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Incursion in Sol
« on: May 06, 2019, 02:51:28 AM »

[26.03.2121. SET 0056]
//Transponder checkup...

//Checkup Failed
//Check Contact Profile...

Operator 1: Uhhhh, Anton?
Operator 2: Yes?
Operator 1: The system lost the handle for fleet database, it doesn't recognize the navy's ship
Operator 2: Which one?
Operator 1: The one that just came through Proxima
Operator 2: You checked if you can access the catalog? Could b-
Operator 1: I can access the catalog just fine, logging into database to see if that's the issue

Operator 2: The shipyards would notify us of a new ship

Operator 1: I can still log into the database just fine. What do you mean about the shipyards?
Operator 2: The cross-section is odd
Operator 1: What?
Operator 2: Says that it's 4400 tons
Operator 1: So?

Operator 2: We don't... have ships of that size in the catalog

Operator 1: You sure?
Operator 2: I'm looking at the catalog right now, there's nothing of that size
Operator 1: Checking thermals... The signature is nothing I recognize (simultaneously in background Operator 2 is talking; "Naval Control Alfa, Naval Control Alfa. Unknown vessel transited from point Proxima Centauri")


[26.03.2121. SET 0056]
"Affirmative Metan, you're cleared for launch at vector One-One-Tw-"
"Hey I'm not reading transponder from this one"
"It just appeared from Proxima jump-point"
"Check it, Fleet operations at Golovin are underway"
"Is Batumin schedulded to arrive yet?"
"Not for a week" (simultanouesly in the background: "This is Alfa-oh-one to oh-seven, are you tracking contact at 8313, -8610?")

"Could be battle-damage, I'm not seeing radar emissions either" ("Alfa seven to alfa one. Affirmative, we got it on our screen")
"Traffic Control just said that it's not in the catalog"
"He's not responding to hails"
"Must be pretty bad damage"
"If it's so badly damaged as not to be able to receive and send even a basic transmission at this distance, then it couldn't possibly make a jump-point transit"
"But comrade lieutenant, Task Force thirty-five went through proxima, it HAS to be one of ours"
"and that task force is smaller than the one annihilated over there seventeen years ago, comrade."
"Put an alert to entire system. Prepare for immediate military action!" ("Alfa one to alfa seven, contact is hostile! I repeat, contact is hostile!")
"Activate the minefield!"
"Minefield active!"
"He's in range to launch at Earth"
"I doubt he will comrade, looks like a scout taking a look for their fleet"

("Attention all vessels!")
[MISSILE LAUNCH DETECTED] ("Alfa-one to Orbital Defence Command, hostile ship at point proxima!")
"The mines are launching!" ("Military operations commencing in the vicinity of Earth...")
"Contact is moving!" ("...and point Proxima-Centauri!")
"Won't save him, he's dead center of the minefield" ("Avoid the area at all cost by the order of Space Command!")
"Headquarters just ordered us to clear a launch for ALL military vessels!" ("Missile impact in 20 seconds!")
"Civilian freighter Ruby Red on approach and requesting permission t-"
"Negative! Order him to immediately reverse course, he's in the combat zone!" ("Missile impact in 10 seconds!")
"Anti-Ballistic Batteries on full alert!"

"Missile impact!"
"Did it hit?"
"Scanning... Expanding cloud of thermal contacts, we got him!"
"4th Frigate Division is launching from-"

No enemy fleet materialized from the jump-point.
After 4th Frigate Division took overwatch position over the Proxima-Centauri jump-point, a mass combat-transit was conducted by the 1st and 2nd frigate divisions. Their transit was unopposed. The Proxima-Centauri system was unoccupied and the passive observation satellite network was still in place and untouched. This is most troubling fact, because the Golovin system (renamed from HIP 21932, in honor of the captain who died in the first battle for the system) was being guarded by 3rd Frigate Division and it reported no contacts or transits in the past thirty days.

Either there's a hidden jump-point in the system of Proxima-Centauri, or the aliens have a way to access jump-points from multiple systems. Both possibilities are alarming.
Salvaging of the vessel revealed it had gravitational survey sensors, but no armaments whatsoever.

This was the first time a deep-space mine has been used in combat. Model KB-105 mine has been noted to have detected and deployed it's payload as intended. After the target was destroyed, the remaining missiles kept searching for new targets using their onboard active-homing systems, until their fuel supply was exhaused and they self-destructed.

An order to design a new mine has been put forward and a reconnaissance-in-force beyond Golovin.

Board of Investigation has covered the subjects for the meeting.
All present were asked if they had additional questions.

None present asked any questions.

The meeting was concluded.
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