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Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2019, 01:44:58 PM »
August 24, Year 61

TG 1.1 Ranger heading home

I decided to use older ASM-41s against Echo 4. Newer missiles are more precious.

1st salvo of VA-51... failed to connect with the target. Being launched from 45m km away, it ran out of fuel before reaching the enemy. 50m km max range + target moves in the opposite direction = wasted missile salvo. Ughh....

Next salvo destroyed two ships immediately. Successful re-targeting allowed ASMs to blow up a third vessel.

Third and the last salvo... Mmm... Well, let's say it went better than expected. Remaining 4 ships of Echo 4 group had only 1 layer of armor and no AMM capability. I came up with an idea to spread the damage around (8 missiles per target), to be able to finish any remaining stragglers with R-fighters. Third salvo destroyed two ships and heavily damaged the last two. Both survivors stopped emitting active sensors and slowed down to 700-1000 km/s. VF-51 closed in and finished them off quickly and efficiently.

After that, CVL Ranger and its escorts set course to JP, heading home.

Results of TG 1.1 raid: 12 enemy ships destroyed (9600t each), 298 POWs captured. No friendly casualties.

I got a bit of useful intel out of this sortie. HIP 21932 must have some sort of colony that civilians travel to. I'm yet to find it though. Overall, I'm not sure if this whole conflict is worth anything to me other than combat experience and entertainment. Maybe I should allow diplomats to try and smooth it all out....

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Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Reply #31 on: October 01, 2019, 11:53:58 AM »
Nice going.

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Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Reply #32 on: October 05, 2019, 03:22:25 PM »
As I was busy, I had time to think...

Political statements

  • United Systems recognizes MAJ's right to defend its borders and colonies, even in such an uncivilized way.
  • United Systems should not resort to any sorts of blockages against neutral or friendly nations, even if this policy is enacted and enforced unilaterally.
  • Military options, both offensive and defensive, should only be used against nations/entities that show hostile intent or act aggressively against United Systems, its allies or neutral third parties, as deemed necessary, according to the scale of the threat.
  • United Systems will cease offensive acts in MAJ space and will assume defensive posture to allow diplomats resolve the conflict.
  • United Systems reserves the right to monitor activities in MAJ space and around MAJ borders in a civilized manner, even under threat of violence, to ensure safety of its citizens.
  • United Systems would not, under any circumstances, seek to harm civilian population and shipping of MAJ or any other nation/entity and will make its best effort to identify them as such.


  • United Systems diplomats should seek making peace with MAJ.
  • As long as the relations between our nations remains hostile, USN should back away from MAJ's borders and not attack any ships unless fired upon (or shown intent to do so), to allow peaceful resolution of the conflict, but still continue monitoring the activities on the border to prevent any offensive action that can be undertaken by MAJ.
  • "The red line" of the defensive blockade should be moved away from MAJ's borders as far as USN would consider comfortable while ensuring safety of United Systems ships and colonies.
  • If this conflict can be resolved peacefully, trade treaties between nations (and construction of jump gate networks) will be considered.

ps: If only I could trade minerals....
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Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Reply #33 on: October 13, 2019, 01:50:34 PM »
June 17, Year 62

Not much to write about. Enterprise received its last batch of new generation fighters and began TF training. However, due to mineral shortage none of the 4th Gen warships are complete yet. All stuck between 49-79% completion. Gallicite supply starts growing into positive numbers, but it's gonna take years for the ships to finish construction, let alone building a decent mineral reserve.

In other news, 2nd Grav Survey Squadron found a new entry into MAJ system HIP 21932 (the one I recently visited with CVL Ranger). Fortunately, the jump point leads into the same system I came from, so it changes little in strategic sense. Well, not exactly... It can be used for a quick assault on HIP 21932 planetary system, because it comes out @ 182m km away from HIP 21932's sun. I'll keep looking for other ways MAJ can get into Union space, but it's now trickier due to unfortunate demise of the entire 1st Grav Survey Squadron.

Oh, also, a great thing happened. First civilian Union colony outside of Sol was established on Bernards Star A-III. Total mineral count there is 357 mil, but only Duranium and Boronide are decently accessible (1 and 0.4 acc respectively). I love civilian colonies! I will gladly keep paying civilians to mine. Capitalism at its finest.


Right... I conveniently forgot to report you that I accidentally spaced 30 MAJ POWs, while trying to relocate their hibernation capsules. It is totally not a war crime. Well, I do have ample supply of study material for autopsies now... :(
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