Author Topic: Securing the borders of the Soviet Socialist Republics, February 2113.  (Read 1777 times)

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After several decades of chronic shortages of critical mineral after another, with an ongoing war against a hostile alien civilization that which we know little of demanding more and more of our resources, the situation from the view of the politburo had been desperate when the two Frigate Divisions holding a system two jumps away from Sol were wiped out in the third battle of HIP 21932, on the day of 21st of December, 2104. Despite the best efforts, the only source of Duranium had been at the penal colony of Titan with a meager annual production of 3,500~ million tons.

Heaven and Earth had been moved since then to establish and terraform two colonies at Alpha Centauri, with no regard for cost both in human resources or material. With the entire cargo fleet tied up delivering infrastructure, terraforming and retrieving refined minerals, the observation of strategically important systems has been by means of deep-space satellites, or buoys as some would call them.

By February of 2113, all sources of critical minerals for the war effort have been secured and the military industry is working full capacity to expand the planetary defenses at Sol and other systems, not to mention the fleet. Currently the three frigate divisions are under the jurisdiction of the Earth Military District, but the rigid and inflexible nature of this arrangement has a cause for talks to establish a separate organization branch, the Soviet Deep Space Navy.

Minefields has been established in Sol around the jump-points most close to Earth and much more are planned to be laid in the Proxima Centauri system. The current mine design in use is the KB-105, a large satellite with powerful infrared sensors to detect thermal emissions. The satellite fires a single P-300 homing anti-ship missile at a detected signature.

A new mine type has been researched to fire a much shorter-ranged missile but faster and with much more powerful warhead.

So far, none of these mine types have seen combat so I'm not certain if they're going to work as intended. I have little experience in using mines in securing jump-points, so advice is helpful.
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Re: Securing the borders of the Soviet Socialist Republics, February 2113.
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Wish I could help but I've never used mines either.


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