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Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
« on: March 28, 2024, 10:04:03 AM »
Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play

Hello everyone, it's been a while, and thus Paul and I got twitchy about doing some more starfire after the last campaign bogged down in the usual 'things got to big to be easely resolved' around turn 269.. wich admitedly is far longer than a norma campaign runs.
At least the big bad had allmost reached TL 12 and resolving double-blind without several rooms and tables you could elave alone for a month or three... well.
Anyway, we decided to try a new things.
We kept the 10 turn growth intervall with reduced overall population growth, havled reseach and build rate as that had worked out beautyfully.

But... some database edit later, we had adopted the Alkeda Dawn tech tree from SM#2, and put AD flags on all aliance tech and debuted a new campaign while I visited Paul for easter holi8days. So now, three days in our empires reached TL2 and the campaign reached turn 40.

So far a few things have been learned. Survey was a slow start for both of us, and survey luck was very, very different for erach of us. Paul found 17 warp point in two systems, and is bogged down  suveying around them, leaving his othe two warp chains terra incognito, while I'm now pushing five systems out in very linear arangements.

Cost ways, AD saves on magazines and TL2 only hs 4 systems, but on the otehr hand the jump carriers are eating maintenancem being by far the most expensive ship type.

RNG gifted me with an elephant as racial picture, snd so I ran with it. Sure peopele will need a thick skin for heavy puns if I keep running with the theme. *grins*.

Anyway, CLs are beinmg prototyped, and Mx and CC are stillbeing developped, so no TL2 designs yet.

Fleet Rooster:
10*DD, 3*FG, 54*ES, 6*EX, 10*CVEm 4*BS1, 2*SS and various noncompabatnts

CVE CON DOIN class CVE            30 Hull    TL 1
[2] Sx5HJc1Qs@x9QsJc1 [3]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  461/ 69.2
HTK 19   Sx5 
(one size fits all CVE)
DDC TOMAS class DD            30 Hull    TL 1
[4] Sx4Ax4HQs(J)(J)(J)Kb(J)(CIC)QsKb(J) [10]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  360/ 54
HTK 19   Sx4  Ax4  Kbx2 
(Fleet command vessel)

DD MILAMBER class DD            30 Hull    TL 1
[4] Sx3Ax4HQs(J)(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)QsKb(J) [10]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  336/ 50.4
HTK 18   Sx3  Ax4  Kbx3
(Main battle line)

FG NAKOR class FG            20 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAH(J)(J)Kb(J)QsKb(J) [12]
20 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  208/ 31.2
HTK 12   Sx2  Ax2  Kbx2 
(auxiliary combatant)

ESX CALIN class ES            10 Hull    TL 1
[3] HX(J)L(J)Qs(J) [15]
10 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  161/ 24.2
HTK 7   Lx1 
(survey vessel, and highly mobile Idew-L in a pinch) 

ESX-SH ASHEN SHUGAR class ES            10 Hull    TL 1
[3] H(J)(BbM)X(BbM)(J)Qs(J) [15]
10 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  161/ 24.2
HTK 8   
(habitable world survey vessel, 3 per exploration fleet))

WP PROBE DRAKEN KORIN class EX            7 Hull    TL 1
[2] AAHXQsJc1 [4]
7 RCP  18 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  87/ 13.1
HTK 6   Ax2 
(survey command is so happy with this ship class....)

I had  CT class planned, but discovering that FG are kusta s fast with tactical engines nixed the class so far. I guess I'll go with a L-armed frigate to compliment the line-up instead).
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2024, 11:02:06 AM »
The Chantry of Light Month 40

Thedas System

Dawn on Lathandras was greeted by the Chant of Light and the Minders of the Faith like all other prelates of the Chantry raised their voices in joy as the sun broke the horizon.  Leaving the statues adorning the hall itself to the lesser members of their order they retired to a meeting room to look over the reports from their new colonies, the Shield of Light and Pathfinders.  Currently they were shipping undesirables, apostates and others to Blight to tame the wilderness there.  The other colonies were reporting nothing but good news and a heavy investment in planetary infrastructure was ongoing.

The Pathfinders were expanding to a third survey flotilla, which was currently surveying to reduce the darkness around one of their earliest colony worlds Neo.  A Sustainer and 6 Seekers were shaking down in orbit while 6 more Seekers were making their way to join the fleet currently surveying.  The first of the new large battle riders, the Swiftsure, was still in orbit awaiting her sister ship and the Lord of Morning class carrier she needed to Fold through the Fade.  This month saw them started as well as more communication buoys for use in tieing the worlds of the Chantry together via the new courier drone network.

Pathfinder Ships

SUSTAINER class FT4           30 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAH(BbL)H(BbL)X(BbL)H(BbL)HJc1QLhQJc1Jc1 [4]
30 RCP  270 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  296/ 44.4
HTK 19   Sx2  Ax2 

Command ship of a survey fleet, optimised to speed up habitable world surveys and to function as a logistics ship.

SEEKER class ES            12 Hull    TL 1
[2] SSAXHLQsJc1 [4]
12 RCP  13 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  140/ 21
HTK 8   Sx2  Ax1  Lx1 

Standard exploration vessel.  Equipped with Jump Hook engines to allow solo Folding.

Shield of Light Ships and Bases

The protective forces of the Chantry.  Current Dispositions are:
1st, 2nd and 3rd Squadrons moving in patrol near the home world.  4th and 5th Squadrons moving in patrol among the outer colony worlds.

LORD OF MORNING class CVE            30 Hull    TL 1
[2] Sx3HJc1Jc1@x9LhQJc1 [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  458/ 68.7
HTK 18   Sx3 

Standard jump carrier of the Shield.  Can carry one of four standard squadrons:  Two Swiftsure CLs, or 3 Fearless DDs (1st SQN), or 1 Fearless and 3 Peacekeeper FGs (2nd SQN), or 1 Fearless and 4 Grace Knife CTs (3rd SQN).  A patrol squadron consists of 2 Peacekeeper FGs and 3 Grace Knife CTs (4th/5th SQN).

GRACE KNIFE class CT            15 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAH(BbS)(J)(J)Qs(J)Kb+ [12]
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  150.5/ 22.6
HTK 11   Sx2  Ax2  Kbx1 

The basic battlerider used for light combat or scouting duties is basically a thrust cluster added around the core of a spinal kinetic gun.

PEACEKEEPER class FG            20 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAH(BbS)(J)(J)(J)LQs(J)Kb+ [12]
20 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  218/ 32.7
HTK 13   Sx2  Ax2  Lx1  Kbx1

Intended as a heavy escort or secondary command vessel for light patrol squadrons the ship adds a laser emitter bay to its spinal mounted kinetic weapon.

FEARLESS class DD            30 Hull    TL 1
[4] Sx4AAH(J)(J)(J)L(J)(BbM)LhQKb+(J)Kb+ [10]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  346/ 51.9
HTK 18   Sx4  Ax2  Lx1  Kbx2 

The current command vessel of all heavy squadrons.  It has twin spinal mounted kinetic projectors and a single bay of laser emitters.

SWIFTSURE class CL            45 Hull    TL 1
[4] Sx5Ax4H(J)(BbM)(J)(J)(J)L(J)L(J)Kb+(J)Kb+LhQKb+(J) [10]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  541.5/ 81.2
HTK 26   Sx5  Ax4  Lx2  Kbx3

The latest battle rider to enter service.  It mounts a massive spinal array of 3 kinetic projectors backed by twin bay mounted laser emitters. 

SENTRY class BS1            25 Hull    TL 1
[1] Sx5AAHLKbQs(BbM)Kb [ 0 ]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  220/ 11
HTK 13   Sx5  Ax2  Lx1  Kbx2 

The Sentry is intended to protect either Fold point location or planetary orbitals.
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2024, 01:45:09 AM »
First time Heinrich Müller meet an Pachyderm on a trading outpost, he was taken a bit aback by what he saw. Take an elephant, slim him down and shorten him to about eight feet of shoulder height, with an oversized cranium and a very flexible trunk with prehensile, multiple-split lips, and a coat basically covered in wide brimmed pouches hanging over his back, shoe-ed in soft rubber soled socks calmly sucking a drink from a bucked on the table. Makes you want to sober up or order another drink. But then the translator software kicks in adn you get to chat with the fellow, and he's almost like a regular fellow sharing the bar with you. He's wearing a harness with two slender smart robotic arms extended from the harness, upon command positioning themselves to grasp whatever the trunk pushed into their grippers, allowing for very fine manipulation of objects. Further attached to the harness is a polished metalic insignia, and he wonders why one is showing a large club and a shield, which leads to a nice discussion about where such signs came about. 

On the origin of the people you ask me traveler among the stars? That is lost in tales an legend, like the first groove. But you asked, and thus I will tell you of the tale.

In the beginning the people lived near the first creek, its waters sweet and its banks lined with growing green all year long. The spirits blessed the people with a quick wit, long life and tales to tell at night. Our trunks were prehensile and able to grasp fruits growing on the trees and pluck sweet grasses and life was good.
And there among the people lived a bull named Bru-Haht, he was not the largest and strongest of bulls, but he was observant and made discoveries. He found a straight branch lying on the shore of the first creek, stripped of twigs and bark by the waters, and grasped it, swinging it around playfully.
And there on the banks of the first creek grew the first JOkarus, trees of sweet shots and sweeter fruit, but the people had picked all the low growing fruits and the largest bulls uprooted the trees to get at the high branches, leaving the trees to wither and die on the ground, yielding no more sweet jokaro fruits.
And thus Bruh-Haht swung his stick in paly and pondered, and then walked to a still standing tree and used his brach to reach high and shake the fruits from the high branches, and they were sweet and full of seeds.
And as he ate the fruits, the spirits blessed Bruh-Haht with inspiration, and he had seen seeds germinate before. WHat if he took the seeds, who were hard and not sweet toeat anyway, and scattered them across soft soil? would eh not have sweet shots and and growing trees then?
And so he did, and watched over his patches of seeds and sweet shots and only plucked those growing too close to each other, and waited, chasing away animals and other people with his branch, as it gave him power to harm without meeting the tusks of larger bulls.
And the spirits smiled on him, as then the jokara blossomed all year and yielded fruit every day.
And as he over the years hand many jokara trees growing under his watch, he had many wives flocking to him and children aplenty. Children who ate the sweet fruits and thus had time to play and make discoveries instead of foraging all the time growing up. And thus the first groove was planted, and grew, and the people thrived on the shores of the first creek and Bruh.Haht is remembered by the people in legend forevermore as the first Guardian of the Groove.

And the years went by and Bruh-Haht passed away and is honored forevermore, untill one day the great bull wandered by and shock the earth with his step and trampled the first source and the first creek fell dry and watered the groove no more and the people hungered, thirsted and thus were scattered over the plains carrying seeds with them and where they found water, planted jokara and watched over them. And as the jokara away from the first groove no longer bore fruit all year, the people learned to plant other fruit and grasses to tide them over untill summer, when the sweet fruits blessed them again.

But away from the first groove, life was harsher, and other creatures hunted the people. There was the leopard, who lurked in trees and dropped down on calves and tore out their throat, and hid back in the branches again. But the people had learned use branches to shake fruits from trees, and shaking sleeping jaguars from trees was easy for the powerful bulls, and thus the jaguars were trampled.
Then there were the fierce lions, gathering in prides and as large as young-lings, with sharp claws and powerful jaws, and they hunted younglings and hid in the veldt. But the bulls gathered and worked together and charged the lions den and trampled the lions untill they hunted the people no more.
Most terrefying though were the willy plains apes, who like the people used sticks and sharp stones and discovered teh secrets of fire. They were not the fastest, or strongest, but they were clever and nimble, dancing around the people and inflicting small wounds, untill like a horde of ants to a large beetle they overwhelmed a bull with their numbers. But the people were stronger, and where a bull stepped, a plains ape was crushed. Thus the people and the apes fought over the plains. Then the apes learned how to throw sticks, and bound sharpened stones to the tips, hiding in cliffs and atop mountains only to come down to hunt the people. And Ashrat-Tam the first shield bearer pondered what to do, and took the felxible shots of a water watcher tree, adn wove them together into a shield, and this was able to block thrown sticks. And the bulls came together and found that now they were able to ward off the thrown sticks, but they then had to charge down the plains apes and trample them, as they couldn't yield a shield and a club at the same time. And the apes them often would plant their sharp spears in  he ground and te charging bull would impale himself. Then Ashrat-Tam spoke to Rhondat, the first warrior. "You are far stronger than me. Let me carry the shield and guard you, and you take your greatest club and smite the foe." And with a third bull, Harath the second shield bearer, they flanked Rhondat and guarded his sides and they went forth, Rhindat flailing the foe and driving them before him, until the plains held no more apes, and the people thrived and ate sweet fruit and stole the fire from the abandoned places of the apes and life was good.
It is said that back then the people were larger and stronger, but now we are smarter and more agile, our trunks able to perform feats the great warriors could only have dreamed off. And we were blessed by the spirits with ideas and the telling of tales and the people multiplied.

What  became of the apes you ask? They were driven to places the people did not go. The coast of the gerat salty seas, where they lived on mussels and fish and learned to ride the waves on rafts of wood, and sailed towards the islands in the sea, were the people could not follow in those times. There they build kingdoms and sailed the waves, to raid and trade with the daring, untill the sea rose adn drowned them.
Other fleed into the high mountains and the icy north north, slaying the gerat bears and wearing their pelt, becomming more carnivorous and stronger and fierce, master of fire and metall, only travelling forth to trade with the people for hard wood and fruits and feathers. So great was their mastery of fire it is said that they melted the great ice, uncovering vast swaths of land untill the melt filled the seas and drowned the isles of their sea-born kin.
But most terrible was the place of soft stone, where the apes learned to dig and ground out great mazes of tight caves, denying the bulls place to reach them. Ever delving deeper and deeper, untill their skin grew pale and their eyes grew huge and glowed in the dark like a cats. Creeping forth at night and laying herds in their sleep, they became a terror of the dark places, goblins of the night. They dug untill they found the black stone, burning it untill the smoke casta  pall over the land and the trees grew sickly under their domain, untill they smelted ore in the ehat of their kilns and forged cruels weapons of iron to bring war over the people.  Thus the age of strife and heroes was born, and the deeds were many and the innovations of the people without count, building the foundations of our civilizations as we strove to dig them trodlodytes out of their fastness, digging faster than their multitude.
We learned the way of metals from the polar apes, who kept the peace and abhorred their delving kin who turned even upon them. We learned how to form armies and build walls and fortresses and catapults, how write down our thoughts adn spread ideas, how to govern and organize.
The tales to be toled are many, too many to tell you now.
And if not for the people spreading all over the world and gathering its riches, we may not have prevailed over the place of soft stone. Only with alchemy and gun powder the people finally managed to overcome the mazes of stone and poisons and fires wich guarded the fell place, and trample down the troglodytes.
By that time we had cities and states and cast our gaze to the stars... but how we reached them is another story, and is more ancient history than legend.

(Inspired by having elephants use tools, be a little smaller and the stone age cavern cities on turkey. Hmmm... allmost souds like a setting oen could expound more upon there.. even ore-starfire. The pachyderms are not rigellians, they were not traumatized into genocidal mania by their experience, as thy in the end aranged themselves at elast with a part of the humanoinds wich they share their world with, but it gives a legend and soem colour to their background for future storytelling. :) ).
(Further edited to mention the manipulator helpers which cover a blatant weakness of the racial physology.)
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2024, 03:40:47 PM »
Turn 60 Pachy Patrimony

Income 13428 MCr this month. A new level of technological development was reached last month. The lore masters report that in addition to the long range scanners we are developing improved kinetic projectors adn kinetic projectile interceptors this month, leaving only a small amount for new industrial investment after maintenance costs were covered.

A new ship class has beel laid on keel and is being prototyped, a heavy cruiser.

CA LIONCRUSHER class CA            60 Hull    TL 3
[4] Sx5Ax5H(BbS)(J)(J)Q(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)M2KbLhQKb(J) [9]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  771/ 115.7
HTK 32   Sx5  Ax5  Kbx7 

Class names have been changed to better conform to our racial sense of self.

CVE VELDTTREKKER class CVE           30 Hull    TL 1
[2] Sx5HJc1Qs@x9QsJc1 [3]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  461/ 69.2
HTK 19   Sx5 
15 in service

CL SHIELDBEARER II class CL            45 Hull    TL 2
[4] Sx4Ax3H(BbS)(J)Kb(J)Kb(J)(J)(J)Kb(J)KbM1(J)QLhKb(J) [10]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  540.5/ 81.1
HTK 25   Sx4  Ax3  Kbx5 
4 in service

DDC WARRIOR class DD            30 Hull    TL 1
[4] Sx4Ax4HQs(J)(J)(J)Kb(J)(CIC)QsKb(J) [10]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  360/ 54
HTK 19   Sx4  Ax4  Kbx2 
4 in service.

FG CHARGER class FG            20 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAH(J)(J)Kb(J)QsKb(J) [12]
20 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  208/ 31.2
HTK 12   Sx2  Ax2  Kbx2 
9 in service

Other ship classes unchanged in name and number.

SS5 SHIELD class SS            671 Hull    TL 1
[1] Sx100Ax100QQ(SY)Qx3LhH(SY)(BbL)(SY)(CHS)(SY)Kbx8(CIC)(SY)LhQ

671 RCP  29 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  4423/ 48.5
HTK 270   Sx100  Ax100  Kbx8 
2 build, 1 under construction.

The right hand shield bearer reports that we currently have
4 CL, 16 DD, 9 FG, 54 ES, 6 EX, 15 CVE in service, joined by a mobile shipyard, two space stations and 4 BS1 as tripfires in the Pangaea system.
A total of 3900 MCr is spend on maintenance, representing a low percentage of our total incoma after the recent economic boom phase.
1 CA, 2 CL and one space station are currently under construction, and more mobile construction units are planned as soon as machine shops have been developed, allowing the buildup of warp point watches in other systems.
Three patrol groups are currently watching over the three main warplines, each consisting of a Warrior DD and three frigates on a CVE. The other ships form the Club of the Warrior fleet guarding our world.

(Overall I'd say that development this time around is slower than for the Thebans, given we just reached TL2 and income just crested the 10k MCrs... also, no NPCs yet found except 1 pre-ind population whose fate will depend on how desirable their world is. Harsh very poor they are welcome to it, benign very rich.. off to the reservation you go, mirroring the RL historical practice all too closely.
We could have gotten along somewhat farther, but I managed to dsitract myself by further pursuing the Pachys early world history and writting several snipped about events and personal experiences of various elephants they happen to in their conflict with the humanoids who shared the rich plains with them. But I'm not sure about posting them here as they are definitely not Starfire, but sure handle environmental effects of a beginning civilization which skipped a few steps due to racial conflic effects, going from ice age stone age to industrial scale metallurgy with global warming in short time. War is the mother of invention and the father of unimaginable horrors).
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
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The Chantry of Light Month 52

Starbridge Station, Lathandras Orbit, Thedas System

Templar Captain Allistar Ti'lir flicked his fingers changing the holodisplay's projection.  So far his requests for funding had all been approved but the cost of maintaining all the ships active currently had reached 3917 MCr, nearly 50% of the tax income available to the Chanty's Minders of the Faith and they were getting restless.  Hopefully, the reports from the various Circles researching new technologies would provide another economic boost and reduce the impact of the Shield and Pathfinders on the overall budget.  The last report looked promising at any rate.  A few finger swipes sorted the income from the various colony systems and though it was the homeworld that provided the bulk of the income it was largely consumed by the maintenance bill, and so in fact the colonies were funding both research and their own expansion.

Of his four newest battle riders, the Swiftsure CL, two were fully refit and the other two were in the yards getting refit to the new R1 standard.

SWIFTSURE R1 class CL            45 Hull    TL 2
[4] Sx5Ax3H(J)(BbM)(J)(J)(J)L(J)L(J)Kb+M1(J)Kb+LhQ(J)Kb+ [10]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  549.5/ 82.4
HTK 26   Sx5  Ax3  Lx2  Kbx3

The first refit of the Swiftsure class adds the newly developed targeting computers to the enable it to efficiently split fire from its laser bays and spinal kinetic projectors. 

Currently the Shield has 8 squadrons of carriers and battle riders.  A flick of his fingers and a map of local space showed up, the 1st thru 3rd Squadrons formed the bulk of his force.  Two patrol squadrons (4th and 5th) were deployed in the colonies patrolling between the inhabited planets.  The 6th Squadron was deployed in his security nightmare...Sarnia had a total of 12 areas where Folding space was possible.  The system before it Ottawa had six outgoing Fold points.  Two luckily went to systems with no further outgoing Fold points but the other 3 had a total of 9 outgoing Fold points which added to Sarnia's 12 gave 21 further exploration loci.  The Pathfinders 1st and 3rd Survey Flotillas were busy but it would take them time to determine what there.  At the moment the Chantry was tied together via a network of drones and mail carrying civilian craft.  But the first of the relay stations was now active at the Fold point between home and Ottawa.

RELAY class BS0           10 Hull    TL 2
[1] A(CC)HQs(BbM) [ 0 ]
10 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  153/ 7.7
HTK 5   Ax1 

The Relay base is intended to link systems with a high power communication array for in system comm traffic and a set of reusable short range Fold capable drones to link to another Relay base on the other side of the Fold point it is stationed at.

That Fold point also had 3 Sentry's orbiting it.

The 7th Squadron with its two refit Swiftsures was on station at the homeworld.

Two further Survey Flotillas explored the chain of systems connected to the other two Fold points.  Down one was 4 inhabited system including the one holding Promise, Dale and Blight, Niagra.  That system was approximately 25% as productive as the homeworld due to 2 asteroid belts and Promise's concentrated mineral wealth and near perfect climate and biome.  The other Fold point in the Homeworld lead to Toronto a collection of rock, gas and ice and so far the 3 outgoing Fold points had discovered nothing else...or in one case less than nothing as the passage through the Fade placed the vessels in a starless void, where currently the 4th Pathfinder Flotilla was surveying.
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2024, 01:35:55 PM »
The Chantry of Light Month 60

Starbridge Station, Lathandras Orbit, Thedas System

As senior officer of the Shield of Light administrative necessity meant Templar Captain Allistar Ti'lir spent all too much of his time in his office.  But at least the worries he had over the Minders of the Faith's interference in the growth of his force were for naught.  An increase in productivity and significant new settlements had reduced the fleets fraction of the budget to 43% reflecting that it was currently only 3975 MCr as little new construction had been undertaken the last months.  Critical were two ships however.

Mobile Construction Dock class FT5           45 Hull    TL 1
[3] SA(SYM)Hx5(BbS)Hx4Jc1Jc1HQsJc1 [3]
45 RCP  55 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  367.2/ 16.3
HTK 20   Sx1  Ax1 

The Mobile Construction Dock is the first of a pair of designs that will enable higher mobility construction in Chantry space.

DAWNBRINGER class CVS            45 Hull    TL 1
[2] Sx6H(BbM)Jc1@x14Jc1LhQJc1 [3]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  712.5/ 106.9
HTK 27   Sx6 

The Dawnbringer is the larger cousin to the Lord of Morning Class.  It is capable of transporting 140 HS worth of battle riders through the Fade.  This would enable it to carry two of the largest possible hull types the Chantry believes to be possible to construct.

The first MCD is on station in Kingston and has begun construction of a Relay class base.  Two such bases exist in the home system with a third under constuction.  In Ottawa a Relay base is nearing completion.  These bases when complete will link the first 2 out-system settlements with the homeworld with near real time communication times.  The prototype Dawnbringer is approximately a third complete.

The focus was on developing technologies allowed by the Circles recent advance.  Funded so far were:  Long Range Sensors, Improved Kinetic Projector, 1st Gen Kinetic Interceptor and Tractor Beam.   The Shield and Pathfinders were waiting on the hardware to be ready for mass deployment rather than laboratory tests before further expansion. 

One of the biggest current issues for the Minders of the Faith though was the general quality of habitable worlds found of late.  Kitchner has a single planet, Wastes,...which is marginally habitable and lacking in mineral wealth, Renfrew has three worlds (Trial, Canticle, Pastoral) but Trial is the same as Wastes, while the other two, although they enjoy a compatible biome to Home, are utterly lacking in mineral deposits of significant worth.  Wallkirk in Welland is marginal in terms of habitability but average in mineral worth.  Quinte has Ravina a world of harsh climate but significant mineral wealth but the other world, Contrition, while having a mild climate is like Canticle in utterly lacking valuable minerals.   Also Quinte is a month transit time from Home so marks in its own way a border.  It also will require a further patrol squadron's deployment once a patrol squadron is available.

The Pathfinders four Flotillas are busy trying to explore beyond the Chantry's inhabited worlds but progress has been slow if steady.  Three Fold points in Sarnia remain un-probed as exploration of Welland and Quinte were prioritised. 
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
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The Chantry of Light Month 70

Starbridge Station, Lathandras Orbit, Thedas System

At last the critical technologies based on the basic research of the Circles leading Magi have reached deployment.  Laboratory research into Improved Survey Systems and an armed shuttle assault shuttle remain though the former is apparently nearing final approval.  The Shield and Pathfinders maintenance stands at 4170 MCr representing 38.3% of the Chantry's available tax base.  Ten systems now produce income sufficient to have internal commerce and Niagra has ~35% of the income of the Home system, and the next four systems in order of productivity add up to slightly more than that, so for the first time Home contributes less than 50% to the Chantry's total tax base.

The Shield's artificer staff have produced a full series of refits for the battle riders.

GRACE KNIFE R1 class CT           15 Hull    TL 3
[3] SSAZH(J)(J)QsXr(J)Kb+ [12]
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  228.5/ 34.3
HTK 11   Sx2  Ax1  Kbx1 

With this refit the Grace Knife becomes what it was intended to be, a scout ship.  It is decided to maintain its 1st generation kinetic weapon to both keep costs down but to also allow the reusing of the systems.  Further the increased range of the improved system is compensated for by the higher speed of the ships that retain the older variant.

PEACEKEEPER R1 class FG        20 Hull    TL 3
[3] SSAAZH(BbS)M2(J)(J)(J)QsDk5(J)Kb+ [12]
20 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  268/ 40.2
HTK 15   Sx2  Ax2  Dk5x1  Kbx1

As the Peacekeepers function as patrol leaders it was decided after much debate to forsake their laser emitter bay for additional targeting systems and a 1st generation kinetic interceptor system.  It was also decided to maintain the class with the older kinetic projector as was done with the Grace Knife's.   

FEARLESS R1 class DD           30 Hull    TL 3
[4] Sx3AAZH(J)(J)(J)L(J)Ki+LhQDk5(J)Ki+ [10]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  402/ 60.3
HTK 18   Sx3  Ax2  Dk5x1  Lx1  Kix2 

The refit to the Fearless incorporates both the new generation of kinetic weapondry but also an interceptor.  It is intended to produce a leader variant which will solve the current issue with insufficient targeting capacity or to begin using Swiftsures as Fearless leaders.

SWIFTSURE R2 class CL        45 Hull    TL 3
[4] Sx5AAZH(J)(BbM)(J)(J)(J)(J)L(J)Ki+M2(J)XrKi+LhQDk5(J)Ki+ [10]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  667.5/ 100.1
HTK 27   Sx5  Ax2  Dk5x1  Lx1  Kix3 

The second refit of the Swiftsure rounds out its firepower and defences.

This month a ship of each class but the Fearless enters the Starbridge's construction yards to start their refits.

Prepared by the Artificer class for prototyping is the next generation of heavy battle riders.

ENCHANTER class CA           60 Hull    TL 3
[4] Sx6Ax5ZH(J)Q(J)(BbM)(J)(J)L(J)L(J)Ki+(J)Ki+M2(J)Ki+XrLhQDk5(J)Ki+ [9]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  895/ 134.2
HTK 35   Sx6  Ax5  Dk5x1  Lx2  Kix4 

The Enchanter carries a quadruple kinetic rail system along it's spine coupled with a pair of laser emitter bays and an interceptor suite.  Two of these ships can be carried by a Dawnbringer and the Shield's initial plan is to build four Enchanters of which two will be operational and the second pair in mothballs.

The Pathfinder Flotillas will also be updated with the addition of a corvette sized survey vessel and in all likelyhood the number of ships per Flotilla will be revisited.
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
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The Chantry of Light Month 75

Starbridge Station, Lathandras Orbit, Thedas System

From the observation gantry just above the stations CIC Templar Captain Allistar Ti'Lir could see the work ongoing at the yards that made up the bulk of the stations volume.  The Enchanter was progressing, if slowly, its frame complete and artificers, workers and robotic drones starting to assemble its spinal weapons array.  Ships floated in other docks, their armour skin open to space as others worked on their system.  This month would see the Shield's refits completed excepting for the 7th squadron's 3 Fearless Destroyers.  They were currently on station in Sarnia while all other battle riders were here refitting or else shaking down. 

He could not see the latest Pathfinder vessel, the Spectre was beyond the moon doing its space trials.  It would be the eyes of the Pathfinder flotillas.  The plan was to replace the 18 Seekers currently in each Flotilla was 10 refit Seekers and 4 Spectres.  This would double the survey speed of each flotilla in addition to giving each one four ships with enhanced sensor reach.  This would increase the maintenance of each flotilla to 480.2 MCr.  That was a 14% increase and a fifth flotilla would be added, with 22 Seekers mothballed.  Three new patrol squadrons had to be built with at least part of their complements coming from the Defence Force itself as it was clear a significant re-organisation was needed.  The Fearlesses would be used with Swiftsures as leaders, and the Peacekeepers and most of the Grace Knives relegated to patrol duties.  It would require some changes to the current squadron structures and the construction of more Dawnbringers.

What to do about Sarnia though?  Even now the Fold points were not fully explored and trying to build or assemble when the latest mobile repair docks were available would still take a long time.  But clearly something needed to be done to increase the number of eyes in that system.

SEEKER R1 class ES        12 Hull    TL 3
[2] SAXiHLQsJc1 [4]
12 RCP  13 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  186/ 27.9
HTK 7   Sx1  Ax1  Lx1

The improved survey instruments replace the ageing standard systems of the original ships.  To accomadate the increased array size of the new survey instruments part of the ships shield generators were sacrificed. 

SPECTRE class CT        16 Hull    TL 3
[2] SSAXiHXrLQsJc1jc1 [4]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  261/ 39.2
HTK 10   Sx2  Ax1  Lx1 

Incorporating improved survey instruments and the recently developed phased array and sensor enhancement computer systems the Spectre is twice as efficent at survey.  This ship is intended to perform probes as its sensor range is substantially increased. 

HALLA (TUG) class FT4     30 Hull    TL 3
[3] SAJc1x8TTJc1Jc1HQsJc1 [4]
30 RCP  45 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  242/ 18.2
HTK 17   Sx1  Ax1  Tx2

The Halla will allow the Shield to move its Sentry bases around, enabling them to be constructed at single fixed point rather than needing to be built on station.  Why bases can't be transported in jump racks is beyond me!

House Rule Change for J-small craft
Starslayer and I talked about this and we settled on the following speeds for J-small craft:
Cutter:  Tac Speed 10 Inter-System Speed 3  (Speed of a DD)
Shuttle:  Tac Speed 9  Inter-System Speed 3  (Speed of a CA/CL)
Assault Shuttle:  Tac Speed 12 Inter-System Speed 4 (Speed of a CT)

This would allow us to have fighters starting at Tac Speed 13-ish if we decide to go with fighters at all. Pinnace's are going to take some thought and back and forth since they would need to be Jc based.  I also admit I have a lot of trouble with kinetic interceptors not killing fighters a lot better than they do.  Given they do damage to ships, something no other pointdefence is capable of, and given their tracking capabilities smacking a fighter out of the sky seems like it should be childs play.
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
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The Chantry of Light Month 80

Council Chambers, Lathandras, Thedas System

Divine Rosamund XII sat on her throne observing the back and forth of the budget debate.  She blinked and her smart glasses brought up a set of screens.  Templar-Captain Ti'Lir was doing an able job defending his requests even if it had come up that the projected efficiency increase in the Pathfinder Flotillas was going to be less than earlier proposed. Joy, Xi doesn't get boosted by Xr like I had hoped!  Her fingers danced in mid air and the latest census and tax results displayed themselves next to each system the Chantry had settled.  The thought that somehow the Chantry...well not somehow of course.  As the Vinter and Laysian empires had prepared for their last battle, one which could have resulted in the destruction of both, the Chantry had brought them to the peace table.  Then later the Divine Giselle, using the fact the Chantry was responsible for most of both's social services, manoeuvred them both into agreeing that it was in the best interests of them both to abdicate.  Well, Rosamund mused, likely that agreement had been a pretty clever manipulation but the Maker works in ways most mysterious.  Her fingers danced and she could see the break down of population and tax income from the systems in more detail.  Extensive investment in industrial concerns on many of the colony worlds was smoothing out the income discrepancies that earlier reports had shown.  5 of the 11 worlds had incomes near to 300 MCr, a further 5 had incomes around 600 MCr and Niagra was now producing 2000 MCr.  A further 13 systems were colonised but their income and populations were still small.  Of course they all needed protection...which meant the Shield and Wardens...and that meant new construction and...  She sighed and her fingers cleared the displays from her glasses.  That meant more meetings, may the Maker bless them all.  Her attention returned to the council's debate into the start of construction on two deep space construction vessels.

The growth turn has been good for income but the last several turns and the next several turns looks to be:  build new survey ships, refit old survey ships, transport to the max of the CFN (more or less), built some PCFs, and spend money on IUs.  TL4 is now "average" so it isn't coming soon.  But all military ships have been refit and the final construction for the 3 new patrol squadrons is just finishing.  The yards need an expansion that is for sure.
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Re: Pachidermal Patrimony Power Play
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The Chantry of Light Month 85

Starbridge Station, Lathandras Orbit, Thedas System

Templar Captain Allistar Ti'Lir found himself staring at the bay holding the Enchanter class heavy battlerider as the ship neared completion.  No longer an exposed structure the ships sleek lines were complete, all work was now on the interior and would be completed by the end of the month.  The two Fearless and single Peacekeeper that would be its squadron were also nearing completion and would be commissioned with the first Enchanter.  The planning was coming together, two further Dawnbringers were under construction -- there would be two more constructed but they would be directly sent to the reserve.  A total of 36 Seekers would have been upgraded by the end of this month, and Survey Flotilla 1 should be now operating at full capacity.  The last four Spectre's were undergoing their space trials and would join the Sustainer mother ship of that Flotilla, even if it would be a few months more before their Seekers were refit.  Once the Pathfinder vessels completed their refits, he would have to decide if he finished off the expansion of the Shield's forces or the alternative of expanding Starbridge's capacity first.  And, of course, there was the ever growing maintenance costs.  Currently they stood at 6325 MCr nearly 48% of the available income.  The Circles research efforts were still ongoing and for the past several months at least half as much as was expended on maintenance was being spent on colonisation and industrial expansion.

He tapped on his pad and his force planning showed up.  The Shield needed 4 Enchanters, 2 active and 2 in reserve.  The first would be operational in 2 months.  Supporting those ships would be the Swiftsures; 6 active and 2 in reserve.  He currently had 4 so another 4 would need construction.  Filling out the squadron of the heavy battleriders would be a pair of Fearless's.  The Shield would need 16 active and 8 in reserve, at the moment including the 2 finishing construction this month there were 10.  For the lightest battleriders the numbers were a total of 16 Peacekeepers and an astonishing 50 Grace Knifes.  Currently the Shield mustered 11 Peacekeepers and 25 Grace Knives.

Force TO&E was stabilizing as well.  For the Heavy Battlerider squadrons they were:  a Dawnbringer with an Enchanter, 2 Fearless and a Peacekeeper or a Swiftsure, 2 Fearless and 2 Grace Knives.   Patrol Squadrons were a Lord of Morning with 2 Peacekeepers and 3 Grace Knives.  He wanted to have a single squadron of 6 Grace Knives carried by a Lord of Morning. 

Currently he had 5 patrol squadrons covering the systems claimed by the Chantry.  The Wardens were busy raising garrisons on the various worlds and he made a note to push for the development of a troop ship to transport them. 

He swiped and the holographich structure vanished, his gaze returning to the busy yards.   
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