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Ground Units Tech Design
« on: March 29, 2019, 05:22:16 PM »
So I love this game, but I kinda feel like Ground Units could be a bit more unique and modular, similar to Ships.  So I was thinking these past few days and grousing on this idea.

So basically, similar to the Missile design screen, there'd be the normal info on the left, the Ground Units Size, Attack, Defense, Morale and Readiness.  Only Size, similar to armor, can be changed up or down, to a minimum of 1.  You'd also be able to Name the ground unit and give it a Designation (Like how ships can choose their Hull as Freighter, Ground Units do something similar (With the ability to make up your own designation) like Construction Brigade, SEALS, etc)

There would be three fields to the right of these, Weaponry, Armor and Type.

Weaponry and Armor would be created in a way similar to how ship weapons are currently created in the game.  Via the Design Tech window. 

For Weaponry you would give it an Attack per Size Point selection (via drop down menu) and possibly an Ordinance usage from another drop down menu.  Research would unlock more selections in these 2 drop down menus.  You can also name these in a way similar to ship weapons.

For Armor you would give it a Defense per Size Point selection (via drop down menu), maintenance costs in a drop down menu as well and maybe a drop down menu for Max Readiness Increase?.  With research unlocking more selections from them as well.

Type would be a special thing for this unit.  The Types I've thought up so far are based upon the ones already in the game and ones seen in a variety of science fiction.

Low Tech Infantry - starting selection, Attack and Defense -50%

Low Tech Armor - starting selection, Attack and Defense -25%

Assault Infantry - Attack +25% (Research increases the percentage)

Garrison Infantry - Defense +25% (Research increases the percentage)

Heavy Assault Infantry - Attack +10%, Defense +10%, +15 Max Readiness (Research increases the percentages and max readiness, but the attack and defense boosts would be smaller then if it was an Assault or Garrison infantry)

Mobile Infantry - Attack +15%, Defense +15% (Research increases percentages)

Spec Ops - +50% Attack and Defense when Boarding or Defending a ship.  (Research increases the bonus)

Demolitions - +50% Attack and Defense when Attacking or Defending a PDC.  (Research increases the bonus)

Headquarters - Attack = 0, but gives a +25% Attack and Defense bonus to supported units under them.  (Research increases the bonus)

Reserves - Similar to Replacement Battalion, this unit sacrifices it's readiness to replenish the readiness of other units.

Combat Medic - A better version of Reserves, instead of sacrificing it's readiness to replenish the readiness of other units, this one outright heals other units readiness.  -25% Attack and -50% Readiness but Heals +5 Readiness of other non combat medic units every combat tick.  (Research increases the bonus)

Construction Brigade - Attack = 0, works as a construction factory, every 5 size = 1 construction factory (Research lowers the size requirement)

Forced Labor - Attack = 0, Works similar to a construction brigade, but can only be built at populations that have an occupation requirement, building one consumes 10,000 population, raises unrest by 2% and the units don't count toward occupation strength and don't reduce unrest.  Defense is only used in ground combat defense only.

Converter - Has a 5% chance to convert a unit defeated by this unit into a friendly one.  (Research increases this chance)

Consumer - Has a 5% chance to heal itself and other units Readiness by +10 when it defeats an enemy unit.  (Research increases this chance and readiness heal)

Flagbearer - Increases moral by +5% whenever a unit is defeated by this unit (Research increases this chance)

Assimilater - When a unit is defeated by this unit, it has a 25% chance to be turned into a friendly, previously specified, friendly unit (select a pre-constructed unit in a drop down menu).  (Research increases this chance)

Ground Vehicle - +100% Attack and Defense, +50% Maintenance costs.  (Research increases the bonuses and lowers maintenance costs)

Air Vehicle - +100% Attack and Defense, +25% Maintenance costs, takes 50% damage from non Air Vehicle units.  (Research increases the bonuses and lowers maintenance costs)

Hopefully this is considered, i'd love to be able to design my own ground units, along with their weaponry and armor, I feel like it could help make more unique Ground Units and would allow us to even more accurately love Ground Combat and help make it more unique.

All of the research for these would all fall under the Logistics/Ground Combat category.

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Re: Ground Units Tech Design
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2019, 06:08:04 PM »
See, I had searched and looked around, but never found anything.  Thanks for the heads up and links Steve! I appreciate it, and sorry for bothering with something already explained  :'(


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