 0139B: "Limitations to Ground Forces" [NEU]
Resolution 0141 "Collaboration with non-profit aid organisations" [PCN]
Resolution 0142: "Space Assistance and Distress act" [PCN]
Resolution 0145: "Mining Quotas on Earth" [NEU]
Resolution 0151: "Commerce Standardization Act" [FoN]

Some of these have quite extensive complete texts so they won't be listed in this summary, although here is an example linked outside of discord for the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations Resolution: Space Assistance and Distress act. For complete texts and debates feel free to join the discord server the game is coordinated on as an observer.

In parallel with the developing crisis between NEU and Russia, the Pacific News let know a new era of diplomatic cooperation and closer ties between the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations and New European Union were being developed.

Written by and full credits to Spacemarine:

12th of October, 2045.

"Welcome back to Pacific Front news, tonight we have news on a state visit planned between the government and the new European union, the scheduled visit is planned to take place in the coming months, it comes at a time of increased tensions in the pacific and an increase in military activity in the middle east with some experts warning of a war coming to eastern or western Africa after the invasion of Egypt by Russian forces which saw the deposing of the state government in the region and a rapid response by the NEU and the Commonwealth." -News Anchor

"The Foreign Minister who will be going to Unity City, the capital of the NEU for the visit had this to say on its purpose." -News Anchor

"This visit has been a long time in planning and part of its purpose is to sure up our intent of peaceful and diplomatic relations in the region especially considering the ensuing crisis in the middle east which we again call on governments to find a diplomatic solution, in this regard the visit will focus on this issue as well as the common democratic ties Europe and the pacific share" -Foreign Minister Takada Mino

"Now we go to talk with former Ambassador to Europe Ishibashi Yukio, as well as our defense analyst here at Pacific Front,  I want to thank you both for joining me today especially former ambassador Yukio. First question former ambassador, how important is this visit for the two nations?" - News Anchor

"Well thank you for having me on, to answer the question I think its very important right now as the government has clearly showed its looking for a diplomatic solution to the recent crisis but it also is likely looking to make a statement against powers who believe they can take over other sovereign nations without justification, which I believe we saw in Egypt from Russia" -Former Ambassador Ishibashi Yukio

"Interesting, so  you think that this is to try and  show the commonwealths support to the NEU? as its primary goal as well as a message to Russia about further incursions?" - News Anchor

"That is the primary reason yes the government is looking to work with the NEU who is a major trading partner and as i said it does want to make a statement against military actions" - Former Ambassador Ishibashi Yukio

"And What do you think about that Takawa, our defense analyst here at pacific front" - News Anchor

"Well I will say that this shows a strong statement of intent to Russia that the time for military action is over and diplomacy is the way forward especially with the recent comments from the foreign minister on the purpose of the planned visit, even with that we did see the movement of our navy to the red sea which is obviously see as a blatant attempt to discourage further action" -Defense Analyst Takawa

"So do you think the PCN is or has been at-least planning for a potential direct conflict with russia in regards to these naval ship movements?" -News Anchor

"Planning? Perhaps, however I do not see the government in any manner wanting to start a conflict with any other nation and this visit as well as the statements from the foreign minister reinforce that  fully, the government wants diplomacy but the navy was put on alert to show they will respond if other nations have intentions that are wholly wrong." -Defense Analyst Takawa

"Well thats all we have time for, thanks for being here. Now we go to our reporter in shanghai currently on the ground with the government aid forces"

After these recent escalations and tensions in the Middle East between the New European Union and Russian Federation the Dubai Peace Summit was organized by FoN and PCN.

Open Invitation
It is our belief that the conflict between The two major parties and other member states, as well as FoN, regarding the increased tension and conflicts in middle east and eastern africa, is no longer something that should be held between closed doors, but open to some public perception. It is important as leaders of this World that we show our citizens our resolve towards peace and solving conflicts via diplomatic means.
We hereby invite you to a Peace Summit in Dubai, starting on January 7th, in FoN chambers and look forward to solving these issues together to ensure peace and prosperity. Preliminary schedule for discussions and logistics will be posted separately.

Prime Minister
Yi-Kwon Joseon
( By Opti )

After an invasion in 3 steps previous years had expanded Russian influence through warlord territory all the way down to former Sudan where FoN and NEU forces linked up there was a real risk of major escalation and war between the power blocks ( Red Territory Russian, Blue European and Yellow Federation of Nations ):

The proposal from Yi-Kwon and the FoN diplomats was a compromise withdrawal.

A key point in the debate also was allowing free trade to continue to the Suez Canal which is why it was handed over to FoN control. After much debate and compromises the Dubai Accord was signed and the Russian withdrawal agreed to happen 17 months in the future. It will have the following ingame impact:

As a result of the agreement the following border adjustments based on the map changes will happen end of June 2047:
- 8% of Russian territory in East Africa handed over to NEU ( up to 3mil pop & 7 CI )
- 2% of Russian territory in East Africa handed over to FoN ( up to 1mil pop & 2 CI )
- 6% of Russian territory in East Africa remains in Russian hands
- 5% of Russian territory in Middle East handed over to NEU ( up to 2mil pop & 4 CI )
- 2% of Russian territory in Middle East handed over to FoN ( up to 1mil pop & 2 CI )
- 52% of Russian territory in Middle East remains in Russian hands
Both NEU and Russia may use land connection to move forces through the Middle East into their East & West African territories adjacent to Egypt. FoN will guarantee free and open trade through the Suez Canal.


The most obvious and notable efforts from the Protection Branch is the FNPC, the FoN Peacekeeping Corps. Through a series of contracts they have acquired high quality Military equipment and now fields a more modern although also much smaller ground force than any of the 4 major powers. The first major contracts was for a total of 150 Eurotanks imported from New European Union for 21 Trillion Eurodollars (2100 wealth). These in combination with a contract for Duranium armored infantry as well as new design of APCs and MG forces provided by private industry means all combat elements of their two first Tank Regiments have reached Duranium levels. A new contract for 600 APCs armed with railguns under construction in Pacific Commonwealth of Nations is expected to soon further upgrade them. This brings the total FoN Ground Force up to 70k ton of frontline forces and an additional 31k in reserve and logistics.

The most important point in the Peacekeeping efforts however is FoN representatives globally on the ground and assisting all the nations aid and radiation cleanup efforts lending legitimacy and a spirit of global cooperation helping out with their success. For the small administrative costs of 15% these FoN aid coordination efforts have proven a great success with over 150 Trillion Eurodollars (15000 wealth) invested during 2046. Current forecasts put global radiation cleanup to be completed in about 2050 which is great news.

The FNOD have not been inactive either. A 45 Trillion Eurodollar (4500 wealth) for Raytheon 'Rockbreaker' Missiles was won by United Socialist American Republic and production have been started under FoN supervision. The FN Orbital Defense Shipyards also launched it's first 1300 ton Shield class platform during 2046 to be equipped with these missiles, the first of many forming the new Asteroid Defense grid. It's inauguration will also allow starting the phase out old equipment such as SSBN submarines and Silo launchers with the more modern satellites capable of targeting space and ground targets. Of course FNOD would require an unanimous Resolution vote to be allowed to launch them against any ground target, and even then just the idea of doing so would probably face enormous internal resistance since the entire reason behind the organization itself is to prevent such a nuclear war. Malfunctioning old equipment can't be allowed to start another tragedy like of Panama which is why FoN makes it a high priority to keep all equipment modern and up to date, there is zero tolerance for mistakes when the weapons are nuclear in nature.

Now on to the least known part of the FoN Protection branch... the mysterious FNIC operating in the shadows.

Select members such as yourself have been given the privilege to view a secret report on the AIM organization.

Written by and full credits to Panopticon:

AIM – History and current activities as of 2047

Prepared for FoN Intelligence internal use only, it is a felony to share this document with unauthorized individuals or organizations.

It is unclear when AIM was first formed, operations using AIM assets are confirmed as early as 2028(See document 87O48-2I – The SpaceY sabotage), but due to the nature of the organization it is difficult to say definitively if this represents their first operation or if earlier actions simply have been lost to time and war or were never discovered.
AIM markets itself as an expediter of sorts, marketing custom software, hardware, and information to anyone they choose who is able to pay their prices. Up until recently this service was limited to smaller organizations like non-FoN countries, mercenaries, or criminal enterprises. AIM broke into the world market offering services to major governments in 2042 and is currently theorized to be in the employ of the PCN, although that government has refused to confirm or deny.

AIM is a decentralized organization in its own words “Crowdsourcing” most resources and actions. Making it very difficult to track down and eliminate, although individuals working for it have been captured and operations disrupted, its command element, if indeed such exists, is so far unidentified.

Since AIM broke onto the world stage in 2042 it has been something of a bogeyman in the intelligence community, blamed by various powers for arms deals, smuggling, aid convoy attacks, research theft, and kidnapping, along with assorted and multifarious cybercrimes. It is unlikely that AIM is responsible for everything it is blamed for, such an organization would more or less rule the world!

It is known that AIM’s reach extends to all nations, with operatives, unwitting moles, and hacks discovered all the time, albeit at relatively low levels of security clearance. Interestingly, according to reports sent to international crime databases, activities in the NEU have dropped off significantly over the past few years. Not to nothing, but to a lower level than is seen in any other polity. Whether this points to an agreement between the organization and nation, or if it is a sign of wariness on the part of AIM for some reason, or if the NEU security is penetrated to the extent AIM can operate with impunity, is unknown.

Suspected Operations
The following are operations that are strongly suspected to have had AIM involvement, whether that is at the behest of their employer, or their own independent operation is at this point unknown.

The death of Jack Dawson in Las Vegas was almost certainly unintentional, but the escape of Hans-Ole “Vik” Falkanger with the shipyard plans that later turned out a new shipyard in Russia almost certainly was expedited by AIM. Their involvement in the operation is suspected based on some very sophisticated hacking programs loaded onto equipment recovered from the scene, and the ability of Falkanger to disappear after his escape. Notably, this operation doesn’t seem to have benefitted the PCN in any way, suggesting that AIM either runs independent operations or doesn’t work for them at all.
The Panama Incident
The events leading to the loss of three fleets off the shores of Panama are still unclear, official investigation results suggest a series of software errors and high tensions leading to the start of hostilities, but other nations have their own theories. Including the (theorized) deployment of sophisticated jamming systems and independent mercenaries. The motivation remains unclear though, as AIM has never been known to commit terrorist acts and there doesn’t seem to have been any gains made by any nation from the incident.
31 data and AI scientists all over the world went missing over the last couple of years, the lion’s share(19) from the NEU, to date none have been recovered alive or dead. The end of this wave of kidnappings coincided with a sudden draw down of AIM’s public involvement, particularly as previously mentioned, in the NEU.

It is clear that even if we disregard the most outlandish rumors such as the Panama Incident, AIM is a worldwide concern, although the organization doesn’t appear to be interested in destabilizing the major powers of the world, rather it’s overarching goals, if it indeed has any, seem to be to work for and within existing organizations. Making it a very powerful, and dangerous, tool in the hands of anyone who hires it. As an independent entity its power should not be underestimated, and it is the recommendation of this body that disrupting AIM operations and discovering its leadership and organizational principles be the highest priority of international law enforcement agencies for the foreseeable future.

This concludes the update of the Protection branch. Onwards to the 3:ed branch.


As we know from the news updates FoN have been instrumental in spreading Transnewtonian Knowledge globally. Making sure everyone has access to the latest technology also helps guarantee Peace and Protection as well as it removes any power imbalances. The only minor FoN setback was the reluctance of sharing Power & Propulsion information, but besides that technology in all fields from Sensors to Weapons and others have been propagated with great success as the mysteries of this brand new field of Science is unlocked.

The now legendary USAR Scientist Andrew Wakefield was the one who first theorized the existence of the other parallel universe, or as he preferred to call it "layer". Dubbed the Wakefield layer this is where the TN minerals are initially located, and stabilizing fractions of them through "mining" is an extremely time-, energy- and labor-intensive process. Even so the rewards are immense. Spaceship engines that can burn continuously for years instead of minutes, speeds of hundreds or thousands of km/s instead of single digit numbers. Spacecraft sporting tens of thousands of tons and Shipyards with millions of direct and indirect are put into commission in an every increasing pace allowing amazing discoveries and expansion into space.

Private Industries are reaching for the stars with Commercial Mining Complexes opening operations on several asteroids already, and there are advanced plans for the first Private Civilian Shipping Lines as well and only a matter of time when their first ships will launch.

This is truly a decade of great progress and FoN is right in the middle of it!

Here are two updates on the weapons development programs that will help building the future of the FoN Asteroid Defense Shield and without doubt help out in civilian applications as well down the line!

Written by and full credits to Spacemarine:

22nd of October, 08:00 Hours, Akasaka Experimental Testing Ground.

It had been tireless work around the clock for Imagawa Desu, a junor materials scientist currently working for a state funded research program in Tokyo’s Akasaka Experimental Testing Ground, itself and other such facilities were working on a new weapon system based off the trans-newtonian materials that had now become so common to Imagawa as their application was being used in anything from the microwave to heat things faster to something a little bit hotter… a weapon.

They were tasked with developing a weapon utilizing new Trans-newtonian materials and in some way thanks to Imagawa Desu by the 1st of October the team at Akasaka and other research facilities believed a working version would be ready and an operational one by the end of the year.

The design the team went for was known commonly as the “Railgun”, while past militaries had experimented with railguns these were antiques in comparison as they suffered from massive energy requirements and massive costs for development so they were only considered for use on ships.

These new Railguns used a fraction of the power, had significantly better heat management and they were for experimental technology relatively cheap to develop, it was envisioned such technology could be utilized by Infantry, Tanks, Helicopters and even the coveted space ships which were becoming more and more common.

So when Imagawa Desu came to the observation stand for an early morning test much publicized with many press members on site he was hoping for the best though something wrong could always occur with this experimental level of technology.
The Field was set, multiple targets were set up on a range spanning about 300-500m with the observation stand looking outwards towards the targets, the target themselves were infantry dummies to actual WW3 era tanks that were being decommissioned,  the person firing the weapon would be Captain Tarekado Tomeo a veteran of the last world war and a hero among the people.

Desu watched as Tarekado took to the testing field with a railgun fashioned into that of a rifle, the press watched on in awe as the weapon was carried by a single man in basic military armor, the public relations people told the press that the weapon could be fired 1000s of times without recharge and it could accelerate bolts of duranium at such speeds to kill a tank.

Once at the range Tarekado took the Rifle, checked its system and then put it into a position to fire downrange the first target would be an infantry man, as such he set the primary setting to light to only accelerate the weapon at 2.5-3.5km/s, once set he prepared to fire on the go ahead. The Go ahead was given and the press ready to record this remarkable feat, he fired four rounds in burst, the duranium rounds were accelerated at such a speed the press could barely catch it, the rounds impacted the target and ripped it apart almost immediately as they had been fired out of the rifle.

Imagawa smiled as the press were in shock and began trying to find even more cameras to cover the event, the next target was 6 walls of duranium, Tomeo changed to medium power intensity and then aimed and fired one clean shot it immediately ripped through the duranium walls and impacted the ground on the other end, a startling powerful penetration capability.
The Final test would be against a WW3 tank, Tomeo Changed to the highest setting and prepared to fire a burst of twelve rounds, he fired and massive hits were heard on the tank before the final burst of four rounds came and it seemingly hit a piece of ammo in the tank as the tank exploded into a fireball.

Tomeo After performing his role put the weapon on safety and turned the power off, he then put it on a table and went to go speak to the now ravenous news teams wanting an Interview…

The First Trans-newtonian weapon had just worked in flawless fashion and it clearly showed that a new age of warfare was upon the world.

Written by and full credits to Kane_SPC:

Desert of Almeria, Spain.

Professor David Parkinson and his team are checking a computer of enormous proportions that has been moved in different trailers and installed in a small building, an old farmhouse in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, located on a hill overlooking much of the southwestern desert of Almeria.

Inside it is a pleasant temperature of around 20ºC, which contrasts greatly with the almost 42ºC outside, something very common at this time of the year and in this region of Europe. Only the backlighting of the more than thirty screens provides the light in the room, but it is more than enough to be able to see clearly and work without problems. The scientists review the cascades of data, graphs and live images from a sort of machine mounted a few hundred meters down the hill.

The device is oddly shaped like a cannon, but instead of a traditional muzzle, it has a sort of lens array that glows by refracting midday sunlight. On the other hand, it has no inlet for projectiles, instead there is a cavity full of wiring, switches and printed circuit boards designed to channel the energy that reaches it from a thick titanium tube. This tube leads away in a northerly direction to the electricity generating trucks that the NEU military has installed near the control room.

Suddenly a small siren sounds and all the operators in the vicinity of the "canyon" run away to some structures dug into the ground and covered by concrete from where they can have a privileged view and where they can make more precise measurements with high-capacity sensors.

The siren sounds three times and when silent the cannon seems to emit a reloading sound, as if something is building up inside. For nearly 15 seconds the buzzing increases in intensity until suddenly, with a metallic, hollow sound, the buzzing is silenced and several kilometers away, beyond the visual range of the operators, a papier-mâché structure explodes and begins to burn.

Inside, Dr. Parkinson smiles and nods, the test has been a success.

Alex_Brunius' Game / Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Community Roleplaying game
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Update to Jan 1:st 2046:

Research Breakthroughs:

During 2045 there were four Breakthroughs in Weapons and in Sensors technology. The New European Union and Russian Federation both saw a Research Breakthrough and have unlocked further research into the TN category of Missile / Kinetic weapons making this the first Category to be completely unlocked by everyone. Russia also gets a Research Facility towards the end of the year due to their massive investments made into the area. What rapid developments considering this category was unknown for all until last year!
United Socialist American Republic and the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations both unlocked researching into Sensors and Firecontrol category through breakthroughs, about at the same time as NEU Scientists finished transferring the very same technology to PCN.
- USAR and The Russian Federation remains the only two with unlocked Power and Propulsion category.
- All nations except Russia have unlocked Sensors and Control Systems category.
- NEU remains the only with unlocked Energy Weapons category.
- Everyone have unlocked Missile / Kinetic Weapons category.

As always any investments made so far did increase the chances for unlocks in 2045 and for all following years until the category is unlocked, as well as chances to gain a lab when unlocking. All chances to unlock technology categories will also gradually increase a small bit every year until all categories are eventually unlocked.

Both Russian Federation and USAR declined the Federation of Nation offer to share their Engine technology in return for wealth which probably contributed to no breakthroughs being made in this area. It becomes increasingly important for the NEU and PCN to either invest more into Engine Research themselves or form a close partnership with one of those that control it in order to not be left behind in exploration efforts.

Due to the TN Technology maturing globally with over half of all categories unlocked it is now possible to trade a category unlock in just 1 year instead of 2.

Several Breakthroughs in Sensor technology allow speeding up mapping future mysteries of the stars and tracking spaceships deeper into space:

Notable Events in the News during 2045:

• 21 January 2045 - One of the Pacific Commonwealth Survey Fighters of the Sutasacha class runs out of fuel about 40 hours away from Earth, despite having orders to return for refueling when below 40% fuel. Small margins due to attempts to cram every bit of performance out of its inefficient and fuel hungry conventional engines are blamed. As demanded by the newly voted Resolution 0145: "Space Assistance and Distress act" [PCN] the Antelope from New European Union sets out to conduct a daring rescue and refueling mission. Although requiring multiple space walks and manually transferring the liters of fuel in aptly named Jerry Cans one by one the worlds first Spaceborne refueling rescue action completes successfully.

• 24 January 2045 - The Investigation team from the New European Union into the Panama Incident has followed a lead about a group of Mercenary commandos that were caught on a grainy surveillance video deploying Electronic Warfare Equipment on a NEU cargo ship. While all members appeared to have either perished in the attack or gone underground this group of Mercenary Commandos was identified via paper trails as having done numerous jobs for previous employers ranging from warlords to all major powers ( often via proxies ). What stood out is that they had done alot more jobs for the Russian Federation in the past. These are circumstantial evidences pointing towards Russia but without hard evidence the actual perpetrator of the incident resulting in sinking of 3 fleets late last year still remains unknown.

•  16 February 2045 - After significant assistance from the Russian Federation FSB ( Federal Security Service ) investigation teams from both New European Union and United Socialist American Republic are making some headway into their investigations thanks to posing as arms dealers and bribing locals in Western South America. The Russian Federation show them to a major weapon stash containing dozens of Anti Air and Anti Tank guns confirmed as being manufactured quite recently in the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. How these weapons got into warlord hands is unclear, but what is clear is that this is strong circumstantial evidence pointing towards PCN somehow being involved in the Panama Incident as a means to arming South American warlords with state of the art European tanks. Two militia members kidnapped and interrogated later on by the USAR investigation team for "reasons of national security" claims they received "hundreds if not thousands" of these PCN guns free of charge smuggled in on civilian shipping in crates marked as "Regalo Helado - Ice-cream Manufacturing Machinery". How the Russian FSB had learned of PCN weapon smuggling to South America across the Pacific remains a mystery... clearly the trust of someone was betrayed.
•  21 February 2045 - The official Federation of Nations investigation into the Panama Incident is proudly and loudly supported by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations and they receive assistance from USAR as well. Their main lead is looking into recovered black box data from various USAR and NEU warships. After studying it in detail and reconstructing the events it is irrefutable that the USAR submarine SSN-796 "New Jersey" was first to open fire. It fired on both NEU and their own ships releasing all torpedoes and cruise missiles loaded without any targeting into the area, leading to the weapons old auto-targeting system taking over. The official FoN and PCN conclusion is that the cause of the incident is faulty old USAR torpoedoes malfunctioning after not having been maintained properly since before WW3 leading to an all out fire exchange and destruction of the 3 fleets. USAR refuse to accept this conclusion and discredits the investigation removing access to their black boxes and satellite data.

•  27 February 2045 - the United Socialist American Republic launch the first large TN Freighter powered by four mighty Longhaul Wake Drive engines. It boasts a Cargo capacity 10 times that of the PCN hybrid conventional colonyship/cargoship design, and 10 times the speed as well. It starts out Delivering an Automated Mining Facility to Whipple followed by delivering infrastructure habitats to Luna and Mars in preparation for future USAR colonies.

•  31 March 2045 - The ARV Jemison, first of the United Socialist American Republic Jemison Class Deep Survey spaceships is launched from the Raihan Robotics Shipyard. It heads out into space at record breaking speeds over 2000m/s. If rumores are true it's loaded with over half a million liters of fuel and designed very rugged with many years of Endurance in mind. Raihan gives an inspired speech about of a 5-year mission to explore new worlds.

• 2 May 2045 - The Russian Federation are the first to complete survey of the inner plants, moons and asteroid belt using their 5 survey fighters. They will now need a larger Survey Ship with more range to continue surveying the outer systems and observations of their orbital shipyard confirm that such a ship is currently under construction

•  30 June 2045 - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations Luna Colony reaches 1 million inhabitants and a big press event is held in collaboration with FoN about how conflicts on Earth will be a thing of the past as there is room for everyone and all the resources we can ever dream of can be found among the stars
•  7 July 2045 - The Colony ship "New Singapore" after having been key to early PCN colonization efforts is received by the New European Union Space Command as it's handed over by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations.

•  2 August 2045 - From the Duranium Works Commercial Shipyard in the Russian Federation the first of the Звездный фрахтовщик ( Star Freighter Class ) large TN Freighter emerges, Equipped with 10 ENERGOMAX INT Wake Drives it's even more powerful than the USAR Freighter. The real strength of the Star Freighter is revealed as a veritable horde of Cargo Shuttles emerges to greatly speed up loading and offloading on new worlds without Spaceport infrastructure.

• 2 August 2045 - Pacific Commonwealth of Nations follow the Russians by completing the survey of the inner sol system returning their 3 Survey fighters back to Earth. At exactly the same date their first Military Shipyard completes and work is started on a small deep space survey ship with just a crew of 24. Due to it's minimal size and prebuilding expensive components like the geological survey sensors it's expected to complete before the end of the year

• 12 August 2045 - The Russian Federation inaugurate their first automated mining complex on Whipple. Many are expected to follow.

•  12 September 2045 - A Warlord from the Western South-America called "The Colombian Viper" have attacked and conquered or secured allegiance from most of the major warlords in the area. Their fledgling new nation "Confederação Sul-Americana" have secured almost 50% of the zone and stands near the borders to USAR in the north and Eastern South-America reportedly armed with tanks and hundreds of guns of foreign manufacture. It's not sure if future Aid efforts in this area will be effective as they threaten to open fire at any Peacekeeping forces. The Viper also claim that all USAR influence over Colombia must be given up and that the people of South-America must remain free.

•  17 September 2045 - the ARV Jemison has completed it's survey of the inner planets & moons and sets a course for Saturn, United Socialist American Republics ministry of truth hosts a propaganda show where children ask questions to the brave crew about how space hamburgers taste and if they are good friends with the aliens.

• 15 October 2045 -  A major feat of engineering is now a fact as the Gibraltar Strait Bridge opens. The 5000 meter bridge span was made possible thanks to high tensile Duranium/Steel alloys. This new connection provides the New European Union with land access to Africa. It's hoped this can greatly speed up movement of peacekeeping forces and aid there, as well as boosting radiation cleanup efforts, given the increasingly harsh tone between NEU and Russia about Suez however many observers believe there is a second motivation... to speed up a Military buildup in Africa in case of future hostilities.

• 22 October 2045 - In the Research Facilities of the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations a new prototype Railgun is successfully tested and approved for series production. This is the first application of TN Weapons, but many will follow in everything from ground forces, spaceships, surface-to-orbit weapons.
• 19 November 2045 - The Deep Space Survey Ship PCS Kiyotsu launches from the Pacific Commonwealths Togo Memorial Shipyard, built using the free TN Engine supplied by USAR in 2043. As it moves away from Earth the FoN observer calibrating it's onboard conventional thermal sensor verifies the strange observation done by NEU hobby scientists last year, that thermal emissions from Earth and Luna seem to be blocked by something unknown. As they spend a few days investigating the scientists manage to conclude based on the thermal shadow that the strange phenomenon seems to originate somewhere on the moon. More powerful TN thermal sensors ( 50 ton + sensitivity 6 ) are needed to pinpoint the location further. After this unplanned investigation the PCS Kiyotsu sets a course for Pluto to explore the outer Sol System

• 23 November 2045 -  Russian Federation forces composed of large number of garrisons invade East Africa from Egypt with Air Support. After pushing Warlord Militias aside they find that Federation of Nation has moved down it's 1st PEACEKEEPING Armor Regiment to move quickly inland and prevent further hostilities. Forces from the New European Union have also linked up from West Africa with the FoN an are putting themselves between the Russian and Warlord forces. As both NEU and FoN have spent significant aid in the area the warlords take their side and tensions increase as a single stray shot could trigger a large scale conflict, but this effectively halts the Russian advance into Africa... for now.

• 27 November 2045 - the New European Union have moved fleet assets towards the Suez and large forces of Armor has been shipped across the Mediterranean towards the escalating conflict area around Suez, Egypt and East Africa. They declare that NEU will not back down and demand in Resolution 163: "Sanctions for invading Middle East" [NEU] that Russian forces should withdraw back to their 2043 borders in Iran. It appears as they are backed up by PCN in this as two major PCN fleets hold join fleet exercises in the Red Sea, clearly as a deterrent toward further Russian Aggression.

• 1 December 2045 - Unrest and crime rises again in the Russian Federation since less than 80k ton of ground forces ( half of 2042 numbers ) were stationed at home. The Russian Federation lose 500 wealth worth of civilian property, 10 destroyed CI and 3 Prestige as revolts all over break out given lack of law and order as well as with heightened tensions with NEU and a fear of imminent war. Unless more garrison forces are moved home from deployments outside Russia imminently the situation will risk growing even worse in 2046.

• 3 December 2045 - After two years work and with help of the 45 leased Construction Factories from the United Socialist American Republic the FoNs first Military Shipyard is completed. Factories are returned to work for USAR. The Shipyard somewhat uninspiringly called FN Orbital Defense Yards and will mainly be dedicated to producing Anti-Asteroid Missile Satellites for the Asteroid Defense Shield that FoN was tasked with constructing. It's anticipated this will generate lucrative contracts for missile construction in 2046 and onwards.

• 13 December 2045 - As a further step in the escalating conflict in the Middle East & Suez Crisis the shipyards in the Russian Federation have kept expanding their water based Navy further. The Russian Navys size has tripled in the last few years from 2 to 6 fleets as several new submarines, Cruisers and Assault transports are added in rapid pace. The Russians are now in control of the without doubt most powerful water navy and could move 3 full Brigades of 2 infantry or tank Regiments each (60k ton) across a sea zone delivering powerful forces to foreign shores should the need arise.

Aid and invasions during 2045:

The Russian Federation:        
•  Small amounts of Russian Aid sent to India, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned but locals worried about future Russian aggressions. 1m pop & 2 CI gained
•  Medium amounts of Russian Aid sent unsuccessfully to China, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned but Locals worried about future Russian aggressions. 1m pop & 2 CI gained
•  Russian Invasion of East Africa. 6m pop gained, 5m pop flee as refugees. 14 CI gained, 2 lost to collateral damage. -2 Prestige
A total of 8m pop & 18 CI gained, -2 Prestige

United Socialist American Republic:              
•  Small amounts of USAR Aid sent Very Successfully to Australia. 2m pop & 6 CI gained
•  Large amounts of USAR Aid sent to Mexico. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 200 wealth not delivered due to logistics and will be sent next year. 6m pop, 10 CI & 1 prestige gained
•  Small amounts of USAR Aid sent Successfully to Western South-America. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 1m pop & 3 CI gained
•  Large amounts of USAR Aid sent Successfully to Eastern South-America. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 5m pop, 11 CI & 1 prestige gained
•  1m refugees from East African conflicts makes their way to USAR
A total of 15m pop, 30 CI & 2 prestige gained

New European Union:                                            
•  Large amounts of NEU Aid sent to East Africa Very Successfully. 400 wealth not delivered due to logistics and will be sent next year. 14m pop, 10 CI & 2 prestige gained
•  Medium amounts of NEU Aid sent Successfully to the West Africa. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 9m pop, 4 CI & 1 prestige gained
•  2m refugees from East African conflicts makes their way to NEU
A total of 25m pop, 14 CI & 3 prestige gained

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:

•  Medium amounts of PCN Aid sent Very Successfully to Australia, Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned and locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 4m pop, 12 CI, 1 Research Facility & 1 prestige gained
•  Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to India meeting resistance and ambushed by Militia. 5m pop, 8 CI gained
•  Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to China, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 5m pop, 9 CI, 1 Research Facility & 1 prestige gained
•  2m refugees from East African conflicts makes their way to PCN
A total of 16m pop, 29 CI, 2 Prestige & 2 Research Facilities gained by PCN

Federation of Nations:                      
•  Medium amounts of FoN Aid sent Very Successfully to Eastern Africa. 400 wealth not delivered due to logistics and will be sent next year. Locals trusting the good intentions of the FoN. 14m pop, 10 CI gained
A total of 14m pop & 10 CI gained by FoN

World Map Updated as of Jan 2046:

Aid investments, Invasions and Ground Forces Jan 2046:
Note: ( Red numbers mean aid reached the maximum control gain cap of 20% and a few hundred extra wealth worth of aid has been saved to be delivered next year )

Economic Comparison:
Very large economic growth in the Pacific Commonwealth due to big investments into Financial Centers and Technology to support them, as well as all but completing their transition to TN Economy. This is followed by New European Union that also sees a large growth as millions of their workers working heavily involved in PCN construction projects thanks to their leasing and cooperation deal have learned and adapted some of the PCN success stories. Next year even larger growth in Economic wealth is expected when the Economic Standardization Reforms that were voted through will start reaping rewards.

Note: One ingame wealth = 10 billion Eurodollars

Voting Results:
As further modifications were required for the Limitations of Ground Forces Resolution the USAR choose to stall it and make modifications. This year only one resolution passed:

Race Comparison:
The most interesting information here is that NEU broke their own Resolution 0142: "Mining Quotas on Earth" [NEU] by building over 250 mines. As no fine for doing so was specified in the resolution so it will be up to the other nations to decide how to handle this for NEU administration somewhat embarrassing situation. Turbulent leadership situation is blamed for the cause.

Updated Trading Prices for Jan 2046:

Trades during 2044:
As no one was buying resources OMME ran out of wealth and the trades were limited to less than what was requested. FoN has intervened and provided 2000 more wealth for next years trade to promote a healthy market and trading.
 •  Russia sold 1million fuel for 340 wealth
 •  Russia sold 64 Mercassium for 150 wealth
 •  NEU sold 206 Mercassium for 490 wealth
 •  PCN sold 206 Mercassium for 490 wealth

Market reaction:
 •  As all trades by major powers were selling minerals market prices have been adjusted down across the board via "Overall Demand Multiplier" as this indicates minerals current valuation is still too high
 •  As OMME lost most of it's wealth reserve it slightly raised it's profit margins again
 •  Prices of specific minerals were adjusted as well based on recent trading actions

Federation of Nation Registered Minerals Claim Sol:
The first automines were sent out during 2045, and together with colonies established this gives us an overview of what bodies that which nations have claims to, now it is up to the nations if those claims are to be respected or not.

Note: Civilian Automine Complex does not constitute a solid claim as these are owned by international corporations spanning multiple nations, despite them having their HQ and closer ties with one they all wish to remain neutral and avoid any potential future conflicts between the nations. This could change in the future if decided so by a FoN Resolution

2045 Prestige Changes:
•  Russia 153, -2 Invasion of East Africa
•  USAR 162, +1 Aid to Mexico
•  USAR 163, +1 Aid to Eastern South-America
•  NEU 179, +2 Aid to Eastern Africa
•  NEU 180, +1 Aid to West Africa
•  PCN 197, +1 Aid to Australia
•  PCN 198, +1 Aid to China
•  USAR 164, +1 Compensation for last turns Panama Crisis, USAR potentially guilty of negligence but no foul play
•  PCN 196, -2 Suspicions for Panama Crisis and caught smuggling arms to warlords
•  Russia 155, +2 First to complete inner solar system Survey
•  Russia 157, +2 First Automines established on Whipple
•  USAR 167, +3 First Large TN Freighter
•  USAR 171, +4 First Large TN Deep Survey Ship
•  USAR 173, +2 First INT Wake Drive Military Ship
•  PCN 199, +3 First Colony of 1 million inhabitants on Luna
•  NEU 181, +1 Gibraltar Brigde feat of engineering
•  PCN 201, +2 Impressive over 40% GDP/Capita growth
•  PCN 204, +3 Highest total Humanitarian Aid to the surprise of absolutely no one
•  Russia 160, +3 Highest total Technology Investment, over 50% of global investments
•  PCN 207, +3 Demonstration of first working Railgun
Current Prestige ( updated for Jan 2046 ):
  •  Russia: 160
  •  USAR: 173
  •  NEU: 181
  •  PCN: 207
Alex_Brunius' Game / Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Community Roleplaying game
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We have two pieces of fiction written to cover the follow-up of the Panama Incident, and also will visit the Second in Command in USAR, Fords dog Pending.

Written by and full credits to SpaceMarine:

December 14th 2044 - Press room attached to the Diet Building of the PCN

*The Press look towards a podium as they await a delegation of government officials that have announced a statement will be made regarding the recent situation in the Pacific, government officials begin to move into the press room and the press secretary for the PCN stands up to the podium preparing to talk in-front of all in attendance and the televised world*

"Welcome -- Welcome, today we have an important statement to be given regarding the recent situation in the eastern pacific concerning acts of aggression, destruction and unfortunately casualties, we will be taking questions." - Press secretary

"On the 7th of December a European Fleet was in the process of transporting an arms shipment intended for the Commonwealth, according to our information the fleet became engulfed in a storm as Two USAR fleets approached for what they claim was escort duty, just as this happened our data shared with that of the NEU report significant arms fire being exchanged it was reported that the USAR fired upon the NEU ships which were transporting the PCN shipment, it is also believed USAR ships fired upon each other and causalities are reported to be in the thousands with losses on all sides including the PCN shipment"

"The PCN government will be proposing effective immediately an investigation to be launched by the neutral FoN which we will be fully supporting and hope to see other governments do the same, If it is found the USAR or any nation attacked the European fleet including our property then this government god willing will use all available measures to deal with that nation or organization."

"We will now be taking three questions."

*A reporter from the Pacific News Front stands up and asks a question"

"Is the PCN planning a military response either to the region or towards the culprit if found?" - Reporter

"We are currently looking at multiple response options and military is one, we have also stepped up military alertness levels in the pacific and will defend ourselves if this is a start of an opening salvo against our nation" - Press Secretary

*Another reporter stands up*

"Ashley Owens from the Singapore Chronicle here, has the government been in talks with the New European union for action regarding this incident and has the government received any communications from the USAR on what they believe to have happened?" - Reporter

"We are talking closely with our partners across the planet and we will be updating the public on progress that is made through the FoN and our talks, in regards to the USAR we have not yet received information and we are considering our next steps carefully in regards to the americans" - Press secretary

*Another Reporter stands up for the final question*

"Ri Mi-Ok from Korean World News here, given the recent incident and serious combats taking place in south america is the government intending to send naval forces to the eastern pacific as a show of force? if so does the government believe a war is imminent?" - Reporter

"As said we are considering multiple options and that is one of them, our navy is prepared if needed and we discourage all other nations to take any  brazen actions into war and will be pursuing diplomacy through the FoN, however nothing is off the table and it is the policy of this government not to start a war unless it is the last option available." - press secretary

"Thanks for coming, that is all"

*the government officials and the press secretary walk out and the televised coverage ends*

Written by and full credits to ChaoticNeutral:

Panama Incident

As rain falls in heavy droplets on the streets of Los Angeles, a small group of students huddle beneath a cloth awning not far from the UCLA campus. In the center of the group, one individual grips a tablet computer. Light shining from the screen cuts through the darkness and illuminates the band of youths in stark, unflattering blue light. They jostle each other, each jockeying for a better spot to spy the recording of the grim, olive-skinned USAR Commandant facing off against a crowd of reporters from across the globe, having just stepped out of an FoN conference in Dubai following the Panama incident.

"Third Commandant, do you have any comments on the outcome of the Panama incident?" an NEU television personality asks with a deeply concerned expression.

The man halts at the question. A mistake, as the throng of reporters presses tighter around the security detail. "An immense tragedy, and a product of the difficult times we live in. But one that we will work hard to-" he is cut off by the shrill cry of a Commonwealth reporter, "Jean Raihan! Why did the USAR attack the NEU/PCN joint shipment?"

Raihan scowls, "The attack was an unprecedented use of never-before-seen electronic warfare technology. To claim that the USAR-" his voice is drowned out by a sharp increase in volume from the crowd - only to be broken by a sharp bellow of "ONE AT A TIME!" from the Third Commandant, along with a scornful gaze at the several individuals fervent enough to earn a skull-cracking for attempting to push past the barricade.

One of the Commandant's attendants grabs his arm, and says something about a waiting aircar - but they are brushed away by a stormy Jean. Apparently worked up enough to engage with the crowd for a little while longer. He leans in towards a USAR reporter - familiar to the American viewers, and speaks, "The USAR lost thousands of valued soldiers and tens of thousands of tons of world-class naval vessels that night. To insinuate that this was an attack by the American Republic defies all reason."

The USAR reporter takes the opportunity to get in a question of their own, "Do you know who launched the attack?" to which Jean curtly replies, "We have some suspects, and an ongoing investigation. We will get to the bottom of this."

A Russian media team steps forwards, and the spokesman queries with a noticeable accent, "Is it true that South American Warlords are now in the possession of numerous advanced NEU tanks?"

The attendant speaks to Raihan again, more urgently, and Raihan's scowl deepens and he shakes his head as he begins to move towards the waiting vehicle, "No comment." he replies sharply, before steadfastly ignoring the throng of reporters for the remaining duration of the clip.

The students share nervous glances as the blare of the speakers fades to the sound of pattering raindrops. "Reckon we did it?" one voice asks hesitantly, earning them a sharp cuff to the ear. "Show some god-damn respect. Geoff's uncle was in the navy." the assailant retorts.

"Hey, just sayin'! Those Russians had a pretty good point - maybe it was just an inspection gone wrong or summat..."

A third voice cuts in, "Russia's full of smeg. The government wouldn't want to risk soured relations with the Union, Commonwealth, and the FoN - for what, a few tanks? Ford doesn't want another World War any more than we do. I'm guessing it was Russia themselves like the NEU say. They're already disliked, and with their ground forces..."

A few heads nod uneasily, but the truth was known to no one. Perhaps not even Anthony Ford himself. But one thing was certain. No matter who was responsible - a foreboding threat of dark times ahead loomed for the USAR.

Second in Command, Fords dog Pending

When he was first promoted to Designated Dog-Watcher, three years ago... Harold Bryn had not been the most enthused about his new post. From commanding an entire brigade of troops on the front lines, to, well, dogsitting. But he couldn't complain too much, he'd have taken most any spot to get out of the line of fire before the fighting started to ramp up. And, on the bright side, it was still a promotion.

Yes, the Designated Dog-Watcher had rank, pay, and benefits equivalent to a frakking Major General. It was, to say the least, colossally absurd.

To say Harold had come to terms with the nature of his post over time would be inaccurate, but he'd at least learned to keep his head down and reap the benefits. It wasn't as if Pending was particularly difficult to watch over. The huge, grey dog was a gentle, placid beast. More keen to follow along of his own accord in hopes of ear-scratches than to wander off. And so, perhaps Harold got a little complacent. A little hungry for action. For the glory he'd left behind for the safety of the American mainland. But nothing he couldn't handle.


Natalie Chandler races down the halls of the American Socialist Party Headquarters in search of the highest-ranked officer in the building. With Ford in Dubai for the FoN congregation, and Raihan traipsing about the Boei-ahem Raihan Robotics shipyard, that left General Megan Ackers. She hadn't been seen by her secretary for a few hours now, but she should be somewhere in the-

Miss Chandler's eyes widen as she spied across the hall, a familiar grey hound with a distinctive black spot. And his ever-present escort, Designated Dog-Watcher Harold Bryn. Designated Dog-Watcher... That's equivalent to Major General! He can help!

"Sir! Sir! Something urgent has come up! The leader of the Mexican People's Liberation Front is on the line in the First Commandant's office! They want to make a deal, and Sir - you're the only one I can find with the authorization to establish terms on behalf of Commandant Ford!" she exclaims quickly to the shocked Bryn.

Harold's eyes look mournfully between Pending, and Natalie - a second before he makes a decision that would be forever pivotal in the history of the USAR. I abandoned my friends in Mexico when I took this post... But I can help them now. Harold thinks as resolve fills his being. Handing Pending's leash to Natalie, he nods. "I've got this. Look after the Second Commandant while I'm gone." he commands before bounding away.

Natalie looks down in shock at the well-crafted dog lead, and the friendly dog attached to it. Pending butts his head up against Natalie's leg, hoping for ear scratches. She steps back, "No, no, no... I've still got to deliver these files to the Minister of Industry before the biweekly meeting on Transnewtonian mineral mining operations, and talk to the event organizer about striking Taylor from the guest list..." She looks around, but Harold is nowhere to be seen. Nor are any other, less-busy staff members. Only a forlorn storage closet.

"I'll - I'll be right back!"

Pending stares mournfully at the door to the storeroom he'd been shut in. It wasn't often that he was left alone for so long. Or at all, really. He didn't mind being left alone, but the dim and dusty storage area had much to be desired.

With a canine sigh, Pending settles down on the wooden floor for a nap, to await his handler's return...

...Only to be woken less than an hour later, by an insidious scent. A delicious scent. Now that Pending thought about it, it was about dinnertime. He wondered what feast had been cooked up for him this time. Rising, and moving towards the smell, Pending found his motion arrested by his lead - wrapped around a metal rack. However, a few delicate pulls with his teeth resolved that particular issue.

Padding his way to his dinner, Pending observes a large, multi-tiered cake of a deep, rich, brown upon a large platter and covered with a semitransparent plastic lid that was slightly askew, allowing for the delicious smell of chocolate to invade the storage space. The color is almost like the spot on my side! It was made for me! Pending exclaims internally, thanking the benevolence of his two-legged watchers as he tugs the cake off the rack, to topple to the floor...

It was the best meal of his life.

And also the last.

This regretful incident "was definitely most certainly not orchestrated by now-Second Commandant Jean Raihan".
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