Author Topic: Why isn't the code open source? Can I crack the code?  (Read 2930 times)

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Why isn't the code open source? Can I crack the code?
« on: March 13, 2020, 05:36:49 PM »
I've seen this question come up on the Discord again, so I will cover it here.

Aurora is a hobby for me. I'm having fun creating a game for myself, that I also share with others. The fun is partly through designing and playing the game and partly through the challenge of coding. I have zero interest in project managing a group of developers or trying to integrate someone else's code (that is a job, not a hobby). I'm not interested in Aurora having the best possible code or the best possible architecture or debating what that might look like. I simply want to have fun programming and playing.

So far, I have been happy to share the result of that work. I do not want to share the actual code, which represents thousands of hours of work on my part. I don't want to waste time on bug reports caused by someone else hacking around and I don't want multiple potentially competing versions of Aurora. In simple terms, I want to maintain control over my creation

Based on some comments on the Discord, it seems to greatly upset some people that I am not prepared to hand over my work so they can use it for whatever purpose they feel like. They are also suggestions (again today) that they will just crack the code anyway. I do sometimes consider simply not releasing at all to avoid those issues, because I can still code and play the game myself and just release fiction updates. However, I know that would disappoint people who have waited a long time for C#, so instead I have to waste time adding obfuscation to the code to prevent the issues mentioned above. If C# is delayed beyond my end of March release date, that will be the reason.


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