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Covenant Empire Updates
« on: September 05, 2022, 10:42:26 AM »
1st Age of Truth, 1st Rotation of the 1st Year
Urs system, Covenant Empire

The Huragok Engineers probed deep into the Forerunner ruins on Sanghelios with a detachment of Sangheili guard. After four days of exploring the ruins, the Huragoks discovered the charts of three Slipspace Points across the Urs system.

The findings were reported to the Ministries on High Charity.

Soha ‘Gafumee stood a respectful distance from the seated San’Shyuum ministers. Purple laminate flooring and iridescent lighting shined in the Ministry halls. The reflective lighting shimmered on the armor of Soha.

“You plan on leaving the Urs system for the next three years, is that correct?” The first minister of Discovery asked. His voice is cold, methodical, and calculating.

“Yes.” Soha replied genuinely.

“What are your goals for this expedition?” The second minister chimed in.

“The discovery of more Forerunner relics to continue the Covenant’s path to the Great Journey.” Soha confidently looked at the second minister. “To bring a hopeful future for our posterity and to expand the Covenant.”

A third minister starkly and abruptly spoke up “And if you find nothing?”

“There are plenty of stars in the galaxy. It would be remarkably amazing if the expedition found nothing.” Soha nodded. The other two ministers looked to Soha. The three exchanged glances and nodded. “You will take the Hopeful Light towards these slipspace folds. Return within three years to provide your findings.” The first minister agreed. “The Great Journey waits for no one.” In the course of five rotations the Hopeful Light reached the depths of the Bosthra system.
To the Ministries the prospects of the Bosthra system were bleak but Soha was at least making progress. ‘Srasum orbital Assembly Forges were working overtime to produce exploration vessels. Assembly Forges take the patterns of ship hull components and the ship’s chassis. Two exploration cruisers named Farsight Forever and Valiant Star were due to join the expeditionary efforts.

Bosthra V is ripe with vast Neutronium deposits. 39 million estimated tonnes with a 60% accessibility. Other similar quantities were surveyed but with only 10% accessibility. The Covenant note down Bosthra V as a mining world. Bosthra IV is marked as a habitable colony due to its gravity being in the range acceptable for Sangheili but the atmosphere is filled with Ammonia and Methane.

The most shocking discovery for the Covenant and what brought Soha’s career to the forefront was the discovery of ancient Forerunner structures and cities. The ruins of the venerable city brought the crew of the Hopeful Light to their knees. They knew their quest was honorable and noble.

The resource deposits were good as well.

Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace