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This is a bit of a weird one and something I'd put down to more about how Aurora functions rather than a bug specific to any one version, but hopefully throwing this up on the forums will help the next person who hits this particular problem with their campaign.

So I am currently in the middle of a extended campaign (Around year 92 at the moment) and for around 30 years of the campaign whenever I was saving my progress Aurora would take a extended amount of time before always throwing up a error along the lines of Version 1.11.0: Function failure (Cyclic Redundancy Check), after Ok'ing the error the game would go back to saving taking the same amount of time it had already taken before resuming the game with my progress being saved.... overall talking around 50 seconds on average to save (but sometimes 90+ seconds, it all kind of depended how long it took for Aurora to spit out the error prompt)

Hoping that I could at least alleviate some of the extended time when saving by moving the game from my HDD to my SDD, I attempted to move my Aurora install only to find that Windows froze on the transfer process everytime it attempted to move over the savebackupDB file. Upon checking the file I noticed that it hadn't actually been modified at all for 2 days despite me having played 8-10 hours of Aurora and saved over a dozen times across those 2 days, and as probably guessed the last time the file was modified is roughly around the time my saving error problems began.

Performed a check on my HDD to see if there may be a bad sector or similar issue in play but the drive comes back reported as clean across multiple programs, any attempt to copy, paste, upload or otherwise do much of anything with the BackupDB file would cause either OS hiccups, browser failures or infinite process times. Ended up deleting the BackupDB file and since then with the same campaign tested on both my HDD and SDD saving is now performed in a fraction of the time (around 10-15 seconds) it was taking since the error arose and the Cyclic Redundancy Check Error every save is gone and Aurora is now properly writing over the existing save to the new BackupDB it has now created when I save (And the existing BackupDB over to the PreviousDB).

(Weirdly turn times are 2-3 seconds quicker... though the turn time impact may simply be coincidental and some campaign turn processing workload just happened to be alleviated at the same time as me poking at the BackupDB problem. Though turn times had been sluggish for around 25 years campaign time before now clearing up. But to my knowledge Aurora no longer read/writes to the DB except on saving as everything is loaded into memory on runtime, and even then if it were to it likely wouldn't touch the BackupDB, so again I am chalking it down to a happy coincidence, but just something worth adding as a side note.)

Unfortunately given the nature of the problem there wasn't much I could do to retain the BackupDB file to upload.... well I could have kept it on my HDD but with no way to transfer it anywhere the only way to share it with Steve would be to either post him my HDD or have him visit my home.... both not really practical options. lol

Anyway, for anyone who runs into the Cycling Redundancy Check problem or other weird behaviour with saving, it may be worth checking your BackupDB (and maybe also the PreviousSaveBackup DB). There's a chance the problem like with mine was being caused by Aurora not being able to backup the existing current save over to the BackupDB file and then dragging its feet before finally just deciding to overwrite the current save with the new one and deciding it can live without backing up anything afterall.
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